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On the In-N-Out menu, the most expensive item is Double-Double Burger (Combo), which costs $7.60. The cheapest item on the menu is Milk, which costs $0.99. The average price of all items on the menu is currently $3.13.

Top Rated Items at In-N-Out
Double-Double Burger $3.95
Hamburger $2.50
Milk $0.99
Coffee $1.35
Double-Double Burger (Combo) $7.60


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About In-N-Out

What are the most popular menu items at In-N-Out?

In-N-Out is famous for its simple yet delicious menu. Some of the most popular items include the Double-Double Burger, Cheeseburger, Hamburger, Animal Style Fries, and Neapolitan Shake.

Double-Double Burger

Two beef patties, two slices of American cheese, lettuce, tomato, spread, and onions on a freshly baked bun.

Animal Style Fries

Crispy golden fries topped with melted cheese, spread, and grilled onions.


Single beef patty topped with American cheese, lettuce, tomato, onion, and their special spread, showcasing the quality of ingredients and simplicity of their approach to burger-making.

Neapolitan Shake

Blended milkshake combining chocolate, vanilla, and strawberry flavors, made with real ice cream and milk, offering a creamy and indulgent taste of all three flavors in one refreshing beverage.

How much is the In-N-Out Double-Double Burger?

The price of the In-N-Out Double-Double Burger is approximately $3.95, but prices may vary depending on location and any subsequent changes made by the company. It's always a good idea to check with your local In-N-Out for the most up-to-date pricing information.

Does In-N-Out have gluten-free menu items?

Surprisingly, almost everything on the menu is gluten-free or can be made gluten-free with a simple modification. To enjoy a gluten-free burger at In-N-Out, simply order it "protein style." This means your burger will be wrapped in a crisp lettuce wrap instead of a traditional bun. By opting for protein style, you eliminate the gluten-containing bun and still get to enjoy all the delicious flavors of their classic burgers. Additionally, you can customize your burger with toppings such as visible tomatoes, grilled onions, and cheese to enhance your dining experience. If you're not a fan of lettuce-wrapped burgers, In-N-Out does not offer gluten-free buns. However, you can bring your own gluten-free bun and assemble your burger on it. This way, you can still enjoy your meal with your preferred bun option. Are the french fries gluten-free? Yes, you'll be pleased to know that In-N-Out's french fries are gluten-free. They are made from fresh, hand-cut potatoes and are cooked separately in a dedicated fryer. This means there's no cross-contamination with gluten-containing items, making them a safe and delicious side dish for your gluten-free meal. When it comes to beverages, In-N-Out has got you covered. With the exception of hot chocolate, all other beverages on the menu are gluten-free. You can enjoy a wide range of options, including milk, coffee, and fountain beverages from the Coca-Cola Company and the Dr. Pepper Snapple Group. So whether you're in the mood for a cold soda or a warm cup of coffee, rest assured that your drink choice won't interfere with your gluten-free diet. To top off your meal with a sweet treat, In-N-Out offers gluten-free shakes. Indulge in a strawberry, vanilla, or chocolate shake, all made with real ice cream. These shakes are not only gluten-free but also provide a creamy and satisfying way to end your dining experience on a high note.

What are the healthiest items on the In-N-Out menu?

In-N-Out focuses on using fresh ingredients, which can contribute to healthier choices. Some of the healthier options on their menu include the Protein-Style Burger (lettuce wrap instead of a bun), Grilled Cheese Sandwich, and the Veggie Burger (not available at all locations).

What's the average price of an In-N-Out Meal?

Prices may vary depending on location but a meal at In-N-Out may cost anywhere from $6 to $8.

What is the In-N-Out Animal Style?

The In-N-Out Animal Style is a popular secret menu option that adds extra flavor to your burger or fries. When ordering your burger Animal Style, it comes with mustard-grilled patties, extra spread, grilled onions, and pickles. Animal Style fries are topped with melted cheese, spread, and grilled onions.

Are there vegetarian/vegan options at In-N-Out?

Let's start with everyone's favorite side dish - French Fries. In-N-Out's French Fries are made from fresh, hand-cut potatoes and are cooked in 100% sunflower oil. As far as we know, no other menu items at In-N-Out are fried, so cross-contamination is not a concern. You can indulge in these crispy and flavorful fries without worrying about animal products. For those who prefer their fries extra crispy, you can order them "well done" or "light well" to get the desired level of crispiness. This way, you can enjoy your fries exactly how you like them. While In-N-Out Burger's famous spread contains eggs and is not vegan-friendly, there are still sauces you can enjoy with your fries. Ketchup and mustard are both vegan-friendly options that you can pair with your fries for added flavor. So dip away and savor the combination of crispy fries and tangy condiments. The next item on the list is the "Veggie Burger" at In-N-Out. Despite the name, this sandwich doesn't actually contain a burger patty. Instead, it features a toasted bun with In-N-Out spread, lettuce, tomato, and fresh onion. To make it vegan, simply ask for the spread to be removed and add ketchup and mustard instead. This way, you can enjoy a plant-based sandwich that satisfies your cravings. To add some variety to your Veggie Burger, there are a few modifications you can make. In-N-Out offers four types of onions to choose from: fresh sliced (default), raw chopped, grilled chopped, and whole grilled onions. Feel free to add as many onion variations as you'd like to personalize your sandwich. If you want a bit of spiciness, you can also add whole or chopped Yellow Chilies to your Veggie Burger. This will give it a little kick and enhance the flavor profile. For those who enjoy the texture of their buns, you can request your bun to be double toasted for an extra crispy bite or non-toasted for a softer feel. This way, you can tailor your Veggie Burger to your preferred taste and texture. In addition to the Veggie Burger, In-N-Out also offers a "Grilled Cheese" sandwich for vegetarians. This sandwich is similar to the Veggie Burger but includes two slices of melted American cheese. If you're a vegetarian looking for a cheesy indulgence, the Grilled Cheese sandwich is a great choice. To quench your thirst, In-N-Out offers a variety of vegan-friendly beverage options. Most of their soft drinks are vegan-friendly, as they sell Coke products along with a selection of lemonades. You can choose from these refreshing options to complement your vegan meal at In-N-Out.

What time does In-N-Out open and close?

The operating hours of In-N-Out can vary by location. However, most In-N-Out restaurants typically open around 10:30 AM and close around 1:00 AM, with some locations staying open until 1:30 AM or even 2:00 AM.

Is In-N-Out better than Five Guys?

Both In-N-Out and Five Guys have dedicated fans, and the choice between them often comes down to personal preference. In-N-Out is known for its simplicity and freshness, while Five Guys offers a wider variety of toppings and customizable options. Ultimately, it's up to individual taste and preference.

How many calories are in an In-N-Out burger?

An In-N-Out Double-Double Burger contains approximately 670 calories, but this can vary depending on the specific ingredients and customization.

Is In-N-Out open 24 hours?

No, In-N-Out restaurants are not typically open 24 hours. They usually operate within specific hours, typically from morning until late evening or early morning hours, depending on the location.

Is there an In-N-Out secret menu?

Yes, In-N-Out has a secret menu including:

Double Meat

If you're looking for an extra hearty burger, the Double Meat is a fantastic choice. It features two 100% American beef patties, complemented by hand-leafed lettuce, tomato, spread, and optional onions. This stacked delight is served on a freshly baked bun, providing a satisfying and flavorful experience.

3×3 and 4×4

For those who crave an even more substantial burger, the secret menu offers the 3×3 and 4×4 options. The 3×3, pronounced as 'three by three,' includes three beef patties, lettuce, tomato, spread, and three slices of American cheese. Similarly, the 4×4, pronounced as 'four by four,' features four beef patties, lettuce, tomato, spread, and four slices of American cheese. These towering creations are perfect for the burger aficionados among us.

Protein Style

If you're watching your carb intake or simply want a lighter alternative, the Protein Style option is a game-changer. Instead of a traditional bun, your favorite burger is wrapped in hand-leafed lettuce. Alternatively, you can opt for a tomato-wrapped burger instead of using lettuce or a bun. This refreshing twist adds a crisp and healthy element to your meal.

Animal Style Burger

The Animal Style Burger is a popular hack that takes your burger to the next level. It includes hand-leafed lettuce, tomato, and a mustard-cooked beef patty. The patty is cooked with a squirt of mustard, resulting in a tangy and savory flavor. To enhance the experience, you can add pickles, extra spread, and grilled onions. This combination of ingredients creates a truly mouthwatering delight.

Other Secrets and Hacks

Beyond the burger variations, the In-N-Out secret menu offers several other hidden gems: 1. Monkey Style Burger: While it originated from an internet hoax, you can still create your own version by ordering a burger and animal style fries, then adding the fries to the middle of the burger. 2. Mustard Grilled Patty: This is a simplified version of the Animal Style Burger, featuring your favorite burger with a squirt of mustard added to the patty and cooked on the grill. 3. Flying Dutchman: A legendary ghost ship inspires this secret menu item. It consists of two beef patties sandwiched between two slices of American cheese. Simple yet delicious, you can customize it with additional toppings if desired. 4. Scooby Snack and Pup Patty: These items are variations of a single beef patty, perfect for a quick bite or a treat for your furry friend. 5. Veggie Burger: Although it doesn't contain an actual burger patty, the Veggie Burger offers a delightful combination of a toasted bun, In-N-Out spread, lettuce, tomato, and fresh onion. To make it vegan, remove the spread and add ketchup and mustard. You can also spice it up with whole or chopped yellow chilis. Additionally, the Grilled Cheeseburger is another vegetarian option worth considering.

Who are In-N-Out's Top Competitors?

Hardee's / Carl's Jr

Known for their charbroiled burgers and a wide range of options. Some of their bestsellers include the Famous Star with Cheese and the Western Bacon Cheeseburger.

Burger King

This global fast-food chain offers flame-grilled burgers. Their Whopper and Chicken Sandwiches are among their popular items.


Known for its square-shaped burgers and signature Frosty shakes. The Baconator and Spicy Chicken Sandwich are fan favorites.


This fast-food giant has a diverse menu. The Big Mac, Quarter Pounder with Cheese, and Chicken McNuggets are some of their iconic items.

Five Guys

This fast food chain has a customizable menu with a variety of toppings for their burgers and hot dogs. Their Cajun-style fries are also highly regarded.
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