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Krystals vs. White Castle Sliders: Which One Reigns Supreme?

It’s no secret that our location has a lot to do with our taste and preferences in food. Despite knowing this, however, lots of us still love to compare and pit regional fast food franchises against each other. The answer is never really that definitive but it’s quite a thrilling thing to do, so why not, right?

One hot topic when it comes to such debates is the Krystals vs. White Castle Sliders divide. Northerners are willing to die for White Castle’s tiny burgers while Southerners are staunch defenders of Krystals. Sure, some Northerners might prefer Krystals while a few Southerners might also fall in love with White Castle but the general consensus is, people like their regional fast food. 

If you’re interested in this feud, here are the key takeaways that you should know of:

Both are the key offerings of their chains.

WC’s mini burgers known as ‘sliders’ and Krystal’s mini burgers known as ‘Krystals’ are the main stars of the said fastfood chains which explains why they’re often pitted against each other. Both were created to make quick service possible as the smaller and thinner the patty is, the faster they can be cooked. 

White Castle’s slider is the original mini burger.

It’s no secret that White Castle is the OG fastfood chain in America. They’ve been around since 1921, and their founder Walt Anderson is considered to be the inventor of the modern hamburger and bringing the first real fast-food chain in the US to life. So if you have the penchant for original things, then White Castle’s sliders should be your top pick. 

This isn’t to say that Krystals are rip-offs, though. They have admitted that they took cues from White Castle since they did pioneer the fastfood industry but they didn’t entirely copy everything from the older chain. Their mini burgers’ tastes will be solid proof of this.

Some people say that Krystals and White Castle sliders are very much alike but also quite different.

Those who are being very objective about the two fastfood joints’ sliders say that there they’re virtually alike. They don’t necessarily taste the same but they’re still pretty much very similar to each other in many aspects. This is why choosing just one is more of a matter of preference. 

How are they similar, you might be wondering? Well, they’re both mini burgers that are made especially quick. They’re very affordable and even come with great deals from time to time. 

Despite this, however, they’re very easy to tell apart. While White Castle’s patties were once seared on both sides to seal the flavor, it’s now steamed over cooking onions to cook them faster. They also tend to have holes, so you’re not really getting a complete patty. 

Taste-wise, they are on the sweet side, so if you prefer something of the sort, you’ll love their sliders. They’re juicy so their buns get quite soft and mushy. This is a significant thing of note if you’re very particular about the texture and feel of your burgers. 

Krystal’s mini burgers, on the other hand, are savory and tangy, so they certainly taste different from WC’s. They come with diced onions, mustard, and pickles so they also offer a wide range of flavors. Their buns are steamed and feel fuller, so some folks prefer them over White Castle’s.

White Castle’s sliders and Krystals are voted to be the most crave-able burgers in the US.

In a survey conducted by the research and consulting firm Technomic in 2017, it has been determined that 7 out of 10 fastfood customers crave White Castle sliders. Their burgers reigned supreme among all the other burger chains, proving that the country is rather obsessed with their mini burgers. 

It should also be noted that WC ranked fourth in the survey for the most crave-able fastfood chains. It was only behind Krispy Kreme, Cinnabon, and, surprisingly, Raising Cain’s Chicken Fingers.

Krystal wasn’t too far off in the list, however, as it was ranked number 2 in the burger chain list. Some might say that this can be due to the restaurants’ regional availability but since White Castle made waves for bringing their wares down south, it’s appeal would be hard to deny.

White Castle topping this list is quite amusing as well since they do market their food to be of the crave-able variety. Its slogan reads, ‘What You Crave’, so it might just really be what people long for.

You have different options for what to pair with your sliders.

What you pair with your burger can enhance or worsen your dining experience so it’s very important for us to mention that you have more options at White Castle than at Krystal. The Southern chain only offers fries and tater tots for sides but their loaded varieties come with various toppings so you still have quite a few options. 

WC, on the other hand, has fries, tots, mini corn dogs, onion chips and rings, chicken rings, mozzarella sticks, cheese nuggets, clam strips, and mac and cheese nibblers. So when it comes to sides options, you won’t run out of choices.

When it comes to how they taste, even Krystal fans will agree that White Castle has better sides. So if you’re very particular about the sides, then you might be better off at WC.

Final Verdict

All in all, it’s really a close fight between Krystals and White Castle sliders. Both have their own charms and since taste is very subjective, we’re just going to leave the decision up to you with this one. Choose which one you like better and we’re sure you’ll be happy with your pick.

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