Schnucks Deli and Bakery Prices

The Schnucks Deli and Bakery prices give such good value for the money that first-time customers are likely to say, “Shucks! These are great prices!” While the brand itself is relatively small – there are only about 100 Schnucks supermarkets with their eponymous delis and bakeries – it’s still among the best chains in terms of deli and baked goods offerings.

The stores are known for their friendly yet fast service, thanks to the crew members who know the menu well, as well as for the wide range of products available. These are also great for catering events, such as for office parties and personal milestone gatherings, as well as for individual retail sales. The prices will obviously vary but let it be said that generous savings can be enjoyed either way.

The menu features standard deli and bakery items given the unique Schnucks treatment. The chicken dishes are available in fried, baked and roasted, usually with the chain’s special herb seasoning. The sandwiches, subs and mini-sub sandwiches have the perfect balance between the bread, meats and fillings, thus, their flavorful quality.

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Item Price


Premium Golden Ripe Whole Pineapple (2) $6.00
Jet Fresh Peaches, Plums or Nectarines (Per Pound) $2.99
Taco Dip Tray (1.54 lb.) - Serves 4-6 $9.49
Taco Dip Tray (2.59 lb.) - Serves 8-10 $13.99
14 Inch Take & Bake Pizzas $6.49
Bone-In Chicken Wings or Breaded Chicken Breast Chunks (Per Pound) $5.99
Bacon Cheddar Ranch Spread (8 oz.) $3.49
Hot Wing Dip (8 oz.) $3.49
Three Cheese Italian Dip (8 oz.) $3.49
All Natural Fully Cooked Pulled Rotisserie Chicken Breast (2 lb.) $9.99

Boar's Head

Boar's Head Monterey Jack Cheese (Per Pound) $8.99
Boar's Head Tavern Ham (Per Pound) $9.99
Boar's Head Buffalo Chicken Breast (Per Pound) $9.99
Boar's Head Maple Glazed Turkey Breast (Per Pound) $10.49

Build Your Own Sandwiches

Regular 3 oz. (Meat or Cheese) $3.69
Large 5 oz. (Meat or Cheese) $4.49