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On the Barbell Brigade menu, the most expensive item is Monthly Fee, which costs $80.00. The cheapest item on the menu is Initiation Fee, which costs $0.00. The average price of all items on the menu is currently $26.67.


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About Barbell Brigade

What is Barbell Brigade?

Barbell Brigade is a renowned fitness and strength training facility known for its dedication to powerlifting, bodybuilding, and strength-focused training. It's a fitness community that emphasizes inclusivity and encourages individuals of all fitness levels to pursue their strength and fitness goals.

What are the membership options of Barbell Brigade?

Barbell Brigade offers a variety of membership options to cater to different fitness needs. These may include monthly, annual, and even day-pass options. The pricing and details of each membership can vary, so it's recommended to contact Barbell Brigade directly or visit their official website for the most up-to-date information on membership options.

What are the operating hours of Barbell Brigade?

Barbell Brigade's operating hours can vary by location, so it's best to check with the specific branch you plan to visit. However, many gyms offer extended hours to accommodate different schedules, and some may even operate 24/7.

How much does a membership at Barbell Brigade cost?

Membership pricing at Barbell Brigade is for a monthly fee of $100 with no initiation fee.

What types of equipment are available at Barbell Brigade?

Barbell Brigade typically provides a wide range of strength training equipment, including barbells, dumbbells, squat racks, bench presses, and specialized powerlifting equipment. The exact equipment available can vary by location, but you can generally expect a comprehensive selection for strength-focused workouts.

Are there personal trainers available for assistance?

Many Barbell Brigade locations offer personal training services, where experienced trainers can provide guidance, create customized workout plans, and offer support to help members achieve their fitness goals. The availability of personal trainers may vary, so it's recommended to inquire at your local gym.

What classes or programs does Barbell Brigade offer?

Barbell Brigade often hosts classes and programs tailored to strength training, powerlifting, and bodybuilding. These may include specialized training sessions, workshops, and group fitness classes designed to enhance strength and performance. The specific offerings can vary by location.

Is Barbell Brigade known for powerlifting or bodybuilding?

Barbell Brigade has gained recognition for its strong emphasis on powerlifting and strength-focused training. Many members and trainers at Barbell Brigade are passionate about powerlifting and bodybuilding, making it an ideal destination for individuals interested in these disciplines.

Are there weightlifting platforms available?

Yes, Barbell Brigade typically provides weightlifting platforms designed to accommodate Olympic-style weightlifting exercises. These platforms offer a dedicated space for activities like snatches and clean and jerks, fostering a suitable environment for weightlifters.

Can I drop weights at Barbell Brigade?

The permissibility of dropping weights at Barbell Brigade can depend on gym policies and etiquette. It's advisable to follow gym guidelines regarding weightlifting practices and be considerate of fellow members when using free weights.

Is Barbell Brigade suitable for athletes training for specific sports?

Barbell Brigade can be suitable for athletes training for specific sports, especially those requiring strength and power. The gym's focus on strength training and its experienced trainers can help athletes improve their performance in various sports.

Are there discounts for students, military personnel, or seniors?

Discounts at Barbell Brigade may vary by location and time. Many gyms offer special rates for students, military personnel, and seniors. To find out about current discounts, it's best to contact your local Barbell Brigade branch.

Does Barbell Brigade offer childcare services?

Barbell Brigade's policy on childcare services can vary by location. Some gyms may offer childcare facilities or have partnerships with nearby childcare providers, while others may not provide this service. It's recommended to check with your local gym for childcare options.

Who are the competitors of Barbell Brigade?

Barbell Brigade faces competition from several other fitness centers and brands including:

Gold's Gym

Gold's Gym is a well-established fitness chain known for its wide range of equipment, group fitness classes, and personal training services. They offer a traditional gym experience with various membership options.

24 Hour Fitness

24 Hour Fitness is a nationwide gym chain that focuses on convenience by providing 24/7 access to its facilities. They offer a variety of equipment, group classes, and personal training services.

Powerhouse Gym

Powerhouse Gym is known for its commitment to strength training and bodybuilding. They provide specialized equipment for serious weightlifters and offer a supportive community for fitness enthusiasts.


CrossFit gyms, often referred to as "boxes," offer high-intensity functional fitness programs. They focus on varied and challenging workouts and often build a strong sense of community among members.


Equinox is a premium fitness club known for its luxury amenities, upscale environment, and high-end services. They provide a range of fitness classes, personal training, spa services, and more.

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