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On the Hardee's/Carl's Jr. menu, the most expensive item is 15 Piece - Hand-Breaded Chicken Tenders Box Combo, which costs $28.38. The cheapest item on the menu is Sour Cream, which costs $0.33. The average price of all items on the menu is currently $7.31.

Top Rated Items at Hardee's/Carl's Jr.
1/3 lb. Frisco Thickburger Combo $8.78


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About Hardee's/Carl's Jr.

What are the most popular menu items at Hardee's / Carl's Jr.?

Hardee's / Carl's Jr. offers a wide variety of menu items, but some of their most popular choices include:

The Original Thickburger

A juicy Angus beef patty topped with lettuce, tomato, onions, pickles, and their signature sauce, all served on a toasted sesame seed bun.

Western Bacon Cheeseburger

This fan-favorite features a charbroiled beef patty topped with crispy bacon, melted American cheese, tangy BBQ sauce, and crispy onion rings, served on a sesame seed bun.

Hand-Breaded Chicken Tenders

Tender, juicy chicken breast strips coated in a seasoned breading and fried to a golden perfection. They are often available in different portion sizes, such as 3-piece, 5-piece, or even as part of a combo meal.

What is Hardee's / Carl's Jr. known for?

Hardee's / Carl's Jr. is known for its indulgent, flavorful, and charbroiled burgers. They take pride in offering big, hearty burgers made with high-quality ingredients and flame-grilled to perfection. Their burgers often feature unique toppings and sauces, setting them apart from other fast-food chains.

Did Hardee's buy Carl's Jr?

Hardee's and Carl's Jr. are sister chains under the same parent company, CKE Restaurants. CKE Restaurants acquired Hardee's in 1997 and had already been operating Carl's Jr. prior to that. They have since maintained both brands as separate entities, each with its own distinct menu and regional presence.

Why does Carl's Jr look like Hardee's?

While Hardee's and Carl's Jr. are owned by the same parent company, they maintain their unique branding and visual identities. However, in some cases, you may notice similarities in the appearance of their restaurants due to shared architectural designs or building concepts used by the company.

Does Hardee's / Carl's Jr. have gluten-free menu items?

Unfortunately, Hardee's / Carl's Jr. does not currently offer a dedicated gluten-free menu. Most of their menu items contain gluten, including their buns and breaded items. However, they do provide a customizable option where you can order certain burgers or sandwiches without the bun to reduce gluten content.

What are the healthiest items on the Hardee's / Carl's Jr. menu?

Hardee's / Carl's Jr. offers some relatively healthier options on their menu. Here are a few examples:

Charbroiled Chicken Club Sandwich

Grilled chicken breast topped with bacon, Swiss cheese, lettuce, and tomato, served on a bun. Opting for this item without mayonnaise can help reduce the overall calorie and fat content.

Side Salad

A fresh mix of lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers, and shredded cheese, served with your choice of dressing.

Low Carb It—Grilled Chicken Club Sandwich

340 calories, 22 grams of fat and 24 grams of protein, this option is definitely worth considering. The saturated fat content is reduced by half compared to other menu items. So, if you're looking for a healthier choice, this sandwich fits the bill.

3-piece Chicken Tenders at Hardee's

These contain just 260 calories, 13 grams of fat, 13 grams of carbs and 25 grams of protein. What sets them apart is their relatively lower sodium content and although the fat content is somewhat high considering their small size, you can convert this meal into a lighter lunch option by complementing it with a side salad.

What is the Beyond Burger patty?

The Beyond Burger patty is a plant-based burger option available at Hardee's / Carl's Jr. It is made by the company Beyond Meat and is designed to mimic the taste and texture of a traditional beef patty. The Beyond Burger is entirely plant-based and is a popular choice for vegetarians and those looking to reduce their consumption of animal products.

How much is the Hand-Breaded Chicken Tenders at Carl's Jr?

The price of the Hand-Breaded Chicken Tenders at Carl's Jr. may vary depending on the location and any ongoing promotions. As of the last available information, a 3-piece Hand-Breaded Chicken Tenders combo typically costs around $8.77 which includes a side and a drink.

How much is the Bacon Cheese Thickburger at Hardee's / Carl's Jr.?

The price of the Bacon Cheeseburger at Hardee's / Carl's Jr. starts at $5.29 when purchased separately. Prices may be slightly higher when ordered as part of a combo meal.

Are there vegetarian/vegan options at Hardee's / Carl's Jr.?

Yes, Hardee's / Carl's Jr. offers vegetarian and vegan options on their menu. The Beyond Famous Star Burger mentioned earlier is a vegan option, as the Beyond Burger patty is entirely plant-based. Additionally, they may offer customizable options where you can substitute meat with a veggie patty or opt for a salad without meat or animal-based ingredients.

What time does Hardee's / Carl's Jr. open and close?

The opening and closing times of Hardee's / Carl's Jr. restaurants can vary depending on the location and whether it is a standalone store or a store within a larger complex. Generally, they tend to open in the morning, around 6:00 or 7:00 AM, and close in the evening, around 10:00 or 11:00 PM. However, it's best to check with your specific local restaurant for their exact operating hours.

What's the unhealthiest item on the Hardee's / Carl's Jr. menu?

One of the menu items that is considered less healthy due to its high calorie and fat content is the ⅔ lb. Monster Thickburger. This massive burger includes two charbroiled beef patties, three slices of cheese, four strips of bacon, and mayonnaise, all served on a bun. It contains over 1,300 calories and a significant amount of saturated fat.

What is the Famous Star with Cheese?

Hardee's Famous Star with Cheese is a signature burger offered by the fast-food chain Hardee's. It is a classic and beloved menu item that has gained popularity over the years. The Famous Star with Cheese features a flame-grilled, 100% Angus beef patty that is topped with melted American cheese. The burger is then complemented by fresh, crisp lettuce, ripe tomatoes, sliced onions, tangy pickles, and a dollop of creamy mayonnaise. All of these delicious ingredients are sandwiched between a soft, toasted sesame seed bun.

How much is the Famous Star with Cheese Combo?

The Famous Star with Cheese Combo is approximately $9.60.

Is Hardee's / Carl's Jr. better than Five Guys?

Both Hardee's / Carl's Jr. and Five Guys have their unique qualities and fan bases, so it ultimately comes down to personal preference. Hardee's / Carl's Jr. is known for its charbroiled burgers and indulgent menu items, while Five Guys is known for its made-to-order burgers and extensive selection of toppings. Both chains have their loyal customers who appreciate their distinct flavors and offerings.

How many calories are in a Hardee's / Carl's Jr. burger?

The calorie content of a Hardee's / Carl's Jr. burger varies depending on the specific burger and its ingredients. On average, a standard burger from their menu may range from around 500 to 800 calories. However, some specialty burgers or larger options may exceed 1,000 calories. It's important to note that calorie counts can vary, so it's best to check the nutritional information for the specific burger you're interested in.

Is Hardee's / Carl's Jr. 24 hours?

Not all Hardee's / Carl's Jr. locations are open 24 hours. The operating hours can vary based on the location and the specific restaurant. While some Hardee's / Carl's Jr. locations may have extended hours or be open 24/7, others may have more limited hours, especially during late nights or early mornings. It's recommended to check with your local Hardee's / Carl's Jr. for their specific hours of operation.

Can I order Hardee's / Carl's Jr. online?

Yes, Hardee's / Carl's Jr. offers online ordering through their official website or mobile app. Customers can place their orders, customize their meals, and choose their preferred pickup location. Online ordering provides convenience and allows you to customize your order to your liking before picking it up at the designated restaurant.

Does Hardee's / Carl's Jr. deliver?

Hardee's / Carl's Jr. does offer delivery services through third-party delivery platforms like Grubhub, DoorDash, Uber Eats, and Postmates, depending on the location. Customers can place their orders through these platforms and have their food delivered to their doorstep. Delivery availability may vary depending on the specific restaurant and the delivery platforms operating in your area.

What Hardee's / Carl's Jr. menu items have been discontinued?

Menu items can vary over time, and specific discontinued items may vary by region. However, some past menu items that have been discontinued at Hardee's / Carl's Jr. include: Grilled Cheese Bacon Thickburger Philly Cheesesteak Thickburger Hand-Breaded Fish Sandwich It's worth noting that menu offerings can change periodically, and new items may be introduced while others are phased out.

Is there a Hardee's / Carl's Jr. secret menu?

One legendary off-menu item is the Harold. When you request this dish, the skilled cooks know exactly how to prepare it. You'll receive a bowl filled with biscuits and gravy, scrambled eggs, hash browns, and a generous sprinkle of shredded cheese on top. It's a delightful way to kickstart your day! Even dedicated Hardee's fans may not be aware that the famous Monster Biscuit is still available. While this classic breakfast sandwich may not appear on all menus, any Hardee's location can make it upon request. Simply ask for a biscuit with bacon, sausage, eggs, ham, and cheese, and they'll happily recreate this beloved item. For those with hearty appetites, the Chicken Stuffed Super Star is a must-try off-menu sandwich. It features two hamburger patties, two slices of American cheese, toppings, and a seeded bun, with a spicy chicken patty nestled in the middle. It's a challenge to finish but a gratifying choice for the hungry diner! To order from the secret menu, you may need to guide the less-informed Hardee's employees by specifying the individual ingredients. Alternatively, if you prefer, you can gather the necessary components yourself and assemble these delectable items. Whether you visit Hardee's for breakfast, lunch, dinner, or a quick snack, you'll always find intriguing ways to customize your order and savor the finest flavors that Hardee's has to offer.

Who are Hardee's / Carl's Jr. Top Competitors?


Known for their classic burgers, fresh ingredients, and "secret" menu items like Animal Style burgers and fries.

Burger King

Famous for the Whopper and offering a diverse menu that includes flame-grilled burgers, chicken sandwiches, and breakfast items.


Known for their square-shaped burgers, fresh never-frozen beef, and signature items like the Baconator and Frosty desserts.


A global fast-food giant known for its iconic Big Mac, Quarter Pounder, and extensive menu of burgers, chicken, and breakfast items.

Five Guys

Offers made-to-order burgers with a wide range of toppings, along with their famous hand-cut fries and milkshakes.

Jack in the Box

Known for their diverse menu that includes burgers, tacos, and late-night offerings like their popular Munchie Meals.
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