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7-Eleven Menu Prices

Average Prices
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Updated on: January 4, 2023
Top Rated Items at 7-Eleven
Monterrey Jack Taquito $1.56
Heinz Ranch Dipping Sauce $0.59
7-Select Cold Brew Coffee Mocha 11oz $3.41
Starbucks Frappuccino Caramel 13.7oz $4.02
Red Bull 12oz $3.58
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4.14 based on 39 item ratings
Prices shown in: USD
Average Item Price: $3.58
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Item Price Change

Fresh Food

Fresh Food
Monterrey Jack Taquito
Monterrey Jack cheese all rolled together in a crispy taquito
$1.56 - - 5.0
Crossaint with Bacon, Egg & Cheese Large
Buttery croissant with fluffy eggs, melted cheese and savory sausage
$3.17 - -
Large Whole Pizza - Pepperoni
Large Pepperoni in every bite! Topped with 100% whole milk Real® Mozzarella, zesty, thick sliced pepperoni and diced pepperoni chunks.
$7.01 - - 4.0
Large Whole Pizza - Extreme Meat
Large Oven-baked fast our extreme meat pizza is topped with 100% whole milk Real® Mozzarella Canadian bacon beef and bacon crumble and zesty, thick sliced pepperoni.
$7.01 - - 5.0
Fruit Blend
Fresh fruit blend full of sweet pineapple, honeydew, and seedless red grapes.
$1.82 - -
Large Whole Pizza - Triple Cheese
Large topped with 100% whole milk Real® Mozzarella, mild cheddar and Parmesan cheese sprinkled with a little garlic and parsley flakes.
$7.02 - -
Grab a banana from our fresh produce section for a healthy boost of potassium.
$0.98 - - 2.0
Beef Mini Tacos 10pc
Beef Mini Tacos 10pc
$2.51 -$0.01 -0.40% 5.0
Strawberry Kiwi Mango Cup
Fresh strawberry, kiwi, and mango sliced for the perfect snack
$2.71 - -
Jalapeno & Cheese Taquito
Jalapeno and cheese all rolled together in a crispy taquito
$1.59 - - 5.0
Steak & Cheese Taquito
Steak and melted cheese all rolled together in a crispy taquito
$1.57 - - 5.0
Chocolate Chunk Cookie 2 Pack
Chunks of rich chocolate baked into our cookie dough.
$1.25 - - 1 5.0
7-Select Hard Boiled Eggs
Convenient grab and go pack of two hard-boiled eggs for a great source of protein.
$1.86 - -
Get your vitamin C from a fresh orange.
$1.01 - -
Taco & Cheese Taquito
230 cal.
$1.55 - - 2 2.5
Fudge Brownie
Fudge swirled into a chocolate for a decedant brownie.
$1.32 - -
Crossaint with Sausage, Egg & Cheese Large
Large buttery croissant sandwich with fluffy eggs, melted cheese and savory sausge.
$3.23 - -
Kellogg's PopTart Smores 3.67oz
This crumbly, frosted, dessert-for-breakfast pastry features a sweet gooey filling. It's an American classic you'll be wanting s'more of. 3.67oz.
$1.31 - -
Chicken Caesar Pasta Salad $4.57 -$0.02 -0.44%
Fresh, juicy limes to add to your water for a quick refresh or your favorite cocktail
$1.14 - -
Kellogg's Froot Loops Cereal Cup 1.5oz
Color your mornings bright with the fun frooty flavors of this iconic American classic, full of fiber and made with whole grains.
$1.94 - -
Cinnamon Toast Crunch Cereal Cup 2oz
Delicious cinnamon swirls in every bite.
$1.94 +$0.01 +0.52%
Seasonal Fruit Blend
Assorted fresh seasonal fruits in sweet juice
$4.84 -$0.13 -2.62%
NeMos Carrot Cake Square 3oz
Individually wrapped carrot cake with cream cheese icing.
$2.16 - -
Chicken Salad Sandwich
Chicken Salad Sandwich
$4.03 - -
7-Select Steak & Cheese Chimichanga
7-Select Steak & Cheese Chimichanga
$1.88 - -
Kellogg's PopTart Frosted Strawberry 3.67oz
Pop it like it's hot! Delicious tart strawberry pairs with sweet frosting to make a breakfast favorite you'll love from the bottom of your tart!
$1.31 - -
General Mills Lucky Charms 1.7oz
Hearts, stars, horseshoes…can you name them all? This scrumptious gluten-free breakfast combines frosted toasted oats and delectable marshmallows.
$2.03 +$0.01 +0.50%
7-Eleven Peanut Butter Brookie with Reese's Peanut Butter Chips
Perfect blend of brownie and cookie mixed with Reese' Peanut butter chips.
$1.94 - -
Heinz Ranch Dipping Sauce
2oz. A rich and creamy dipping sauce made with fresh buttermilk with added notes of garlic and onion. A classic addition to your order of wings.
$0.59 - - 5.0
Beef Mini Tacos 8pc
Crispy mini taco shells filled with spicy shredded beef.
$2.01 - - 5.0
7-Select Dill Pickle Bites 3.5oz
Snacking made easy! These refrigerated pickle bites are a perfect fresh and crunchy snack or side to any meal. 3.5oz.
$1.65 - -
Harvest Fruit Blend
Harvest Fruit Blend
$1.81 - -
Ready to Bake Pizza - Pepperoni
Heat & eat Pepperoni Pizza is topped with 100% Real® Mozzarella, zesty, thick sliced pepperoni and diced pepperoni chunks. Product comes uncooked and should be baked at 325 degrees F. for 17 – 20 minutes.  Ensure internal temperature is 165F
$7.01 - -
Honey Nut Cheerios Cereal Cup 1.8oz
Bee happy. Bee healthy. This family favorite has the irresistible taste of golden honey making it enjoyable for all.
$1.94 +$0.01 +0.52%
Mango Cup
Mango Cup
$2.75 +$0.07 +2.61%
Ready to Bake Pizza - Extreme Meat
Heat & eat Extreme Meat Pizza is topped with 100% Real® Mozzarella Canadian bacon beef and bacon crumble and zesty, thick sliced pepperoni. Product comes uncooked and should be baked at 325 degrees F. for 17 – 20 minutes.  Ensure internal temperature is 165F
$7.01 - -
Kellogg's Frosted Flakes Cereal Cup 2.1oz
The frosting makes it sparkle. The corn makes it crunch. The sweet milk makes it Gr-r-reat!
$1.94 - -
Ready to Bake Pizza - Triple Cheese
Heat & eat Cheese Pizza is topped with 100% Real® Mozzarella and Parmesan cheese. Product comes uncooked and should be baked at 325 degrees F. for 17 – 20 minutes.  Ensure internal temperature is 165F
$7.01 - -
Kellogg's PopTart Frosted Brown Sugar 3.52oz
Pop it like it's hot! You'll love the warm inviting flavors of this breakfast favorite, from the bottom of your tart.
$1.30 - -
Quarter Pound Big Bite
A 100% all beef hot dog
$2.35 - -
7-Select Mini Chocolate Donut Bag 10oz
Mini yellow cake donuts covered in rich chocolate.
$3.11 - - 4.5
Angus Cheeseburger
Quarter Pound Angus Cheeseburger.
$2.99 - -
7-Select The Bomb Spicy Beef, Beans & Cheese Burrito
7-Select The Bomb Spicy Beef, Beans & Cheese Burrito
$3.60 - - 4.5
Cap'n Crunch To-Go-Cup 1.51oz
Salute to breakfast with this golden delicious cereal that also provides seven essential vitamins and minerals.
$1.91 - -
7-Select Mini Powdered Donut Bag 10oz
Mini yellow cake donuts dusted with powdered sugar.
$3.10 - -
Kellogg's Apple Jacks Cereal Cup 1.5oz
Amazon says this cereal is fortified with vitamins and minerals. We think they're delicious too! Mornings are just plain sweeter with Apple Jacks.
$1.92 - -
Kellogg's PopTart Frosted Blueberry 3.67oz
Scrumptious tart blueberry filling pairs with sweet frosting to make a breakfast favorite you'll love.
$1.30 - -
Chicken Tenders 3pc
Tasty, hearty pieces of 100% white meat chicken covered in a crispy seasoned breading.
$4.28 - -
7-Select Egg, Sausage & Cheese Burrito
7-Select Egg, Sausage & Cheese Burrito
$1.85 -$0.02 -1.07%
Ham & American Funpack Lunchables 9.1oz
Ham & American Funpack Lunchables 9.1oz
$4.84 -$0.08 -1.63%
Kellogg's Raisin Bran Crunch Cup 2.8oz
As an excellent source of fiber, protein, potassium, and heart health you'll be raisin a toast to breakfast with this morning classic.
$1.96 - -
7-Select Mini Powdered Donut 6 Count $1.38 - -
7-Select Steak & Jalapeno Burrito
7-Select Steak & Jalapeno Burrito
$1.82 - -
Sargento String Cheese Mozzarella 1oz
Individually wrapped mild, milky flavor of Mozzarella with 8 grams of protein.
$1.22 - -
7-Select Chicken & Cheese Chimichanga
Crisp tortilla stuffed with seasoned chicken and shredded chicken before deep-fried to perfection.
$1.81 +$0.01 +0.56%
Spicy Chicken Biscuit
Flaky buttermilk biscuit with spicy, freshly fried chicken
$1.43 - -
7-Select Crunch Mini Donuts 6 Count
6 Mini donuts made with real coconut.
$1.39 +$0.01 +0.72%
Ham & Swiss Lunchables 3.2oz
Complete ready-to-eat meal with white meat ham, American cheese, and crackers.
$3.86 -$0.01 -0.26%
7-Select Jose Ole Steak Cheese Chimichanga 5oz
7-Select José Olé Steak & Cheese Chimichangas made with high-quality meat, cheese and spices
$1.81 - -
7-Select Whole Dill Pickle
Whole Kosher dill pickle with the perfect crunch.
$1.51 - -
Turkey & American Cracker Stackers Lunchables 3.4oz
Ready-to-eat meal complete with white meat turkey, American cheese, and a DOUBLE STUF OREO cookie
$3.85 - -
7-Select Cherry Mixed Fruits
7-Select Cherry Mixed Fruits
$2.43 - -
7-Select Diced Peaches in Vanilla
7-Select Diced Peaches in Vanilla
$2.44 - -
Turkey & Cheddar Cheese with Crackers Lunchables 3.2oz
Complete ready-to-eat meal with white meat turkey, cheddar cheese and crackers.
$3.88 - -
Turkey & American Funpack Lunchables 8.9oz
An all-in-one meal complete with lean turkey,KRAFT American Cheese, crackers, CAPRI SUN Pacific Cooler and REESE's Peanut Butter cup for dessert.
$4.84 - -
7S Jose Ole Chicken Cheese Chimichanga 5oz
7-Select José Olé Chicken & Cheese Chimichangas made with high-quality meat, cheese and spices
$1.82 - -
Smoked Turkey & Monterey Jack Cheese Sandwich
Juicy turkey layered on multigrain bread with jack cheese sandwich and our southwest mayo sauce.
$3.99 - -
7-Select Mini Chocolate Donut 6 Count
Bite sized yellow cake donuts dipped in creamy milk chocolate. G
$1.39 - -
Tuna Salad Sandwich
Our orginal recipie tuna sandwhich made of high grade yellow fin and albacore tuna blended with reduced fat mayonnaise, sweet relish and Dijon mustard.
$4.04 - -
7-Select Pickle Bites Hot 3.5oz
Perfeclty proportioned dill pickle bites with added spice. 3.5oz.
$1.64 -$0.01 -0.61%

Special Offer!

$5.50 Fuel Up Bundle
2 Slices of Pizza + Any Medium Slurpee
$5.50 - -


Nabisco Oreo 14.3oz
Rich crème filling between the bold taste of two chocolate wafers.
$5.96 - -
7 Select Roasted and Salted Peanuts - 125 g $1.69 - -
7-Select Jack Links Mahalo Teriyaki Beef Jerky 3.25oz
Savory meat with sweet teriyaki flavors.
$8.01 +$0.01 +0.12%
Cheez-It Original Cheddar 7oz
Perfectly salty crackers made with 100% real cheese that's been carefully aged.
$3.98 - -
7 Select Trail Mix - 125 g $1.99 - -
Tostitos Con Queso Dip 15oz
Pefectly blended salasa with creamy, real cheese.
$4.82 - -
7 Select Deluxe Mixed Nuts - 125 g $4.49 - -
Corn Nuts Chile Picante 4oz
Crunchy corn kernels roasted with lemon, paprika, onion and garlic, with a citrusy zing.
$1.97 +$0.01 +0.51%
General Mills Cinnamon Toast Crunch Treats Bar 2.1oz
Cinnamon Toast Crunch pieces served for breakfast made into delicious, crunchy bar.
$1.96 - -
Cheetos Crunchy Flamin' Hot 8.5oz
The traiditional cheeto's baked cheese puff with the added kick of major spice.
$3.98 +$0.19 +5.01%
7 Select Pistachios Roasted and Salted - 90 g $4.49 - -
Doritos Nacho Cheese 9.75oz
Burst of cheese for this bold snacking experience
$4.29 - -
7 Select Jalapeno and Cheddar - 180 g $3.03 - -
7-Select Sweetened Dried Mango 3oz
Made with 100% real mango harvested and the peak of ripeness for a naturally gluten free, fat free, low calorie, low sugar snack.
$3.04 -$0.03 -0.98%
Nature Valley Crunchy Granola Bar, Oats ‘n Honey 1.5oz
Whole Grain crunch granola bars with honey between every oat.
$1.35 - -
7 Select Sea Salt and Malt Vinegar - 180 g $3.03 - -
7-Select Jack Links Bold Cracked Pepper Beef Jerky 3.25oz
Savory cracked pepper paired with 9g of protein in each serving makes it the ultimate snack for refueling.
$8.02 +$0.01 +0.12%
Lays French Onion Dip 15oz
Enjoy this dip and a bag of chips with your friends, family, or just go to town with it on your own!
$4.82 - -
Pepperidge Goldfish Cheddar 6.6oz
Playfully goldfish shaped crackers baked with real cheese.
$3.05 - -
7 Select Sour Cream and Onion Ridges - 200 g $3.03 - -
David Sunflower Seeds 5.25oz
Roasted and salted in the shell for a robust, salty flavor.
$2.41 -$0.03 -1.23%
7-Select Chili Mango 3.8oz
Exotic flavor of spicy chili peppers mixed with the naturally sweet mango flavors from 100% real mango fruit.
$3.04 - -
7 Select Tortillas Nacho Cheese - 240 g $3.99 - -
Hawkins Cheezies - 80 g $1.69 - -
Ruffles Cheddar & Sour Cream 8.5oz
Combination of a mild sharpness of real cheddar cheese with zesty sour cream to produce a unique and bold flavor.
$4.29 - -
Lays Classic - 180 g $3.79 - -
Jack Links Teriyaki Jerky 3.25oz
Savory beef jerky marinated in teriyaki sauce with tastes of onion, garlic, and soy.
$8.67 -$0.01 -0.12%
David Ranch Sunflower Seeds 5.25oz
Roasted and salted in the shell for a robust, salty flavor then dusted with ranch seasoning for an additional kick.
$2.42 +$0.01 +0.41%
Reese's Dipped Pretzels 4.25oz
Reese's Dipped Pretzels 4.25oz
$3.52 - -
Gardettos Original 5.5oz
Unique crunchy pieces tossed with a special blend of seasonings.
$3.28 - -
Lays BBQ - 180 g $3.79 - -
Quest Protein Cookie Chocolate Chip 2.08oz
High protein based cookie with chunks of rich chocolate chips.
$2.80 - -
Doritos Nacho - 230g $4.99 - -
Wonderful Pistachios 5oz
Gluen free, Non-GMO roasted and salted pistachios.
$4.91 -$0.01 -0.20%
Cliff Bar Chocolate Chip Nutritional Bar - 68 g $2.29 - -
Nabisco Chips Ahoy 13oz
Crunchy cookies crammed with real chocolate chip cookies.
$5.95 - -
Chex Mix Muddy Buddies 4.5oz
Sweet mix of Chex, chocolate-peanut butter and sugary powder.
$3.18 - -
Quest Protein Cookies & Cream 2.1oz
This protein bar offers real cookie crumbles and delicious cream packed with 21 grams of protein.
$3.70 - -
Takis Fuego Corn Tortilla Minis 9.9oz
Containing an intense flavor combination of hot chili pepper and lime, Takis Fuego rolled tortilla chips are rated "Extreme" for extreme heat and extreme taste.
$3.94 - -
Quest Cookies and Cream Nutrition Bar $4.29 - -
7-Select Banana Chips 2oz
These chips are made from premium quality bananas, sliced and dried to enjoy anytime.
$1.85 +$0.02 +1.09%
Tostitos Medium Salsa 15.5oz
Chunky salsa with fire roasted diced tomatoes, peppers, onions, and garlic powder packed with medium heat
$4.82 - -
Jack Links Beef Jerky - 80 g
Choice of Original, Teriyaki, or Sweet & Hot
$6.99 - -
Jack Links Sweet N Hot Beef Jerky 3.25oz
Pairing of savory jerky with sweet seasonings and zesty hot spices.
$8.70 -$0.01 -0.11%
Nachos - 120g $4.99 - -
Chex Mix Bold Party 3.75oz
This mix combines the classic seasoned snack mix with an intense savory flavor.
$2.45 -$0.01 -0.41%
Kellogg's Rice Krispies Treat Double Chocolatey Chunk Big Bar
Puffed rice cereal with rich, dededant chocolate layered between gooey marhmallow filling.
$1.98 - -
Old Dutch Rip-L XXL Sour Cream and Green Onion - 255 g $4.29 - -
Hostess Donettes Chocolate Bag 10.75oz
Mini donuts frosted with chocolate
$3.76 - -
Quest Protein Cookie Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough 2.12oz
Cookie dough flavor ed cookie boasting 4g net carbs and 21g of protein
$3.70 - -
Old Dutch XXL BBQ - 255 g $4.29 - -
7-Select Swiss Trail Mix 6.3oz
Blend of peanuts, raisins, chocolate candies, almonds & cashews.
$3.36 - -
Doritos Cool Ranch 9.75oz
Bold burst of onion, garlic, tomato, and spice that merge together to create the cool ranch taste.
$4.29 - -
Clif White Chocolate Macadamia 2.4oz
Nutritious and organic protein cookie with bits of macadmia nuts.
$2.48 - -
7-Select Jack Link's Brown Sugar Bourbon Beef Jerky 3.25oz
Savory meat with a sweet brown sugar and smokey bourbon taste.
$8.02 - -
Planters Trail Mix Nut & Choclate 6oz
Some people call this M&Ms with obstacles. Even if you do, it’s still a sweet and salty mix perfect for giving you that extra boost you need.
$3.65 - -
Nature Valley Sweet & Salty Peanut Granola 1.2oz
This tasty bar is packed with savory peanuts and sweet granola, and coated in a rich, creamy peanut butter.
$1.35 - -
7-Select Jack Link's Signature Recipe Beef Jerky 3.25oz
Savory meat and quality spices smoked to perfection.
$8.04 - -
Cheetos Crunchy 8.5oz
Cheesy twist made with real cheese for delicious flavor
$3.99 - -
Hostess Donettes Chocolate Bag 11.25oz $3.74 - -
Chex Max'd Buffalo Ranch 4.25oz
Two flavors, one intense taste! Chex Mix™ MAX’D is flavor blasted spicy buffalo Chex™ cereal pieces with ranch mix of pretzels, mini breadsticks, and crispy crackers. The flavor punch consumers crave and new textures unlike any other salty snack
$3.19 - -
7-Select Sweetened Dried Pineapple 4.5oz
Delectable dried pineapple will make you want to jump up and start a conga line! Enjoy this naturally gluten free, fat free snack.
$2.47 -$0.03 -1.20%
Pringles Sour Cream & Onion 5.5oz
Flavor powerhouse of sour cream, onion, and potato will deliver a satisfyingly flavorful good crunch.
$2.54 - -
7-Select Milk Chocolate Almonds 8oz
This crunchy snack combines deep dark chocolate and premium almonds.
$6.07 +$0.01 +0.17%
7-Select Roasted Salted Whole Cashew 6oz
Whole cashews roasted and salted to perfection.
$6.04 - -
Hostess Donettes Powdered Bag 10.5oz
Mini donuts powdered with sugar
$3.72 - -
7-Select Chili Mango 1.8oz
7-Select Chili Mango 1.8oz
$3.07 - -
Jack Links Original Jerky 3.25oz
Bold, savory jerky with hardwood smoke flavor.
$8.70 -$0.01 -0.11%
Pringles BBQ 5.5oz
Indulge in bold, sweet, and tangy flavors in every crunch.
$2.54 - -
Chex Mix Traditional 3.75oz
The original Chex you love! It’s corn Chex, wheat Chex, pretzels, rye chips and mini breadsticks combined with a unique seasoning blend for a one-of-a-kind snack.
$2.46 - -
Jack Link's Jalapeño Carne Seca Beef Jerky 3.25oz
Spicy but sweet jalapeno beef jerky.
$8.70 +$0.01 +0.12%
7-Select BBQ Potato Chips 2.5oz
A mix of smokey, sweet, and sugar seasonings with each bite kettle-cooked farm-grown potatoes.
$1.67 - -
Lenny & Larry White Chocolate Macadamia Cookie 4oz
Lenny & Larry White Chocolate Macadamia Cookie 4oz
$3.16 - -
7-Select Dark Chocolate Almonds 8oz $6.07 +$0.01 +0.17%
Pringles Cheddar Cheese 5.5oz
Dusted with golden delicious cheese and paired with that light distinctive crunch.
$2.54 - -
7-Select Duplex Crème Sandwich Cookies 13oz
Like to have two of everything? How about two cookies in one, then filled with rich vanilla crème? It’s an absolute delight in every bite.
$3.60 -$0.01 -0.28%
Combos Pizzeria Pretzel 6.3oz
Crunchy baked pretzels stuffed with spicy cheese pizza.
$3.46 - -
Lenny & Larry Double Chocolate Cookie 4oz
Lenny & Larry Double Chocolate Cookie 4oz
$3.15 - -
Pringles Original 5.2oz
Classic Pringle's flavor and satisfying crunch of the original stackable potato crisps.
$2.54 - -
7-Select Cranberry Antioxidant Trail Mix 6.2oz
A delicious blend of cranberries, sunflower seeds and almonds.
$3.37 - -
Nabisco Premium Saltine Crackers 4oz
This traditional comfort food topped with sea salt and has an irresistible crunch.
$3.42 - -
Slim Jim Giant Slim .97oz
Slim Jim meat sticks use a mix spicy beef, pork, and chicken for this savory snack.
$2.09 - -
Pepperidge Farm's Milano Double Chocolate 7.5oz
Luxuriously rich chocolate between two crisp cookies.
$4.53 - -
Lenny & Larry Chocolate Chip Cookie 4oz
Lenny & Larry Chocolate Chip Cookie 4oz
$3.15 - -
Clif Chocolate Chip 2.4oz
Filled with nutritious, organic ingredients, this bar is packed with protein and semi-sweet chocolate chips.
$2.48 -$0.01 -0.40%
Clif Crunchy Peanut Butter Bar 2.4oz
Filled with nutritious, organic ingredients, this protein bar is layered with creamy peanut butter.
$2.49 - -
7-Select Raw Almonds 7oz
All-natural, protein packed almonds.
$6.06 - -
Slim Jim Giant Slim Monster 1.94oz
Monstersized snack. Slim Jim meat sticks use spicy beef, pork, and chicken, because beefy appetites require an even beefier snack.
$3.18 - -
7-Select Go Smart Mind & Body
Omega-3 Mix with raisins, peanuts, banana chips, walnuts, yogurt flavored covered raisins and dried blueberries.
$2.41 - -
Wonderful Pistachios Shelled and Roasted 2.5oz
Roasted, salted, and shelled pistachios.
$4.90 - -
7-Select Panque Con Nuez 9oz
Sweet pound cake with pecans
$2.95 - -
Planters Honey Roasted Peanuts 1.75oz
Roasted in a sweet, tangy honey blend, they’re packed with protein and fiber to keep you satisfied.
$0.83 - -
Wonderful Pistachios Sweet Chili 4.5oz
Pistachios with a Sweet Chilli kick.
$4.91 - -
Combos Pepperoni Cracker Bag 6.3oz
Deliciously cheesy snack pieces arre crunchy bite sized snacks filled with cheese-flavored filling and pepperoni for a great combination.
$3.45 - -
Slim Jim Monster Tabasco Smoked Snack Stick 1.94oz
Large meat stick with smoked tabasco flavor.
$3.19 - -
7-Select Kettle Smoked Gouda Cheese Chips 2.25pz
7-Select Kettle Smoked Gouda Cheese Chips 2.25pz
$1.68 - -
Kellogg’s Rice Krispies Treats Big Bar 2.2oz
This marshmallow square is made with puffed rice cereal and the taste of chewy, gooey marshballows.
$1.97 - -
Chesters Hot Fries 3.625 oz
Explosion of crunch and serious heat.
$1.89 - -
Lenny & Larry's The Complete Cookie Snickerdoodle 4oz
Lenny & Larry's The Complete Cookie Snickerdoodle 4oz
$3.15 - -
Nabisco Oreo 2.4oz $1.24 +$0.01 +0.81%
Planters Trail Mix Peanut Butter Chocolate 6oz
A tasty combination of honey roasted peanuts, peanut butter and peanut M&Ms, and cocoa almonds.
$3.66 - -
Nabisco Ritz Bits Cheese Big Bag 3oz
Bite-size versions of the mild cheese spread between two Ritz Bitz crackers.
$1.96 - -
Nabisco Ritz Crackers 10.3oz
Original flavor Ritz Crackers are flaky and buttery with a taste making it versatile for a snack.
$5.60 - -
Corn Nuts Ranch 4oz
These Corn Nuts are lightly salted and then coated in savory, delicious ranch flavor.
$1.98 - -
Spitz Sunflower Seeds Cracked Pepper 6oz
Spitz Sunflower Seeds Cracked Pepper 6oz
$2.45 - -
Cheetos Flamin Hot 3.25 oz
Cheesy, spicy crunch made with real cheese for maxium flavor.
$1.89 - -
Slim Jim Original Twin 1.94oz $3.19 -$0.03 -0.93%
7-Select Jack Links Hickory Smoked Bacon Jerky 2.85oz
Savory Meat and spices with a hint of smoked bacon flavor
$6.87 +$0.01 +0.15%
Nature Valley Fruit & Nut Trail Mix 1.2oz
Soft, crunchy bars filled with almonds, raisins, peanuts and cranberries for a sweet & salty pairing.
$1.36 - -
Doritos Nacho 2.75 oz $1.89 - -
Wonderful Pistachios 1.25oz $1.84 - -
Quest Protein Cookie Peanut Butter 2.04oz
This soft & chewy peanut butter cookie tastes like your favorite oven-baked treat with all of the good stuff and none of the bad stuff.
$2.83 - -
Nabisco Oreo Double Stuff 4oz
Supremely dunkable and even more rich crème filling between the bold taste of two chocolate wafers.
$2.20 - -
Cheez-It White Cheddar 3oz.
Perfecly salty crackers with the delicious taste of creamy white cheddar in every cripsy, crunchy bite.
$1.95 - -
Chex Mix Cookie & Cream 4.25oz
Classic Chex mix with powdered, sugary-smooth cookie coating.
$3.19 -$0.01 -0.31%
7-Select Screamin Beef & Jalapeno Cheese Stick 1.2oz
Premium beef paired with spicy jalepeno cheese
$1.84 - -
Ruffles Cheddar&SourCream 2.5 oz $1.89 - -
Cheez-It Original Cheddar 3oz $1.95 - -
Hostess Chocolate Cupcakes 2 Count
Cream filled chocolate covered cake with the iconic swirled Iicing
$2.55 - -
Lenny & Larry's The Complete Cookie Birthday Cake 4oz
Lenny & Larry's The Complete Cookie Birthday Cake 4oz
$3.13 - -
Lays Original 2.625 oz
Classic potato crisps cooked and seasoned to perfection
$1.89 - -
7-Select Glazed Honey Bun 5oz
Soft pastry topped with a sweet glaze
$2.01 - -
7-Select Jack Link's Beef & Cheese Stick 1.2oz
Crafted and seasoned beef and cheese sticks are individually wrapped for a quick and easy snack.
$1.83 - - 4.3
Doritos Cool Ranch 2.75 oz $1.89 - -
Lenny & Larry's The Complete Cookie Peanut Butter 4oz
Lenny & Larry's The Complete Cookie Peanut Butter 4oz
$3.18 - -
David Pumpkin Seeds 2.25oz
Quality seeds roasted to perfection for a crunchy, salty treat.
$2.43 - -
Chex Mix Cheddar 3.75oz
The best things in life are cheesy. Enjoy waves of cheddar cheese flavor and satisfying crunch with this Chex Mix.
$2.46 - -
Nabisco Oreo Mini Big Bag 3oz
Made with real cocoa and soft, vanilla crème, these bite sized cookies are made for easy dunking.
$1.98 +$0.01 +0.51%
7-Select Iced Honey Bun 5oz
Soft pastry topped with a cream cheese frosting.
$2.07 - - 4.5
7-Select Yogurt Covered Pretzels 5oz
Crunchy pretzels dipped in a sweet yogurt coating.
$3.37 - -
7-Select Roasted Salted Cashews 3oz
Roasted and salted cashew halves and pieces.
$2.41 - -
Clif Oatmeal Raisin Walnut Bar
Filled with nutritious, organic ingredients, protein bar is filled with soft raisins and crunchy walnut pieces.
$2.50 - -
Act II Butter Lovers 2.75oz
Kosher popcorn popped to perfection with butter flavoring.
$1.19 - -
Cheez-It Cheddar Jack 3oz
Baked crackers with the flavor of 100% real cheese with a hint of garlic, onion, and paprika in every bite.
$1.96 +$0.01 +0.51%
Takis Fuego Corn Tortilla Minis 4oz $2.21 - -
7-Select Honey Roasted Cashew Halves & Pieces 3oz
Halves and pieces of honey roasted cashews.
$2.41 - -
Nabisco Chips Ahoy Mini Big Bag 3oz
Bite-sized crunchy chocolate chip cookies.
$1.97 - -
Nutella and Go 1.8oz
The heavenly hazelnut chocolate spread paired with dippable breadsticks for a great treat anytime.
$2.21 - -
Planters Honey Roasted Cashew Big Bag 3oz
Lightly salted and honey-roasted – the perfect sweet-and-salty protein snack.
$3.57 - -
Hostess Twinkies 2 Count
Golden sponge cake cake with classic cream filling.
$2.55 - -
Cheetos Crunchy 3.25 oz $1.89 - -
Nabisco Nutter Butter Big Bag 3oz
Crunchy peanut butter sandwich cookies filled with peanut butter cream.
$1.98 +$0.01 +0.51%
Bugles Nacho Cheese 3oz
Cone-shaped, nacho cheese flavored corn chip
$2.04 - - 5.0
Pepperidge Goldfish Cheddar 2.65oz
The snack that smiles back! Baked with real cheese for extra yumminess. You will feel like a kid again with these friendly fish.
$1.84 +$0.01 +0.55%
7-Select Caramel Popcorn 3.5oz
Air-popped for crunchiness and coated with rich carmel.
$1.97 - - 4.5
7-Select Lightly Salted Pistachios 4.5oz
Lightly salted and roasted pistachios.
$4.37 +$0.01 +0.23%
7-Select Lemon Crème Cookies 3.5oz
These delectably sweet morsels are hugged by a touch of tartness and a crumbly bite.
$1.26 - -
7-Select Mixed Nuts 2.5oz
A mix of roasted and salted almonds, peanuts, cashews and pecans.
$2.45 - -
Gardettos Roasted Garlic Rye Chips 4.75oz
One-of-a-kind dark rye snack delivers an extraordinary, indulgent taste without the need for a reservation.
$3.28 - -
Jack Links Peppered Jerky 2.85oz
Beef Jerky coated in coarse pepper for a deep, smokey flavor.
$8.65 - -
Pringles Sour Cream & Onion 2.3oz
It’s a flavor combination that can’t be beat with an addicting taste you’ll be craving all the time. Good thing it’s portable!
$1.44 - -
7-Select Ghost Pepper Peanuts
Roasted peanuts tossed in an extra bold zest with ghost peppers.
$1.74 - -
Andy Capp's Hot Fries 3oz
They look like French fries, but crunch like chips. These alternatives to potato chips pack a powerful hot flavor punch in every crunch.
$1.69 +$0.01 +0.60%
Nabisco Chips Ahoy 1.55oz $1.23 - -
7-Select Peanut Butter Filled Pretzels 3oz
Crunchy pretzels baked to cripsy perfection then filled with smooth protein packed peanut butter.
$1.68 - -
7-Select Vanilla Crème Sandwich Cookies 3.5oz
Two delicious vanilla cookies joined together by sweet crème filling.
$1.26 - -
Hostess Vanilla Zingers 3 Count
Trio of iced vanilla cakes with a creating filling.
$2.55 - -
7-Select Chocolate Cupcakes 2 Count
Duo of milk cholcate cakes filled with cream
$2.02 - -
7-Select Roasted & Salted Almonds 3oz
Roasted & Salted almonds. Perfect for an on-the-go snack.
$2.41 - -
7-Select Mini Twist Pretzels 3oz
Pre-packaged ice cubes
$1.68 - -
Clif Bar Chocolate Brownie 2.4oz
Filled with nutritious, organic ingredients, this bar is packed with chocolate.
$2.57 - -
Nutter Butter 1.9oz
Soft, crumbly, nuttier, butterier peanut butter sandwich cookies perfect for snacking, sharing or stock piling for any snack-attack.
$1.23 - -
Clif Builder's Chocolate Mint 2.4oz
Filled with nutritious, organic ingredients, this bar is packed with mint and chocolate flavors.
$3.12 - -
7-Select Snack Pie Apple 4oz
Real apple pie filling wrapped in a flaky crust.
$1.99 - -
7-Select White Cheddar Popcorn 1.4oz
Air-opped popcorn made with real white cheddar cheese.
$1.69 - -
7-Select Roasted Salted Cashew Halves & Pieces 3oz
Cashew halves and pieces roasted and lightly salted tofor a savory, crunchy flavor.
$2.41 - -
7-Select Strawberry Cheese Danish 4.5oz
Classic Danish pastry drizzled with icing and filled with strawberries.
$2.15 - -
7-Select Cheddar & Caramel Popcorn 3.5oz
Kettle-style popcorn coated with sweet, gooey caramel and a sprinkle of salt.
$2.41 - -
7-Select Go Smart Rise & Shine 2.5oz
Yogurt flavored covered raisins, dried cranberries, honey roasted peanuts, granola and glazed walnuts. Helps promote digestive health.
$2.41 - -
7-Select Pretzel Sticks 3oz
Baked to crispy golden perfection and seasoned with just the right amount of salt, these pretzel sticks are great with peanut butter or by itself.
$1.85 - -
7-Select Duplex Crème Sandwich Cookies 3.5oz
One half vanilla cookie, one half chocolate cookie, brought together by sweet crème.
$1.26 - -
7-Select Wasabi Soy Peanuts 2.25oz
Jumbo peanuts coated with wasabi soy.
$1.73 - -
7-Select GO! Smart Fit & Fuel Protein Blend 2.5oz
this delicious blend of edamame, raisins, almonds, dark chocolate, and pumpkin packed with 8g of protein.
$2.41 - -
7-Select Snack Pie Cherry 4oz
Real cherry pie filling wrapped in a flaky cust.
$1.99 - -
7-Select Go Smart Revive & Thrive 2.5oz
Dried cranberries, almonds, peanuts and cashews. Helps protect cells & tissues by neutralizing free radicals.
$2.41 - -
7-Select Ripple Buffalo Chicken Dip 2.5oz
Tangy with a touch of spice and creaminess on each chip.
$1.67 - -
7-Select Veggie Straws 1.5oz
A veggie-packed, crunchy option with less fat than potato chips.
$1.67 - -
Andy Capp's Cheddar Fries 3oz
Andy Capp's Fries look like french fries, but crunch like chips. Its unique alternative to regular potato chips pack a powerful flavor punch in every crunch.
$1.54 +$0.01 +0.65%
7-Select Snack Pie Chocolate 4oz
Chocolate filling wrapped in a flaky crust
$1.99 -$0.01 -0.50%
7-Select Snack Pie Lemon 4oz
Real lemmon pie filling wrapped in a flaky cust.
$1.98 -$0.01 -0.50%
7-Select GoYum Madeleines 3 Count
Classic madeleines made with premium butter and flour.
$2.45 - -
7-Select Kettle Smoked Gouda Cheese Chips 2.25oz
Sharp intense flavor of smoked gouda into each single chip
$1.67 - -
7-Select Macadamia Nut Caramel Popcorn 4oz
Clusters of fresh-popped corn and roasted macadamia nuts drenched in buttery vanilla caramel.
$3.62 - -
7-S Spicy Nacho Tortilla Chips 2.5oz
Bursting with a rich blend of spices and cheese, Spicy Nacho flavored tortilla chips create a bold snacking experience
$1.77 - -
7-Select Original Chips 2.5oz
Perfectly cooked premium potato crisps from home-grown potatoes.
$1.67 - -
Skinny Pop White Cheddar Popcorn 1oz
Made with 100% premium popcorn and coated with all-natural cheddar flavor, it’s the perfect light snack even for your late-night salty cravings.
$2.04 - - 1.5
7-S Potato Sour Cream & Onion Chips 2.5oz
Savory green onion flavor mixed with smooth sour cream
$1.78 - -
7-S Prime Rib Wavy Potato Chips 2.5oz
Savory and robust, these crowd-pleasing potato chips are sure to be a big hit at any gathering
$1.77 - -
7-Select Peanut Butter Cupcake 2 Count
Moist peanut butter cupcake with creamy chocolate filling.
$1.99 - -
Skinny Pop 1oz
Premium popcorn kernels sunflower oil and the perfect amount of salt popped to perfection.
$2.04 - -
7-S Kettle BBQ 2.25oz
Thin slices of potato cooked to a perfect crips and BBQ
$1.77 - -
7-Select Apple n' Maple Danish 4.5oz
Classid Danish patry filled with apples and hints of maple
$2.15 - -
7-S Kettle Original 2.25oz
Thin slices of potato cooked to a perfect crips and salted.
$1.77 - -
7-Select Mantecada Muffin 4oz
A traditional Mexican sweet bread with soft and fluffy textures.
$2.07 - -
7-S KettleSpJal2.25oz
Thin slices of potato cooked to a perfect crips and Spicy Jalapeno
$1.77 - -
7-Select Panquecitos 3.53oz
Fluffy poundcake made with premium flour, butter, eggs and sugar.
$2.06 - -
7-S KettleSt&Vg2.25oz
Thin slices of potato cooked to a perfect crips and Salt and Vinegar
$1.77 - -
7-Select Concha Blanca 2.6oz
The Concha Blanca is a sweet bread that serves as a staple item in the Mexican culture
$1.96 - -
7-Select Cuerno
Cinnamon flavored dough dusted with granulated sugar
$1.96 - -
7-Select Cherry and Cheese Danish 4.5oz
Classic Danish drizzled with icing and filled with cherries.
$2.15 - -
7-S CreamyRanch TortChip 2.5oz
Experience a burst of tanginess with hints of onion, garlic, tomato and spice merging together in a bold creamy, creamy ranch blend
$1.78 - -
7-S Potato Original 2.5oz $1.78 - -
Nabisco Fig Newton 2oz
Duo of classic cookies made with 100% whole grain wheat and real fruit filling.
$1.23 - -
7-S CreamyRanch TortChip 6oz $3.18 - -
7-S Spicy Nacho Tortilla Chips 6oz $3.18 - -
7-S Potato BBQ 2.5oz $1.78 - -


Slurpee $1.99 - - 2.5


7-Select Purified Water Gallon
Perfectly purified water for refueling and hydration.
$2.75 +$0.01 +0.36%
Pepsi 2L
Sweet, citrus flavored carbonated drink
$3.10 +$0.01 +0.32%
Reign Inferno Red Dragon 16oz
Introducing Reign Inferno, a new thermogenic fuel that burns calories & accelerates metabolism with 300MG of natural caffeine, BCAAs, electrolytes, 0 sugar
$2.92 - -
Simply Orange Juice 59oz
A delicious orange juice free from water or preservtives and not from concentrate.
$6.56 - -
Slurpee Blue Raspberry 30oz
Keep cool with a “Stay Cold Cup” and enjoy a mix of sweet and tangy wild cherry flavors with the smooth refreshment of an icy!
$2.30 - - 4.0
Slurpee Cherry 30oz
Slurpee Cherry 30oz
$2.29 -$0.01 -0.43% 4.0
Starbucks Frappuccino Vanilla 13.7oz
Discover a creamy blend of coffee and milk, mixed with divine vanilla flavor. The finest Arabica beans create a rich and undeniably luscious beverage.
$4.03 +$0.01 +0.25% 3.5
Gatorade Lemon Lime 64oz
Natural lemon and lime flavors in this specially-formulated sports drink.
$4.24 - -
Arctic Glacier Ice 7lb Bag $3.30 +$0.01 +0.30%
Monster 16oz
Powrful punch with a smooth easy drinking flavor.
$2.95 - - 4.5
Slurpee Coke 30oz $2.29 - -
7-Select Water 24 Pack
Clean and refreshing water to stay hydrated all d ay
$5.63 - -
Deer Park Spring Water 24 Pack
Natural Spring water that contains natural occuring minerals for a crisp, clean taste. .5L
$6.04 - -
Coke Classic 2L
Crisp and delicious soft drink best enjoyed cold
$3.11 - -
Gatorade Cool Blue 28oz
Gatorade Cool Blue rehydrates, replenishes, and refuels the body. Best when served cold.
$3.07 - -
Home City Ice 7lb Bag $2.55 - -
Sprite 2L
Quench your thirst with a bubbly blast of a caffeine free, lemon-lime flavored soft drink.
$3.12 - -
Starbucks Frappuccino Mocha 13.7oz
Creamy blend of the finest Arabica coffee and milk, swirled together with an indulgent and chocolaty mocha.
$4.01 - -
Gatorade Fruit Punch 28oz
A punch of flavor with a smooth finish that replenishes electrolytes in the body that can be lost during a workout. Go ahead and refuel!
$3.07 - -
Zephyrhills Spring Water 24 Pack
Every drop is filtered natural for a crisp, refreshing taste. .5L
$6.21 - -
Dr Pepper 2L
Blend of 23 flavors married together to form a pefectly refreshing soda.
$3.04 +$0.01 +0.33%
Gatorade Frost Glacier Freeze 28oz
"The drink that changed the game" Gatorade Frost Glacier Freeze replenishes better than water and replaces the electrolytes lost in sweat.
$3.07 - - 4.5
7-Select Strawberry Lemonade 23.9oz
Tart lemonade with a refreshing strawberry taste.
$1.31 - -
Fanta Orange 20oz $2.56 - -
Brisk Strawberry Melon 1L
Intense strawberry melon flavors combined with a sweet tea
$1.75 - -
Diet Coke 2L
Delicious, crisp tasting, no calorie sparkling cola.
$3.11 - -
7-Select Green Tea w Honey Ginseng 64oz
Premium green tea taste with ginseng and a hint of honey. Excellent source of antioxidant vitamin C. Made with real sugar.
$3.44 - -
Arrowhead Spring Water 1Gal
100% refreshing mountain spring water.
$3.66 -$0.01 -0.27%
Gatorade Lemon Lime 28oz $3.07 - -
Monster Zero Ultra 16oz
A lighter tasting, citrusy, sparkling refreshment that is fully loaded of Monster energy blend.
$2.95 - -
7-Select Mango Juice 23.9oz
7-Select Mango Juice has a refreshing taste and crisp flavor. Great for on-the-go or at home.
$1.31 - -
Arctic Glacier Ice 20lb Bag $6.69 - -
Red Bull 12oz
Energy drink containing highly quality ingredinets of Caffeine, Taurine, some B-group Vitamins, and Sugars.
$3.58 +$0.01 +0.28% 5.0
Coke 12 Pack 12oz $7.75 - -
Vitamin Water XXX Acai Blueberry 32oz
Filled with acai-blueberry-pomegranate flavors makes for a great-tasting, nutrient enhanced water beverage.
$3.32 - -
Canada Dry Gingerale 2L
The crisp, real ginger taste and refreshing bubbles go down smoothly any day.
$3.02 - -
7-Select Fruit Punch Juice 23.9oz
7-Select Fruit Punch has a refreshing taste and crisp flavor. Great for on-the-go or at home.
$1.48 - -
Brisk Lemon 1L
Brisk Lemon 1L
$1.75 - -
Poland Spring Water Gallon
Whether you’re on the job, taking a road trip or camping with friends, this 1-gallon bottle is perfect for staying hydrated wherever you are.
$3.19 - -
Starbucks Doubleshot Energy Vanilla 15oz
This premium drink is rich in vanilla flavor, and perfectly blended with bold Starbucks coffee.
$3.98 -$0.06 -1.49%
Mountain Dew 2L
Exhilarate your taste buds and quench your thirst with the taste of soda that redefines citrus.
$3.02 +$0.01 +0.33%
Brisk Fruit Punch 1L
Blast your thirst with the bold, fruit-flavored taste of Brisk Fruit Punch Juice Drink.
$1.77 - -
Starbucks Frappuccino Caramel 13.7oz
Perfect for enjoying on the go, this rich blend of coffee, milk and buttery caramel taste allows you to enjoy Starbucks wherever you may be.
$4.02 - - 5.0
Gatorade Zero Glacier Freeze 28oz
During training, your energy needs are unique. Gatorade Zero lets you replace what you’ve lost without adding more of what you may not need.
$3.08 - -
Poland Spring Water 24 Pack
This 100% natural spring water makes for a clean, crisp taste.
$6.39 - -
Reign Melon Mania 16oz
Watermelon with a sense of wild; blended with BCAAs, Natural Caffeine, CoQ10, and electrolytes, 0 calories, 0 sugars, zero artifical flavors or coloring
$2.93 - -
Gatorade Glacier Cherry 28oz
Have an active lifestyle? This thirst-quenching sports drink is sure to help your body hydrate on and off the field and with a refreshing cherry flavor.
$3.07 - -
Brisk Tea Lemonade 1L
Brisk tea with a bold lemon flavor.
$1.75 - -
Pepsi 12 Pack 12oz Can $6.54 - -
7-Select Watermelon Juice 23.9oz
7-Select Watermelon Juice has a refreshing taste and juicy watermelon flavor. Great for on-the-go or at home.
$1.31 - -
Red Bull Sugar Free 12oz
Deliciously different since 1937 – and a Texas favorite!
$3.58 +$0.01 +0.28%
Starbucks Doubleshot Energy Mocha 15oz
Get a boost with the rich, bold Starbucks espresso with an extra shot of energy and mocha.
$3.98 - -
Coke 16oz
Coke 16oz
$2.01 +$0.01 +0.50%
7-Select Green Tea Honey Ginseng 23.9oz
Premium green tea taste with ginseng and a hint of honey. Excellent source of antioxidant vitamin C. Made with real sugar.
$1.31 - -
7-Select Orange Pineapple 23.9oz
The perfect balance of citrus, sweet, and tart with the combination of organge and pineapple in every sip.
$1.31 - -
Diet Coke 12 Pack $7.76 - -
Gatorade Zero Berry 28oz $3.08 - -
Nestle Pure Life 28pk
Get consistently clean and great-tasting water that's enhanced with light blend of minerals for a crisp taste.
$6.36 - -
Brisk Tea Half Tea Half Lemonade 1L
Half sweet tea, half tart lemonade
$1.74 - -
Electrolit Strawberry Kiwi 21oz
Refreshing kiwi and strawberry flavors to keep you hydrated and replenish the electrolytes lost during exercise.
$3.50 - -
Dr Pepper 12 Pack 12oz Can
Dr Pepper 12 Pack 12oz Can
$7.06 -$0.01 -0.14%
Brisk Lemonade 1L
Natural tart lemonade
$1.75 - -
Powerade Mountain Blast 32oz
Powerade Mountain Blast 32oz
$2.65 - -
Reddy Ice 10lb Bag
Reddy Ice 10lb Bag
$3.38 - -
Gatorade Orange 28oz
Gatorade has a punch of flavor with a smooth finish that replenishes electrolytes in the body that can be lost during a workout. Go ahead and refuel!
$3.07 - -
7-Select Organic Apple Juice 12oz
Oraganic ripe flavor that serves as an excellent source of Vitamin C
$2.43 -$0.03 -1.22%
Lipton Brisk H&H Watermelon Lemon 1L
Half sweet tea, half sweet watermelon lemonde.
$1.77 +$0.01 +0.57%
7-Select Sweet Tea 23.9oz
Sweet tea made with real sugar
$1.31 - -
Diet Pepsi 2L
Enjoy the same Pespi taste without the calories.
$3.10 - -
Smartwater 1L
Purity you can taste; hydration you can feel. Vapor distilled Smartwater with added electrolytes for a distinctive pure and crisp taste.
$3.28 - -
7-Select Organic Cold Pressed Clean and Green 14oz
100% vegetable & fruit juice blend of kale, cucumber, apple, spinach, mint, celery, lime and parsley.
$3.63 -$0.07 -1.89%
Gatorade Lime Cucumber 28oz
Feeling dehydrated? Pick up a bottle of the Gatorade G Series Lime Cucumber to rehydrate and refuel your body.
$3.09 - -
Starbucks Doubleshot Energy White Chocolate 15oz
Undeniably delicious premium coffee drink enhanced with ginseng, guarana, B vitamins, and smooth white chocolate. !
$3.93 - -
Monster Mango Loco 16oz
Classic Monster recipie offers a blend of exotic fruits with just the right amount of mango.
$2.95 - -
Pepsi 1L $2.85 - -
7-Select Water 1L $1.91 - -
Pure Leaf Sweetened Tea 23.9oz
Pure Leaf Sweetened Tea 23.9oz
$2.47 - -
Sprite 12 Pack 12oz
Lemon-lime flavored soft drink with a crisp, clean taste that quenches your thirst.
$7.73 - -
Red Bull 20oz $5.05 +$0.01 +0.20%
Pure Leaf Sweetened Tea 18.5oz
For a true taste of the south, this tea is brewed from real tea leaves, never from powders or concentrates.
$2.43 - -
Simply Orange Original 11.5oz $2.77 - -
Lipton Brisk Raspberry Tea 1L
Sweet tea with a refreshign watermelon taste
$1.78 - -
7-Select Cold Brew Coffee Vanilla 11oz
Premium coffee brewed over time to bring out a bolder, richer flavor with an added touch of vanilla for sweetness
$3.41 - -
Extra Large Coffee-Exclusive Blend 24oz
Extra Large Coffee-Exclusive Blend 24oz
$2.85 - -
NOS High Performance Energy 16oz
High performance energy drink containing natural caffeine and is fortified with electrolytes.
$2.87 - -
Extra Large Coffee-Colombian 24oz
Extra Large Coffee-Colombian 24oz
$2.82 -$0.02 -0.70%
Gatorade Fierce Grape 28oz
The bold and intense flavor of Gatorade Fierce Grape is great for those leading an active lifestyle.
$3.06 - -
Fiji Natural Water 1L
Purified by equatorial trade winds in a pristine forest, FIJI Natural water provides maximum hydration and premium smooth taste powered by electrolyes and minerals
$3.52 - -
BODYARMOR Sports Drink, Strawberry Banana 28oz
BODYARMOR Sports Drink is the sports drink for today’s athlete, providing Superior Hydration. The combination of natural flavors and sweeteners, potassium-packed electrolytes, coconut water and vitamins makes BODYARMOR the more natural, better sports drink.
$3.25 +$0.01 +0.31%
Gatorade ZERO Glacier Cherry 28oz
Do you live an active lifestyle? Gatorade Zero Glacier Cherry is for you. Developed to help athletes hydrate that prefer a low-sugar, low-calorie alternative.
$3.08 - -
Core Natural Mineral Water 1L
Ultra-purified and balanced water with electrolytes and minerals to work in harmony with your body’s natural pH of 7.4.
$3.08 -$0.07 -2.22%
7-Select Sweet Tea w/ Lemon 23.9oz
The perfectly refreshing taste of premium black tea leaves sweetened with real sugar and the clean, crisp flavor of fresh lemons. No artificial flavors or colors.
$1.31 - -
7-Select Cold Brew Coffee Espresso 11oz
Premium coffee brewed over time to bring out a bolder, richer flavor
$3.41 - -
7-Select Premium Water 1L
Purified water with minerals and electrolytes added for taste.
$2.40 - -
Mountain Dew 1L $2.83 - -
Poland Spring Water 1L
Keeping healthy habits can be difficult if you’re in the office all day. Never fear! The 1L bottle can keep you company and keep you hydrated.
$2.33 - -
Red Bull 16oz
A bubbling refreshment that has the bold taste of real ginger, plus it’s caffeine free.
$4.30 - -
Electrolit Grape 21oz
Refreshing grape flavors to keep you hydrated and replenish the electrolytes lost during exercise.
$3.51 -$0.07 -1.96%
7-Select Half & Half Lite Tea 23.9oz
A refreshing combination of premium brewed black tea taste and sweet lemonade made with real lemon juice. No artificial flavors or colors.
$1.30 - -
Deer Park 1L
Add Deer Park 100% Natural Spring Water to your refrigerator. This water tastes crisp and refreshing thanks to its naturally balanced minerals.
$2.23 - -
Red Bull 8.4oz $2.66 - -
Snapple Peach Tea 32oz
Classic Snapple tea juiced up with perfect peach flavor.
$2.90 -$0.09 -3.01%
7-Select Replenish Orange Mango 28oz
7-Select Replenish has 15 grams of sugar and 60 calories per serving or 150 calories per 28-ounce bottle.
$2.37 - -
7-Select Sparkling Cherry Lime Water 16.9oz
Enjoy a fizzy beverage without the guilt of added calories. This flavored sparkling water combines crisp carbonated water with peach and mango flavors.
$1.52 - -
Simply Lemonade Raspberry 11.5oz
The fresh taste of real lemons paired with the sweet, juicy taste of raspberries. Simply Lemonade with Raspberry is free of colors, artificial flavors and added preservatives.
$2.77 - -
Snapple Peach Tea 16oz
Smooth tea with a perfect peach flavor.
$2.21 - -
Pure Leaf Unsweetened Tea 18.5oz
For a true taste of the south, this tea is brewed from real tea leaves, never from powders or concentrates because “
$2.05 - -
Fiji Natural Water 1.5L $3.95 - -
Perrier Sparkling Original 500ml
Elegant and refreshing. PERRIER Carbonated Mineral Water has delighted generations of beverage seekers, with its blend of bubbles and balanced minerals.
$2.26 - -
7-Select Organic Cold Pressed Tropical Glow 14oz
100% vegetable & fruit juice blend of pineapple, orange, banana, apple, mango, passion fruit and coconut water.
$3.62 -$0.01 -0.28%
Rockstar Energy Original 16oz
Energy drink enhanced with a potent herbal blend of Guarana, Ginkgo, Ginseng, and Milk thistle scientifically proven to provide an incredible energy boost.
$2.74 +$0.01 +0.37%
7-Select Cold Brew Coffee Mocha 11oz
This ccold brew delivers a dark, nutty, and cocoa essence. An indulgent and easy drinking coffee that can be enjoyed whenever.
$3.41 - - 5.0
Powerade Fruit Punch 32oz
Powerade Fruit Punch 32oz
$2.66 - -
Arrowhead Spring Water 1L $2.35 +$0.01 +0.43%
7-Select Replenish Guava Splash 28oz $2.37 - -
7-Select Organic Cold Pressed Berry and Bright 14oz
100% vegetable & fruit juice blend of tart cherry, carrot, blackberry, pomegranate, blueberry, cranberry and acai.
$3.63 - -
Ozarka 24 Pack
Ozarka 24 Pack
$6.11 - -
Pure Leaf Extra Sweet Tea 18.5oz
Brewed from tea leaves, and sweetened with real sugar gives a delicious fresh-brewed taste.
$2.04 - -
Starbucks Cold Brew Cocoa Honey 11oz
Premium blend of beans, cocoa and a touch of honey to complement the coffee's flavor, creating a taste that's smooth, balanced and sweet.
$4.31 - -
Starbucks Doubleshot Hazelnut 15oz
The perfect blend of ginseng, guarana, B vitamins, hazelnut flavor and rich, bold, Starbucks coffee
$4.00 -$0.03 -0.74%
Red Bull Yellow Edition, Tropical 12oz
Bold, sweet orange flavor with every drink and refreshes the moment you taste it.
$3.58 +$0.01 +0.28%
7-Select Water 20oz
Hydrate the body with 7-Select purified water. Minerals added for taste. Quench your thirst and give your body what it needs the most.
$1.20 - -
Electrolit Orange 21oz
Refreshing orange flavors to keep you hydrated and replenish the electrolytes lost during exercise.
$3.51 - -
7-Select Organic Orange Juice 12oz
Our organic orange juice offers healthier, organic, and 100% juice all in a bottle for your enjoyment.
$2.43 - -
Coke 20oz $2.76 - -
7-Select Organic Cold Pressed Melon Juice 11.2oz
100% vegetable & melon fruit juice blend of kale, cucumber, melon, spinach, mint, celery, lime and parsley.
$3.61 - -
Vitamin Water Energy Tropical Citrus 32oz
Tropical citrust-flavored beverage with minerals and electrolytes for hydration.
$3.24 - -
Powerade Zero Mixed Berry 32oz
Powerade Zero Mixed Berry 32oz
$2.61 - -
BODYARMOR Sports Drink, Blackout Berry 28oz $3.23 -$0.03 -0.92%
Pure Leaf Lemon Tea 18.5oz
The deliciously tart flavor of lemon is the perfect companion for freshly brewed tea.
$2.45 - -
7-Select Sparkling Cranberry Raspberry Water 16.9oz
Enjoy the crisp, clean taste of cranberries blended with raspberries and refreshing sparkling water to refresh and hydrate throughout the day
$1.52 - -
Dr Pepper 20oz $2.60 - -
Bang Blue Razz 16oz
Power up with Bang's potent brain & body-rocking fuel: Creatine, Caffeine, CoQ10 & BCAAs (Branched Chain Amino Acids.)
$3.41 - -
7-Select Organic Cold Pressed Restoration Red 14oz
100% vegetable & fruit juice blend of tomato, tart cherry, beet, strawberry, apple and lime.
$3.62 - -
Sprite 20oz $2.75 -$0.01 -0.36%
7-Select Cold Brew Mango Green Tea 18.5oz
Cold brewed with organic tea leaves with sweet mango flavors
$2.18 - -
Topo Chico Mineral Water 20oz
Zero calorie sparkling mineral water sourced from Monterrey, Mexico since 1895.
$2.25 - -
Monster Energy XXL 24oz
Same formula, bigger size! Monster XXL fuels the body by delivering a refreshing, tasty and lightly carbonated energy boost.
$3.76 - -
Coke Zero 20oz
More Coca-cola flavor, without any sugar.
$2.76 - -
7-Select Fruit Punch Juice 12oz
Our organic fruit punch offers healthier, organic, and 100% juice all in a bottle for your enjoyment.
$2.18 - -
Poland Spring Water 20oz $1.72 - -
Zephyrhills Spring Water 1L
Fresh-tasting natural spring water to keep you hydrated all day long.
$2.25 - -
Poland Spring Water 700ml
Fresh taste delivered straight to your door, with 100% natural Poland spring water.
$1.93 - -
Canada Dry Ginger Ale $2.39 - -
7-Select Iced Cappuccino Vanilla 13.7oz
7-Select Iced Cappuccino Vanilla 13.7oz
$3.24 - -
Perrier Sparkling Lime .5L
Experience the subtle, citrusy lime flavor with zero calories, invigorating bubbles, and naturally occurring minerals.
$2.28 - -
Red Bull Peach Edition 12oz
Get an exciting blast of orange flavor and fun in every sip.
$3.57 +$0.01 +0.28%
7-Select Cold Brew Unsweet Tea 18.5oz
Cold brewed with organic tea leaves without the sugar. Refreshing and rejuvenating just when you need it.
$2.15 - -
BODYARMOR Sports Drink, Orange Mango 28oz $3.25 - -
Red Bull Summer Edition, Coconut Berry 12oz
For the Summer only, grab a can of Red Bull's new mixture of coconut and berries.
$3.57 - -
Soylent Strawberry 14oz
Soylent Strawberry 14oz
$4.86 -$0.17 -3.38%
7-Select Organic Cold Pressed Blackberry Juice 11.2oz
100% vegetable & blackberry fruit juice blend of kale, cucumber, blackberry, spinach, mint, celery, lime and parsley.
$3.60 - -
Kombucha Watermelon Wonder 16oz
Refresh your spirit with this watermelon-flavored fermented tea beverage
$4.97 - -
LifeWtr 1L
Life is all about drinking purified water that's pH balanced with electrolytes.
$3.07 - -
Red Bull Red Edition, Cranberry 12oz
Red Bull editions combine the wings of Red Bull Energy Drink with tastes of tart cranberries.
$3.56 - -
7-Select Replenish Cucumber Mint 28oz $2.37 - -
Red Bull Green Edition, Kiwi Apple 12oz
Red Bull editions combine the wings of Red Bull Energy Drink with tastes of kiwi
$3.56 - -
Perrier Sparkling Mineral Water 25oz
Carbonated mineral water for all occasions, plus no sugar and zero calories.
$3.08 - -
Coco King Coconut Water 16.9oz
Sweetened coconut water with real coconut pulp your saving grace.
$2.80 - -
Soylent Cacao 14oz
Soylent Cacao 14oz
$4.70 - -
Red Bull Blue Edition, Blueberry 12oz
Red Bull Editions combine the wings of Red Bull Energy Drink with tastes of blueberries.
$3.57 - -
Diet Dr Pepper 20oz
Same classic taste without the calories.
$2.59 - -
Kombucha Synergy Trilogy 16oz
Reawaken your body with what it needs to stay strong and feel good with strong flavors of raspbery, lemon and ginger.
$4.93 - -
7-Select Iced Cappuccino Mocha 13.7oz
7-Select Iced Cappuccino Mocha 13.7oz
$3.22 - -
Mountain Dew 20oz $2.50 - -
Diet Coke 20oz $2.76 - -
Deer Park Spring Water 700ml
Natural Spring water that contains natural occuring minerals for a crisp, clean taste.
$1.88 - -
San Pellegrino Sparkling Mineral 16.9oz
Sparkling water imported from Italy, with a crisp and clean taste, zero calories, low sodium, and pairs well with any of our meals.
$2.28 - -
Red Bull Sugar Free 16oz
Sugar free energy drink made with high quality ingredietns such as caffeine, Taurine, B-Group Vitamins, Asparatame, and Acesulfame K.
$4.30 +$0.01 +0.23%
Starbucks Cold Brew Black Coffee 11oz
Starbucks Cold Brew Black Coffee 11oz
$4.35 - -
7-Select Pure Water 20oz $1.86 - -
Red Bull Sugar Free 8.4oz $2.67 - -
Pepsi 20oz $2.50 - -
7-Select Purified Water 700ml $1.64 - -
Ozarka Spring 1L
Ozarka Spring 1L
$2.18 - -
Coke Cherry 20oz
Cherry flavored soft drink with the classic Coke recipie.
$2.75 -$0.01 -0.36%
Arrowhead SpringWater 20oz $1.74 - -
Perrier Sparkling Watermelon .5L
Experience the delicious and refreshing flavor of Watermelon with zero calories, make for a thirst-quenching taste.
$2.28 - -
7-Select Cold Brew Honey Green Tea 18.5oz
Cold brewed with real tea leaves with honey flavors. Refreshing and rejuvenating just when you need it.
$2.16 -$0.06 -2.70%
7-Select Energy Herbal Tonic 23.9oz
Made with Ginseng and Guarana, 7-Select Herbal Tonic is sure to give you the boost of energy your body needs to get through the day!
$1.30 - -
Red Bull Watermelon 12oz
The Red Bull Summer Edition combines the Wiiings of Red Bull Energy Drink with the taste of Watermelon
$3.54 - -
7-Select Energy Shot Watermelon 2oz
Energize your day with 1.5x the caffeine of 1 cup of coffee, 0 calories, and 100% natural flavors this energy shot is the perfect boost.
$3.12 - -
Reign Carnival Candy 16oz
Cotton candy flavor; blended with BCAAs, Natural Caffeine, CoQ10, and electrolytes, 0 calories, 0 sugars, zero artifical flavors or coloring
$2.93 - -
7-Select Organic Cold Pressed Pomegranate Juice 11.2oz
100% vegetable & fruit juice blend of kale, cucumber, pomegranate, spinach, mint, celery, lime and parsley.
$3.61 -$0.05 -1.37%
7-Select Energy Shot XS Berry 2oz $3.11 - -
Fanta Pineapple 20oz
Enjoy the fresh taste of pineapple with this bright, bubbly and instantly refreshing drink. Fanta is made with 100% natural flavors and is caffeine free.
$2.56 - -
5-Hour Energy Extra Strength Berry 1.93oz
Extra strength energy shot that contains an added bonus blend of vitamins, nutrients and caffeine – all with 0 sugar and only 4 calories. 1.93oz.
$4.43 - -
7-Select Energy Shot Pineapple Passion 2oz $3.14 - -
Arrowhead Spring Water 700ml $2.03 - -
Muscle Milk Pro Series Protein Shake, Knockout Chocolate 14oz
This unqiue blendpacks an intense cholcat eflavor and adequate protein for muscle building and soreness. Each drink contains 32g of protein, 160 calories, 1g sugar and 4g fiberGluten.
$5.79 -$0.01 -0.17%
Zephyrhills Spring Water 20z $1.64 - -
Red Bull Energy 4 Pack 8.4oz Can
Four pack of energy drinks containing highly quality ingredinets of Caffeine, Taurine, some B-group Vitamins, and Sugars.
$10.48 -$0.01 -0.10%
Vita Coco Natural Pure 16.9oz
Vita Coco Natural Pure 16.9oz
$4.24 -$0.02 -0.47%
5-Hour Energy Extra Strength Grape 1.93oz
Extra strength grape-flavored energy shot that contains a blend of vitamins, nutrients and caffeine – all with 0 sugar and only 4 calories.
$4.42 - -
Deer Park Spring Water 20oz $1.58 - -
5-Hour Energy Berry 1.93oz
Srawberry Watermelon-flavored energy shot that contains a blend of vitamins, nutrients and caffeine – all with 0 sugar and only 4 calories.
$4.20 - -
7-Select Energy Shot Strawberry Lemonade 2oz $3.14 - -
Ozarka Spring Water 1.5L
Ozarka Spring Water 1.5L
$2.59 - -
Nesquik Chocolate Low Fat Milk 14oz
Made with 100% real low fat milk, each serving boasts 14g of protein..
$2.53 - -
Red Bull Energy Total Zero 12oz
Vitalizing the body and mind, this functional beverage has zero calories.
$3.57 - -
7-Select Mango Juice 64oz
7-Select Mango Juice 64oz
$3.51 - -
Soylent Café Vanilla 14oz
Soylent Café Vanilla 14oz
$4.73 - -
Mountain Dew 12 Pack Can
Pick up a can of the original Mountain Dew and discover the great taste. 12oz.
$5.58 - -
Nesquik Strawberry Low Fat Milk 14oz
An irresistibly wholesome, berry special drink in a convenient resealable bottle. Perfect for after an intense exercise session or sports game.
$2.53 - -
7-S Energy Shot Raspberry Sweet Tea 2oz $3.09 - -
DairyPure Whole Milk 1 Pint
Rich and creamy whole pilk that serves as a great source of Vitamin D.
$1.97 - -
7-Select Fruit Punch 64oz
7-Select Fruit Punch 64oz
$3.45 - -
Ozarka Spring Sport Water 700ml
Ozarka Spring Sport Water 700ml
$1.91 - -
7-S Energy Shot Half and Half Tea 2oz $3.08 - -
7-Select Strawberry Lemonade 64oz
7-Select Strawberry Lemonade 64oz
$3.48 - -
Quake Tropical Lemon 16 oz
Low calorie, zero sugar, electrolytes for hydration and 250mg of Caffeine
$2.93 - -
7-Select Half Tea Half Lemonade 64oz
7-Select Half Tea Half Lemonade 64oz
$3.50 - -
Quake Original 16oz $2.93 - -
7-S Puritea Hibiscus Green 18.5z Btl
7-S Puritea Hibiscus Green 18.5z Btl
$2.14 - -
7-S Jones Airheads Cherry Pineapple 12oz
Just when you thought it was safe to go back in the water, a delicious blast of cherry and pineapple hits you.
$2.18 -$0.09 -3.96%
Quake Orange Fusion 16oz $2.93 - -
7- Select Replenish Zero Orange Mango 28z $2.36 - -
7-S Replenish Zero Fruit Punch 28z
Only at 7-Eleven
$2.36 - -
7-S Skyra 1L $3.11 - -
7-S Skyra 20z $2.31 - -
7-Select Replenish Lemonade 28oz $2.37 +$0.01 +0.42%
Ozarka Spring Water 20oz
Ozarka Spring Water 20oz
$1.59 - -
TruMoo Chocolate Whole Milk 1 Pint
Sweeat and creamy whole milk made with real cocoa.
$1.96 - -
Aqua Panna 1L
Fresh Spring water with a mineral balance for a nice and smooth taste.
$3.49 - -
Red Bull Energy Sugar Free 4 Pack 8.4oz
Four pack of sugar free energy drink made with high quality ingredietns such as caffeine, Taurine, B-Group Vitamins, Asparatame, and Acesulfame K.
$10.52 - -
Fanta Strawberry 20oz
Fresh strawberry flavors have never been so bright, bubbly and instantly refreshing, Fanta is made with 100% natural flavors and is caffeine free.
$2.56 +$0.06 +2.40%
Poland Spring Original 900ml
From the heart of Maine, we bring you Poland Spring 100% natural spring water. Our water is filtered through 10,000 year-old glacial aquifers, giving it unique mineral-balanced characteristics for a refreshing taste
$2.85 - -
Yoohoo Chocolate Drink 15.5oz
Rich in chocolate and calcium, this smooth drink is sure to be a sweet tooth satisfier.
$2.07 - -
7-Select Orange Mango Papaya Energy 2oz
Out of power, out of luck? Count on our energy shots containing natural caffeine, amino acids, and nutrients to bring you back up to speed!
$3.13 -$0.07 -2.19%


Gulp $1.69 - -

Hot Food

10 Chicken Wings and 10 Potato Wedges $11.00 - -
Chicken Drumsticks $5.00 - -
Chicken Strips $6.50 - -
Wings Bucket $5.00 - -
Whole Pizza $9.17 - -
Half & Half Pizza $9.17 - -
Pizza Slice $2.26 - -
Wedges $3.50 - -
Chicken Kebob $2.75 - -
Cheddar Meatball Kebob $2.25 - -
Corn Dog $2.75 - -
Jamaican Patty $2.50 - -
Hashbrowns $1.00 - -


Kit Kat King Size 3oz
Part crispy cookie, part milky chocolate bar, full deliciousness.
$2.66 -$0.01 -0.37%
Haribo Gold Gummy Bears 5oz
Haribo Gold-Bears Gummi Candy is soft, chewy, translucent and bursting with a fruity yummy taste
$2.68 - -
Extra Spearmint Gum 35 Count
Keep your breath freash with Extra Spearmint.
$3.67 -$0.01 -0.27%
Trolli Sour Brite Crawlers Very Berry 5oz
Gummy worms covered in tangy, sweet goodness.
$2.67 -$0.07 -2.55%
Reese's PB King Size 2.8oz
Combination of creamy peanut butter and rich chocolate. Eat one cup now, save the rest for later!
$2.66 -$0.01 -0.37%
Airheads Soft Filled Bites 6oz
Tangy fruit flavors with a soft outer shell and flavor blast center.
$3.07 +$0.01 +0.33%
Sour Patch Kids Tropical 5oz
Sour Patch Kids Tropical flavors.
$2.70 - -
Mentos Strawberry 1.32oz
Taste the great flavors of Strawberry Mentos.
$1.70 -$0.06 -3.41%
Twix Caramel King Size 3.02oz
Rich caramel covering a cookie coated in milky chocolate.
$2.67 +$0.01 +0.38%
Skittles Wildberry Share Size 4oz
Five berry fruity flavors for a whole new rainbow experience.
$2.65 - -
7-Select Cherry Sours 4.25oz
A tangy sour center with a chewy outside, bursting with the taste of cherries!
$1.69 -$0.01 -0.59%
Sour Patch Kids 5oz
First they are sour, then they are sweet. All your favorite flavors are right here for the choosing.
$2.68 - -
7-Select Sour Neon Worms 3.75oz
7-Select Sour Neon Worms 3.75oz
$1.66 - -
Mentos Peppermint 1.32oz
Mentos peppermint flavor is more than enough to keep your breath fresh.
$1.71 - -
Reese's Sticks King Size 3oz
Each bar combines peanut butter, chocolate, and crispy wafers for a crunchy chocolate and peanut butter experience.
$2.66 - -
Snickers King Size 3.29oz
Chewy nougat topped with caramel, peanuts and coated in milk chocolate – yum!
$2.67 - -
Rips Bite Size 4oz
Slightly sour licorice is sugar-sanded for a burst of intense sweet and sour flavor.
$2.69 - -
7-Select Peach Rings 4oz
7-Select Peach Rings 4oz
$1.62 - -
Altoids Wintergreen 1.76oz
Small mints, big minty flavor!
$3.05 - -
Skittles Original Share Size 4oz
Devour this tasty, fruity candy.
$2.66 - -
Reese's Big Cups King Size 2.8oz
Milk chocolate and peanut butter duo, and savor the flavor!
$2.66 - -
7-Select Watermelon Rings 4oz
7-Select Watermelon Rings 4oz
$1.61 -$0.09 -5.29%
Tic Tac Big Pack Freshmint 1oz
Cool Peppermint flavor.
$1.97 - -
Trolli Sour Brite Crawlers 5oz
A combination of mouth-meddling tangy, sweet, sour, wormy goodness.
$2.68 - -
7-Select Gummi Worms 4.25oz
Made with real fruit juice, they’re a delectable treat on their own.
$1.72 - -
Ice Breakers Mints Coolmint 1.5oz
Dazzling mint flavor crystals.
$3.22 -$0.01 -0.31%
Trolli Slurpee Sour Brite Crawlers Cherry, Cola & Blue Raspberry 5oz
A collision course of two 7-Eleven favorites: beloved Slurpee flavors in each Sour Brite Crawler. Saves you the hassle of combining it yourself.
$2.68 - -
7-Select Sour Neon Worm Gusset 14oz
These remarkably soft and chewy worms covered in sourness, leaving a tart taste.
$4.85 - -
7-Select Gummi Bear Gusset Bag 14oz
12 different fruit flavors make this sweet treat a wonderful addition to any party.
$4.91 - -
Hershey’s Almond King Size 2.6oz
Each bite is filled with crunchy whole almonds and classic Hershey’s Milk Chocolate.
$2.66 -$0.01 -0.37%
BreathSavers Wintergreen .75oz
Breath Savers Wintergreen.
$1.24 - -
7-Select Gummi Bears 4.25oz
$1.71 - -
Haribo Twin Snakes 5oz
Each one has a sweet and sour side.
$2.68 - -
Trolli Slurpee Sour Brite Crawlers Lemonade, Watermelon & Mango 5oz
My favorite after-school snack? A 7-Eleven Slurpee paired with Sour Brite Crawlers. Now, let us save you the work and let you try this dynamic duo.
$2.67 - -
Fruit Gushers Flavor Mixers 4.25oz
Fruit Gushers Flavor Mixers 4.25oz
$2.69 - -
Starburst Gummies Sours 3.5oz
The traditional Starburst flavor you love, now sour-packed in gummy form.
$2.65 -$0.08 -2.93%
Starburst Minis FaveRed 8oz
Starburst Minis FaveRed 8oz
$5.46 -$0.01 -0.18%
7-Select Super Sour Mix 12oz
Combines a mouthful of sour explosion.
$4.85 - -
Mentos Mixed Fruit 1.32oz
Mix of strawberry, orange and lemon chewy mints that offer a refreshing snack for anytime of the day.
$1.71 - -
Skittles Brightside Share Size 4oz
Delight yourself with this upside-down rainbow of summertime fruit flavors.
$2.65 - - 4.5
Sour Punch Bites 5oz
Enjoy bursts of strawberry, blue raspberry, and green apple in every bite.
$2.27 +$0.01 +0.44%
SweeTarts Soft & Chewy Ropes Cherry Punch 3.5oz
Chewy with a fruit-punch filling that gives you the perfect balance of sweet and tart.
$2.67 - -
Orbit Spearmint Gum 14 Count
Spearmint breath freshener that delivers.
$1.90 - -
Altoids Peppermint 1.76oz $3.05 - -
Breath Savers Peppermint .75oz
A cool and refreshing Peppermint kick.
$1.24 - -
Extra Spearmint 15 Count
Give your taste buds the invigorating sensation of mint.
$1.90 - -
7-Select Sour Gummi Bears 4oz
Sour gummi bears.
$1.74 - -
Altoids Arctic Wintergreen 1.08oz
The curiously strong mint that always has your back.
$2.43 - -
5 Gum Prism Watermelon 15 Count
This juicy, mouthwatering gum has long-lasting flavor, sure to keep your day sweet.
$2.09 - -
Extra Peppermint 15 Count
Refreshing, delicious, and cool. Give extra, get extra – your mouth deserves it.
$1.90 - -
Tic Tac Big Pack Orange 1oz
Tic Tac orange mints are the exotic flavor of citurs and sunshine.
$1.97 -$0.08 -3.90%
7-Select Peppermint Tin
Peppermint flvaored mints.
$2.41 - -
Ice Breakers Mints Wintergreen 1.5oz $3.23 -$0.01 -0.31%
Trident Spearmint Value Pak Gum 14 Count
With 30% fewer calories than sugared gum, Trident gum is excitingly eccentric while cleaning and protecting teeth.
$1.90 - -
Bubble Yum Original 5 Count
Soft and easy to chew, classic bubble gum flavor.
$1.13 - - 4.5
Starburst Minis Sours 1.85oz
Just like the Starburst you know, but now smaller and unwrapped.
$1.93 - -
Airheads Xtremes Sourfuls 6oz
These delectable candies start sour and stay sour for more of that taste you love and crave!
$3.05 - -
5 Rain Spearmint Sugarfree Gum 15 Count
Grab a stick of tingling Spearmint Rain flavor.
$2.09 - -
Skittles Sour King Size 3.3oz
Taste the sour side of the rainbow.
$2.65 - -
Haribo Starmix 5oz
A mix of popular favorites, every bag is a winner.
$2.68 - -
Trident White Peppermint Gum 16 Count $1.89 -$0.01 -0.53%
Ice Breakers Duo Strawberry 1.3oz
Dynamic duo of minty freshness and explosive strawberry.
$3.23 - -
LifeSavers Gummies Collisions 4.2oz
Iconic ring candy is now bursting with double the flavors in each piece.
$2.64 - -
Wrigley's Doublemint 15 Count
The same classic mint flavor with twice the minty kick. Have a stick, share a stick. You can never have too many friends.
$1.92 +$0.01 +0.52%
Sour Patch Kids 2oz
Enjoy an explosion of sour flavor followed by a sweet finish.
$1.92 - -
Sour Patch Watermelon 5oz
Enjoy as much watermelon candy flavor as you can.
$2.68 - -
SweeTarts Chewy Extreme Sour 4oz
SweeTarts ramps up this classic soft-coated candy that are powerfully sour and finish with a touch of sweet.
$2.72 +$0.01 +0.37%
Sour Patch Watermelon 2oz
Sour and sweet watermelon.
$1.92 - -
7-Select Sour Watermelon Wedge 3.5oz
7-Select Sour Watermelon Wedge 3.5oz
$1.64 - -
Airheads Xtremes Sour Belts 2oz
Extreme sour goodness! Stretch, pull, wrap – so many ways you can enjoy these tongue-tingling tangy belts.
$1.91 -$0.01 -0.52%
Welch's Mixed Fruit Snacks 5oz
Strawberry, white grape raspberry, orange, white grape peach, and concord grape.
$2.68 - -
Hubba Bubba Max Strawberry Watermelon Gum 5 Count
Taste both both flavors of Watermelon and Strawberry.
$1.26 - - 0.8
5 Cobalt Peppermint Gum 15 Count
Cool stick of peppermint cobalt gum.
$2.08 - -
M&M Peanut Butter Sharing Size 2.83oz
Enjoy this larger portion of bite-sized pieces of chocolate-covered peanut butter to satisfy a king-sized appetite.
$2.66 - -
M&M Peanut Sharing Size 3.27oz
Real milk chocolate with a nutty crunch.
$2.66 - -
Skittles Sours 1.8oz
Sour Skittles revamps your Original mix.
$1.93 - -
M&M Plain Sharing Size 3.14oz
Bite-size cholocate mini candy.
$2.66 - -
Extra Polar Ice Gum 15 Count
An avalanche of icy flavor with every piece.
$1.89 - -
LifeSavers Gummies 5 Flavors King Size 4.2oz
The perfect assortment of fruity, gummy goodness: cherry, watermelon, green apple, and orange. A HOLE lot of fun!
$2.65 - -
Starburst Fave Reds 2.07oz
Like a mixtape of your favorite songs, Starburst brings together your favorite juicy red flavors in one pack.
$1.91 - -
Airheads Bites Fruit 2oz
The same intense Airheads flavors in bite-sized pieces. A zesty blend adding more fun and flavor in every handful.
$1.93 - -
Snickers Bar 1.86oz
Add some peanut power and chocolatey goodness to your day!
$1.92 - -
Hershey Cookies N Crème 1.55oz
You’ll love this delicious combination of crunchy chocolate cookie bits and smooth white creme.
$1.92 - -
Laffy Taffy 1.5oz
Sweet and tangy, chewy and stretchy. Comes in a variety of flavors.
$1.92 -$0.04 -2.04%
Reese's Peanut Butter Cup 1.5oz
The classic combination of chocolate and peanut butter.
$1.92 - -
Hershey Almond 1.45oz
Hershey’s milk chocolate bar filled with crunch whole almonds.
$1.92 - -
M&M Peanut 1.74oz
Chocolate candy paired with a crunchy peanut filling.
$1.92 - -
Kit Kat 1.5oz
Enjoy layers of crisp wafers encased in creamy milk chocolate.
$1.92 - -
7-Select Milk Chocolate Malt Balls 3.2oz
Pop them into your mouth one at a time, or devour the whole bag at once.
$2.11 - -
SWEETARTS Soft & Chewy Ropes Cherry Punch Candy 3.5oz Bag
Soft & Chewy with a tangy cherry flavored filling, SweeTARTS Ropes Cherry Punch explode with sweet and tart taste.
$2.62 - -
LAFFY TAFFY Sparkle Cherry Candy 1.5oz
Stretchy & Tangy LAFFY TAFFY Sparkle Cherry turns each bite into a mouthwatering delight with a mildly tangy flavor and ultra-stretchy texture made to savor.
$1.95 - - 2.5
SweeTarts Shocker Roll 1.65oz
SweeTarts Shocker Roll 1.65oz
$1.92 -$0.06 -3.03%
7-Select Birthday Cake Bites 2.75oz $2.20 - -
Twizzlers Strawberry King Size 5oz
Yummy strawberry candy. Pull. Peel. Eat. Repeat.
$2.65 -$0.11 -3.99%
SWEETARTS Chewy Extreme Sour Candy 4oz
SweeTARTS Extreme Chewy Sours® turns up the tart with soft, coated candies that are powerfully sour and finish with a touch of sweet.
$2.64 - -
7-Select Milk Chocolate Caramel Bites 2.75oz $2.14 - -
7-Select Mint Chocolate Cookie Bites 2.75oz
7-Select Mint Chocolate Cookie Bites 2.75oz
$2.16 - -
Tic Tac Fruit Adventure 1oz
Tic Tac Fruit Adventure 1oz
$1.97 - -
SWEETARTS Extreme Sour Chewy Candy 1.65oz
SweeTARTS Extreme Chewy Sours® turns up the tart with soft, coated candies that are powerfully sour and finish with a touch of sweet
$1.95 - -


They’re hot, they’re crispy, and they’re packed with cheesy, meaty goodness. Bacon-egg-cheese-potato, Buffalo Chicken, Jalapeño Cream Cheese, & Monterey Jack – need we say more? We thought not.
$2.75 - -

Personal Care

Personal Care
7-Select Baby Wipes 40 Count
Hypo-allergenic baby wipes with Vitamin E and Aloe. Pediatrician approved. Alcohol Free.
$3.65 - -
7-Select Nail Clippers
Nail clippers with blades shaped for an accurate and smooth cut. The comfortable grip and rotating nail file offer optimal precision.
$2.42 -$0.06 -2.42%
Trojan Ultra Thin Condom 3 Pack
Thinner than standard Trojan latex condoms makes for a more natural feeling. Contains a premium lubricant for comfort and sensitivity.
$7.32 - -
Tylenol Extra Strength Caplets 24 Count
Tylenol Extra Strength Caplets 24 Count
$7.92 -$0.01 -0.13% 1
7-Select Honey Lemon Cough Drops 40 Count
Honey-Lemon flavored sore throat lozenges relieves coughs and provides fast temporary relief from coughs.
$3.26 -$0.11 -3.26%
Dove White Bar 3.17oz
Discover a moisturizing body wash that gives you softer, smoother skin after just one shower.
$2.79 -$0.06 -2.11%
7-Select Tweezers
Durable stainless steel tweezers with precision ground slanted tips will grip even the tiniest splinters and hairs.
$2.42 - -
Advil PM 4 Count
Pain taking over your nighttime? Fight the strain of pain with Advil PM. It'll reduce your pain symptoms and help you sleep like a baby.
$3.35 - -
Oral-B Indicator Soft Toothbrush
Oral-B your teeth with Comfort Fit Bristles that are comfortably curved for the hard-to-reach grooves.
$3.66 - -
Tampax Pearl Super Unscented 8 Count
Clinically tested gentle on skin and are designed with your body in mind.
$5.14 - -
Always Ultra Thin Maxi Wings 18 Count
A step up in size with the same comfortable feeling now with extra coverage and extra protection. Always has your back.
$6.73 -$0.01 -0.15%
Claritin Allergy 24 Hour Tablet 5 Count
Claritin Allergy 24 Hour Tablet 5 Count
$10.33 - -
Trojan Bareskin Condoms 3 Pack
Better safe than sorry! Grab some protection for anytime the mood strikes. Comes 3 to a pack for all you over achievers. Getcha freak on!
$7.34 - -
Suave Pro Almond Shea Shampoo 12.6oz
Moisturizing shampoo infused with ingredients known for their rich emollients. Formula replenishes hair to leave it feeling well nourished and beautiful.
$4.00 +$0.01 +0.25%
7-Select Moist Wipe 40 Count
Dermatologist tested moist wipes leave you feeling fresh and clean.
$3.62 - -
Pepto Bismol Max Strength 4oz
Maximum strength to treat diarrhea, nausea, heartburn, indigestion, and upset stomach.
$7.51 -$0.01 -0.13%
Dove Body Wash 12oz
Dove Body Wash 12oz
$7.32 -$0.01 -0.14% 1
Colgate Total Whitening Toothpaste
Keep that great smile with Colgate's Total Whitening toothpaste that prevents stains, fights germs and freshens your breath.
$4.89 - -
Nyquil Liquid Cherry 8oz
Let your body heal over a good night’s sleep with relief from cold or flu symptoms. Cherry flavored syrup with an alcohol-free formula.
$12.07 - -
7-Select Floss Picks 36 Count
Use these convenient Floss Picks while on the go.
$2.43 - -
Tampax Pearl Regular Unscented 8 Count $5.14 - -
7-Select Hand Soap
Need a hand? Keep yours clean through every barbecue, finger painting, or handshake session you face in life.
$3.04 - -
Tylenol Extra Strength 4 Count
Headaches can be a pain. But they don't have to be. Extra Strength Tylenol reduces fever and takes care of some of life's biggest pains.
$3.36 - -
Irish Spring Bar Soap 3.75oz
Irish Spring Bar Soap helps retain your skins natural moisture, and leaves skin feeling healthy not dry. Your skin will thank you!
$1.60 - -
7-Select Petroleum Jelly
Move on from dry skin! This hypoallergenic petroleum jelly helps to moisturize and heal dryness.
$4.84 - -
Old Spice High Endurance Deodorant 2.25oz
24-hour odor protection, strong enough to last through your trek across the Arctic or while you're waiting in line at the DMV…
$4.38 - -
7-Select Cotton Variety Pack 50 Count
Travel pack that includes 30 cotton swabs, 10 cotton rounds and 10 triple size cotton balls.
$3.03 - -
Dove Fresh Deodorants 1.6oz
Free fresh every morning with Dove Fresh deodorant.
$3.65 - -
Emergen-C Super Orange 10 Count
Emergen-C Super Orange 10 Count
$7.90 -$0.01 -0.13%
Travel Colgate Toothbrush & Paste
A healthy smile can be yours! Colgate toothpaste helps prevent plaque buildup and fights tartar.
$3.63 - -
7-Select Hair Bands/Bobby Pins
18-piece set includes bobby pins and ponytailers. Stock up now because we all know these will end up in the mystery spot they always seem to disappear to.
$2.43 - -
7-S Day Time Relief 4ct
Daytime Cold & Flu provides powerful non-drowsy relief of major cold and flu-like symptoms so you can cope
$2.44 - -
7-S Womens Razor
2 Superior comfort and closer shave. 6 blades on a multi-pivoting, lubricating band, triple formula (a unique combination of Aloe, Vitamin and Chamomile moisturizes, calms, and protects even the most sensitive skin).
$5.90 - -
Benadryl Ultra 24 Count
Feeling like your flowerbed has a vendetta against you? Try Benadryl, your secret weapon against devious daisies and corrupt carnations.
$8.48 - -
Suave Pro Almond & Shea Conditioner 12.6oz
Moisturizing conditioner infused with ingredients known for their rich emollients. Formula replenishes hair to leave it feeling well nourished and beautiful.
$3.97 - -
7-S Acetaminophen 4ct
Get back to feeling like you with the Acetaminophen Pain Reliever & Fever Reducer Caplets
$2.54 - -
7-Select Cherry Cough Drops 40 Count
Cherry flavored sore throat lozenges relieves coughs and provides fast temporary relief from coughs.
$3.26 -$0.01 -0.31%
Trojan Magnum Thin Condom 3 Pack
Better safe than sorry! Grab some protection for anytime the mood strikes.
$7.30 +$0.01 +0.14%
Degree Deodorant For Men, Travel Size .5oz
Small, but still mighty. Keeps you fresh and dry all day, whether you're having a long day at the office or a long workout to impress your girl.
$3.02 - -
7-Select Nail Files
Coarse surface and cushioned board shapes natural or acrylic nails quickly for a smooth and desirable finish.
$1.84 - -
Halls Honey-Lemon Stick 9 Count
Let flavors of honey and lemon sooth your sore throat, relieve coughs, and cool your nasal passage with triple soothing action.
$2.04 - -
24/7Life OrigCold&Flu Lq 12oz
Get powerful nighttime relief with Nighttime Cold & Flu Relief
$8.87 - -
Theraflu NT Severe Cold & Cough 6 Count
Put your severe symptoms on mute. Rest easy, as powerful nighttime cold medicines work on your worst cold and flu symptoms.
$10.87 - -
Tums Ultra Strong, Assortment Berry 12 Count
Tums Ultra Berry for quick delicious relief from your worst heartburn symptoms.
$2.05 +$0.01 +0.49%
7-Select Men's 6 Blade Razors 2 Pack
Beard looking crustier than a caveman? Then you need 7-Select Men's 6 Blade Razors for a close clean shave!
$5.30 - -
Dayquil Liquid 8oz
The non-drowsy, multi-symptom cold and flu relief of DayQuil helps you get your power back so you can enjoy the day.
$12.09 -$0.01 -0.08%
Halls Cherry Stick 9 Count
Halls triple soothing action menthol cough suppressant provides temporary relief for cough and sore throat symptoms so you can get on with your day.
$2.04 - -
Vicks Vaporub Chest Rub 1.75oz
Use on chest and throat to temporarily relieve cough due to common cold. Or use on muscles and joints to temporarily relieve minor aches and pains.
$8.47 +$0.01 +0.12%
7-Select Hair Brush
Comfortable grip hair brush, and the perfect size for those quick touch-up needs.
$3.62 - -
Advil Tablets 24 Count
Make pain a distant memory and find relief from headaches, muscle aches, backaches, menstrual pain, minor arthritis and other joint pain.
$7.37 - -
7-Select Headache Relief 4 Count
Kids driving you crazy, long day, or people just getting on your nerves? Seek relief with this Headache Relief.
$2.55 - -
Huggies Little Movers Size 4 - 12 Count
Give your baby the best fit ever with the #1 trusted diaper. These diapers feature the Moving Baby System with Double Grip Strips that hold the diaper in place during active play.
$14.86 - -
Aveeno Moisturizing Lotion 2.5oz
Don't get caught with dry skin, use Aveeno.
$4.87 - -
7-Select Pregnancy Test
The Early Result Pregnancy Test is easy to use and easy to read. Over 99% accurate from the day of your expected period.
$10.87 - -
Aleve 2 Count
Is your constant pain being a drain? You can count on Aleve to prevent your day from being interrupted by arthritic aches and pains.
$3.34 - -
7-Select Ibuprofen 4 Count
Kids driving you crazy, long day, or people just getting on your nerves? Get rid of your headache with an Ibuprofen.
$2.56 - -
Halls Mentholyptus Stick 9 Count
Need relief that starts working within 10 seconds? Halls Mentholyptus triple soothing action formula fights coughs, soothes sore throats and cools nasal passages.
$2.04 - -
Tums Smoothies Fruit 12 Count
Tums Smoothies Assorted Fruit has a pleasant fruit flavor and ease heartburn and digestives issues quickly.
$2.60 - -
Edge Sensitive Shave Gel 2.75oz
Get that close, refreshing shave your face deserves to give you an extra edge to your day. With added aloe to reduce nicks, cuts and irritation.
$2.75 -$0.24 -8.03%
BC Headache Powder 6 Count
Turn pain into a distant memory. Temporary relief for discomfort associated with headaches and minor body aches.
$2.93 -$0.01 -0.34%
Pedialyte Strawberry 33.8oz
Pedialyte helps everyone – both kids and adults – rehydrate due to all sorts of dehydration causes.
$9.36 - -
7-Select First Aide Kit 34 Count
Multi-pack with various bandage sizes, sterile pads and cleansing wipes.
$4.84 -$0.01 -0.21%
7-Select Hair Pick & Comb Set
Easily style your hair with this combo pick and comb set. This set can be used to define and lift hair.
$3.03 - -
7-Select Mouthwash
Suffering from dragon breath, don’t be that person. Cool it down with 7-Select mouthwash.
$3.98 - -
Claritin 1 Count
Can't catch up with your runny nose? Count on Claritin to give you the extra edge to catch that run-away nose!
$3.36 - -
Nyquil Cold & Flu 4 Count
Find relief from your sneezing, sore throat, headache, minor aches and pains, fever, runny nose, and cough, so you can get the rest you need.
$3.36 - -
7-Select Extra Strength Antacid Tablets Berry 96 Count
Trust our Extra Strength Antacid tablets for quick delicious relief from the worst symptoms of heartburn.
$5.64 +$0.01 +0.18%
Dayquil Cold & Flu 4 Count
Feeling down with symptoms of a cold or the flu? You can depend on Vicks DayQuil, Non-Drowsy caplets to help get you back on your feet fast.
$3.36 - -
Advil 4 Count
Tough pain taking away from your day? Count on tough relief from Advil for some of life's biggest pains.
$3.35 - -
Emergen-C Tangerine 2 Count
Sip the tangy, fizziness of Emergen-C Tangerine to refresh your day with essential nutrients including antioxidants and vitamins.
$2.80 - -
Afrin Nasal Spray 1.45oz
Relieve your nasal congestion with a nasal spray that won’t drop down your nose or throat.
$10.88 +$0.01 +0.09%
7-Select Triple Antibiotic Ointment .5oz
Helps prevent infection in minor cuts, scrapes & burns.
$5.99 - -
Aleve Tablets 24 Count
Every day matters, so find relief from minor aches such as headaches, back or minor arthritis pain. Pain relief for up to 12 hours with just 1 tablet.
$7.61 -$0.01 -0.13%
Tylenol PM 24 Count
Pain keeping you awake? Tylenol PM relieves minor aches and pains while helping you fall asleep and stay asleep for a good night’s rest.
$8.13 - -
ZzzQuil Nightime Sleep-Aid Liquid 6oz
Tired of counting sheep? Let ZzzQuil take care of those long, delirious, restless nights. Comes in liquid form for fast action.
$10.86 - -
Midol Max Strength Caplets 16 Count
Got 99 problems but cramps ain't one! Midol Max helps with the relief of common menstrual symptoms, including bloating, fatigue, and pain.
$7.55 -$0.05 -0.66%
Advil Liquid Gels 20 Count
Advil Liquid-Gels were designed for fast absorption, fast relief and hours of long-lasting pain relief.
$7.63 - -
7-Select Red Eye Drops
For the temporary relief of burning and irritation due to dryness of the eyes, try 7-Select Redness Relief.
$4.81 - -
Bayer Aspirin 4 Count
Genuine Bayer Aspirin provides pain relief from headaches, backaches, muscle pain, toothaches, menstrual pain and minor arthritis pain.
$3.36 - -
Bayer Aspirin 24 Count $6.06 - -
ZzzQuil Nightime LiquiCaps 12 Count
Tired of counting sheep? Let ZzzQuil take care of those long, delirious, restless nights.
$10.88 - -
Airborne Effervescent Tabs Orange 10 Count
Effervescent formula in tasty Orange Flavor with 1,000 mg of Vitamin C per tablet to support your immune system.
$11.38 - -
Mucinex DM Extended Release 6 Count
Life's snot fun when you've got a cold. Make it a little better with Mucinex. It clears congestion, relieves headaches, and loosens mucus!
$9.13 +$0.01 +0.11%
Neosporin Ointment .5oz
Cut in risk of infection? Keep out everything foreign with Neosporin. It's made to eliminate the germs and heal minor cuts, scrapes, or burns.
$7.37 - -
Tylenol Cold & Flu Severe Cap 24 Count
Convenient caplets to tackle your tough cold and flu symptoms by clearing congestion, quieting coughs and relieving head and body aches.
$11.49 - -
7-Select Cherry Limeade B-12 Shot 2oz
Caffeine Free Energy 7-Select B-12 Functional Shots are all natural, vitamin based energy shots. Contains great tasting Cherry Limeade flavor.
$3.13 - -
Dulcolax Laxative Tablets 10 Count
Can eating too much alphabet soup cause a vowel movement? Count on Dulcolax laxatives to keep your vowels smooth and flowing!
$6.32 -$0.21 -3.22%
Alka-Seltzer Original 4 Count
For normal people, try Alka-Seltzer for relief from heartburn and indigestion.
$3.36 - -
7-Select All Day Allergy 24 Hours 14 Count
Feeling like your flowerbed has a vendetta against you? Try our 24-hour allergy relief, your secret weapon against devious daisies and corrupt carnations.
$12.06 - -
Stacker 3 XPLC 4 Count
Need to lose weight, how about burning fat while doing it? Stacker 3 XPLC helps release stored body fat into the blood stream to be burned as energy!
$2.42 -$0.01 -0.41%
7-Select Orange Vitamin C Immunity Shot 2oz
7-Select Vitamin C Function Shots contain a specific blend to help boost your immunity and great tasting natural and Orange flavors.
$3.11 -$0.09 -2.81%
Zyrtec Allergy Tablets 3 Count
Allergies draining your paycheck? Then you need Zyrtec. It provides powerful 24-hour relief from your worst allergy symptoms.
$6.65 - -


Croissants - 2 pieces $2.00 - -
Chocolate Chip Cookies - 6 pieces $2.99 - -
Two-Bite Brownies - 70g $1.79 - -
Two-Bite Macaroons - 65g $1.79 - -

Ice Cream

Ice Cream
Ben and Jerry's - 500 mL Tub $6.99 - -
Snicker's Vanilla Ice Cream Pint
Waves of luscious vanilla hugged by chunks of chewy nougat, topped with caramel, peanuts, and milk chocolate coating. Now, who'd say no to that?
$4.54 - -
Haagen Dazs Vanilla Pint
Haagen Dazs vanilla marries pure sweet cream with Madagascar vanilla to create the scent of exotic spices with a lasting taste of sheer indulgence.
$6.81 -$0.10 -1.45%
Ben & Jerry's Half Baked Pint
Vanilla ice cream with gobs of chocolate chip cookie dough and fudge brownie. Ben and Jerry’s is made with non-GMO ingredients and cage-free eggs.
$6.58 +$0.01 +0.15%
Snicker's Ice Cream Pint $4.51 -$0.01 -0.22%
7-Select GoYum Double Cookie Dough Pint
Cookie dough ice cream with vanilla brown sugar and chocolate cookie dough pieces and chocolate flavored chips.
$5.25 - -
Haagen Dazs Strawberry Pint
This fusion of sweet summer strawberries and pure cream is brimming with wholesome flavor and richness. Tempting? We know.
$6.87 -$0.01 -0.15%
Ben & Jerry's Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Pint
Vanilla ice cream with gobs of chocolate chip cookie dough. Ben and Jerry’s, as always, is made with non-GMO ingredients, and cage-free eggs.
$6.56 - -
Ben & Jerry’s Chocolate Fudge Brownie Pint
Ben & Jerry’s Chocolate Fudge Brownie Pint
$6.57 -$0.38 -5.47%
Haagen Dazs Butter Pecan Pint
An American classic revisited - spoonfuls of buttery roasted pecans with pure, sweet cream to create a delight like no other.
$6.82 -$0.01 -0.15%
Twix Ice Cream Pint
The only thing better than indulging in your favorite Twix candy indulging in it as an ice cream.
$4.52 +$0.01 +0.22%
Ben & Jerry's Strawberry Cheesecake Pint
This is a wild soirée of strawberry cheesecake-greatness and graham-cracker swirl.
$6.58 +$0.01 +0.15%
7-Select GoYum Sea Salt Caramel Pint
Caramel ice cream with sea salt caramel swirl and caramel fudge truffles. Sounds too good to be true right? Well, it's not!
$5.25 - -
7-Select Mint Cookies N Cream Pint
Creamy mint ice cream mixed with crunchy cookie chunks. A refreshing treat year-round.
$5.12 - -
Breyers Oreo Cookies & Cream Pint
Take a milk and cookie break. Enjoy the luxurious swirls of deep chocolate Oreo cookies and waves of Oreo cream in each fluffy spoonful.
$4.91 - -
Haagen Dazs Coffee Pint
Pure creamy decadence paired with the finest Brazilian coffee beans, brewed to perfection, brings out rich complex flavors in this classic.
$6.87 - -
7-Select GoYum Caramel Buttered Pecan Pint
Nut flavored ice cream with caramel revel and pecans. This ice cream is the perfect cheat day option!
$5.23 - -
Ben & Jerry's Cherry Garcia Pint
This Cherry Garcia flavors will rock n’ roll your taste buds.
$6.56 - -
Breyers Reeses Pint
Some of us love adding candy as an ice cream topping, but it needs more pizzazz. PB ice cream loaded with chunks of Reese's cups, it's absolute genius.
$4.87 +$0.01 +0.21%
7-Select GoYum Strawberry Banana Shortcake Pint
Strawberry shortcake and banana ice cream with strawberries and cake pieces.
$5.13 -$0.09 -1.72%
7-Select GoYum Banana Cream Pint
Banana ice cream with whipped cream flavored ribbons and pie crust pieces. You will thank yourself for this treat.
$5.23 - -
7-Select GoYum Fudge Tracks Pint
Chocolate ice cream with fudge swirl, peanut butter cups and chocolate chip cookie dough pieces.
$5.14 - -
Ben & Jerry's The Tonight Dough Pint
This is an ice cream and cookie dough party you don't want to miss!
$6.58 -$0.39 -5.60%
7-Select GoYum Vanilla Bean Pint
Traditional vanilla bean ice cream that you can't go wrong with.
$5.26 - -
Talenti Gelato Caramel Cookie Crunch Pint
Chocolate cookies blended in sweet cream gelato, with extra swirls of dulce de leche. Like the Milky Way in a tub, no astronomy lesson needed.
$6.30 - -
Haagen Dazs Chocolate Pint
Haagen Dazs Chocolate Pint
$6.81 -$0.01 -0.15%
Ben & Jerry's Americone Dream Pint
Vanilla ice cream with fudge waffle cone pieces and a caramel swirl.
$6.55 - -
Ben & Jerry's Brownie Batter Core Pint
How is a baseball team like a brownie? They both depend on a good batter, just like this ice cream - swirled with brownies and a brownie batter core.
$6.55 - -
Ben & Jerry's Peanut Butter Cup Pint
No, it's not an illusion, especially for y'all peanut butter lovers. PB ice cream filled with PB cups. The only thing missing is a PB carton.
$6.57 +$0.01 +0.15%
Ben & Jerry's Chunky Monkey Pint
Chunky Monkey ice cream consisting of banana ice cream with fudge chunks & walnuts.
$6.56 - -
Talenti Gelato Southern Butter Peacan Pint
Roasted, butter-coated pecans with a dulce de leche swirl creates this decadent premium taste. Best enjoyed on rocking chair, on a porch, with a ceiling fan.
$6.35 - -


7-Select Kitchen Trash Bag 13Gal 20ct $4.83 - -
Dawn Original 9oz
Effectively cuts grease with Dawn's powerful liquid formula.
$2.85 - -
7-Eleven AA Batteries 8ct
Power up all of your favorite devices with these handy AA batteries.
$9.63 -$0.12 -1.23%
7-Eleven AAA Batteries 8ct
Power up all of your favorite devices with these AAA batteries.
$9.65 -$0.02 -0.21%
7-Select Premium Bath Tissue $4.48 - -
Charmin Soft 4ct DoubleRoll
Charmin Soft 4ct DoubleRoll
$6.53 - -
7-Eleven Oh Thank Heaven Playing Cards
Use our portable card deck for your favorite card games.
$3.53 +$0.01 +0.28%
7-Select Plastic Cups 16oz 20ct
Heavy duty disposalbe cups perfect for holding drinks securely.
$3.12 - -
Tide Pods Spring Meadow
Tide Pods Spring Meadow
$9.91 - -
7-Select Flexible Utility Lighter
This flexible utility lighter makes it easy to light even the most hard to reach candle or area.
$5.99 - -
Energizer Max AA 8 Pack $12.61 -$0.01 -0.08%
Heavy Duty Cooler 22 Quart
Heavy Duty Cooler.
$11.15 - -
Febreze Extra Strength 16.9oz
Replace awkward smells with the sparkling scent of a clean home. Pefrect for hard-to-wash fabrics such as clothing, upholsterey, carpets, and windo treatments.
$6.00 - -
Tide Liquid 2X Original Scent 25oz
Detergent specifically designed to cover your many laundray needs. Works on the toughest stains and leaves colors vibrant and whites bright. 25oz.
$9.71 - -
7-Select Dish Liquid 14oz
Powrful dish liquid that strips the grease and removes stuck-on-food to leave your dishes sparkling clea
$3.57 - -
Tide Liquid 2X Original Scent $9.60 - -
7-Eleven AA Batteries 4 Pack $7.82 - -
7-Eleven C Batteries 4 Pack
Power up all of your favorite devices with this handy four-pack of AA batteries.
$9.63 +$0.01 +0.10%
Purina Dog Chow 4.4 lb Bag
High quality protein sources, including real American-raised chicken, support strong muscles and in a tasty recipe dogs love.
$9.13 - -
Bounty Paper Towel Roll $3.98 - -
7-Select Luncheon Cutlery 24ct
24 count assortment of 8 spoons, 8 forks, and 8 knives tto give your guests a premium dining experience.
$2.10 - -
Meow Mix Original 3.15lb
Poultry and seafood, made with high quality protein to build strong, healthy muscles. 100% balanced nutrition to have your cat feline good.
$9.12 - -
Tide Pods Spring Meadow 16ct
3-in-1 technology (detergent, stain remover & color protector) along with Its Spring Meadow scent is infused with fresh floral notes to help keep your clothes smelling as great. 16 Pods
$9.67 -$0.01 -0.10%
7-Select Luncheon Cutlery
7-Select Luncheon Cutlery
$2.18 - -
Gain Liquid 25oz
Liquid laundry detergent with brilliant cleaning performance and a fresh scent.
$7.85 - -
7-Select Paper Plates 28ct
9 inch disposable paper plates that are microwaveable and easy to use.
$3.60 - -
7-Select Aluminum Foil Heavy Duty 50ft
Perfect for wrapping and storing leftovers, covering pans in the oven, using as a TV antenna booster, or creating tin foil hats…among other things.
$5.78 - -
7-Select Trash Bags 30 Gal 10ct
Sturdy draw-string trash bags to secure your throw-away items.
$4.83 - -
7-Eleven 9V Batteries 2 Pack
Count on our 9 volt batteries to keep your favorite devices charged up.
$9.64 +$0.01 +0.10%
7-Select Foam Plates $2.97 - -
7-Select Foam Plates 25ct
Disposable soak-proof and grease resistant foam plates designed to handle any food.
$2.91 - -
7-Select Pocket Facial Tissue
7-Select Pocket Facial Tissue
$0.76 -$0.01 -1.30%
Tidy Cats Multi-Cat Litter 10lb
Extended-release deodorizing system provides a fresh, clean scent, it’s litter-ally designed for around-the-clock odor control.
$5.00 - -
7-Select Foam Cups
7-Select Foam Cups
$1.89 - -
7-Select Glass Cleaner $4.91 - -
7-Select Paper Bowls 18ct
Microwaveable safe paper bowls for your favorite soup or bowl of ice cream.
$3.59 - -
7-Select Facial Tissue 160ct $2.54 +$0.01 +0.40%
7-Select Glass Cleaner 32oz
Leave your windows squeeky clean with our powerful glass cleaner.
$4.81 - -
Heavy Duty Cooler 12 Quart
These thick walls were created to help keep your drinks cool for the summer (or use as a makeshift drum).
$7.24 - -
7-Select Ultra Premium Paper Towel
7-Select Ultra Premium Paper Towel
$3.71 - -
Clorox Disinfectng Wipes Lemon 35ct
Clorox Disinfectng Wipes Lemon 35ct
$5.46 - -
7-Select Foam Cups 10ct
Sturdy foam cups to hold any of your cold beverages for picnics and parties.
$1.86 - -
7-Select Sandwich Bags 50ct
Fresh lock reclosable sandwich bags to keep your food secure and fresh.
$3.00 - -
7-Eleven D Batteries 4 Pack
Count on our D volt batteries to keep your favorite devices charged up
$9.61 +$0.01 +0.10%
7-Select Lawn Leaf Bags 39 Gal 10ct
Maintaining a lawn requires a lot of work, so make these sturdy bags a must-have for your next cleanup session.
$4.81 - -
Febreze Extra Strength $6.12 - -
Beneful Original 3lb bag
Good ingredients is what you'll find with Beneful Original. Real farm-raised beef, blended to perfection with whole grains and accents of vegetables.
$10.20 - -
Purina Cat Chow
Purina Cat Chow
$9.02 - -
7-Select Freezer Bags 20ct
Designed to keep food fresh and protect from freezer burn. Recolseable zip with freshlock technology.
$3.59 -$0.05 -1.37%
Meow Mix Original
Meow Mix Original
$9.13 - -
7-Select Freezer Bags Gal 14ct $3.59 - -
7-Select Aluminum Foil Heavy Duty
7-Select Aluminum Foil Heavy Duty
$5.93 - -
Cascade Action Pac 12ct
Ease use dishwasher detergent to power away even 24 hour stuck-on messes for a complete clean.
$6.40 +$0.01 +0.16%
Purina Cat Chow 3.15lb
Wholesome ingredients and a great-tasting recipe to support strong muscles and deliver vital energy.
$8.73 +$0.01 +0.11%
7-Select Dryer Sheets 34ct
Spring Stream scented dryer sheets will leave your clothes soft and smelling great
$3.59 - -
7-Select Foam Bowls 30ct
Disposable soak-proof and grease resistant microwaveable safe foam bowl
$2.91 - -
7-Eleven Premium Waiters Corkscrew
That satisfying pop of the wine cork, or fizzle of a freshly opened beer will make all your worries melt away.
$6.01 - -
7-Eleven Red Mini Party Cup 12ct
Small and compact, but they pack a big punch.
$4.85 - -
7-Select Foam Bowls
7-Select Foam Bowls
$2.99 - -


Advil Liqui Gel - 12 pieces $7.59 - -
Tylenol Cold - Extra strength 10 pieces $7.29 - -
Pepto Bismol - 115 mL $5.79 - -
5-Hour Energy Extra Strength - 57 mL $4.39 - -
Halls Cherry - 9 pieces $1.99 - -
Fishermans Friend Lemon Citron $2.49 - -
Fishermans Friend Original $2.49 - -
Visine Eye Drops $8.29 - -
7-Select Anti-Bacterial Wipes 40 Count
7-Select Anti-Bacterial Wipes 40 Count
$3.72 - -


7 Select Organic Juice - 355 mL $2.59 - -
Coca-Cola $2.59 - -
Pepsi $2.69 - -
Canada Dry Ginger Ale - 500 mL $2.59 - -
Monster Green Energy Drink - 473 mL $3.69 - -
Red Bull Energy Drink - 250 mL $3.09 - -
Gatorade - 710 mL $3.09 - -
Rockstar Energy Drink - 473 mL $3.49 - -
Water - 7-Select $1.38 -$0.01 -0.72%
Water - SmartWater - 1L $3.33 - -
Minute Maid 100% Orange Juice - 355ml $2.69 - -
Simply Orange Juice No-Pulp - 1.54L $6.23 - -
Dr Pepper - 591ml $2.69 - -
Crush Orange - 591ml $2.69 - -
Perrier Original - 1L $3.29 - -
Perrier Peach - 500ml $2.09 - -
7-Select Sparkling Water - Lemon - 1L $1.99 - -
Glaceau Vitamin Water XXX - 591ml $3.09 - -
Pure Leaf Tea with Lemon - 547ml $3.09 - -
Peace Tea Peach Party - 695ml $2.79 - -


7 Select Candy Cup Mixed K Cup - 227 g $3.99 - -
7 Select Candy Cup Strawberry Banana Mixed K Cup - 151 g $3.49 - -
7 Select Gummi Treats - 170 g $2.39 - -
7 Select Wine Gums - 170g $2.39 - -
7 Select Neon Worms - 170g $2.39 - -
7 Select Gummi Peach Rings - 170g $2.39 - -
7 Select Sour Suckers - 170g $2.39 - -
Maynards Sour Patch Kids - 185 g $3.20 - -
Cadbury Dairy Milk - 100 g $3.59 - -
Kit Kat - 45 g $1.75 - -
M&Ms Caramel - 109 g $3.99 - -
Reese Peanut Butter Cups - 79 g $2.39 - -
Reese Peanut Butter Family Bar - 120 g $3.49 - -
Reese Sticks KS - 4 pieces 85 g $2.39 - -
Snickers King Size 2pc bar - 92g $2.59 - -
Oh Henry Candy Bar $1.75 - -
Excel Mints Peppermint - 34 g $2.69 - -
Excel Spearmint Gum - 34 g $2.69 - -
Dentyne Ice Intense $1.69 - -
Dentyne Ice Spearmint $1.69 - -
Wrigley 5 Cobalt Peppermint $2.69 - -
Wrigley 5 Rain Spearmint $2.69 - -


DairyPure Whole Milk 1 Gallon
Craving a glass of cold milk? No need to run back to the store! We have your milk right here!
$4.69 +$0.01 +0.21%
Totino's Pepperoni Pizza Rolls 7.5oz
Sure, they may burn the roof of your mouth, but isn’t the cheesy, deliciousness worth a bit of discomfort?
$3.12 - -
Wonder White Bread - 570 g $3.99 - -
DairyPure 2% Milk 1 Gallon
Craving a glass of cold milk? Baking some delicious chocolate chip cookies? No need to run back to the store! We have your milk right here!
$4.70 - -
7-Select White Bread 20oz
The best thing since sliced bread is this sliced bread.
$2.57 - -
Nongshim Bowl Noodles - 86 g $1.99 - -
Kellogg's Frosted Flakes 13.5oz
They're GRRReat! Make your morning a little better with this sweet, sparkly, crunchy, frosted delight.
$5.34 -$0.01 -0.19%
Kings Hawaiian Sweet Rolls 4.4oz
Enjoy the delicious taste of this Hawaiian Sweet recipe rolled into what else? A dinner roll with a melt-in-your mouth texture – so soft and fluffy.
$2.31 -$0.23 -9.06%
Maruchan Instant Lunch Chicken 2.25oz
An instant lunch that'll leave you satisfied and smiling. Oodles of noodles, veggies, and warm, savory, golden-delicious chicken broth.
$1.23 - -
Nongshim Shin Black Cup Noodles - 101 g $2.79 - -
Nutella 13oz
With the unique taste of Nutella, happiness is a recipe away.
$5.46 -$0.01 -0.18%
Bimbo Soft White Bread 20oz
Your family can get the delicious taste and texture of Bimbo Soft White Bread. Packed with goodness, baked with love!
$2.50 - -
Nongshim Shin Cup Noodles Soup - 75 g $1.69 - -
NongShim Shin Bowl Hot & Spicy 3.03oz
Spicy ramen filled with meaty mushrooms, crispy carrots, gratifying green onions, and palatable peppers.
$2.43 - -
7-Select Grade A Large Eggs 12 Count $3.93 -$0.01 -0.25%
Fresh Fruit $1.25 - -
Hidden Valley Ranch Original 8oz
Ranch dressing is a blessing! Perfect for dipping, coating, or drinking right out of the bottle (you know, if that's your thing).
$3.96 - -
Hot Pockets Pepperoni Pizza 9oz
Imagine a world where you get to eat a cheesy, satisfying snack without interrupting your weekend gaming. Now imagine that’s a reality, because it is.
$4.61 - -
DairyPure Whole Milk Half Gallon $3.47 - -
7S Eggs GradeA Large 12ct
Don’t get yourself in a scramble, have a sunny side up kind of day with some Grade A Large Eggs.
$3.65 - -
Kellogg's Froot Loops 10.1oz
Fruity flavors full of fiber and made with whole grains.
$5.26 - -
Kings Hawaiian Butter Rolls 4.4oz
Whether for breakfast, a mid-afternoon escape, or great mini sandwiches for a picnic, they are irresistibly and deliciously good-to-go.
$2.32 - -
Tapatio Hot Sauce 5oz
Got hot sauce in your bag, swag? If not, get you some Tapatio, made with red hot peppers, zest, and zing.
$1.82 - -
White Castle Cheeseburgers 11oz
Microwaveable and individually wrapped. Enjoy the legendary taste in the comfort of your own home.
$7.11 - -
Jif Peanut Butter Creamy 16oz
Can you ever have too much peanut butter? Peanut butter sandwiches, yes. Peanut butter cookies, yes. Peanut butter on a spoon, yes.
$4.77 - -
Kraft Macaroni & Cheese 7.25oz
You just picked a box of deliciously gooey macaroni & cheese dinner.
$2.52 - -
Nissin Hot & Spicy Chicken Noodle Bowl 3.32oz
Golden chicken flavor with a spicy-savory broth, veggies, and oodles of noodles.
$2.10 - -
NongShim Bowl Noodle Soup, Hot & Spicy 3.03oz
Hot and spicy traditional Korean noodle soup with fresh vegetables and beef broth. Ready in 3-4 minutes with hot water or a microwave.
$2.43 - -
DairyPure Whole Milk 1 Quart
With 25% of daily vitamin D and 30% of daily calcium in each serving, it’s fresh and pure milk.
$2.54 - -
7-Select Granulated Sugar Bag 2lb
Satisfy your sweet tooth with this granulated sugar. Great to use for baking and as a sweetener.
$3.48 - -
Borden Whole Milk 1 Gallon
Rich, creamy flavor for all your vitamin-packed (and Oreo) needs. A wholesome treat for your tummy (since having an empty stomach ain't a-moo-sing).
$4.77 - -
Honey Nut Cheerios 10.8oz
Are you a lord of the rings? Then start off your morning with this classic breakfast of honey oat rings and happiness.
$6.22 - - 5.0
Maruchan Instant Lunch Lime & Chili Shrimp 2.25oz
Feelin' a little chili? Spice it up! This quick lunch is full of flavor - spicy chili, sweet and tangy lime, and savory shrimp. Perfection!
$1.22 - -
DairyPure 2% Milk Half Gallon $3.47 - -
Hot Pockets Ham & Cheddar 9oz $4.62 - -
NongShim Bowl Noodle Soup, Spicy Chicken 3.03oz
Korean-style chicken soup meets the American classic comfort, chicken noodle soup with a Korean spicy kick. Ready in 3-4 minutes with hot water or a microwave.
$2.43 - -
Heinz Squeeze Ketchup 20oz
Classic ketchup made from sweet, juicy, red ripe tomatoes for the signature thick and rich taste that we all know and love and that completes your burger and fries.
$3.95 - -
7-Select Vegetable Oil 24oz
Add another cook to the kitchen! Vegetable oil will help the flavors of your dish shine through.
$4.52 - -
Borden 2% Reduced Fat Milk 1 Gallon
Reduced in fat, but not lacking in flavor. Enjoy your vitamins with a creamy beverage - with a lineage of milk that's so good, it's legen-dairy.
$4.76 - -
Kraft Velveeta Shells & Cheese 12oz
Easy to buy, easy to make and easy to love. These Velveeta shells never looked so good.
$5.57 - -
Maruchan Instant Lunch Hot & Spicy Chicken
Get out the milk and a fire extinguisher! This spicy savory soup will burn off your eyebrows with fiery chili and paprika.
$1.25 +$0.01 +0.81%
7-Select Baking Soda 1lb $1.49 +$0.01 +0.68%
Swiss Whole Milk 1 Gallon
Walking down the street, and some guy threw milk at me. The first thing that popped into my head was, "How dairy!"
$4.63 - -
Bagel Bites Cheese & Pepperoni 7oz
Outrageously tasty pepperoni on a light, crispy bite size bagel – yeah, that’s what we’re talking about.
$4.37 - -
7-Select Frozen Pepperoni Pizza 22oz
7-Select Frozen Pepperoni Pizza 22oz
$6.90 -$0.05 -0.72%
Hershey's Syrup Squeezable 24oz
Nothing says sweet like the classic taste of Hershey's Syrup.
$4.44 - -
Vlasic Kosher Dill Spears 24oz
Dill-ight yourself in a sour, crunchy, classic Vlasic dill. Too many pickle puns? Dill with it, cuz these pickles are a big dill!
$4.79 - -
Mrs Baird's Large Bread
Texas is where it all began. Mrs Baird’s Large White bread has been loved by families since 1908.
$3.55 - -
Stouffer’s Macaroni & Cheese 12oz
Mac and Cheese is the definition of comfort food. It doesn’t get much better than this.
$4.99 - -
Aunt Jemima Maple Syrup 12oz
If breakfast foods are your staple you need Aunt Jemima Maple!
$4.53 - -
Aunt Jemima Pancake Mix 16oz
What's the best topping for pancakes? More pancakes! Aunt Jemima pancake mix gets you stacked with rich fluffy pancakes right at home.
$3.68 - -
DairyPure 2% Reduced Fat Milk 1 Pint
The same creamy richness with 1/3 of the fat.
$1.97 - -
Smucker's Grape Jelly 20oz
You can’t argue with tradition. When you serve up a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, you’re sure to be rewarded with smiles.
$4.41 -$0.14 -3.08%
Bagel Bites Three Cheese 7oz
Three cheeses and a crispy bagel come together to make your new go-to late night snack!
$4.37 - -
Borden Whole Milk 1 Quart $2.66 - -
Busy Bee Squeeze Honey 12oz
More honey, more problems? Lies. You can never have enough honey and this squeezable bottle makes it even easier to access!
$5.19 - -
DairyPure 2% Milk 1 Quart
What do cows chant at a soccer game? Au lait! Fresh, tasty, and reduced fat – same rich creaminess in a low-calorie choice.
$2.56 - -
Kraft American Cheese Slices 12oz
Unmistakable creamy melt and American flavor is perfect for cheeseburgers, grilled cheese sandwiches, and so much more! Great American taste you love with no artificial preservatives or flavors.
$6.79 - -
7-Select All Purpose Flour 2lb
If you are using this flour to make cookies, be sure to save some for us! Warm chocolate chip cookies are the best!
$2.89 - -
Totino's Pizza Rolls Combination 7.5oz
The perfect snack for late nights in with your friends. Who wouldn’t want a sausage & pepperoni pizza rolled up in a snackable crust?
$3.08 - -
Swiss 2% Reduced Fat Milk 1 Gallon
With this jug of amazingly rich milk, you're bound to be satisfy. Everyone knows that when there's not enough, it's sure to be an udder problem.
$4.64 - -
7-Select Frozen Supreme Pizza 23oz
Feeling a little adventurous? Step out of the box and try our supreme pizza! "The Works" never looked so good. 23oz
$6.89 - -
Borden 2% Reduced Fat Milk Half Gallon $3.69 - -
Stouffer’s Lasagna with Meat & Sauce 10.5oz
Traditional lasagna noodles layered with an herb seasoned tomato and meat sauce and three kinds of natural cheese.
$5.04 - -
Kraft Easy Mac and Cheese Cup 2.05oz
Go from 0 to yum in just about 3.5 min. A cheesy snack made oh so easy.
$1.85 -$0.03 -1.60%
Kraft Easy Mac and Cheese Cup 4.1oz
Kraft Easy Mac and Cheese Cup 4.1oz
$2.82 - -
Borden 2% Reduced Fat Milk 1 Quart $2.76 - -
Sweet Baby Rays Original BBQ Sauce 18oz
This sauce is the boss! This sweet tangy sauce is a perfect pairing for any meat. Or for drinking right out of the bottle (you know, if that's your thing).
$3.84 - -
Tabasco Original Sauce 2oz
Tabasco Original Sauce 2oz
$3.24 - -
7-Select Apple Strawberry Fruit Squeeze
Squeeze the day away with this sweet apple and tangy strawberry blend of goodness. An impeccable snack on the hustle or right at home.
$1.07 - -
7-Select Deep Dish Cookie
Loaded with chocolate chunks and made with real butter for a rich and delicious fresh baked cookie experience
$3.27 - -
7-Select Apple Fruit Squeeze
Sweet and golden delicious, you're apple-solutely going to love this tasty convenient snack!
$1.08 - -
7-Select Basket Coffee Filters 100 Count
Our coffee filters will help you make it a brew-tiful day with a warm cup of the good stuff, made right at home. #JustBrewIt
$2.14 -$0.04 -1.83%
7-Select Salt & Pepper Shakers 5oz
7-Select Salt & Pepper Shakers 5oz
$3.14 -$0.01 -0.32%
Mrs Baird's Extra Thin Bread 24oz
Thinner than the original white bread, this bread is the perfect sandwich maker. Good thing we also sell sandwich makings like turkey, cheese and mustard!
$3.50 - -
Knudsen Half & Half 1 Pint
Like adding a stylish hat to your bold outfit - a delicious splash brings out the rich flavor and style of coffee, whether you want it hot or cold.
$2.78 - -
Bumble Bee Ready to Eat Tuna Salad 3.5oz
Classic, creamy tuna salad, mixed and ready to eat.
$3.00 - -
DiGiorno Pepperoni Pizza 27.5oz
Your movie night just got an upgrade with the pizza with the original rising crust!
$8.76 - -
Heinz Yellow Mustard 14oz
Heinz Yellow Mustard 14oz
$3.62 -$0.01 -0.28%
Daisy Sour Cream 8oz
Make awesome dips, creamy soups, fluffy pancakes, or decadent cakes. No matter what you're cooking up, everything tastes better with a dollop of Daisy.
$2.35 -$0.01 -0.42%
Prego Spaghetti Sauce 24oz
Serve up delicious flavor with sweet, vine-ripened tomato taste with flavorful herbs and seasonings.
$4.73 - -
Stouffer's French Bread Pepperoni Pizza 11.25oz
The treat for pizza lovers who are passionate about pepperoni!
$4.99 - -
Franks Red Hot Sauce 5oz
Chuck Norris uses this hot sauce on his cereal. Be like Chuck Norris. Featuring aged cayenne pepper this fiery sauce will blow you away!
$3.10 - -
International Delight Hazelnut Creamer 1 Pint
International Delight Hazelnut Creamer 1 Pint
$3.23 +$0.03 +0.94%
7-Select Hot Dog Buns 11oz
Will make you think it's the 4th of July with these hot dog buns
$2.45 - -
Chef Boyardee Beef Ravioli 15oz
Thin slices of potato cooked to a perfect crips and Cheddar Sour Cream
$2.93 - -
Spam 12oz
A true classic that has captured hearts and taste buds by consistently bringing deliciousness and creativity to a wide range of meals.
$5.49 - -
DiGiorno Supreme Pizza 31.5oz
Sausage, pepperoni, red peppers, green peppers, onions, black olives.
$8.72 +$0.01 +0.11%
Coffee-Mate French Vanilla Creamer 1 Pint
Create a delicious cup of vanilla perfection. Combined with the right amount of bright vanilla notes to give you the perfect flavor to wake up your cup.
$4.04 - -
Campbell's Chicken Noodle Soup 10.75oz
Campbell's Chicken Noodle Soup 10.75oz
$2.41 - -
DairyPure Half & Half 1 Pint
DairyPure Half & Half can elevate a simple cup of coffee to an indulgence you anticipate every morning.
$2.49 - -
Devour Buffalo Chicken Mac & Cheese 12oz
Never go back to dull. This fast convenient sinfully delicious mac & cheese is bursting with buffalo flavor!
$4.96 - -
International Delight French Vanilla Creamer 1 Pint $3.14 - -
Amy's Cheese Enchilada 9oz
This is comfort food, Mexican style. Two tortillas made from ground organic corn, filled with a blend of cheeses, accented by olives and peppers.
$5.75 - -
Amy's Broccoli & Cheddar Bake 9.5oz
Organic rice pasta is tossed with a creamy, aged English Cheddar sauce and crisp organic broccoli florets, with crunchy toasted bread crumbs on top.
$5.76 - -
Bumble Bee Chunk Light Tuna in Water 5oz
Light and chunky, the perfect tuna for sandwiches and casseroles.
$3.00 -$0.06 -1.96%
7-Select Hot Dog Buns 8 Count
7-Select Hot Dog Buns 8 Count
$2.77 - -
Devour Chicken Enchiladas Suiza 12oz
Never go back to basic. These delicious convenient favorites are exploding with mutiple layers of textures and flavors.
$4.97 - -
Dairy Pure Half & Half 1 Pint
Dairy Pure Half & Half 1 Pint
$2.99 +$0.01 +0.34%
Kraft Velveeta Shells & Cheese Cup 2.39oz
Need-a bit of Velveeta? You got it, with this easy on-the-move snack cup filled with globs of creamy Velveeta cheese and delight.
$1.85 - -
Reddi Wip Whip Cream 6.5oz
The perfect topping to your favorite fruit, coffee, dessert or even straight from the can into your mouth! 6.5oz.
$4.27 - -
DairyPure 1% Milk Half Gallon
When a gallon is too much, go for a half. Still enough rich, nutritious milk to cover all the chocolate chip cookies you plan to consume.
$3.84 +$0.38 +10.98%
Land O Lakes Butter
Amplify the flavor of any meal when you add a bit of Butter
$5.95 - -
7-Select Hamburger Buns 8 Count
7-Select Hamburger Buns 8 Count
$2.63 - -
DairyPure Sour Cream 16oz
DairyPure Sour Cream 16oz
$4.94 - -
DairyPure Fat Free Milk Half Gallon Half Gallon
DairyPure Fat Free Milk Half Gallon Half Gallon
$3.45 - -

Cold Case

8" Pizza Sub $5.73 - -
8" Sub Hungry Man - 291 g $6.50 - -
Rotisserie Chicken Chipotle Wrap $5.44 - -
Classic Tuna Salad Wedge - 167 g $4.99 - -
Apples and Grapes Cup $3.50 - -
Dannon Oikos Yogurt - 100 g
A great source of Vitamin D, packed with high-quality protein
$1.49 - -
Milk2Go - 473 mL $2.58 - -
Dairyland Chocolate Milk - 1L carton $3.09 - -
Dairyland 2% Milk - 1L carton $3.04 - -
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