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View the McDonald's menu prices list below for the most accurate and up-to-date menu prices. We aggregate data from 8,988 McDonald's locations in our database to create the most accurate list of McDonald's prices. Don't rely on outdated price data. We update our database frequently to ensure that the prices are as accurate as possible.

On the McDonald's menu, the most expensive item is Favorites for 6, which costs $48.48. The cheapest item on the menu is Salt Packet, which costs $0.11. The average price of all items on the menu is currently $5.86.

Top Rated Items at McDonald's
Breakfast Favorites Bundle $28.89
Breakfast McMuffin Bundle $23.78
Chicken Pack $27.81
2 Cheeseburger Meal $9.46
Snack Snickerdoodle Mcflurry $2.84


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About McDonald's

What are the most popular menu items at McDonald's?

The most popular menu items at McDonald's include the following:

Big Mac

A classic burger consisting of two beef patties, special sauce, lettuce, cheese, pickles, and onions, served on a sesame seed bun.

Chicken McNuggets

Bite-sized pieces of chicken made with white meat and served with a variety of dipping sauces.

French Fries

Crispy and golden fries that are a staple accompaniment to McDonald's meals.


A fish fillet topped with tartar sauce and served on a steamed bun.


A breaded chicken patty with lettuce and mayo, served on a sesame seed bun.

Double Cheeseburger

It features two beef patties, melted American cheese, pickles, onions, ketchup, and mustard, all nestled between a soft sesame seed bun.

Egg McMuffin

This beloved breakfast sandwich consists of a freshly cracked Grade A egg, a slice of melted American cheese, and a savory Canadian bacon, all sandwiched between a toasted English muffin.

Happy Meal

This specially designed meal for kids that comes with a main item, a side (such as fries or apple slices), a drink, and a fun toy.

Does McDonald's offer vegetarian or vegan options?

Yes, McDonald's offers vegetarian and vegan options to cater to a diverse range of dietary preferences. Here are some examples: • Veggie Burger Deluxe • McPlant™ • Garden Side Salad • Fruit and Maple Oatmeal • McPlant Nuggets (available in select regions)

Does McDonald's have healthy items on the menu?

McDonald's offers a range of healthier options on their menu for those looking for nutritious choices. Here are a few examples: • Grilled Chicken Sandwich: A grilled chicken breast filet topped with lettuce, tomato, and mayo, served on a bun. • Side Salad: A mix of lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers, and other vegetables, served with a choice of dressings. • Fruit and Yogurt Parfait: Layers of low-fat yogurt, mixed berries, and granola. • Egg White Delight McMuffin: A breakfast sandwich made with an egg white patty, Canadian bacon, and white cheddar cheese, served on an English muffin.

What are McDonald's hours of business?

McDonald's operating hours may vary by location. However, many McDonald's restaurants typically follow the following general hours: • Weekdays (Monday to Friday): Most McDonald's locations open around 5:00 AM or 6:00 AM and close around 11:00 PM or midnight. • Weekends (Saturday and Sunday): McDonald's restaurants often open a bit earlier, around 5:00 AM or 6:00 AM, and close around midnight or 1:00 AM. It's important to note that these hours can vary depending on the specific restaurant's location and local regulations. It's always advisable to check with your nearest McDonald's for their exact operating hours.

What's the average price of food at McDonald's?

The prices of food items at McDonald's can vary depending on the country, region, and specific menu choices. However, to provide a general idea, here are some approximate average prices for popular items (prices may vary): Big Mac: $5.53 McNuggets Meal (10-piece): $8.07 French Fries (medium): $2.77 Filet-O-Fish: $4.98 McChicken: $2.08 Please note that these prices are only estimates and are subject to change. Prices can vary based on factors such as location, promotions, and local market conditions.

Does McDonald's serve all-day breakfast?

McDonald's has made changes to its breakfast service in recent years, allowing customers to enjoy their favorite breakfast items beyond the traditional morning hours. While not all McDonald's locations offer all-day breakfast, many do provide extended breakfast hours to accommodate breakfast lovers throughout the day. Most McDonald's restaurants typically serve breakfast from 5 a.m. to 10:30 a.m. However, it's important to note that some locations have extended their breakfast service and continue serving breakfast until 11 a.m.

What are the latest McDonald's deals and promos?

McDonald's regularly offers promotions and discounts to provide value and savings to its customers. However, the specific promos and discounts can vary by region and time. For now, these are the deals available:

Free Large Fries Now. Even More Fries Later

McDonald's has an exciting deal for first-time app users. By downloading the McDonald's app and joining MyMcDonald's Rewards, you can get free large fries with a minimum $1 purchase. As a member of the rewards program, you can earn points for every eligible order, which can be redeemed for more free food. Just remember, it may take up to 48 hours for the deal to appear in your app.

Free Fries Friday

Who can resist McDonald's famous French fries? Well, here's some great news: you can enjoy free medium fries every Friday! All you need to do is use the official McDonald's app and make a minimum $1 purchase. And the best part? This deal is available every Friday until the end of 2023.

Grimace's Birthday Meal

Get ready for a nostalgic blast from the past! McDonald's is bringing back the beloved character Grimace from the 80s and 90s with a special birthday meal. The meal includes your choice of a Big Mac or 10-piece chicken nuggets, along with a portion of medium fries. To make it even more exciting, they offer a purple shake to complete the meal. This limited-time deal is exclusively available on the McDonald's app for pick-up or delivery.

How to avail of McDonald's deals and promos?

To enjoy the best deals at McDonald's, it's recommended to participate in the MyMcDonald's Rewards program. Once the deals are used or expired, they will be removed from the app's display. Here's how you can avail the offers and deals: 1. Download the McDonald's app and join MyMcDonald's Rewards. 2. Click on the "Add Deal to Mobile Order" button when placing an order through the app. 3. Explore the exclusive deals and offers available on the app or McDonald's website. 4. Participate in the MyMcDonald's Rewards program to unlock the full range of deals and benefits.

Does McDonald's have a secret menu?

While McDonald's does not officially have a secret menu, there are some creative and customizable options that have gained popularity among customers. These "secret menu" items are not listed on the regular menu boards but can be requested by customizing existing menu items. Examples of such items include: • McGangBang (combining a McChicken and a McDouble) • Animal Style fries (inspired by In-N-Out Burger's famous option) • Root Beer Float (combining root beer and soft-serve ice cream) However, it's important to note that not all McDonald's locations may be willing or able to prepare these customized orders, as they may vary by franchise or individual restaurant.

What are McDonald's discontinued items?

Over the years, McDonald's has introduced and retired various menu items based on customer preferences and market demand. While these items are no longer available on the regular menu, some of them may still be offered in select locations or as limited-time promotions. Here are a few notable discontinued items: • McPizza • McRib • Arch Deluxe • Chicken Selects • Snack Wraps

Does McDonald's have a loyalty program?

Yes, McDonald's has a loyalty program called "My McDonald's Rewards" (availability may vary by country). This program allows customers to earn points and redeem rewards for their purchases. Members can earn points by scanning their QR code within the McDonald's app or by providing their registered phone number at the time of purchase. The points can then be redeemed for various menu items or discounts.

Who are McDonald's top competitors?

Burger King

Bestsellers: Whopper, Chicken Fries, and Onion Rings Burger King is known for its flame-grilled burgers, with the Whopper being its flagship sandwich. The use of flame-grilling gives their burgers a distinct taste. Chicken Fries and Onion Rings are popular sides that offer a unique alternative to traditional French fries.


Bestsellers: Dave's Single, Baconator, and Spicy Chicken Sandwich Wendy's is famous for its fresh, never-frozen beef patties. Dave's Single, named after the founder, is a classic burger option. The Baconator appeals to those craving a hearty, indulgent burger, while the Spicy Chicken Sandwich offers a flavorful and spicy alternative.


Bestsellers: Italian B.M.T., Subway Club, and Meatball Marinara Subway stands out with its focus on made-to-order sandwiches. The Italian B.M.T. (Biggest, Meatiest, Tastiest) is a popular choice with a combination of cured meats. The Subway Club offers a variety of cold cuts and the Meatball Marinara is a comforting option with meatballs smothered in marinara sauce.


Bestsellers: Original Recipe Chicken, Zinger Burger, and Popcorn Chicken KFC is renowned for its flavorful fried chicken. The Original Recipe Chicken, seasoned with a blend of herbs and spices, is a signature item. The Zinger Burger, featuring a spicy crispy chicken fillet, appeals to those who enjoy a little kick. Popcorn Chicken provides bite-sized, snackable chicken pieces.

In-N-Out Burger

Bestsellers: Double-Double Burger, Animal Style Fries, and Neapolitan Shake In-N-Out Burger is known for its simple yet delicious menu. The Double Double Burger, with double meat and double cheese, is a staple. Animal Style Fries, topped with cheese, spread, and grilled onions, are a popular indulgence. The Neapolitan Shake, combining chocolate, vanilla, and strawberry flavors, offers a unique and nostalgic treat.

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