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The Robeks chain of smoothie shops is growing from its 91-strong (February 2016) locations today. This can be attributed to a favorable franchising program, a growing awareness of and preference for health foods among consumers, and an ever-increasing number of choices in flavors. Plus, the reasonable Robeks prices provide customers with plenty of opportunities to enjoy the best smoothies in town.

The shops are beloved among regular patrons because of their commitment to handcrafted smoothies – and these nutritious beverages are delicious, too! The ingredients used are the freshest and finest, from the freshly cut fruits and vegetables to the natural yogurt and flavors added.

The menu items are divided into Fan Favorites (e.g., Hummingbird with mango, banana, and strawberry); Classic Flavors (e.g., Polar Pineapple with pineapple and strawberry), and Nature's Best (e.g., Awesome Acai with acai berries, frozen yogurt, and several fruits). For people who want performance and power benefits from smoothies, the best choices are Passion Fruit Power, Venice Burner, and Gorilla.

Below are the latest Robeks menu prices.

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Item Price

Classic Flavors

Malibu Peach (Small) $3.99
Malibu Peach (Medium) $4.99
Malibu Peach (Large) $5.99
Big Wednesday (Small) $3.99
Big Wednesday (Medium) $4.99
Big Wednesday (Large) $5.99
Polar Pineapple (Small) $3.99
Polar Pineapple (Medium) $4.99
Polar Pineapple (Large) $5.99
South Pacific Squeeze (Small) $3.99
South Pacific Squeeze (Medium) $4.99
South Pacific Squeeze (Large) $5.99
Pina Kolada (Small) $3.99
Pina Kolada (Medium) $4.99
Pina Kolada (Large) $5.99
Berry Brilliance (Small) $3.99
Berry Brilliance (Medium) $4.99
Berry Brilliance (Large) $5.99
Passionfruit Cove (Small) $3.99
Passionfruit Cove (Medium) $4.99
Passionfruit Cove (Large) $5.99
Raspberry Romance (Small) $3.99
Raspberry Romance (Medium) $4.99
Raspberry Romance (Large) $5.99
Infinite Orange (Small) $3.99
Infinite Orange (Medium) $4.99
Infinite Orange (Large) $5.99

Fan Favorite

Smoothie lovers rave about our Fan Favorites. Sweet Juices, natural yogurts, and fruits collide to create a flavor experience that makes you truly appreciate your sense of taste.
Strawnana Berry (Small) $3.99
Strawnana Berry (Medium) $4.99
Strawnana Berry (Large) $5.99
The Hummingbird (Small) $3.99
The Hummingbird (Medium) $4.99
The Hummingbird (Large) $5.99
Mahalo Mango (Small) $3.99
Mahalo Mango (Medium) $4.99
Mahalo Mango (Large) $5.99


These frozen mixtures flood your body with the nutrients required to meet your unique daily demands.
Acai Energizer (Medium) $6.39
Acai Energizer (Large) $7.39
Venice Burner (Medium) $6.39
Venice Burner (Large) $7.39
Passionfruit Power (Medium) $6.39
Passionfruit Power (Large) $7.39
Age Buster (Medium) $6.39
Age Buster (Large) $7.39
Heart Health (Medium) $6.39
Heart Health (Large) $7.39
Berry Slim (Medium) $6.39
Berry Slim (Large) $7.39
Pro Arobek (Medium) $6.39
Pro Arobek (Large) $7.39
Dr. Robeks (Medium) $6.39
Dr. Robeks (Large) $7.39
Healthy Harmony (Medium) $6.39
Healthy Harmony (Large) $7.39
The Replenisher (Medium) $6.39
The Replenisher (Large) $7.39


Packed with Whey protein to maximize muscle building.
800 lb. Gorilla (Medium) $6.79
800 lb. Gorilla (Large) $7.79
Musclemax (Medium) $6.79
Musclemax (Large) $7.79


All made with whole Fruit pieces, real fruit juice and 100% Natural Premium Yogurt.
PB&J Delight $3.89
Strawberry Sipper $3.89
Mini Mango $3.89


Natural fruit juice and 100% natural sherbet deliver flavor and refreshment.
Pineapple Orange Passion (Small) $2.99
Pineapple Orange Passion (Medium) $3.49
Refreshingly Raspberry (Small) $2.99
Refreshingly Raspberry (Medium) $3.49

Fresh Squeezed Juices

Fresh, ripe, raw whole fruits and vegetables hand juiced right in front of you for maximum premium nutrition, enzymes, and vitamins.
Evergreen (Small) $5.29
Evergreen (Medium) $6.59
Evergreen (Large) $7.99
Cool Cucumber (Small) $5.29
Cool Cucumber (Medium) $6.59
Cool Cucumber (Large) $7.99
ABC (Small) $5.29
ABC (Medium) $6.59
ABC (Large) $7.99
King Kale (Small) $5.29
King Kale (Medium) $6.59
King Kale (Large) $7.99
G-Snap (Small) $5.29
G-Snap (Medium) $6.59
G-Snap (Large) $7.99
Crazy Carrot (Small) $5.29
Crazy Carrot (Medium) $6.59
Crazy Carrot (Large) $7.99
Sweet Green (Small) $5.29
Sweet Green (Medium) $6.59
Sweet Green (Large) $7.99

Nature's Best

The absolute best that nature has to offer, served exclusively at Robeks!
Tropi-Kale (Medium) $6.29
Tropi-Kale (Large) $7.29
Awesome Acai (Medium) $6.29
Awesome Acai (Large) $7.29
Super Green (Medium) $6.29
Super Green (Large) $7.29

Greek Yogurt

Premium non-fat Greek yogurt packed with double the protein of our regular yogurt, less carbs, probiotics and smooth tart taste.
Emperor Acai (Small) $5.49
Emperor Acai (Medium) $6.49
Emperor Acai (Large) $7.49
Strawberry Temple (Small) $5.49
Strawberry Temple (Medium) $6.49
Strawberry Temple (Large) $7.49
Spartan Berry (Small) $5.49
Spartan Berry (Medium) $6.49
Spartan Berry (Large) $7.49


Our special premium coffee blend perfect for a morning or afternoon pick me up treat.
Naturally Coffee (Small) $4.39
Naturally Coffee (Medium) $5.39
Naturally Coffee (Large) $6.39
Naturally Mocha (Small) $4.39
Naturally Mocha (Medium) $5.39
Naturally Mocha (Large) $6.39
Iced Mocha (Small) $4.39
Iced Mocha (Medium) $5.39
Iced Mocha (Large) $6.39


A frozen blend of whole fruits, natural yogurts, and sherbets create the ultimate frozen meal or the perfect treat for enjoying with a spoon.
Acai Especial Bowl $6.59
Fast Break Bowl $6.59
Split Banana Bowl $6.59
Make Any Smoothie Bowl $6.59

Quick Shots

Lemon/Ginger Shot $3.99
Wheat Grass Shot $3.99
Acai/Lemon Shot $3.99


Upgrade with a Boost for only $0.50


Substitute Greek Yogurt to any Smoothie $0.50
Make Any Smoothie Dairy-Free with All Fruit $0.50
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