5 Tips for Your Pre-Wedding Fitness Plan

Did you know that 80% of brides and more than 50% of their wedding entourage including their family members will change their diet and exercise habits for the wedding day? This is according to the 2006 American Wedding Study conducted by and we’re inclined to believe it because brides naturally want to look and feel good during their big day!

But there are several issues that may prevent your own plans for better health and fitness in time for your wedding day. Your hectic schedule for your wedding preparations, from choosing the vendors and venue to deciding on the budget and guests, is largely to blame for it. You will then think that there’s little time to get into a Bodyplex gym to get a healthier, fitter and sexier body.

Fortunately, there are several ways that you can get your bride-to-be butt into the gym and work out. Here are a few of the most useful tips.

#1 Find Your Inspiration

What will make you become more motivated to hit the exercise machines? You have to find your inspiration in working out, especially when you’re not the type who frequents the gym or you’re too busy juggling your wedding preparations, personal relationships, and work.  Your motivations may include:

  • Being a radiant bride because of your confidence in your body, as well as the fact that exercise contributes to glowing skin
  • Being physically fit for the wedding ceremony and reception, which can last for hours, as well as for your honeymoon
  • Being more relaxed amidst the stress of wedding planning, thanks to mental health benefit of exercise (i.e., reduce anxiety, frustration and the blues)

Just remember that you should ideally work out because it makes you feel and look good in your eyes. You can’t please everybody but you can definitely be pleased with yourself with your workout results.

#2 Work with a Personal Trainer

You may like working out on your own or with a group, such as in a spin class, but you will find that there are several advantages to working with a personal trainer. You will have a fitness professional who can formulate your customized workout program to suit your specific needs and wants, as well as become your cheerleader when you feel like quitting.

Your personal trainer can also assist in setting realistic expectations from your workout program. You will likely want to lose unwanted pounds and tone your muscles so your personal trainer may suggest a 4-week training program along these lines.  Your body may shed between 4 and 8 pounds per month but it’s neither recommended nor realistic to shed more than these amounts, especially when you will use extreme methods.

#3 Design Your Workout Based on Your Dress

Most, if not all, brides choose their wedding dresses and/or gowns based on their body type and personal preferences. Along this vein, you may also want to design your workout based on the style of your wedding gown. Your goal will obviously be to accentuate your assets and hide your flaws, as is the case whenever you’re choosing a workout plan for non-wedding purposes.

  • Backless and strapless gowns show off the shoulders, arms and back so the best exercises work on these parts of the body.
  • Mermaid gowns accentuate the glutes (i.e., buttocks) and abdomen. Different variations of squats will make the hips, buttocks and outer thighs toned.
  • Straight gowns and ball gowns typically show off the body’s curves thus making full body workouts a must.
  • Cocktail gowns draw attention to the legs thus deadlifts and lunges are great exercises.

But don’t just focus on your body. You should also work on building your self-confidence in terms of movements, which will contribute to your gracefulness while walking down the aisle.

#4 Adopt Healthier Eating Habits

Stress eating becomes too common among brides-to-be, which isn’t surprising especially as most meetings from the menu tasting to the rehearsal dinner involves food and drinks. But if you want to be fit on your wedding day, then you should avoid stress eating because your body will show it otherwise. You shouldn’t go to the other extreme, too, specifically of starving yourself for weight loss purposes.

We cannot overemphasize that you have to feed your mind and body with nutritious food because you will need it for your big day. Many brides make the mistake of skipping on a healthy meal on their big day just to fit into their gowns. What good are beautiful gowns when the persons wearing them have fainted?  None.

#5 Derive Happiness from It

Amidst the hustle and bustle of your wedding preparations, you will succumb to frustrations over the bumps along the road. Think of your exercise sessions as your “me time” when you can just get away from it all and be happy with yourself and your progress. Your happiness in the gym can translate to your daily life activities outside of it.

More importantly, just do your exercises and eat your nutritious food! The best start is when you actually start acting on your fitness plan, no matter how small that step may be.

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