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The reasonable Cowboy Chicken prices shouldn't set diners back too much while the restaurants' delicious dishes will make them come back for more. Phil Sander's wood fire-cooked chicken is the core offering in these restaurants and we can attest to the exceptional quality, even the unique flavors, which sets the chicken apart from the rest.

The rotisserie chicken is made from organic, all-natural, and hormone-free chickens, which are the healthier alternative. Since there are no deep-frying involved, the roasted chicken also retains its nutritious quality and delicious flavors. There's also a smoky flavor that comes from the wood fire so the rotisserie chicken lives up to the chain's claim of being “honest food”. The spices and herbs used during the roasting process adds depths of flavor to the meat so there's no need for gravies and sauces.

The menu also features sandwiches, baked sweet potatoes, roasted veggies, twice-baked potatoes, and salads, as well as desserts like peach cobbler, cookies, and brownies. There's even a kids' menu so families can bring their children with them.

Below are the latest Cowboy Chicken menu prices.

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Item Price

Wood Fire Chicken

3 Piece Dark with 2 Sides $7.99
1/4 Chicken White with 2 Sides $7.99
1/2 Chicken with 2 Sides $8.99
1/2 Wood Fire Chicken Only $5.49
BBQ Drumsticks with 2 Sides $7.49
Whole Wood Fire Chicken Only $8.99

Chicken Enchiladas

Enchiladas (2 Pc.) $4.99
Enchiladas with 1 Side (2 Pc.) $6.99
Enchiladas with 2 Sides (2 Pc.) $7.99
Enchiladas (3 Pc.) $6.99
Enchiladas with 1 Side (3 Pc.) $8.99
Enchiladas with 2 Sides (3 Pc.) $9.99

Family Packs

One Whole Chicken, 3 Large Wild West Sides, and 4 Wheat Rolls (Serves 2-3) $19.99
One and a Half Chickens, 4 Large Wild West Sides, and 6 Wheat Rolls (Serves 4-6) $29.99
Two Whole Chickens, 6 Large Wild West Sides, and 8 Wheat Rolls (Serves 6-8) $39.99
9 Chicken Enchiladas, and 3 Large Wild West Sides (Serves 4-6) $29.99
Unsweet Tea (Gallon) $5.99
Sweet Tea (Gallon) $5.99
Sweet Peach Tea (Gallon) $5.99
Sweet Watermelon Tea (Gallon) $5.99
Lemonade (Gallon) $5.99
Peach Cobbler (Texas Size) $4.49
Blackberry Cob (Texas Size) $4.49

Ranch Hand Sandwiches

BBQ Chicken Sandwich $7.99
The Original Cowboy $7.99
Blue Ribbon Chicken Salad $7.99
Laredo Chicken Sandwich $7.99

Farm Fresh Salads

Monterey Salad $8.99
Southwest Chicken Salad $8.99
West Texas Caesar Salad $8.99
Homemade Chicken Salad $3.99
Texas Size Chicken Salad $7.99

Wild West Sides

Black Beans (Regular) $2.49
Black Beans (Large) $3.99
Black Beans (Texas Size) $4.99
Corn Fritters (Regular) $2.49
Corn Fritters (Large) $3.99
Corn Fritters (Texas Size) $4.99
Creamed Spinach (Regular) $2.49
Creamed Spinach (Large) $3.99
Creamed Spinach (Texas Size) $4.99
Famous Twice Baked Potaters (Regular) $2.49
Famous Twice Baked Potaters (Large) $3.99
Famous Twice Baked Potaters (Texas Size) $4.99
French Fries (Regular) $2.49
French Fries (Large) $3.99
French Fries (Texas Size) $4.99
Fried Okra (Regular) $2.49
Fried Okra (Large) $3.99
Fried Okra (Texas Size) $4.99
Garden Salad (Regular) $2.49
Garden Salad (Large) $3.99
Garden Salad (Texas Size) $4.99
Green Beans (Regular) $2.49
Green Beans (Large) $3.99
Green Beans (Texas Size) $4.99
Mac & Cheese (Regular) $2.49
Mac & Cheese (Large) $3.99
Mac & Cheese (Texas Size) $4.99
Kaleblazer Salad (Regular) $2.49
Kaleblazer Salad (Large) $3.99
Kaleblazer Salad (Texas Size) $4.99
Ranchero Beans (Regular) $2.49
Ranchero Beans (Large) $3.99
Ranchero Beans (Texas Size) $4.99
Roasted Veggies (Regular) $2.49
Roasted Veggies (Large) $3.99
Roasted Veggies (Texas Size) $4.99
Spanish Rice (Regular) $2.49
Spanish Rice (Large) $3.99
Spanish Rice (Texas Size) $4.99
Sweet Corn (Regular) $2.49
Sweet Corn (Large) $3.99
Sweet Corn (Texas Size) $4.99
Sweet Potato (Regular) $2.49
Sweet Potato (Large) $3.99
Sweet Potato (Texas Size) $4.99
Tangy Tomato & Cucumber Salad (Regular) $2.49
Tangy Tomato & Cucumber Salad (Large) $3.99
Tangy Tomato & Cucumber Salad (Texas Size) $4.99
Watermelon (Regular) $2.49
Watermelon (Large) $3.99
Watermelon (Texas Size) $4.99
Veggie Platter $6.99
Texas Style Jalapeno $0.25
Fresh Roll $0.25

Buckaroos (For Kids)

Kids Cowpoke $2.99
Kids Veggie Plate $2.99
Kids PB&J $2.99


Peach Cobbler $2.99
Peach Cobbler with Ice Cream $3.49
Texas Size Peach Cobbler $4.49
Texas Size Peach with Ice Cream $5.49
Southern Blackberry Cobbler $2.99
Southern Blackberry Cobbler with Ice Cream $3.49
Texas Size Southern Blackberry Cobbler $4.49
Texas Size Black with Ice Cream $5.49
Vanilla Ice Cream $0.99
Freshly Baked Cookie $1.49
Fudge Nut Brownie $1.49


Drink (Regular) $1.99
Drink (Large) $2.49
Water (Bottle) $1.69
Watermelon Tea with Setups (Gallon) $7.99
Watermelon Tea without Setups (Gallon) $5.99
Sweet Tea with Setups (Gallon) $7.99
Sweet Tea without Setups (Gallon) $5.99
Iced Tea with Setups (Gallon) $7.99
Iced Tea without Setups (Gallon) $5.99
Lemonade with Setups (Gallon) $7.99
Lemonade without Setups (Gallon) $5.99
Peach Tea with Setups (Gallon) $7.99
Peach Tea without Setups (Gallon) $5.99

Lunch Special

Quarter Dark Lunch Special $6.99
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