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The Golden Krust prices evoke the tropical lifestyle – easy on the pocket, laidback vibe. This isn't surprising as the chain of fast-food restaurants offers Caribbean cuisine, particularly Jamaican food and drinks.

Known as Golden Krust Caribbean Bakery & Grill, the company also manufactures and distributes its Caribbean food products. The restaurant operations include more than 100 locations in nine states including New York, New Jersey, Georgia, Maryland, and North Carolina. Most of the restaurants are also in New York. The corporate headquarters are in Brooklyn, New York City.

Golden Krust also makes and sells several types of Jamaican-style patties, such as in hot and mild flavors, in dozens of supermarkets and grocery stores. These are also served in the restaurants along with dumplings, curried meat dishes, steamed yams, dense white breads, bulla cakes, rock cake, duck bread, carrot cake, callaloo, ackee, and coconut breads. There are also jerk fish and jerk chicken, which are quintessential Jamaican fare.

Below are the latest Golden Krust menu prices.

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Item Price


Liver (Small) $5.50
Liver (Large) $6.50
Okra & Saltfish (Small) $5.50
Okra & Saltfish (Large) $6.99
Porridge $4.00
Callaloo & Saltfish (Small) $5.50
Callaloo & Saltfish (Large) $6.99
Ackee & Saltfish (Small) $6.50
Ackee & Saltfish (Large) $9.00
Coffee or Tea $0.99


Spicy Beef Patty $1.95
Mild Beef Patty $1.95
Chicken Patty $1.95
Jerk Chicken Patty $2.05
Shrimp Patty $2.40
Vegetable Patty $1.99
Soya Patty $1.99
Spinach Patty $1.99
Krust Patty $0.99
Cocktail Patties $8.99

Reggae Fest Meals

Beef/Chicken Patty $2.99
Jerk Chicken (Small) $8.25
Jerk Chicken (Large) $9.50
Fish & Festival $9.50
Curried Goat (Small) $8.50
Curried Goat (Large) $10.50
Stew Chicken (Small) $7.50
Stew Chicken (Large) $9.50
Curried Chicken (Small) $7.50
Curried Chicken (Large) $9.50
Braised Oxtail (Small) $10.99
Braised Oxtail (Large) $12.99
Sliced Fish (Small) $9.00
Sliced Fish (Large) $10.99
Escoveitch/Brown Stew Fish $11.99

Breads & Pastries

Duck Bread $6.00
Coco Bread $0.99
Whole Wheat Bread (Small) $2.85
Whole Wheat Bread (Large) $3.85
Hard Dough Bread (Small) $2.85
Hard Dough Bread (Large) $3.85
Bun & Cheese $3.00
Bread Pudding $2.00
Sweet Potato Pudding $2.00
Loaf Cake (Slice) $1.25
Loaf Cake (Whole) $4.00
Rum/Fruit Cake $3.00
Carrot Cake $3.00
Sliced Cakes $2.50
Gizzarda $1.75
Bulla Cake (4 Pc.) $2.50
Rock Cake $1.50
Sugar Bun $1.50
Spice Bun $4.00
Round Bun $1.60
Tutti-Fruiti $1.60
Slice Loaves $1.50

Daily Soups


Chicken (Small) $4.00
Chicken (Large) $6.00


Chicken Foot (Small) $4.00
Chicken Foot (Large) $6.00


Red Peas (Small) $4.00
Red Peas (Large) $6.00


Cow Foot (Small) $4.00
Cow Foot (Large) $6.00


Goat Head (Small) $4.00
Goat Head (Large) $6.00


Sea Food (Small) $4.00
Sea Food (Large) $6.00

Side Orders

Rice & Peas (Small) $2.99
Rice & Peas (Large) $3.99
Steamed Vegetables (Small) $2.99
Steamed Vegetables (Large) $3.99
Fried Plantain (Small) $1.50
Fried Plantain (Large) $1.99
White Rice (Small) $2.99
White Rice (Large) $3.99
Festival $0.90
Dumpling $0.50

Golden Krust Catering Menu

Curry Chicken (Small) $40.00
Curry Chicken (Large) $70.00
BBQ Chicken (Small) $40.00
BBQ Chicken (Large) $70.00
Curry Goat (Small) $50.00
Curry Goat (Large) $80.00
Jerk Chicken (Small) - Catering $50.00
Jerk Chicken (Large) - Catering $80.00
Jerk/BBQ Wings (Small) $50.00
Jerk/BBQ Wings (Large) $80.00
Jerk Pork (Small) $80.00
Jerk Pork (Large) $140.00
Braised Oxtail (Small) - Catering $80.00
Braised Oxtail (Large) - Catering $150.00
Stir Fried Vegetables with Tofu (Small) $45.00
Stir Fried Vegetables with Tofu (Large) $65.00
Rice and Peas (Small) $35.00
Rice and Peas (Large) $45.00
White Rice (Small) - Catering $30.00
White Rice (Large) - Catering $45.00
Macaroni & Cheese (Small) $45.00
Macaroni & Cheese (Large) $65.00
Steamed Vegetables (Small) - Catering $30.00
Steamed Vegetables (Large) - Catering $50.00
Tossed Salad (Small) $30.00
Tossed Salad (Large) $50.00
Plantains (Small) $30.00
Plantains (Large) $50.00
Red Snapper (1 lb.) $7.99
King Fish (1 lb.) $5.99
Cocktail Chicken Patties (12 Pc.) $8.99
Cocktail Beef Patties (12 Pc.) $8.99
Fruit Cake (6 in.) $25.00
Fruit Cake with Icing (6 in.) $35.00
Fruit Cake (8 in.) $35.00
Fruit Cake with Icing (8 in.) $45.00
Fruit Cake (10 in.) $40.00
Fruit Cake with Icing (10 in.) $50.00
Fruit Cake (12 in.) $50.00
Fruit Cake with Icing (12 in.) $60.00
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