Little Sheep Mongolian Hot Pot Prices

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The Little Sheep Mongolian Hot Pot restaurants are among the giants in the hot pot sector, flavor-wise. The wide range of hot pot selections appeal to the young and old alike with a common denominator between them – the love for sharing filling and satisfying hot meals during cool and cold days. The chain continues to make its mark on the culinary landscape of the United States because of their reliability in giving its diners the best of the hot pot experience.

And what a unique experience it is, especially for Americans who haven't been exposed to the culinary culture imported from the East. At the center of the table lies a metal pot with simmering flavorful stock upon which the ingredients can be dipped into for cooking before being eaten. The ingredients run the gamut from leafy vegetables, wontons, and noodles to slices of meat, seafood, and tofu.

The reasonable Little Sheep Mongolian Hot Pot prices, fortunately, will not put you in the hot seat when the bill comes. Since a hot pot is best enjoyed with family and friends, you can even treat them to it a few times a month.

Below are the latest Little Sheep Mongolian Hot Pot menu prices.

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Item Price

Soup Base

House Original $3.95
House Spicy $3.95
Half and Half (Original & Spicy) $3.95
Vegetarian Mushroom Soup Base $3.95


New Zealand Prime-aged Lamb $11.95
New Zealand Spring Lamb $9.95
Supreme Lamb Shoulder Slice $7.95
Supreme Lamb Leg Slice $7.95
Lamb Shoulder with Red Wine Flavor $8.95
American-Style Kobe Beef $13.95
Prime Ribs Beef $10.95
Hand Sliced Supreme Fatty Beef $8.95
Supreme Fatty Beef with Beer Flavor $8.95
Supreme Beef Slice $7.95
Garlic Beef $7.95
Beef & Lamb Combo $9.95
Chicken Breast Slice $6.95
Slice Pork $6.95
Assorted Meat Combo Platter $13.95

Meat Ball

House Made Lamb Meat Ball $7.95
House Made Beef Meat Ball $7.95
House Made Shrimp Ball $8.95
3 Assorted House Meat Balls $9.95
Fu Chou Fish Ball (with Filler) $6.95
Fish Ball with Fish Roe Filler $6.95
Cuttlefish Ball $5.95
Fish Ball $5.95
Beef Tendon Ball $5.95


Tiger Prawn $7.95
Shrimp Head-On $6.95
Fresh Cuttlefish $6.95
Fresh Octopus $6.95
Fried Fish Tofu $6.95
Fish Fillet $6.95
Cuttlefish Paste $7.95
Oyster $8.95
Jumbo Scallop $8.95
Tempura $5.95
Mussel $6.95
Seafood Combo Platter $13.95

Other Meat

Beef Tendon $4.95
Beef Tripe $4.95
Pork Intestine $4.95
Luncheon Pork $4.95
Quail Eggs $3.99
Beef Tongue $7.95
Mini Pork Sausage $5.95


Napa Cabbage $3.95
Tong Ho $3.95
Green Leaf Lettuce $3.95
Spinach $3.95
Broccoli $3.95
Baby Bok Choy $3.95
Sliced Potato $3.95
Winter Melon $3.95
Daikon $3.95
Bamboo Heart $4.95
Sliced Taro $4.95
Seaweed Knot $4.95
Mountain Gabo $5.95
Assorted Vegetable Platter $8.95

Tofu, Mushroom & Other

Fresh Tofu $2.95
Frozen Tofu $2.95
Fried Tofu Pod $3.95
Fried Tofu Sheet $3.95
Bean Curd Stick $3.95
Bean Curd Knot $3.95
Chinese Donut $3.95
Tofu Combo Platter $5.95
Enoki Mushroom $4.95
Oyster Mushroom $4.95
King Oyster Mushroom $4.95
Shiitake Mushroom $4.95
Fresh Fungus $4.95
Assorted Mushroom Platter $10.95
House Special Wide Noodle $4.95
Taro Vermicelli Knot $3.95
U-Don Noodle $3.95
Shanxi Knife Cut Noodle $3.95
Ramen $3.95
Egg Noodle (Uncooked) $3.95
Fresh Starch Ball $4.99

Cold Dish

Spicy Beef Tendon $5.95
Mongolian Vinegar Peanut $4.95
Pickle Garlic $3.95


Mongolian Lamb Skewer (4 Pc.) $6.95
Mongolian Beef Skewer (4 Pc.) $6.95
BBQ Chicken Skewer (4 Pc.) $5.95
BBQ Shrimp Skewer (2 Pc.) $6.95
Mini Pork Sausage Skewer (2 Pc.) $3.50

Rice and Pancake

Sesame Pancake $6.95
Egg Noodle $5.95
House Made Pork & Shrimp Dumpling $7.25
House Made Lamb Dumpling $7.25
Sweet Corn Flour Pancake (3 Pc.) $3.95
Red Bean Paste Yam Cake (2 Pc.) $3.95
Phoenix Yolk Bun (3 Pc.) $4.95
Sesame Ball (6 Pc.) $3.95
Steamed Rice $1.50

Beverage, Beer & Wine

Hot Brown Rice Green Tea $0.99
Coke, Diet Coke, Sprite, Iced Tea, or Lemonade $2.25
Apple, Orange, or Cranberry Juice $2.95
Plum Juice $2.95
Fresh Coconut Juice $4.95
Jia Duo Bao Herbal Tea $2.75
Bejing Yogurt $3.95
Tsingtao, Corona, or Heineken $4.50
Draft - Sapporo, Sam Adams (Glass) $5.50
Draft - Sapporo, Sam Adams (Pitcher) $20.00
Tsingtao Regular (Large) $6.95
Hot Sake $4.95
Cold Sake (Bottle) $7.95
California Red or White Wine (Glass) $6.00
California Red or White Wine (Bottle) $24.00
Red Sangria (Sweet) - Glass $5.50

Dipping Sauces

Sesame Paste $0.50
Satay Sauce $0.50
Leek Flower Sauce $0.50
Garlic Paste with Sesame Oil $0.50
Chef's Special Spicy Sauce $0.50
Raw Egg $0.50
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