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About The Bagel House (CA)

What are the most popular items on The Bagel House (CA) menu?

The Sesame Bagel, a timeless classic with its nutty flavor, and the Everything Bagel, known for its delectable blend of toppings, consistently rank as top choices at The Bagel House. For those seeking a satisfying sandwich, the BLT and the Belt Sandwich, which adds a breakfast twist with a fried egg, are beloved options. Additionally, the wide variety of cream cheese spreads, from the simple Plain Cream Cheese to the flavorful Flavored Cream Cheese, allow customers to customize their bagel experience.

Does The Bagel House (CA) serve authentic Montreal-style bagels?

Yes, The Bagel House (CA) proudly serves Montreal-style bagels, known for their smaller, denser, and sweeter profile. These bagels are wood-fired and hand-rolled, creating a delightful chewy texture and slightly sweet taste that's distinctively Montreal.

Are there vegetarian bagel options available at The Bagel House (CA)?

Absolutely! The Bagel House (CA) caters to vegetarians with a variety of options. Some popular choices include the Vegetarian Delight bagel sandwich, which includes a mix of fresh vegetables and their delectable cream cheese spreads.

What are the hours of operation for The Bagel House (CA)?

The Bagel House (CA) is dedicated to serving customers throughout the week. For example, they typically operate from 6:00 AM to 6:00 PM on weekdays and from 7:00 AM to 4:00 PM on weekends, ensuring you can enjoy their delicious bagels and sandwiches throughout the day.

Is The Bagel House (CA) a chain or independently owned?

The Bagel House (CA) is independently owned, which contributes to its unique charm and commitment to providing high-quality Montreal-style bagels.

Are there gluten-free bagel options at The Bagel House (CA) for customers with dietary restrictions?

Unfortunately, The Bagel House (CA) does not currently offer gluten-free bagel options. However, they are continuously looking for ways to expand their menu to accommodate various dietary preferences and needs.

Can I order online for takeout or delivery from The Bagel House (CA)?

Yes, The Bagel House (CA) offers convenient online ordering through their website at Additionally, they partner with popular food delivery services like Uber Eats and SkipTheDishes to ensure you can enjoy their delicious bagels and sandwiches from the comfort of your home or office.

Does The Bagel House (CA) offer catering services for events?

Indeed, The Bagel House (CA) provides catering services for various events, whether it's a corporate meeting, family gathering, or special occasion. They offer a selection of platters such as Cream Cheese Platter, Four Cheese Platter, Smoked Salmon Platter, White Tuna and Egg Platter, Gourmet Deli Platter and Fruit Platter, bagel trays, and other catering options to meet your needs. Contact them directly for more details on their catering offerings.

Are there any specialty bagels unique to The Bagel House (CA)?

The Bagel House (CA) is known for its unique "Montreal-style" bagels, which already set them apart. Additionally, they periodically introduce specialty bagels, often tied to the season. Be sure to check their menu or ask their friendly staff about any special flavors currently available.

What types of cream cheese spreads does The Bagel House (CA) offer?

The Bagel House (CA) offers an array of cream cheese spreads, including classic flavors like plain, chive, and vegetable cream cheese. They also have more adventurous options, like maple walnut or sundried tomato cream cheese, to complement the diverse tastes of their customers.

What is the price range for bagels and other menu items at The Bagel House (CA)?

The pricing at The Bagel House offers affordability and flexibility for customers. Bagel options, including plain and flavored varieties, generally range from CA$1.25 to CA$1.35. Sandwich prices vary but typically fall between CA$6 and CA$10. Additionally, the cost of beverages, pastries, and snacks is competitive, with options like juices priced around CA$5.25 and canned drinks at CA$2.25. Party platters, meats, cheeses, and salads can have fluctuating prices, so inquiring with the restaurant is advisable to get accurate and current pricing information. The Homentashen Prune and Chocolate Puff pastries, both priced at CA$3.25, are highly rated choices for a sweet treat.

Is there outdoor seating available at The Bagel House?

Yes, The Bagel House (CA) often provides outdoor seating, allowing customers to enjoy their bagels and sandwiches in the fresh air. It's a pleasant option, especially on beautiful Canadian days.

What beverages are offered at The Bagel House (CA)?

To complement their bagels, The Bagel House (CA) serves a variety of hot and cold beverages. You can enjoy freshly brewed coffee, espresso, tea, and a selection of soft drinks and juices such as Natalie’s Pure Orange Juice and Natalie’s Orange Pineapple Juice.

Who are the competitors of The Bagel House (CA)?

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Sonny's is a beloved diner-style restaurant known for its comforting and classic American fare. Guests can relish a diverse menu featuring breakfast staples like omelets, pancakes, and waffles. The restaurant's cozy atmosphere and friendly staff make it a go-to spot for families.

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Pur & Simple is a Canadian breakfast and brunch establishment that prioritizes health-conscious options without compromising on taste. It offers a variety of nutritious and flavorful dishes. Patrons can enjoy dishes made with fresh ingredients, catering to different dietary needs, making Pur & Simple a fantastic choice for those who want a wholesome breakfast experience.

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