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Come to the nearest Eat'n Park restaurant and find out for yourself that, indeed, it's a place where smiles abound! The smiles start with the truly affordable Eat'n Park prices where even students with limited allowances can afford them. When Bill Peters and Larry Hatch opened their first restaurant in the late 1940s, their vision was that of a family-friendly restaurant with great food and drinks – and it's a tradition that has continued to this day.

But it isn't just its happy customers that agree about Eat'n Park chain's excellence either. Did you know that it was recognized with an Achievement of Excellence award by the American Culinary Federation? The menu is a dream with breakfast combos, as well as salads, sandwiches, and appetizers, which are served in generous sizes for sharing – or perhaps not, if you have a large appetite. The drinks and desserts are also a dream for foodies who want great American classic food.

The warm, friendly and accommodating service rendered by the crew members is also part of the reason for your smiles.

Below are the latest Eat'n Park menu prices.

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Item Price


Popcorn Shrimp Appetizer $6.99
Build Your Own Appetizer $8.49
Chicken Quesadilla $6.99
Mac 'n Cheese Bites $5.99
Pretzel Sticks $5.99
Fried Ravioli $6.49
Basket of Loaded Fries $4.99
Fried Cheese Sticks $4.99
Hand-Breaded Zucchini $4.99
Fresh Potato Chips & Ranch $4.99
Jalapeno Cheddar Poppers $5.99


Greek Chicken Salad $8.99
Buffalo Chicken Salad $9.29
Grilled Chicken Salad $8.49
Steak Salad $9.29
Farmer's Grilled Chicken and Vegetable Salad $8.99



Original Superburger $6.49
Original Superburger Combo $8.49
Original Superburger Value Meal $7.00
Black Angus Superburger $9.49

Black Angus Burgers

Mushroom & Onion Cheeseburger $8.79
Over-Easy Cheeseburger $9.29
Classic Burger (No Cheese) $7.79
Cheeseburger $8.29
Bacon Cheeseburger $8.79

Not So Beefy Burgers

Bacon Ranch Turkey Burger $8.49
Gardenburger $7.79
Turkey Burger $7.79


Fish Sandwiches

Whale of a Cod Fish Sandwich $8.99
Buffalo Shrimp Wrap $8.99
Tuna Melt $7.79

Classic Sandwiches

Crispy Chicken Club Sandwich $8.79
Chicken Fajita Flatbread $8.49
Reuben $8.99
Buffalo Chicken Wrap $8.79
Chargrilled Chicken Sandwich $7.79
BLT $6.79
Classic Grilled Cheese $6.79
Philly Cheesesteak $9.99
Shredded Pot Roast Sandwich $7.99

Turkey Sandwiches

Rachel $8.99
Hot Turkey Sandwich $7.49
Bacon Turkey Swiss $8.29
Turkey Club $8.79



Fish Fry for Two $19.99
Whale & Mac Lunch $8.99
Shrimp & Chips $9.49
Shrimp Dinner $10.99
Nantucket Cod $9.99
Baked Lemon Sole (1 Pc.) $8.99
Baked Lemon Sole (2 Pc.) $10.99
Baked Cod Floridian (1 Pc.) $8.99
Baked Cod Floridian (2 Pc.) $10.99
Baked Cod (1 Pc.) $8.99
Baked Cod (2 Pc.) $10.99
Whale of a Cod Dinner $10.99

Italian Classics

Zucchini Lasagna $8.99
Chicken and Broccoli Alfredo $9.99
Baked Chicken Parmigiana $9.99
Spaghetti (Full) $7.99
Spaghetti (Half) $6.99


Chicken Fillets (5 Pc.) $10.29
Chicken Fillets (4 Pc.) $9.29
Rosemary Chicken (2 Pc.) $11.29
Rosemary Chicken (1 Pc.) $9.29
Herb Crusted Chicken (2 Pc.) $11.49
Herb Crusted Chicken (1 Pc.) $9.99
Grilled Chicken (2 Pc.) $9.99
Grilled Chicken (1 Pc.) $7.99

Beef, Pork, and Turkey

Smothered Ground Sirloin Steak $10.49
Beef Liver and Onions $9.29



Fresh Start Scrambler $5.99
All-American Scrambler $6.99

Breakfast Smiles

Ground Sirloin and Eggs Smile $8.99
Griddle Smile $6.79
Super Griddle Smile $7.99
Original Breakfast Smile $6.99

Kids Menu


Kids' Breakfast Smile Jr. $2.99
Kids' Breakfast Giggle $2.99

Lunch & Dinner

Kids' Corndog $3.49
Kids' Mac 'n Cheese Bites $3.99
Kids' Hamburger $2.99
Kids' Chicken Noodle Soup Meal $3.29
Kids' Cheeseburger $3.49
Kids' Classic Grilled Cheese $2.99
Kids' Ziti $3.29
Kids' Chicken Fingers $3.49
Kids' Kraft Macaroni & Cheese $3.29
Kids' Stuffed-Crust Pizza $3.29


Fountain Drink $1.00
Iced Tea $1.00
Coffee $1.00
Hot Tea $1.00
Classic Milkshake $3.49
Oreo Milkshake $3.99
St. Paddy's Shake $3.99


Applesauce $1.99
Baked Potato $1.99
Bean Medley $1.99
Carrots $1.99
Coleslaw $1.99
Cottage Cheese $1.99
French Fries $1.99
Fresh Broccoli $1.99
Fresh Potato Chips $1.99
Fresh-Cut Fruit Cup $2.99
Garden Rice $1.99
Garden Side Salad $2.99
Hash Browns $1.99
Home Fries $1.99
Mac & Cheese $2.99
Mashed Potatoes $1.99
Mini Potato Pancakes $1.99
Onion Rings $2.99
Sugar Snap Peas $1.99


Chili (Cup) $2.99
Chicken Noodle Soup (Cup) $2.99
Cream of Broccoli Soup (Cup) $2.99
Chili (Bowl) $3.49
Chicken Noodle Soup (Bowl) $3.49
Cream of Broccoli Soup (Bowl) $3.49
Chili (Quart) $6.99
Chicken Noodle Soup (Quart) $6.99
Cream of Broccoli Soup (Quart) $6.99

Smiley Cookies

Smiley Cookies (12 Pc.) $6.99
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