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View the &pizza menu prices list below for the most accurate and up-to-date menu prices. We aggregate data from 96 &pizza locations in our database to create the most accurate list of &pizza prices. Don't rely on outdated price data. We update our database frequently to ensure that the prices are as accurate as possible.

On the &pizza menu, the most expensive item is Garden of Eatin’, which costs $18.00. The cheapest item on the menu is RANCH ON THE SIDE, which costs $0.75. The average price of all items on the menu is currently $6.66.


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About &pizza

What are the popular menu items at &pizza?

&pizza offers a variety of unique and delicious menu items that are popular among their customers. Some of the popular options include:

Moonstruck Pizza

This signature pizza features a combination of mushrooms, garlic ricotta, mozzarella, goat cheese, fig balsamic, and fresh arugula. It offers a delightful balance of flavors.

Maverick Pizza

This pizza features garlic ricotta, mozzarella, mushrooms, and truffle oil.

Spicy Tomato Pizza

This pizza is a hit among those who enjoy a kick of heat. It includes spicy tomato sauce, mozzarella, pepperoni, spicy chickpea, red pepper flakes, and a drizzle of Mike's Hot Honey.

Gnarlic Knots

These flavorful knots are made with garlic butter, pecorino romano cheese, and served with a side of house-made marinara sauce. They are a popular choice for an appetizer or snack.

The OG Pizza

As the name suggests, this is the original pizza that started it all at &pizza. It features a classic combination of tomato sauce, mozzarella, and a variety of toppings such as pepperoni, sausage, mushrooms, onions, and more.

What types of pizza does &pizza offer?

&pizza offers a diverse range of pizza options to cater to different tastes and preferences. They have both signature pizzas and a "Build Your Own Pizza" option. Some of the signature pizza offerings include:

• The OG" Pizza

• Garden of Eatin’

• Meatball & Ricotta Pizza

• Maverick Pizza

What is the Build Your Own Pizza at &pizza?

The "Build Your Own Pizza" option at &pizza allows customers to create their own personalized pizzas by choosing from a variety of ingredients and toppings. Here's how it works: Start with the crust &pizza offers a variety of crust options, including traditional, ancient grain, and gluten-free. Choose a sauce Customers can select from various sauces, such as tomato, spicy tomato, garlic ricotta, or even olive oil. Add cheeses - &pizza provides a range of cheese options, including mozzarella, feta, ricotta, goat cheese, and vegan cheese. Then select toppings - Customers can customize their pizza with an array of toppings such as various vegetables (e.g., mushrooms, onions, bell peppers), proteins (e.g., pepperoni, sausage, bacon), and herbs (e.g., basil, oregano). Finish with drizzles.

Are there vegetarian or vegan options at &pizza?

Yes, &pizza offers a range of options for both vegetarian and vegan customers. They strive to cater to diverse dietary preferences and have specific menu items and ingredients to accommodate these needs. For vegetarians, &pizza offers a variety of pizzas and salads that are free from meat and seafood. Some popular vegetarian options include the "Garden Goat" pizza, which features garlic ricotta, mozzarella, goat cheese, red pepper, balsamic fig glaze, and fresh basil. The "Farmer's Daughter" salad is another vegetarian choice, combining fresh greens, goat cheese, strawberries, local honey, and a lemon vinaigrette dressing. Vegans can also enjoy &pizza's offerings as they provide vegan cheese as a topping option, allowing customers to create their own vegan pizzas. Additionally, they offer vegan-friendly sauces, such as spicy tomato or olive oil, and a variety of vegetable toppings. Customers can also choose from vegan-friendly drizzles like balsamic glaze or chili oil to enhance the flavors. &pizza makes it a point to ensure that vegetarians and vegans have delicious and satisfying options to choose from when visiting their establishments.

Can I customize my pizza at &pizza?

Absolutely! One of the defining features of &pizza is their emphasis on customization. They provide customers with the opportunity to build their own pizzas according to their preferences and taste buds.

Does &pizza offer gluten-free crust?

Yes, &pizza understands the importance of catering to customers with specific dietary needs, including those who require a gluten-free diet. They offer a gluten-free crust option for individuals who are gluten-sensitive or have celiac disease. The gluten-free crust at &pizza is made with a combination of gluten-free flours and ingredients to provide a tasty alternative to their regular crust. It allows customers to enjoy their favorite pizzas without worrying about gluten-related issues. When customizing your pizza at &pizza, you can choose the gluten-free crust as the base.

Can I order &pizza for delivery?

Yes, &pizza offers delivery services to bring their delicious pizzas directly to your doorstep. They understand the convenience and ease of enjoying their menu items in the comfort of your own home, office, or any other location.

Does &pizza have a loyalty program?

Yes, &pizza offers a loyalty program called "The Collective." It rewards customers for their continued patronage and provides various benefits and perks. Here's how the loyalty program works:

Sign up for The Collective

You can join The Collective loyalty program by signing up online through the &pizza website or mobile app. The sign-up process typically involves creating an account and providing necessary details such as your name, email address, and sometimes your phone number.

Earn points

Once you're a member, you can start earning points for every purchase you make at &pizza. The number of points earned may vary based on the amount spent or any ongoing promotions. You can accumulate points with each qualifying transaction.

Redeem rewards

As you earn points, you can redeem them for rewards offered by &pizza. These rewards may include discounts, free menu items, exclusive promotions, or even special event invitations.

Enjoy member-exclusive benefits

The Collective members often receive exclusive benefits such as early access to new menu items, personalized offers, or surprise rewards on their birthdays.

The details and specific benefits of The Collective loyalty program may vary based on the location and any ongoing promotions or changes. It's advisable to visit the &pizza website or contact your nearest &pizza store for the most accurate and up-to-date information about their loyalty program.

Are there any special promotions or discounts at &pizza?

Yes, &pizza frequently offers special promotions and discounts to provide additional value to their customers. These promotions may vary over time and across different locations, but here are a few examples:

Limited-time offers

&pizza occasionally introduces limited-time menu items or collaborations with guest chefs or local partners. These special offerings can provide unique and exciting flavors for a limited period.

Combo deals

&pizza often offers combo deals that include a combination of pizzas, sides, and beverages at a discounted price. These combos are designed to provide a complete meal experience at a value.

Student discounts

Some &pizza locations may offer exclusive discounts for students. These discounts typically require presenting a valid student ID at the time of ordering to avail of the offer.

Online/app discounts

&pizza may provide promotional codes or exclusive discounts for orders placed through their official website or mobile app. These discounts can be applied during the checkout process to receive the designated offer.

Group orders or catering discounts

If you're placing a large group order or require catering services, certain &pizza locations may offer discounts or special pricing options to accommodate your needs.

What are the typical prices for a pizza at &pizza?

The prices of pizzas at &pizza may vary slightly based on location and any local factors that influence costs. Typically, expect to spend around $10-$15 per person when dining at &pizza.

How much does the "American Honey" pizza cost?

The American Honey pizza at &pizza is approximately $11.35 however prices may change depending on the location and any applicable factors. To obtain the most accurate and up-to-date pricing information for the American Honey pizza or any other specific menu item, it is advisable to contact the nearest &pizza location or refer to their official website or menu.

How much is the "Maverick" pizza at &pizza?

The "Maverick" pizza at &pizza is approximately $11.44 however prices may change depending on the location and any applicable factors.

Does &pizza have any sides or desserts on their menu?

Yes, &pizza offers a variety of sides and desserts to complement their pizza offerings. These additional menu items are designed to enhance the dining experience and provide customers with a range of options like the Gnarlic Knots, Heritage Blend Salad an Chocolate Chip Cookie.

Are there any beverage options at &pizza?

Yes, &pizza offers a variety of beverage options to complement your meal. They provide both non-alcoholic and alcoholic beverages, catering to different preferences. Here are some examples of the beverage options available at &pizza:

Craft Sodas

&pizza offers a selection of craft sodas that are made with high-quality ingredients and unique flavor profiles. These sodas come in various flavors, such as ginger ale, root beer, cola, and citrus blends.

Fountain Drinks

You can find traditional fountain drinks like cola, lemon-lime soda, and other popular soft drink options. These beverages are typically available in different sizes for your convenience.

Bottled Drinks

&pizza often has a range of bottled beverages, including bottled water, various juices, and other non-alcoholic options.

Alcoholic Beverages (where permitted)

Depending on the specific &pizza location and local regulations, they may offer a selection of alcoholic beverages. This could include beer, wine, or specialty cocktails.

What time does &pizza open and close?

The operating hours of &pizza can vary depending on the specific location and day of the week. However, most &pizza locations typically follow a schedule that accommodates lunch and dinner hours. As a general guideline, &pizza locations may have operating hours similar to the following:

Weekdays (Monday to Friday)

Many &pizza locations open around 11:00 AM or noon and remain open until 9:00 PM or later. Some locations may have extended hours, especially in areas with high foot traffic or nightlife.

Weekends (Saturday and Sunday)

&pizza locations often open around the same time as weekdays, around 11:00 AM or noon. They may have slightly different closing hours, which could be as late as 11:00 PM or midnight, catering to customers seeking late-night dining options.

Who are &pizza's competitors?

&pizza operates in a competitive market alongside various pizza chains and local pizzerias. While the specific competitors may vary depending on the location, here are a few examples of popular pizza chains that compete with &pizza:

Blaze Pizza

Blaze Pizza is a fast-casual pizza chain known for its build-your-own pizza concept, offering a wide range of toppings and sauces.

MOD Pizza

MOD Pizza is another fast-casual pizza chain that focuses on customization, allowing customers to create their own unique pizzas with a variety of ingredients.


Pieology is a fast-casual pizza chain where customers can customize their pizzas using fresh ingredients and creative combinations.

Papa John's

Papa John's is a well-known pizza delivery chain offering a variety of traditional and creative pizzas, along with sides and desserts.


Domino's is a global pizza delivery chain known for its extensive menu options, including pizzas, sides, and desserts, with a strong emphasis on efficient delivery.

Pizza Hut

Pizza Hut is another prominent pizza chain offering a wide range of pizzas, pasta, wings, and other side dishes, with both dine-in and delivery options.

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