Anytime Fitness vs Planet Fitness Comparison and Guide

Anytime Fitness and Planet Fitness. These two gyms have unique brand histories behind them, each having establishments and fitness centers by the thousands. You may have these gyms in your area. You might be wondering about which one you should sign up for. 

Today, we will put these two gyms side by side and compare them in various aspects. We will look at the costs, the facilities, and the environment. Let us begin with the comparison between Anytime Fitness vs. Planet Fitness. 

Operating Hours 

One of the key things that makes these two establishments stand out is in the hours when the gyms remain open and accessible. Anytime Fitness stands out with it being open 24 hours a day. Members can access the facilities at any time, even in odd hours past midnight. 

In this manner, members have a keycard that they can use to access the facilities. This keycard also allows them to go to other Anytime Fitness gyms in other locations. This becomes one of its notable selling points. 

For Planet Fitness, most of its gyms operate on the same 24-hour scheme. Although depending on location, there are also some variations on hours when the Planet Fitness gyms open and close. For instance, there would be some specific hours when some Planet Fitness gyms operate during the weekends. 


When inside the gym, the distinction between the two goes further. We will go first with the atmosphere when you are inside one of their fitness centers. 

With Anytime Fitness, the interior varies by location. Although it usually has purple as part of the color scheme. Due to having a complete set of equipment, it caters to all members. Most especially with bodybuilders and weightlifters. This, however, may come off as intimidating for beginners. 

Planet Fitness has a more characteristic interior with its striking use of yellow and purple in the interior. Color palette aside, you can also find other striking messages on the walls. Messages like “You Belong!” and “No Critics” put out the atmosphere that is accepting and safe for beginners. This makes it a distinct trademark for Planet Fitness. 

Facilities and Equipment 

When it comes to the equipment, the difference is like night and day. 

Planet Fitness has a roster of equipment and machines that cater to cardio-focused training. You will find a lot of treadmills and cardio machines. You also find a few weight machines and some dumbbells, and a Smith machine. This may come off as lacking for heavy weightlifters. 

On the other hand, Anytime Fitness comes with a full arsenal of equipment. Aside from cardio machines, they also have a full set of dumbbells and power racks. This massive plethora of equipment caters well to athletes and bodybuilders. Whatever you need for your workout is here. 

In other news, what Anytime Fitness and Planet Fitness have in common is with the locker rooms having showers in them. Perfect for anyone who needs to freshen up after a good workout session. 

If you are looking for a pool or a spa in any of their facilities, they don’t have that available. 


Most of the fitness centers would have classes available for gym members to sign up to. This is one particular factor that Anything Fitness has an edge on. 

In this case, Anything Fitness offers classes for various programs. Among these include Zumba, yoga, cardio, and so on. Gym members can avail of these classes for free. 

Planet Fitness, however, doesn’t have any classes available in any of their centers. That is currently the only downside it has. 

Membership Options and Costs 

When signing up, these two fitness franchises offer a different set of membership options. 

Planet Fitness offers different levels of membership. You have the membership that allows for unlimited access to their facilities for $10 a month. Some locations also offer the No Commitments option. For a premium Planet Fitness Black Card, you also get a whole lot more with their services. This one is at $22.99 per month. In terms of costs, check with your local Planet Fitness for a detailed price. 

Anytime Fitness also offers different levels of membership. You have monthly and annual memberships open for a single person or for two people. A single person membership would usually go for $40 a month with some sign-up fees amounting to $85. Once you have your membership set, you can go to any of the Anytime Fitness locations. 

Anytime Fitness offers a whole lot of features with a full range of equipment. Although this makes it costly. Planet Fitness is a great option if you are on a tight budget. 

In the end, pick a gym that suits your fitness goals and needs. Whichever of these two gyms you pick, you are now one step closer to having a healthier version of yourself.

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