Restaurants (Bermula dengan O)

Omma's Oven (MY) Ommason Signature (MY) Omni Vore (MY) Omu Curry Lab (MY) Omulab (MY) Omylee's Cafe (MY) On The Road Cafe (MY) On The Table Restaurant (MY) On X On Cafe (MY) On29 Bistro & Cafe (MY) ONA KITCHEN COMPANY (MY) Onaka Takoyaki (MY) Once In Summer 鸣夏一度 (MY) Once Upon a time Vegetarian Cafe (MY) Onde Onde (MY) One 7 Waffle (MY) One Arab Cafe (MY) ONE ASAM PEDAS @Eco Ardence (MY) One Bistro (MY) One Bistro # Nasi Kandar (MY) One Bite (MY) ONE BITE FOOD 一口糕 (MY) One Bowl Noodle Pan Mee (MY) One Bowl Pan Mee Restaurant (MY) One Burger Bercham (MY) One Burger Menglembu (MY) One Cheese Nan Terbaik -Jai Corner (MY) One Chikin Medan Bintulu (MY) One D'Cafe (MY) One Day Again Kitchen Cafe (MY) One day curry rice @Restoran Wai Wai (MY) One Dollar Shop (MY) One Eighteen Coffee Shop (MY) One Family Kopitiam (MY) One Fine Bowl (MY) One Heart Fresh Fruits (MY) One Heart Restaurant (MY) One Home Steamboat Restaurant (MY) One Home Steamboat Restaurant 2 (MY) One Jaya Cafe (MY) One Law Delicacy (MY) One millennium caterers (MY) One More Bowl 再来一碗 (MY) One More Chicken Rice (MY) One More Cup (MY) One More Cup @Everwin Tudan (MY) One More Ricebowl 再一碗盖饭 @ Permas (MY) One Nasi Lemak - Jalan Manickavasagam, Seremban (MY) One Nasi Lemak (MY) ONE NASI LEMAK KUKUS AYAM BEREMPAH (MY) One Nation Burger( Kulai Jalan Merbau) (MY) One National Burger (MY) ONE NOODLE HOUSE (MY) One Noodle Stand 一碗面 (MY) One Nyonya (MY) One One One Cafe 旺旺旺茶室 (MY) One P Station (MY) One Penchala Coffee Shop (MY) One Piece Bakery (MY) ONE PIECE CAFE (MY)