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Hooters Waitresses Aren’t Sex Objects (Or How to Treat Them with Respect)

The beautiful, if scantily-dressed, Hooters waitresses are the first thing that most customers notice when they first enter the restaurant. Indeed, such is their close connection with the Hooters brand that we can’t imagine the restaurant chain without its lineup of sexy women serving the customers their food and drinks! Sex sells and it is true here as in any other restaurant with a similar theme.

But herein lies an issue that we would like to tackle in this article. Many Hooters customers, arguably most of them men, are guilty of giving the Hooters waitresses a hard time, even crossing the line with their disrespectful behavior. While sex may be used to sell the Hooters brand, every customer should still strive to maintain a respectful attitude toward the Hooters staff, in sexy uniform or not.

Here, we will discuss a few tips that such a respectful behavior can be adopted.

Remember What You Came For

Keep in mind that Hooters is a restaurant that offers a wide range of contemporary American favorites. The menu includes several different types of hamburgers and cheeseburgers, sandwiches, steaks with side dishes, appetizers, seafood entrées, chicken wings, salads, tacos, and French fries. There are also several beers, wines and spirits for the adults who would like great food-and-drink pairings or who would like to kick back a bit.

You must then remember that you actually came here for the delicious and affordable food, not to show disrespect to the Hooters waitresses! You will see, too, that on Saturday and Sunday nights, there are many families who come to Hooters for the food, especially for the kids, as well as to enjoy the family-friendly atmosphere.

Families can be messy and loud – the staff will not come to your table asking to keep quiet because, hey, you’re at Hooters. Since everything’s in plastic containers, families with children don’t have to worry about breaking anything.

When you’re focused on enjoying the delicious food and refreshing drinks, as well as on enjoying the laughter with your family and friends, you will likely not pay the Hooters waitresses’ sexy uniforms any attention, much less make inappropriate remarks and advances. Besides, you will want to be a role model to the kids and avoid making any disrespectful actions.

Follow the Rules

Yes, Hooters restaurants have rules, too, which customers are well-advised to follow. Remember that you may well be banned from a Hooters location because of your rule-breaking behavior, and it includes making lewd, vulgar and overt sexual advances toward the staff, regardless of their state of dress.

Also, most Hooters restaurants have a no-camera policy and it’s strictly implemented, for your information. Basically, customers aren’t allowed to take photos and/or videos of the Hooters waitresses unless they agreed to it. Each waitress also has the right to ask customers to stop taking photos or stop filming other waitresses –again, unless, consent was given.

You don’t have to ask the staff about the rules at Hooters either. Just think about good manners and right conduct whenever you’re eating at a fast casual restaurant and apply them, and you’re good to go. Besides, being a well-mannered individual can mean that your group will enjoy your Hooters meals and snacks more – look, Ma, no trouble at all.

Waitresses at Work

The Hooters waitresses may be in sexy uniforms but they are as professional in their jobs as their counterparts in a fine dining restaurant! They are working women who are on the job for the decent and honest money that comes their way; many former Hooters waitresses interviewed for publications say that they can get as much as $500 in tips every night during weekdays.

Most, if not all, of them have goals in life, too, if you care to ask them about it. You will be surprised to know that behind the sexy uniform lies the heart of badass women working their way through college, supporting their families, and saving up for their life goals.

The bottom line: Stop looking at their breasts, butts, and legs and start looking into their faces! You will find that they are as human as your sister, niece, and girlfriend/wife. Think what it would do to them if somebody disrespected them in a similar manner as you may be thinking now.

The waitresses also work in a business and, as such, they have to follow strict rules and regulations while on the job. For example, they are required to keep their uniforms spotless at all time – no trashy or messy looks allowed here. They are also required to promote the brand, provide satisfactory customer services, and focus on food quality, among others.

In fact, they are also rated by management according to their performance in several aspects including attentiveness, upselling, and customer service. The company apparently hires secret shoppers as part of the performance rating system.

So, whenever you walk into a Hooters restaurant, greet the Hooters waitresses and be nice. You may just get a genuine smile for it, too.

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