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Raju Omlet Restaurant, Dubai, Dubai AE 9(714) 388-5522
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Picked For You

Eggs Kejriwal
Inspired from the famous recipe of Mumbai’s 100 year old Willingdon Club. Chopped mushrooms cooked in white sauce layered on Bombay pav topped with half fried eggs and cheddar cheese
د19.75 - -
A Kerala street-style snack. Chopped parathas mashed,cooked with eggs, tomatoes, onions, ginger, garlic and green chilies
د19.00 - -
Egg and Cheese Roll
Delightfully yours ,a mildly spiced paratha with egg and cheddar cheese. How cheesy
د19.00 - -
Chicken Tikka Egg Roll
The all,time favourite ‘Chicken Tikka’ needs no introduction. But, when it’s wrapped inside our anda paratha, it takes ‘yummy’ to another level
د22.00 - -
Pahadi Chicken Egg Roll
This one has it all ,anda paratha stuffed with succulent chicken cubes flavoured with spinach, coriander, mint leaves, ginger, garlic and traditional Indian spices
د22.00 - -


Aloo Cheese Roll
Our spicy potato roll just got cheesier with a generous portion of cheddar cheese
د17.00 - -

All Time Favourites

Eggs Kejriwal (All Time Favourites) د19.75 - -
A flavourful surprise. Red beans, bell peppers, jalapenos chili flakes, crushed black pepper and cheese stuffed inside our omlet served with tangy salsa on the side
د22.00 - -
Truly Italian. Omlet filled with sun-dried tomatoes oregano and sautéed potatoes, tomatoes and bell peppers
د22.00 - -
Irani Wrestler’s Omlet
Jumbo omlet slowly cooked with chunks of potatoes, onions, tomatoes, Indian spices and lots of coriander
د23.00 - -
Straight from the streets of India, Sliced white bread wrapped with our traditional masala omlet
د17.00 +د1.00 +6.25%
Traditional Indian style omlet cooked with onions, green chilies, ginger, garlic and spices
د11.00 - -
Crush Omlet
A succulent blend of omlet and grated eggstra boiled egg with a dash of spice
د16.00 - -
Power Omlet
A spicy scrumptious assortment of spinach paste, chopped capsicum, crushed onions, green chilies, ginger and garlic, More power to you
د15.00 - -
Mushroom Omlet
A rich blend of freshly chopped mushrooms, garlic, onion with a touch of spice
د15.00 - -
Mushroom Cheese Omlet
Experience a burst of cheddar cheese emerging out of a mushroom omlet
د18.00 - -
Masala Corn Omlet
A corn-coction of whipped eggs, spice and everything nice
د14.00 - -
Corn Capsicum Chili and Cheese Omelet د19.00 - -
Cheese Plain Omelet
Traditional omlet stuffed with cheddar cheese, It can’t get cheesier
د14.00 - -
Cheese Masala Omelet
When spice meets cheese, what do you get, A masala omlet, stuffed with delicious cheddar cheese
د17.00 - -
White Omlet
Going healthy, Try our egg white omlet, packed with nutrition
د13.00 - -
Kuttu Paratha (All Time Favourites) د19.00 - -
A traditional favourite, scrambled eggs with a splash of green chilies and diced tomatoes, chopped onions with ginger and garlic
د13.00 - -
One of the most popular Parsi dishes. Scrambled eggs softly cooked with chopped onions, tomatoes, ginger, garlic, green chilies, coriander and Indian spices
د16.00 - -
Omlet Regular Sandwich
An egg-cellent omlet sandwich with crushed onion, green chili, garlic, ginger and a hint of spice
د10.75 - -
Mumbai Omlet Sandwich
Missing Mumbai’s vada pav, Try our omlet sandwich with a medley of Mumbai’s vada pav chutney made of garlic, coconut and red chili powder
د13.00 - -
Boiled Eggs with Masala
Boiled eggs, just the way you like it, Sliced and spiced
د6.00 - -
Mutton Keema
The famous street style delicacy is here on public demand. Enjoy minced mutton cooked in light gravy and lots of spices
د27.00 +د1.50 +5.88%
Bohri Keema
Minced chicken, cooked in bohri style, spiced with garam masala and red chili powder
د24.50 - -

Traditional Favourites

Jumbo omlet slowly cooked with chunks of potatoes, onions, tomatoes, indian spices & lots of coriander
د22.00 - -
Corn Capsicum Chili Cheese Omelet د19.00 - -

Gravies and Curries

Gravy Omlet
Chef’s Special Want to be pleasantly surprised, Try this tasty and innovative combination
د16.00 - -
A staple street food of Gujarat, India made from grated boiled egg, crushed onions, green chili, garlic, ginger, tomato and a half fried egg
د16.00 - -
Crush Bhurji
Another street food favourite! A tangy tomato gravy with spicy grated boiled egg and spiked with chili powder, ginger and garlic
د15.00 - -
Egg Curry
Simple yet delicious , boiled eggs in traditional Indian curry, Brings back memories of those simple yet unforgettably yummy meals at home
د17.00 - -
Power Boiled Tikka
Packed with nutrition, energy and spice! Sliced boiled eggs with power packed spinach in a spicy tomato gravy with onions, green chilies, garlic, ginger and capsicum
د17.00 - -
Chatpata Boiled Tikka
Chef Recommends, Aromatic, tangy and hearty enough to satisfy any appetite. A lip smacking blend of onion and tomato gravy dressed with sliced boiled eggs
د18.00 - -
Egg Lazeez
Chef’s Signature,This one will have you coming back for more When cheddar cheese meets boiled eggs in tomato gravy, it’s cheese,ilicious!
د21.00 - -
Paneer Bhurji
An all-day favourite for the vegetarians in the house. Simmering tomato gravy enriched with home-made masalas enhanced with juicy paneer and spices
د18.00 - -
Veg Masala Green Curry
Life just got more colourful! A delicious green gravy, blended with spinach, tomato, crushed onions, green chilies, garlic, ginger and capsicum cooked to perfection
د15.00 - -

Rice and Breads

Buttered Rice
Indian basmati rice simmered in butter,Great to eat with any curry
د8.50 - -
Rice Bhurji
A perfect blend of carbs and proteins , scrambled minced eggs mixed with basmati rice, grated boiled eggs and spices
د20.00 - -
Rice Bhurji with Masala Half Fry
Chef’s Specialty,It’s just getting more interesting Try our rice bhurji dressed with masala half,fry
د27.00 +د1.00 +3.85%
Bombay Pav
Well known Indian street style soft bun
د2.50 - -
Bombay Pav (Rice and Breads) د2.50 - -
Griddle cooked soft flatbread, made from refined flour
د4.50 - -
Paratha (Rice and Breads) د4.50 - -
Brown Paratha
Wheat mix paratha
د4.50 - -
Reshmi Paratha
Deliciously soft paratha made with eggs, milk and refined flour
د5.50 - -


Just Egg Roll
Keeping it simple , a paratha rolled with fluffy beaten eggs and masala
د15.00 - -
Egg Bhurji Roll
Will take you down memory lane, Remember those parathas rolled in egg bhurji that your mom used to pack in your school tiffin
د17.00 - -
Egg &Cheese Roll
A mildly spiced paratha with egg and Cheddar cheese,
د19.00 - -
Egg and Cheese Roll (Rolls) د19.00 - -
Veg Paneer Achari Roll
Sure to satisfy your achari cravings Utterly delicious malai paneer cooked in tangy Indian pickle stuffed and rolled in parathas
د19.00 - -
Paneer Achari Veg Roll
Utterly delicious malai paneer and tangy Indian achar stuffed and rolled in paratha,
د19.00 - -
Paneer Achari Roll د19.00 - -
Veg Paneer Bhurji Roll
Succulent malai paneer bhurji makes this paratha roll irresistible
د19.00 - -
Paneer Achari Egg Roll د20.00 - -
Paneer Bhurji Roll د19.00 - -
Veg Spicy Potato Roll
Spotlight goes on the ‘Aloo’. A zesty paratha with spicy diced potato
د15.00 - -
Paneer Bhurji Veg Roll
Succulent malai paneer bhurji,
د19.00 - -
Spicy Potato Roll د15.00 - -
Veg Aloo Cheese Roll د17.00 - -
Paneer Bhurji Egg Roll د20.00 - -
Aloo Cheese Roll (Rolls) د17.00 - -
Pahadi Chicken Egg Roll (Rolls) د22.00 - -
Spicy Potato Veg Roll
A zesty paratha with spicy diced potato,
د15.00 - -
Chicken Tikka Egg Roll (Rolls) د22.00 - -
Spicy Potato Egg Roll د16.00 - -
Aloo Cheese Veg Roll
Our spicy potato roll just got cheesier with a generous portion of Cheddar cheese,
د17.00 - -
Reshmi Chicken Egg Roll
Imagine creamy chicken cubes marinated with cheese, cashew paste, ginger, garlic, yoghurt and garam masala rolled inside a layered paratha. Too irresistible
د22.00 - -
Aloo Cheese Egg Roll د18.00 - -
Chicken Keema Roll
Minced chicken cooked in light gravy and medium spices stuffed inside anda paratha,
د22.00 - -
Mutton Keema Roll
Another street style favorite, minced mutton wrapped in and paratha,
د24.00 - -


Roasted Almond Mawa Cake
Cupcakes enriched with fresh Mawa(reduced milk), butter, eggs and flour are relished with a hot cup of tea or coffee, Pick your favourite
د6.00 -د4.00 -40.00%
Choco Chip Mawa Cake د6.00 - -
Kesar Pista Mawa Cake د7.00 -د7.00 -50.00%

Tea Flask

Cutting Chai
Authentic Mumbai,style road,side chai, Locally known as karak
د10.50 -د8.50 -44.74%
Kadak Masala
Strong chai made from our blend of masalas
د11.50 -د9.50 -45.24%
Adrak Chai
Special chai with a touch of ginger, good for digestion
د11.50 -د9.50 -45.24%
Elaichi Special
Cardamom infused tea, one of our desi favourites
د11.50 -د9.50 -45.24%
Adrak Masala
The Spicy one. Adrak chai spiked with tea masala
د11.50 -د9.50 -45.24%
Adrak Elaichi
A household favourite. Tea infused with ginger and cardamom
د11.50 -د9.50 -45.24%
Zaffran Elaichi Chai
Saffron enriched cardamom tea, a unique blend
د15.00 -د13.00 -46.43%
Zaffran Adrak
Saffron tea flavoured with ginger
د15.00 -د13.00 -46.43%
Zaffran Masala
Masala tea infused with saffron
د15.00 -د13.00 -46.43%


Mineral Water د2.75 - -
Soft Drinks د3.75 - -

Tea Menu

Pudina Chai
A soothing blend of tea & fresh mint, a mind-refresher.
د21.00 - -
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Picked For You

Baida Roti
A paratha that you’ll come back for each time. Each bite brings with it a surprise of juicy chicken tikka
د21.00 - -
Chicken Pulav
Boneless chicken tikka and onion,tomato gravy, tossed to perfection in our tava pulav
د27.00 - -
Tava Pulav with Masala Half Fry
Tava pulav with an eggs,tra punch , dressed with our masala half fry , Yeh dil mange more
د25.00 - -
Paneer Makhni
Cottage cheese cubes simmered in traditional makhni gravy made with cashews, cream, tomatoes, ginger,garlic paste and garam masala
د24.00 - -

Very Indian

Baida Roti (Very Indian) د21.00 - -
'Pav-Bhaji'. Tomato and egg puree stuffed inside our soft bombay pav flavoured with spicy pav bhaji masala.
د16.00 - -
Bhuna Chicken
Our chef's special , sumptuous pan fried chicken in our home style gravy
د26.00 - -
Bhuna Chicken (Very Indian) د26.00 - -
Mutton Roganjosh د27.50 - -
Murgh Anda Masala
Boneless chicken and boiled egg cooked in our Chef's special gravy made with cashew, cream, onions, curd, ginger, garlic and garam masala. Simply irresistible
د26.00 - -
Mutton Masala د27.50 - -
Patiala Chicken
This one comes straight from Patiala, Punjab, Creamy chicken kebabs wrapped inside an omlet dipped in our signature onion and tomato gravy, Oye Balle Balle
د27.00 - -
Patiala Chicken (Very Indian) د27.00 - -
Murgh Makhni
You must taste our Chef's version,boneless chicken cubes simmered in traditional makhni gravy made with cashew, cream, tomatoes, ginger, garlic and garam masala
د25.00 - -
Dal Bhurji
Innovation at its best, our very own bhurji cooked with spicy chana dal, a unique combination
د19.00 - -
Dal Bhurji (Very Indian) د19.00 - -
Palak Paneer Lazeez
A hint of cheese and tomato gravy takes the all-time favourite ‘palak paneer’ to a different level
د25.00 - -
Kadhai Paneer
Paneer cooked with onions, tomato and capsicum in a spicy red gravy
د24.00 - -
Paneer Makhni (Very Indian) د24.00 - -
Masala Aloo د14.75 - -

Noodles and Rice

Egg Bhurji Chowmein
Spicy hakka noodles cooked with our traditional egg bhurji, bell peppers, onions, tomatoes and spring onions topped with half fried egg
د25.00 - -
Chatpata Egg Noodles
Noodles cooked in our chef’s special chatpata gravy mixed with egg bhurji, bell peppers, onions, tomatoes andspring onions dressed with half fried egg
د25.00 - -
Heera Moti د32.00 - -
Tava Pulav
A special dish from the heart of Mumbai,Basmati rice tossed with onions, tomatoes, capsicum and our special tava masala mix. A must try for all spicy food lovers
د20.00 - -
Mutton Biryani د32.00 - -
Cheese Tava Pulav
Delicious cheddar cheese grated over spicy tava pulav, a lip smacking combination
د23.00 - -
Tava Pulav with Masala Half Fry (Noodles and Rice) د25.00 - -
Chicken Biryani د29.00 - -
Chicken Pulav (Noodles and Rice) د27.00 - -
Cheese Pulav د23.00 - -
Pulav With Masala Half Fry د25.00 - -


Reshmi Paratha د5.50 - -
Reshmi Paratha (Breads) د5.50 - -
Brown Paratha (Breads) د4.50 - -
Brown Paratha د4.50 - -
Bombay Pav د2.50 - -
Paratha د4.50 - -


Roasted Almond Mawa Cake
Cupcakes enriched with fresh mawa (reduced milk), butter, eggs & flour topped with chopped roasted almonds. Enjoy with a hot cup of tea or as a dessert.
د10.00 - -
Kesar Pista Mawa Cake
Cupcakes enriched with saffron, fresh mawa (reduced milk), butter, eggs & flour topped with chopped pistachios. Enjoy with a hot cup of tea or as a dessert.
د14.00 - -
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Special Dinner Menu

Inspired from the favourite recipe of a well-known Bollywood star. Chicken cooked with a blend of unique spices and gravy sprinkled with chopped cashew nuts.
د26.00 - -
This will take you down the memory lane. Chicken simmered in traditional home-style curry made with tomatoes, onions, ginger, garlic, chilies and coriander.
د25.00 - -
Boneless pieces of chicken cooked with diced onions in a creamy blend of chopped masala and cashew gravy spiced with chilies, coriander and garam masala.
د24.00 - -
Succulent pieces of lamb gently cooked in spinach gravy flavoured with ginger, garlic, chilies, onions, coriander, spring onions, mustard oil and garam masala.
د28.00 - -
Raju Omlet’s special creation. Chunks of potatoes, tossed and flavoured with lots of fresh coriander leaves, hint of chopped masala gravy and tangy Indian spices.
د19.00 - -
Selected vegetables cooked and tossed on a flat griddle with ginger, garlic, chilies, coriander and tangy Indian spices.
د21.00 - -
One of the best sellers in India. Black lentils patiently cooked with prunes, tomatoes, cream and whole Indian spices.
د21.00 - -


Roasted Almond Mawa Cake د10.00 - -
Kesar Pista Mawa Cake د14.00 - -
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