Arabian Knights මෙනු මිල ගණන් (LK)

සත්‍යාපිත මිල ගණන්
PriceListo සමඟ සම්බන්ධ නොවේ Arabian Knights (LK)
ඔබ බලනවා Arabian Knights (LK) විසින් තහවුරු කරන ලද මිල ගණන් PriceListo ස්ථාන එකක හෝ වැඩි ගණනක Sri Lanka
මිල ගණන් දක්වා ඇත: LKR
බීටා පහත දැක්වෙන මිල වෙනස් කිරීමේ දත්ත අපගේ දත්ත ගබඩාවේ පෙර සහ අවසාන වාර්තාව අතර වෙනසයි. මෙම වාර්තා දෙක විවිධ ප්‍රභවයන්ගෙන් ලබා ගත හැකි අතර, එය භාවිතා කළ යුත්තේ ඇස්තමේන්තු ලෙස පමණි.
අයිතමය මිල වෙනස් කරන්න


Lentil Soup
A Middle Eastern classic, this vegetarian soup is made from fresh lentils and farm fresh veggies.
₨467.25 - -
Harira Soup
Fragrant Moroccan tomato based soup with tender bits of boneless chicken, vermicelli, and Middle Eastern spices.
₨546.00 - -
Chicken Shorba
Flavorful and wholesome chicken soup with a twist a Middle Eastern spices.
₨535.50 - -
Chicken Liver Set Menu
Liver Made with pomegranate Sauce,Hummus ,Salad,and Bread
₨820.00 - -

Cold Starters

Aks trademark creamy dip made from chickpeas and tahini, served with saj bread.
₨467.25 - -
Hummus with Shawarma
Our creamy hummus garnished with choice of shawarma meat served with saj bread.
₨556.50 - -
Hummus with Meat and Pine
Our famous hummus garnished with a choice of meat and pine nuts served with saj bread.
₨577.50 - -
Three Way Hummus
Our creamy hummus served with three different toppings balila, chillis, and a choice of meat served with saj bread.
₨546.00 - -
Hummus with Green Chillies (Spicy)
Our signature hummus topped up with fresh green chillis to spice things up served with saj bread.
₨493.50 - -
Baba Ghanoush
A delicious dip of charred egg plant with tomatoes, parsley, tahini, and Middle Eastern seasoning.
₨535.50 - -
A colour and favourite Lebanese salad that is tangy and packs a punch.
₨546.00 - -
Refreshing Lebanese salad traditionally made of bulgur and parsley with a hint of lime.
₨546.00 - -
Classic Hummus
hummus tub with expiry date.
₨395.00 - -

Hot Starters

Cheese Sambousek
Crispy hot pockets filled with a trio of fresh and creamy assorted cheese.
₨750.75 - -
Sarus Samosas
Our recipes of crispy traiangle pockets with minced chicken or beef and spices.
₨478.00 - -
Falafel Plate
The king of Middle Eastern street food, these fried patties are made from wholesome chickpeas.
₨525.00 - -
Hot Starter Platter
An array of our different hot mezze dishes.
₨834.75 - -
Herbed Potatoes
Mildly spiced potato cubes cooked with herbs is a favourite in any mezze platter.
₨546.00 - -
Chicken Liver
A house favourite, this mezze style dish is huge on flavor and contains pomegranate sauce.
₨766.50 - -
French Fries
Plain old traditional French fries.
₨420.00 - -
Damascus Fries
Our very own almost patented freshly cut fries served in Syrian style.
₨435.75 - -
Chicken Samosa ₨477.00 - -
Beef Samosa ₨477.75 - -

Shawarma and Sandwiches

Syrian Lite Shawarma
The authentic Syrian shawarma, using the traditional Syrian technique and our secret marinade.
₨536.00 - -
Spicy Syriana Shawarma (Spicy)
The authentic Syrian shawarma, using the traditional Syrian technique and our special spicy sauce.
₨556.50 - -
Arabic Shawarma Plate
Shawarma of your choice served as a meal in our favourite style with dips, salad, and fries on the side.
₨682.50 - -
Dubai Style Shawarma
Our popular shawarma garnished with more greens, pickles, fresh fries, and available in chicken or beef.
₨567.00 - -
Orfali Sandwich
Orfali kebab stuffed into saj bread and garnished with greens and dip.
₨577.50 - -
Mexicana Shawarma (Extra Spicy)
This shawarma is tangy and has a special Mexican sauce with added onions and mushrooms. With meat of your choice.
₨567.00 - -
Falafel Sandwich
A vegetarian patty rolled into saj bread garnished with tahini sauce and pickles.
₨488.25 - -
Double Kebab Sandwich (Spicy)
A mix of orfail and kofte kebab in a mix of our unique sauces.
₨656.25 - -
Sheesh Taouk Sandwich
Grilled chicken bread sandwich that is garnished with Lebanese garlic dip, pickles, and fries.
₨598.50 - -
Combo Mixed Shawarma
This shawarma is a mix of our chicken and beef with other goodies.
₨599.00 - -
Mixed Arabic Shawarma open
Shawarma with open style,chicken and beef,pickle fries and bread separate.
₨693.00 - -
Shawarma Lite ₨535.50 - -
Chicken Liver Set Menu (Shawarma and Sandwiches) ₨820.00 - -

Grills and Arabic

Shish Taouk
Succulent chicken cubes in a Middle Eastern marinated, chargrilled until golden.
₨829.50 - -
Chicken Kebab
Finely minced chicken, marinated with hand picked Arabic herbs and spices, chargrilled until golden.
₨798.00 - -
Mixed Grill Arabic
Three types of grilled meats, shish tawouk, chicken kebab and orfali kebab, served with saj bread, dip and fries.
₨1,039.50 - -
Kofte Kebab
Our beef kebabs have different kinds of spices, slightly spicy and are char grilled to perfection.
₨787.50 - -
Mutton Kebab
Tender minced mutton marinated with Arabic spices and grilled over hot charcoal.
₨1,207.50 - -
Orfali Kebab
Tender minced beef combined with a collection of Arabian spices and grilled to perfection on charcoal.
₨829.50 - -

Grills, Fusion and Non Arabic

Seekh Kebab
A delicious spicy minced beef grilled on skewers with flavorful ingredients.
₨861.00 - -
Mixed Grill Fusion
Three types of grilled mears, shish taouk, chicken tikka, and orfali kebab, served with saj bread, dip, and fries.
₨1,039.50 - -
Grilled Chicken Meal
Aks popular and healthy grilled chicken served with bread, dips, and salad on the side.
₨693.00 - -
Chicken Tikka
A global icon, our chicken tikka comes with fries, salad, and bread on the side.
₨693.00 - -

Burgers and Subs

Smoking Signature Chicken Burger
Aks signature burger comes with hard to find Middle Eastern spices and has a special smoky flavour.
₨693.00 - -
Syriana Sub Chicken
Our Syriana chicken shawarma served inside a sub.
₨651.00 - -
Syriana Sub Beef
Our Syrian beef shawarma served inside a sub.
₨651.00 - -

Rice and Couscous

Smokey Rice Beef
Smoky rice is our take on traditional mandi and served with special marginade grilled beef, hot dip, and salad.
₨693.00 - -
Smokey Rice Chicken
Smoky rice is our take on traditional mandi and served with special marinade grilled chicken, hot dip, and salad.
₨693.00 - -
Kabsa Chicken
A staple in Saudi Arabia, this is a popular rice dish served with grilled chicken, hot dips, and salad on the side.
₨693.00 - -
Beef Tajine with Couscous
Freshly sourced local beef, slow cooked to perfection in a Morrocan clay tagine served with couscous on the side.
₨756.00 - -
Chicken Tangine with Couscous
Succulent cubes of boneless chicken cooked in a savory pot of Moroccan spices served with herbed couscous.
₨819.00 - -
Chicken Tajine with Rice
Succulent cubes of boneless chicken cooked in a savory pot of Moroccan spices served with rice.
₨766.50 - -
Veg Tajine with Couscous
An assortment of veggies cooked in a savory pot of Moroccan spices served with herbed couscous.
₨635.25 - -
Veg Tajine with Rice
An assortment of veggies cooked in a savory pot of Moroccan spices served with rice.
₨577.50 - -

Out of Arabia

Butter Chicken
Once you have tried our butter chicken you are never turning back. This is an all time favourite Indian dish served with saj bread or steamed rice on the side.
₨651.00 - -
Chicken Tikka Sandwich
Freshly grilled chicken tikka cubes, infused with onions, our fresh mint sauce, and served in AKs famous sandwich style.
₨598.50 - -
Biryani Rice with Grilled Chicken
Our special take of this classic rice dish.
₨546.00 - -

Sharing Platters

Mixed Grilled Platter (1 kg)
An eclectic mix of our favourite chicken and beef grills that can be shared by larger groups of over four.
₨3,244.50 - -
Beef Grill Platter (1 kg)
A variety of beef grilled to different styles and tastes that is ideal for sharing in groups of over four.
₨3,244.50 - -
Chicken Grill Platter (1 kg)
A scrumptious assortment of various grilled chicken that is ideal for sharing in groups of over four.
₨3,244.50 - -
Mixed Shawarma Platter (5 Sandwiches)
A mix our popular shawarmas, Syriana chicken, Syriana beef, Dubai style, falafel, and orfail sandwiches served fries and ideal for sharing in groups of over four people.
₨2,614.50 - -
Cold Mezze Platter
An assortment of all cold starters.
₨882.00 - -
Hot Starter Platter (Sharing Platters) ₨835.00 +₨26.50 +3.28%

Breads and Dips

AK Garlic Sauce
This garlic sauce is our patented recipe and all time favourite AK patrons.
₨420.00 - -
Saj Bread ( 02 Pcs.) ₨137.00 - -
Saj Bread (4 pcs)
Hot Middle Eastern bread baked on traditional saj oven.
₨262.00 - -


A Middle Eastern desserts of milk, slightly sweetened, and flavored with rose, topped with nuts.
₨488.25 - -
Hayas Special Brownie
Our special take on the islands favourite chocolate dessert served with fried ice cream.
₨598.50 - -


Oasis Cooler
A tango of lemonade and iced tea to calm your soul.
₨435.75 - -
The Camels Fury Mocktail
A furiously refreshing combination of nothing but pure pineapple and strawberry.
₨477.75 - -
Lemon Mint
Fresh lemon infused with mint to uplift your mood.
₨420.00 - -
Lemon Mint Soda
Lemon mint with the fizz of soda.
₨435.75 - -
Wild Wadi Mocktail
This spellbinder has bits of strawberry, lime, blackberry, blackcurrant, salt, pepper, and mint with lemonade.
₨577.50 - -

Smoothies and Shakes

Coco Banana
This mix of chocolate sauce, chocolate ice cream, and fresh banana.
₨435.75 - -
Mango Shake
Mangoes, shaken, stirred, and sweetened up.
₨467.25 - -
Very Berry Shake
Healthy vanilla yoghurt with assorted berries and banana.
₨567.00 - -

Fruit Juices and Beverages

Orange Juice ₨435.75 - -
Watermelon Juice ₨404.25 - -
Laban Juice
The Arab worlds popular and salty refresher. This both good for digestion and a healthy habit.
₨367.50 - -
Strawberry Orange Juice ₨504.00 - -
Lemon Juice ₨357.00 - -
Water ₨115.00 - -
වියාචනය: ප්‍රයිස්ලිස්ටෝ විසින් ස්ථානීය චාරිකා, ව්‍යාපාරික වෙබ් අඩවි සහ දුරකථන සම්මුඛ සාකච්ඡා වැනි ප්‍රභවයන්ගෙන් සත්‍ය මිල තොරතුරු රැස් කරයි. මෙම වෙබ් පිටුවේ වාර්තා වී ඇති මිල ගණන් එම ප්‍රභවයන්ගෙන් එකක් හෝ වැඩි ගණනකින් ලබා ගනී. ස්වාභාවිකවම, මෙම වෙබ් අඩවියේ වාර්තා වී ඇති මිල වර්තමාන නොවිය හැකි අතර, ලබා දී ඇති ව්‍යාපාරික වෙළඳ නාමයක සියලුම ස්ථානවලට අදාළ නොවනු ඇත. වත්මන් මිලකරණය ලබා ගැනීම සඳහා, ඔබ කැමති තනි ව්‍යාපාරික ස්ථානයක් අමතන්න.
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