Nuffield Membership Cost

Nuffield Membership Cost

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On the Nuffield menu, the most expensive item is Anytime (Price per month, per person), which costs $59.00. The cheapest item on the menu is Off Peak (Price per month, per person), which costs $50.00. The average price of all items on the menu is currently $54.50.


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About Nuffield

What is Nuffield Health?

Nuffield Health is a leading healthcare and wellbeing organization that operates a network of hospitals, fitness and wellbeing centers, and clinics across the United Kingdom. Founded in 1957, Nuffield Health is committed to helping people achieve better health through a comprehensive range of healthcare services, fitness facilities, and expert guidance.

What services does Nuffield Health offer?

Nuffield Health provides a wide range of healthcare and wellbeing services, including: • Hospitals and medical clinics offering medical treatments and surgeries. • Fitness and wellbeing centers with state-of-the-art gym equipment. • Personal training and fitness assessments. • Group fitness classes. • Health assessments and screenings. • Physiotherapy and rehabilitation services. • Nutritional guidance and dietary services. • Corporate wellness programs. • Online and virtual health services.

What are the operating hours of Nuffield Health fitness centers?

Operating hours of Nuffield Health fitness centers may vary depending on the location. Typically, fitness centers offer extended hours, often opening early in the morning at 6AM and closing late in the evening at around 10PM. To find the specific operating hours of a particular Nuffield Health center, it's best to check the center's website or contact them directly.

What types of memberships are available at Nuffield Health?

Nuffield Health offers various membership options tailored to individual needs. These may include individual memberships, family memberships, and corporate memberships. Memberships may also have different tiers, providing varying levels of access to facilities and services.

What are the membership fees for Nuffield Health?

Membership fees at Nuffield Health can vary depending on factors like the type of membership, location, and any ongoing promotions. Generally, month membership fee ranges from $50 to $60 based on a 12-month membership plan. To obtain accurate and up-to-date information on membership fees, it's advisable to visit the Nuffield Health website or contact their membership services.

Does Nuffield Health offer a free trial or guest pass?

Yes, Nuffield Health often provides free trial passes or guest passes, allowing prospective members to experience their facilities and services before committing to a membership. Check the Nuffield Health website or contact your nearest center to inquire about the availability of free trials or guest passes.

What amenities are available at Nuffield Health centers?

Nuffield Health centers offer a range of amenities, including: • Well-equipped fitness areas. • Group fitness studios. • Swimming pools. • Spa and relaxation areas. • Health assessments and screening services. • Physiotherapy and rehabilitation facilities. • Nutrition and dietary guidance.

Are personal training sessions available at Nuffield Health?

Yes, Nuffield Health offers personal training services provided by certified fitness professionals. These sessions are tailored to individual fitness goals, helping members achieve their specific health and fitness objectives.

Are there group fitness classes at Nuffield Health, and what types are offered?

Nuffield Health provides a diverse schedule of group fitness classes, catering to various interests and fitness levels. Classes often include yoga, Pilates, HIIT, spinning, dance-based workouts, and more. To learn about the current class offerings and schedules, check the Nuffield Health website or contact your local center.

Is childcare available at Nuffield Health facilities?

Childcare services may be available at select Nuffield Health centers. These services are designed to accommodate parents' fitness needs while ensuring the safety and care of their children. To find out if childcare is offered at your nearest Nuffield Health center, please inquire with the center directly.

Are there nutrition or dietary services offered at Nuffield Health?

Yes, Nuffield Health often provides nutrition and dietary guidance as part of its holistic approach to health and wellbeing. They may have registered dietitians or nutrition experts on staff who can offer advice, meal planning assistance, and educational resources to support members in making healthy dietary choices.

Does Nuffield Health provide physiotherapy or rehabilitation services?

Indeed, Nuffield Health offers physiotherapy and rehabilitation services, helping individuals recover from injuries, surgeries, or manage chronic conditions. Their qualified physiotherapists provide personalized treatment plans to improve mobility, reduce pain, and enhance overall wellness.

Does Nuffield Health offer corporate wellness programs?

Yes, Nuffield Health collaborates with businesses to offer corporate wellness programs aimed at improving the health and wellbeing of employees. These programs often include fitness initiatives, health assessments, and educational resources to promote a healthier workplace.

What online or virtual services does Nuffield Health provide?

Nuffield Health has adapted to the digital age by offering online and virtual health services. These may include virtual fitness classes, telehealth consultations, digital health assessments, and access to wellness resources via their website or mobile app.

Who are the competitors of Nuffield?

CorePower Yoga

CorePower Yoga is a fitness company that specializes in yoga and mindfulness practices. They offer a variety of yoga classes, from beginner to advanced levels, with an emphasis on physical strength and mental wellness. CorePower Yoga studios are known for their heated classes, which help enhance flexibility and detoxification.

In-Shape Gym

In-Shape Gym is a regional fitness chain with locations mainly in California. They provide a wide range of fitness equipment, group classes, and amenities, including pools and spas. In-Shape Gym focuses on creating a welcoming and family-friendly environment for fitness enthusiasts.


Bodyplex is a fitness club with locations in Georgia and Tennessee. They offer various fitness services, including cardio and strength equipment, group fitness classes, and personal training. Bodyplex aims to provide affordable fitness solutions while fostering a sense of community among its members.


YouFit is a national fitness chain that focuses on affordability and accessibility. They offer a range of fitness equipment, group fitness classes, and personal training. YouFit aims to provide a judgment-free fitness environment, making it suitable for individuals of all fitness levels.

Your World Fitness

Your World Fitness is a fitness center that offers comprehensive wellness solutions. They provide fitness equipment, group classes, personal training, and wellness programs. Your World Fitness emphasizes a holistic approach to health, combining exercise and nutrition guidance.

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