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Picked For You

Memphis Burger
Pure-beef burger loaded with Cheddar, red onion, pickles, topped with shredded beef rib & black pepper sauce.
د56.00 - -
Tony's Asian Salad
Asian greens, diced red peppers, fried wanton strips, sesame seeds, pan-asian dressing, grilled chicken breast.
د38.00 - -
Primetime Burger
Topped with caramelized onions, creamy cheese and our very own TR Special Sauce.
د47.00 - -
Full Rack Beef Ribs
Five Bountiful Beef Ribs basted in your choice of TR Signature Sauces. Served with your choice of two (2) sides.
د165.00 - -
Bountiful Beef Ribs and Fillet Medallions
Two perfectly prepared Bountiful Beef Ribs paired with two juicy Filet Medallions topped with Demi Glaze Sauce. Served with your choice of two (2) sides.
د125.00 - -


Kickin Shrimp
Tempt your taste buds with tender shrimp fried to a crisp golden brown and tossed in a creamy sauce exploding with flavor.
د44.00 - -
TR Mushrooms
Succulent fried mushrooms with a little kick. Served with honey mustard dressing for dipping.
د39.00 - -
TR Mussels
Braised mussels, garlic butter served with grilled French bread.
د42.00 - -
Grilled Veggie Crostinis
Grilled baguette topped with feta cheese spread, grilled vegetables and fresh basil.
د36.00 - -
Potato Croquettes
Home made Potato Croquettes served with Lemon Truffle aioli and balsamic ketchup.
د35.00 - -
Onion Loaf
Giant hand-cut onions, breaded, deep-fried and served with our spicy BBQ dipping sauce.
د25.00 - -
Sweet Potato Fries
Served with your choice of dip: Garlic Ranch, BBQ Delight or Honey Mustard.
د21.00 - -
Vegetable Bruschetta
Freshly diced Roma tomatoes blended with basil, cheese, garlic & tomato pesto.
د32.00 - -
Boneless Buffalo Bites
Tender chicken breast lightly breaded and tossed in hot buffalo sauce. Served with ranch dressing.
د41.00 - -
Tender rings of calamari coated in a crunchy breading. Deep-fried and served with garlic aioli sauce.
د41.00 - -
Spinach Artichoke Dip
Creamy spinach served with warm tortilla chips, salsa and sour cream.
د40.00 - -
Avocado Fries
Fresh Avocado wedges fried crispy and served with roasted tomatoes and ranch sauce.
د39.00 - -
Tony Roma's Bites 
Create your own flavor adventure. In addition to our signature onion loaf, choose any three (3) appetizers.
د65.00 - -

Fresh Salads

Tony's Asian Salad (Fresh Salads) د38.00 - -
Grilled Chicken Caesar Salad
Romaine lettuce tossed in Caesar dressing and topped with Romano cheese, croutons and grilled chicken.
د38.00 - -
Chicken Club Salad
Greens, grilled chicken, beef bacon, turkey, eggs, tomatoes with pesto, cheese, onions and croutons. Served with your choice of dressing.
د47.00 - -
Grilled Chicken and Fire Roasted Vegetables
Mixed green and fire roasted vegetables with roasted chicken. Served with toasted cheddar tortilla.
د47.00 - -
Chicken Pesto Salad
Greens, mushrooms, sun dried tomatoes, balsamic vinaigrette, tomato wedges, grilled chicken with green pesto sauce.
د38.00 - -
Honey Lime Shrimp Salad
Shrimp skewers, Asian salad mix, honey lime dressing, mango avocado, tortilla strips, bacon, feta cheese, cherry tomatoes, and cilantro.
د55.00 - -


Baked Potato Soup د16.00 - -

Wraps and Deli Sandwiches

Tenderloin Steak Wrap
Juicy beef tenderloin strips, Italian & cheddar cheese, bell peppers, onions, jalapeno and chopped Asian greens mixed in a demi glace sauce, Served with french fries.
د42.00 - -
Fire Grilled Chicken Wrap
A fire grilled chicken breast topped with Italian cheese, shredded lettuce, fresh diced tomatoes, and our special garlic ranch sauce, Served with french fries.
د42.00 - -
Kickin Shrimp Wrap
A soft tortilla filled with tender, crispy shrimp tossed in a creamy and slightly spicy sauce with chopped Asian greens and diced red peppers. Served with French fries.
د42.00 - -
BBQ Chicken Quesadilla
A large, crisp tortilla shell stuffed with grilled chicken, melted cheese and corn. Drizzled with spicy BBQ sauce.
د41.00 - -
Roast Beef Grilled Sandwich
Tenderly thin sliced roast beef piled high on Texas toast with Cheddar cheese, tomato, crisp onions & BBQ Mayo, Served with French fries.
د47.00 - -

Gourmet Burgers

Roma Burger
A real classic. Cheddar cheese, shredded lettuce, tomato, onion and pickles.
د41.00 - -
Grilled Chicken Burger
A juicy grilled chicken breast topped with lettuce, tomato, red onion rings and spicy kickin' sauce. Served with French fries.
د41.00 - -
Steakhouse Burger
Topped with rich sauce, creamy cheese and rosemary beef bacon.
د55.00 - -
Primetime Burger (Gourmet Burgers) د47.00 - -
Nacho Burger
Avocado, tortilla strips, jalapeno slices, lettuce, & cheddar cheese. Topped with a spicy roasted chipotle salsa.
د52.00 - -
Crispy Onion Burger
Topped with fried onion rings, BBQ sauce and Cheddar cheese.
د46.00 - -
Memphis Burger (Gourmet Burgers) د56.00 - -
Grilled Portobello Burger
Grilled Portobello mushrooms, roasted red bell peppers, caramelized onions, tomatoes, romaine lettuce, melted Swiss cheese and our special sundried pesto sauce. Served with French fries
د40.00 - -
Cheese Burger Bites
Four mini juicy cheese burgers served with French fries.
د59.00 - -

Tony's World Famous Ribs

Bountiful Beef Ribs
Three Bountiful Beef Ribs basted in your choice of TR Signature Sauces. Served with your choice of two (2) sides.
د114.00 - -
Bountiful Beef Ribs and Fillet Medallions (Tony's World Famous Ribs) د125.00 - -
Full Rack Beef Ribs (Tony's World Famous Ribs) د165.00 - -
Short Ribs
Braised - grilled bone-in Short Rib with Demi Glaze And Fire-Roasted Zucchini, Red Peppers And Carrots. Served with loaded mashed potatoes.
د83.00 - -
Boneless Beef Short Rib
Rich, boneless beef short rib cooked to perfection and topped with mushroom sauce. Served with your choice of two (2) sides.
د83.00 - -
Lamb Ribs
Succulent lamb ribs marinated with specialty herbs and spices basted with TR's signature sauce.
د114.00 - -
Lamb Ribs and Chicken Skewers
World-famous Lamb Ribs brushed with Smokey BBQ sauce, paired with two grilled chicken skewers. Served with your choice of two (2) sides.
د135.00 - -
Rib Combo Diners
You make the call. Enjoy the great taste of two ribs plus one of the items below. Served with two (2) sides.
د115.00 - -

Signature Steaks

Fillet Medallions
Three filet medallions with your choice of up to three gourmet toppings. Served with a side of your choice. 255g
د119.00 - -
Miami Steak and Fries
Tender and flavorful petite filet topped with peppercorn sauce and served with French fries. 200g
د89.00 - -
Fillet Mignon
A melt in your mouth lean cut of boneless beef tenderloin. 230g
د115.00 - -
Veal Escalope
Pan-fried breaded tender veal. Served with French fries and green salad.
د75.00 - -
BBQ Caramelized Onion Steak
Tender steak topped with BBQ caramelized onion served on a bed of mashed potatoes. 200g
د89.00 - -
Natural marbling makes this a rich, flavorful steak. 315g
د104.00 - -
Red Pepper Steak
A well-marinated rump steak topped with spicy fire roasted red pepper sauce. 300g
د95.00 - -
New York Strip
A heartier, leaner cut of beef with its own distinctive taste. Seasoned to perfection with Tony`s special seasoning, 315g
د104.00 - -
Steak Combo Diners
Special cut steak filet paired with one of these great items. Served with two (2) sides of your choice.
د109.00 - -

Premium Sides

Mashed Potatoes د12.00 - -
Loaded Mashed Potatoes د14.00 - -
Baked Potato د16.00 - -
Loaded Baked Potato د20.00 - -
Coleslaw د6.00 - -
Garlic Seared Green Beans د8.00 - -
French Fries د14.00 - -
Rice Pilaf د9.00 - -
Corn on the Cob د12.00 - -
Steamed Vegetables د11.00 - -
Roma Side Salad د13.00 - -


Chicken Alfredo
Tender grilled chicken tossed with fettuccine in a rich creamy Alfredo sauce.
د52.00 - -
Linguine Vegetariani
Linguine sauteed with portobello mushrooms roasted red bell peppers, diced eggplant tossed with tomato pesto sauce and topped with creamy feta cheese.
د42.00 - -
Grilled Shrimp Primavera
Linguine tossed with grilled shrimp, spinach, sun-dried tomatoes, mushrooms and feta cheese in a creamy chive butter sauce.
د59.00 - -
Salmon Carbonara Fettuccine
Juicy salmon perfectly seasoned in a rich creamy sauce and tossed with fettuccine.
د59.00 - -
Shrimp Scampi Pasta
Pasta and shrimp lightly sauteed with garlic, basil, tomatoes, pesto and Romano cheese.
د62.00 - -


Mojo Chicken
Seasoned, grilled chicken breasts basted with Tony's citrus and brown mustard mojo sauce. Topped with pineapple salsa and served with rice and mixed vegetables.
د62.00 - -
Red Pepper Chicken
Two seasoned chicken breasts, grilled and topped with spicy fire roasted red pepper sauce. Served with loaded mashed potatoes and mixed vegetables.
د62.00 - -
Grilled Chicken Spinach Stack
Two stacked grilled chicken breasts, covered with a rich blend of cheeses, artichoke hearts, creamy spinach and bread crumb topping. Served with rice and mixed vegetables.
د62.00 - -
BBQ 1/2 Chicken
A juicy, half chicken basted in TR's Original BBQ sauce and charbroiled. Served with French fries and coleslaw.
د52.00 - -
Roasted Garlic and Rosemary Chicken
Two grilled chicken breasts smothered in our roasted garlic & rosemary BBQ sauce and sprinkled with grated Romano cheese. Served with rice and mixed vegetables.
د60.00 - -
Roma Chicken Escalope
Chicken breast crisped golden brown, topped with roasted red pepper sauce and melted cheese. Served with Alfredo pasta and mixed vegetables.
د62.00 - -
Chicken Skewers
Three skewers of grilled chicken and vegetables basted with lite garlic sauce. Served with rice and vegetable medley.
د62.00 - -


Shrimp and Salmon Piccata
Grilled salmon topped with shrimp in a lemon caper sauce. Served with rice and mixed vegetables.
د85.00 - -
South Miami Fried Shrimp
Breaded shrimp served on a bed of French fries with coleslaw and tartar sauce.
د73.00 - -
Grilled Shrimp Skewers
Four grilled skewers of shrimp, bell peppers and red onions basted with scampi butter and Tony's special seasoning.
د73.00 - -
Cajun Grill
Succulent fish fillet and shrimp, basted with our blend of spices and grilled to perfection. Served with rice and mixed vegetables.
د62.00 - -
Fish and Chips
Hand-battered fish fillets fried to a golden brown. Served with French fries, coleslaw and tartar sauce.
د57.00 - -
Avocado and Orange Seabass
Grilled seabass topped with a fresh blend of lightly seasoned oranges and hand-cut avocado marinated in grape juice. Tossed with Roma tomatoes, fresh cilantro & served with rice and steamed vegetables.
د75.00 - -
Seafood Platter
Large combo of our fried seafood favorites, including hand-battered fish fillet, South Miami fried shrimp and tender calamari. Served with French fries and tartar sauce.
د73.00 - -
TR's Fish Grill
Select fillets served up fresh for you. Served with your choice of two (2) sides.
د62.00 - -

Speciality Drinks

Fresh Lemonade د20.00 - -
Fresh Orange Juice د20.00 - -
Fresh Mint Lemonade د24.00 - -
Mint and Fruit Dream
Fruity, minty and delicious. The perfect pairing of orange juice, strawberry syrup and soda water.
د24.00 - -
Peach Smoothie
An exotic blend of smooth peach explosion.
د25.00 - -
Bahama Mama
A frosty Caribbean concoction of fresh juices. Served with a fresh pineapple slice and a cherry.
د21.00 - -
Cranberry Mojito
A light cooler with cranberry juice, cherry syrup, lime and ginger ale for extra sparkle. Shaken with mint and ice.
د25.00 - -
Frosty Shakes
Dive into a rich & creamy shake, topped with whipped cream. Your choice of chocolate, vanilla or strawberry.
د23.00 - -
Citrus Surprise
A tropical blend of orange, pineapple and lemon juice with a hint of mint and ginger.
د22.00 - -
Banana Strawberry Freeze
Cool off with a frozen blend of fresh banana and strawberries infused with pineapple & coconut. Topped with whipped cream and a cherry.
د22.00 - -
Mango Passion Smoothie
A refreshing combination of mango and passion fruit smoothie blended with granadine syrup.
د25.00 - -
Shirley Temple
Lemon lime soda and grenadine, topped off with a cherry.
د20.00 - -
Cleanse your body with our famous detox blend of green iced tea, mint and cucumber.
د20.00 - -
Energy Drink د19.00 - -


Local Water د7.00 - -
Acqua Panna د15.00 - -
San Pellegrino د17.00 - -
Soft Drinks  د7.00 - -
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