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The Veggie Grill chain caters to the vegetarian and vegan markets with its wide range of vegetables and fruits on its menu. When its first location opened in Irvine, California in 2007, its founders envisioned a restaurant that will provide filling and satisfying meals at affordable prices. Today, there are nearly 30 restaurants in Oregon, Washington, and California.

The plant-based dishes on the menu aren't just limited to salads although there are many variations available. Diners can also choose from a wide range of entrées and appetizers, all of which are made the way vegans like them – without dairy products like cheese, butter milk, eggs, and animal fats. Even egg substitutes aren't used in the dishes, but the chefs use plenty of herbs and spices to add depths of flavor to the dishes.

The Veggie Grill prices are slightly expensive because of the use of premium ingredients – only the freshest vegetables, fruits and herbs are used so that the dishes have an excellent quality. Besides, you're paying for healthy dishes so the prices are worth every cent.

Below are the latest Veggie Grill menu prices.

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Item Price

Seasonal Menu

Summer Celebration Salad $10.95
Filipino Chickin' Adobo Bowl $10.95
Chargrilled Street Corn Bowl $4.25
Summer Artichoke Flatbread $6.50
Steakhouse Burger (New!) $13.25
Smoky Corn Bisque Soup (Small) $3.95
Smoky Corn Bisque Soup (Large) $4.95
Strawberry Dream Cake $3.95
Breakfast Burrito $10.95
Spicy Sicilian Sausage Sandwich $13.50


Summer Artichoke Flatbread (Shares) $6.50
Avocado + Bruschetta Toast $5.50
Buffalo Wings $7.75
Chill Out Wings $7.75
Crispy Cauliflower $7.75
Tempura Green Bean Stack $7.75
Mondo Nachos $7.95
Crispy Brussels $6.95

Comfort Favorites

Mac-N-Cheese $4.95
Cauli-Mashed Potatoes + Gravy $3.95
Crispy Fries $3.95
Sweetheart Fries $5.25
Buffalo Mini Wrap $4.95
Black Beans + Quinoa Mini-Bowl $4.25
Chargrilled Street Corn Bowl (Comfort Favorites) $4.25

Veggies Sides

Fresh Little Salad $4.50
Smoky Corn Bisque Soup (Small) (Veggies Sides) $3.95
Smoky Corn Bisque Soup (Large) (Veggies Sides) $4.95
Moroccan Lentil Soup (Small) $3.95
Moroccan Lentil Soup (Large) $4.95
Roasted Broccoli $3.95
Turmeric Cauliflower $3.95
Pinto Bean Stew $3.95
Ranchero Beans $3.95
Roasted Yams $3.95

Tacos / Burritos

Kung Pao Tacos $9.95
Tres "fish" Tacos $9.95
Cabo Burrito $10.95
Breakfast Burrito (Tacos / Burritos) $10.95

Pick A Pair

Pick-A-Pair $8.95


Filipino Chickin' Adobo Bowl (Bowls) $10.95
Backyard Spicy Fried Chickin' Bowl $10.95
Sonoran Bowl $10.95
Rustic Farm Bowl $10.75
Masala Bowl $10.75


Steakhouse Burger (New!) (Burgers) $13.25
Vg Beyond Burger $12.95
Lucky Star Burger $13.25
Grilled Quinoa + Veg Burger $10.95

Entree Salads

Summer Celebration Salad (New!) $10.95
Super Taco Salad (New!) $10.95
Mediterranean Supergreens Salad $10.95
Quinoa Power Salad $10.50
Savory Kale Caesar $10.25
B-Wing Salad $11.50
All Hail Kale $10.25


Nashville Hot Chickin' Sandwich (New!) $10.95
Wunderbrat (New!) $13.50
Santa Fe Crispy Chickin' $10.95
Btla $10.95
Buffalo Bomber $10.95
'crab' Cake $10.95
Grillin' Chickin' $10.95
Spicy Sicilian Sausage Sandwich (Sandwiches) $13.50


Handcrafted Beverage $2.75
Pellegrino $2.50
Acqua Panna $2.50
Coconut Water $4.75
Gt Kombucha Trilogy $5.95
Spindrift Strawberry $3.25
Spindrift Raspberry $3.25
Maine Root-Cola $3.75
Maine Root-Ginger Ale $3.75
Maine Root-Root Beer $3.75


Chocolate Chip Cookie $2.75
Oatmeal Cookie $2.75
Gluten-Free Chocolate Brownie $3.95
Carrot Cake $4.25
Strawberry Dream Cake (Desserts) $3.95

Kids' Meal

Kids' Chickin' Fingers $6.95
Kids' Burger $6.95
Kids' Mac-N-Cheese (Gf) $6.95
Kids' Crispy Cauliflower $6.95
Kids Grilled Cheese $6.95
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