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On the Massage Envy menu, the most expensive item is 2-Hour Massage (Non Members), which costs $199.99. The cheapest item on the menu is One 1-Hour Massage per Month, which costs $0.00. The average price of all items on the menu is currently $64.44.


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About Massage Envy

What is Massage Envy?

Massage Envy is a nationwide chain of wellness centers that specializes in massage therapy and spa services. Established in 2002, the company has since become one of the largest massage therapy franchises in the United States. Massage Envy's mission is to provide accessible and affordable therapeutic massage and skincare services to promote overall well-being.

Where can I find a Massage Envy location near me?

To locate a Massage Envy near you, you can visit the official Massage Envy website and use the "Find a Location" feature. Enter the zip code or city to receive a list of nearby centers.

How much does a massage at Massage Envy cost? 

The cost of a massage at Massage Envy can vary depending on factors such as location, the type of massage, and session length. For membership rates, month by month membership is at $79.99, 6-month prepaid membership is at $420, 12 month prepaid membership is at $840.

For massages, a 60-minute wellness massage costs $70, a 90-minute wellness massage costs $105, 12-minute wellness massage costs $120 and a 90-minute hot stone envy costs $120.

Other services especially for members ranges from $36 to $120 and for non-members, same services costs $120 to $240. Add-ons are available like Enhanced Muscle Therapy, Exfoliating Hand Treatment, Exfoliating Foot Treatment and Anti-Aging Eye Treatment costs $15 each. 

Please take note that prices may vary depending on location as well as any ongoing promotions. 

Do individuals need a membership to get a massage at Massage Envy?

No, individuals do not need a membership to receive a massage at Massage Envy. While Massage Envy does offer membership programs that provide various benefits and discounted rates, clients can also book individual massage sessions without a membership.

What types of massages does Massage Envy offer?

Massage Envy, believes Everybody is different, every massage should be too. No two people are the same. That’s why no two massages should be the same. Massage Envy massage therapist will pull from various massage techniques – trigger point, deep tissue, etc. – and incorporate them into massage to address needs. However, Massage Envy offers a variety of massage modalities to cater to individual needs and the most common preferences includes:

Swedish Massage

Swedish massage is one of the most popular and widely recognized massage techniques. It's characterized by long, gliding strokes, kneading, friction, tapping, and gentle stretching. This massage is primarily designed to promote relaxation, relieve tension, and improve circulation. It's an excellent choice for individuals seeking overall stress reduction and muscle relaxation.

Deep Tissue Massage

Deep tissue massage involves firmer pressure and focuses on the deeper layers of muscles and connective tissues. It's particularly beneficial for individuals with chronic muscle tension, injuries, or posture-related issues. The therapist uses slow, deliberate strokes to target specific muscle knots and areas of tension, providing relief from deep-seated pain and discomfort.

Hot Stone Massage

Hot stone massage incorporates heated, smooth stones placed on specific points of the body. The therapist may also use the stones to massage muscles, providing a soothing and deeply relaxing experience. This treatment helps to improve circulation, alleviate muscle stiffness, and create a sense of profound relaxation.

Sports Massage

Sports massage is tailored for athletes and active individuals. It involves a combination of techniques aimed at enhancing athletic performance, preventing injuries, and promoting muscle recovery. The therapist may employ stretching, compression, and deep tissue work to address specific muscle groups and areas prone to overuse.

Prenatal Massage

Prenatal massage is designed to provide relief and relaxation to expectant mothers. It focuses on reducing the discomfort associated with pregnancy, such as lower back pain, swelling, and muscle tension. The therapist uses gentle and supportive techniques to ensure the safety and comfort of the mother and baby.

Trigger Point Therapy

Trigger point therapy targets specific points of muscle tightness, known as trigger points or muscle knots. The therapist applies focused pressure to these points to release tension and alleviate pain. This technique is effective for managing conditions like myofascial pain syndrome and chronic muscle pain.

Cranial Sacral Therapy

Cranial sacral therapy is a gentle, hands-on approach that addresses the craniosacral system, which includes the brain, spinal cord, and surrounding membranes. It focuses on restoring balance and harmony to the body by releasing restrictions and tension in these areas. This therapy is often used to address conditions like headaches, stress, and TMJ disorder.

Can clients choose a specific therapist?

Yes, at Massage Envy, clients can typically choose a specific therapist if they have a preference. Many centers provide detailed profiles of their therapists on their website, allowing clients to select a therapist based on their expertise, specialties, and customer reviews.

What are the benefits of getting a massage at Massage Envy?

Massage Envy offers numerous benefits for physical and mental well-being. Some potential advantages include: Stress reduction and relaxation, Pain relief and improved flexibility, Enhanced circulation and lymphatic drainage, Reduction in muscle tension and soreness, Improved sleep quality, Boosted immune system function, Management of chronic conditions, like arthritis or migraines, Examples of specific benefits could include experiencing reduced muscle soreness after a sports massage or feeling more relaxed and refreshed after a Swedish massage.

How long is a typical massage session?

A typical massage session at Massage Envy is either 60 minutes or 90 minutes in duration. However, they may also offer shorter or longer sessions depending on the client's preference and the specific type of massage chosen.

Can clients book a massage online? 

Yes, clients can book a massage online through the Massage Envy website or mobile app. To do so, visit the Massage Envy website or download the mobile app. Select the preferred location, choose the type of service (massage, facial, etc.), select the date and time that works best. Clients can often choose their therapist as well, if desired. Complete the booking process by providing their information and payment details. Once the appointment is confirmed, clients will receive a confirmation email or notification.

Are gift cards available for purchase?

Yes, Massage Envy offers gift cards that can be purchased both online and at their physical locations. These gift cards make excellent presents for special occasions or as tokens of appreciation.

Can clients request additional services like aromatherapy or hot stones?

Yes, clients can customize their massage experience by adding extra services like aromatherapy or hot stone therapy for an additional fee. These enhancements can enhance relaxation and comfort during the session.

What are Massage Envy’s hours of operation?

The operating hours of Massage Envy locations can vary from one center to another and may also depend on the day of the week. For instance, many Massage Envy centers are open Monday to Sunday. Weekday hours might range from 9:00 AM to 9:00 PM. Weekend hours may be from 9:00 AM to 7:00 PM. Clients are advised to check with their local Massage Envy center for specific hours of operation.

Can clients get a massage if they have a medical condition or injury?

Massage therapy can be beneficial for various medical conditions and injuries, but it's essential for clients to consult with their healthcare provider before scheduling a massage, especially if they have a specific medical condition or injury. Some Massage Envy therapists have additional training and expertise in working with medical conditions, so clients should inform them of their situation when booking an appointment.

Are there any membership perks or discounts?

Massage Envy offers membership programs that come with several perks and potential discounts, including Lower massage rates for members, Roll-over sessions (unused massages can be carried forward), Discounts on additional services and products, Access to nationwide Massage Envy locations, Special member-only promotions and offers. Membership benefits may vary by location and type of membership, so clients are advised to inquire about the specific perks offered at their local center.

Who are the competitors of Massage Envy?

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Hand and Stone is a popular spa franchise that provides a combination of massage therapy and facial services. Their studios offer a tranquil and relaxing atmosphere, making it an ideal destination for relaxation and self-care. Hand and Stone offers a variety of massage options, including Swedish, deep tissue, sports, and hot stone massages, as well as specialty treatments like Himalayan salt stone massages.

Massage Heights

Massage Heights is a well-established chain of massage and facial therapy studios with locations across the United States and Canada. They focus on providing customized therapeutic massage and facial services to promote relaxation, stress relief, and overall well-being. Massage Heights offers a range of massage modalities, including Swedish, deep tissue, prenatal, and hot stone massages.

Elements Massage

Elements Massage is a reputable and widely recognized chain of therapeutic massage studios in the United States. Founded in 2000, Elements Massage has gained a strong reputation for delivering high-quality, personalized massage therapy services.

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