Anytime Fitness vs. Planet Fitness

The Anytime Fitness vs. Planet Fitness comparisons cannot be helped because these chains are the closest competitors in the industry, particularly in terms of pricing, classes, and facilities. Both are also considered as relatively upscale although their membership plans are still within reach of young professionals and the like.

Anytime Fitness Equals 24 Hours of Fitness

Just as its name implies, Anytime Fitness gyms are open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, as well as a widespread network. In fact, the chain consists of more than 3,000 gyms in the United States, the largest gym franchise in the country. 

Unlike many of its competitors that pride themselves on big-box environments, Anytime Fitness gyms are usually smaller in size without sacrificing on sufficient room for its clients. The smaller environment makes sense considering that the chain wants its members to enjoy learning the ropes, so to speak, without feeling intimidated.

Planet Fitness Equals a Place for Health

Planet Fitness is a smaller chain of gyms with more than 1,000 locations in the United States. Unlike Anytime Fitness, its gyms aren’t open 24 hours a day but these are open well into the night. While its operating hours are inconvenient for night owls, most of its customers find its schedules fit well into their lives.

Keep in mind that Planet Fitness gyms have a loud color scheme, particularly yellow and purple. Your sense of style may or may not be offended by it but if you’re into fitness anyway, then it shouldn’t matter.

Furthermore, Planet Fitness has a no judgment policy that deters so-called fitness bullies from intimidating beginners, especially the average Joes and Janes. The intimidation-free zones are always present in its gyms. 

Comparison of Chains

While Anytime Fitness and Planet Fitness are close competitors, these chains have several different characteristics.


Planet Fitness gyms are more often than not larger in size than Anytime Fitness gyms, as well as offering judgement-free zones for beginners. Anytime Fitness gyms may have a more intimate environment that fosters camaraderie among regular clients while also encouraging newbies to interact with others. 

In both chains, the facilities and amenities are maintained clean and hygienic. The gym staff are diligent in ensuring that the operations flow smoothly for all customers’ benefit. 

Membership fees

Most Anytime Fitness gyms offer a no-contract membership scheme; a few gyms, however, may require contracts based on the franchisee’s discretion.  The chain also offers several membership options including single and two-person monthly and annual memberships. The membership fees typically include a sign-up fee and a monthly or annual fee; go for the annual fee, if you’re a gym rat since you can save money on it. 

Also, members are eligible to use any of the Anytime Fitness locations 30 days after signing up.

Planet Fitness requires an initiation fee, which differs depending on the location, and a contract of membership. Interested individuals can also choose from several membership schemes, and we have to say that these can be confusing because of their numerous terms and conditions.

But to summarize, you will likely pay for a monthly membership fee for unlimited access to whatever Planet Fitness club you signed up in. You have to pay an extra fee if you want to have access to both a local club and other Planet Fitness clubs.

Between the two chains, we think that Anytime Fitness gives the best deal in terms of price of membership, especially considering the access to multiple clubs and at all hours of the day and night. 

Quality and quantity of equipment

Anytime Fitness has nearly everything that fitness enthusiasts will need and want in commercial gym. There are cardio machines from treadmills to ellipticals, strength training equipment from dumbbells and free weights to cable machines, as well as flexibility equipment.  The equipment are also relatively new so there’s a spic-and-span, shiny look to the gyms. 

Planet Fitness isn’t the best place to be for people looking for a full suite of strength training equipment. Yes, the cardio equipment are aplenty but there are only a handful of weight machines and free weights. 


Anytime Fitness also takes the cake when it comes to the number of classes offered. Clients can choose from a wide range of classes including spin, Zumba, yoga and Pilates, and other cardio classes. Keep in mind that some of these classes may be free to members while others require an extra fee to participate in.

Planet Fitness, in contrast, doesn’t offer fitness classes. 

Facilities and amenities

Showers and lockers are both offered at Anytime Fitness and Planet Fitness. Both don’t have swimming pools, saunas, and spas but since these are considered as luxuries, these aren’t as missed, so to speak.

Childcare services aren’t offered in both chains, too. The solution: Go when you have somebody to take care of the kids, especially as both are still open when other gyms are already closed. 

Between the two chains, we choose Anytime Fitness for its convenient locations, affordable fees, and wide range of equipment. But in the end, it all boils down to personal preferences. 

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