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Great Clips vs. Sport Clips

Most guys don’t really want to spend too much time contemplating their hair cut. They just want it neat, and they want a no-fuss haircut experience as well. That may be a rather simplistic oversimplification, but then barbershops all over the US tend to confirm these impressions.

At the same time, guys do want some sort of special treatment as well without having to pay outrageous haircut prices. So where do guys go? For many, there are only 2 good options: there’s Great Clips, and there’s Sports Clips.

Great Clips

Great Clips is a franchised companies, with more than 4,200 locations all over the US and Canada. They employ a total of almost 40,000 stylists which receive ongoing training. They’ve been in the business since 1982, when they started out as Super Clips. Their operating principle focused on offering no-fuss haircuts for low prices, and it clicked with men ever since.

They’ve had decades to realize what guys want, so they offer a full range of basic hair care services. These include haircuts for men, including haircuts for boys and older gentlemen. Technically they’re also able to offer haircuts for women, but they don’t really have the equipment you normally find in a typical ladies’ hair salon. Nope, this is a guy’s place for hair services.

Other services include styling as well as shampoo and conditioner treatment. Beards, neck hair growth, and bangs can be trimmed. In some locations, there’s even a perm service.

What made Great Clips so popular is that guys can just walk in to the establishment and get a haircut without a lot of waiting. But nowadays Great Clips offer online check in, which informs you of your waiting time. Your name is added to the list for a local Great Clips location, and then you’re given the time to visit so your waiting time is almost non-existent. This service is available as an app, and it’s been downloaded more than 3 million times.

Then there’s also Clip Notes assistance. Remember back in the old days when barbers know what kind of hair cut each customer prefers? Now that’s the kind of personalized service that’s available in Great Clips. Stylists enter info on your particular profile, regarding the type of hair cut you want. The info can be extremely detailed.

So if you come into a Great Clips salon and your previous stylist isn’t there, the new stylist will still know what to do. In fact, you can visit another Great Clips salon in another city and the stylists there can access your haircut profile preferences as well.

The haircut prices are extremely reasonable, and they offer lots of promos and discounts. So you get a nice and neat haircut, enjoy the experience, and your budget isn’t traumatized.

Sport Clips

This franchise company started in Austin, which is arguably the coolest part of Texas. It began in 1993, and now they have more than 1,600 locations all over the US and Canada. Though the number of locations doesn’t quite compare to Great Clips numbers, they’re still the only hair care franchise with locations in all 50 states.

Like Great Clips they offer a walk-in haircut experience, but you can check online to know when you can get in without waiting for too long.

They have a sports theme going on, and when you see TVs here they’re invariably showing a game. They also offer special haircut service packages, including the vaunted “MVP Haircut Experience”. You get haircut provided by a trained stylist, they offer a special “tea tree” shampoo and conditioner, and of course to relax you there’s the hot steamed towel wrap.

The best of all these is the refreshing neck and shoulder massage treatment, though this particular service isn’t available in Washington state, Utah, Oregon, and Massachusetts. For these states the ultimate package of services is the “Triple Play”, which is the MVP service without the neck and shoulder treatment.

But they also offer special services under the “Extra Innings” category. There’s the “varsity haircut” for kids and seniors, which try to give you the haircut that matches your features. You can get 2x or 3x MVP, which doubles or triples the time span of the regular MVP experience. Beard trimming and detailing services are available, and you can even come in between your regular haircut appointments for a complimentary neck trim.

Final Verdict

There seems to be very little difference between the two, though they offer somewhat different experiences. With Great Clips, the stylists make sure that you’re fully satisfied with your haircut, and you get the same excellent style you like every time. With Sports Clips, it’s more about how they really want you to relax, and that’s why they offer neck and shoulder treatments.

Either way, they’re both great. If you want a no-fuss haircut and your beard looked after, without spending too much money, then you can try both every month or two to see what works best for you.

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