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Jerry and Naomi Hancock started Sub Zero Ice Cream and Yogurt based on his innovative way of freezing ice cream by using liquid nitrogen – and nothing else. When the couple launched it in 2004, the concept quickly caught on and the single location grew in numbers. Toda, there are dozens of the ice cream shops in the United States, as well as in the United Arab Emirates and China.

The Sub Zero Ice Cream prices are admittedly more expensive than your run-of-the-mill ice cream parlor's prices. But the delicious flavors combined with the innovative Sub Zero way of creating ice cream are more than enough reasons to come visit. The Sub Zero way is faster in producing ice cream, as well as generates tastier ice cream flavors with creamier, smoother and fresher profile.

The chain is known for its customized ice cream, a boon for customers who have specific dietary needs. Thus, customers can order gluten-free, lactose-free and vegan as well as reduced sugar ice cream in any flavor they want, whether it's the classic or the quirky. The shops also offer shakes, ice cream pies, and smoothies with ice cream.

Below are the latest Sub Zero Ice Cream menu prices.

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Item Price


Comes With a Waffle Bowl
Chocolate Conduction (Small) $6.49
Chocolate Conduction (Regular) $6.99
Chocolate Conduction (Large) $7.49
Birthday Cake Capacitor (Small) $6.49
Birthday Cake Capacitor (Regular) $6.99
Birthday Cake Capacitor (Large) $7.49
Bernoulli Brulee (Small) $6.49
Bernoulli Brulee (Regular) $6.99
Bernoulli Brulee (Large) $7.49
Peanut Butter Bonds (Small) $6.49
Peanut Butter Bonds (Regular) $6.99
Peanut Butter Bonds (Large) $7.49
Banana Cream Pie Bismuth New! (Small) $6.49
Banana Cream Pie Bismuth New! (Regular) $6.99
Banana Cream Pie Bismuth New! (Large) $7.49
Magnetic Mint (Small) $6.49
Magnetic Mint (Regular) $6.99
Magnetic Mint (Large) $7.49
Mass Mocha Madness (Small) $6.49
Mass Mocha Madness (Regular) $6.99
Mass Mocha Madness (Large) $7.49
Tropical Turbine (Small) $6.49
Tropical Turbine (Regular) $6.99
Tropical Turbine (Large) $7.49
Cherry Charge (Small) $6.49
Cherry Charge (Regular) $6.99
Cherry Charge (Large) $7.49
Key Lime Voltage (Small) $6.49
Key Lime Voltage (Regular) $6.99
Key Lime Voltage (Large) $7.49
Strawberry Sigma New! (Small) $6.49
Strawberry Sigma New! (Regular) $6.99
Strawberry Sigma New! (Large) $7.49
Citric Substance (Small) $6.49
Citric Substance (Regular) $6.99
Citric Substance (Large) $7.49

Create Your Own

1. Choose A Size

Small $4.99
Regular $5.99
Large $6.99

2. Choose A Cream

Original, Low-Fat, Yogurt, Custard, Lactose-Free, Vegan, Sugar-Free

3. Choose Flavors

Flavors are Free

4. Choose Mix-Ins

Mix-Ins (Each) $0.59
Add Waffle Bowl $1.00


Per One

Almond (Each) $0.59
Gummy Bears (Each) $0.59
Pecans (Each) $0.59
Andes Mints (Each) $0.59
Heath (Each) $0.59
Pineapple (Each) $0.59
Blueberries (Each) $0.59
Kit Kat (Each) $0.59
Rainbow Sprinkles (Each) $0.59
Brownies (Each) $0.59
M&M's (Each) $0.59
Raspberries (Each) $0.59
Cashews (Each) $0.59
Mangos (Each) $0.59
Reese's Pieces (Each) $0.59
Cheesecake Bites (Each) $0.59
Maraschino Cherries (Each) $0.59
Snickers (Each) $0.59
Chocolate Flakes (Each) $0.59
Marshmallows (Each) $0.59
Strawberries (Each) $0.59
Coconut Flakes (Each) $0.59
Oreo (Each) $0.59
Twix (Each) $0.59
Cookie Dough (Each) $0.59
Peaches $0.59
Waffle Cone Bits (Each) $0.59
Graham Cracker (Each) $0.59
Peanut Butter Cups (Each) $0.59


Amaretto $0.00
Coffee $0.00
Orange $0.00
Banana $0.00
Cotton Candy $0.00
Peach $0.00
Blackberry $0.00
Dulce De Leche $0.00
Peanut Butter $0.00
Blueberry $0.00
Egg Nog $0.00
Pina Colada $0.00
Brownie Batter $0.00
Fudge $0.00
Pineapple $0.00
Burnt Almond $0.00
Grape $0.00
Pistachio $0.00
Butter Pecan $0.00
Green Apple $0.00
Pumpkin $0.00
Butterscotch $0.00
Huckleberry $0.00
Raspberry $0.00
Cake Batter $0.00
Lemon $0.00
Root Beer $0.00
Caramel $0.00
Lime $0.00
Strawberry $0.00
Chai $0.00
Malt $0.00
Tiger's Blood $0.00
Cheesecake $0.00
Mango $0.00
Vanilla $0.00
Cherry $0.00
Maple $0.00
Watermelon $0.00
Chocolate $0.00
Marshmallow $0.00
White Chocolate $0.00
Cinnamon $0.00
Mint $0.00
Coconut $0.00
Mocha $0.00

Sensational Treats

Italian Ice

Lemon Ice (Per Person) $3.50
Mojito (Per Person) $3.50
Pina Colada (Per Person) $3.50
Peach (Per Person) $3.50
Watermelon (Per Person) $3.50
Tiger's Blood (Per Person) $3.50


Includes any flavor combination $5.49
Choose Mix-In $0.50


Mango Smoothie $5.49
Mixed Berry Smoothie $5.49
Peach Smoothie $5.49
Raspberry Smoothie $5.49
Strawberry Smoothie $5.49

Ice Cream Pie

Ice Cream Pie $14.99


Treat Yourself to a Pint $6.99
Take Two For Only $12.99
Quart $13.98
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