European Wax Center Prices

European Wax Center Prices

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On the European Wax Center menu, the most expensive item is Legs - Full, which costs $86.00. The cheapest item on the menu is Back - Upper, which costs $10.00. The average price of all items on the menu is currently $33.72.


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About European Wax Center

What services does European Wax Center offer?

Full Body Waxing

This service covers all major areas, from legs and arms to the bikini area, back, chest, and more. It's perfect for those who want a complete hair-free experience.

Eyebrow Waxing

Achieve perfectly shaped eyebrows with professional eyebrow waxing. Our specialists will carefully shape and define your brows to enhance your facial features.

Bikini Waxing

Choose from various bikini styles, including bikini line, Brazilian, and bikini full. Each option offers a different level of hair removal, allowing you to customize your comfort level.

Face Waxing

This includes waxing for the upper lip, chin, and sideburns. It's a quick and effective way to remove unwanted facial hair.

Underarm Waxing

Say goodbye to underarm stubble with our underarm waxing service. It leaves your underarms smooth and hair-free.

Leg Waxing

We offer half-leg and full-leg waxing to ensure your legs are silky and smooth. Whether you want to target specific areas or go for a full leg wax, we've got you covered.

Arm Waxing

Enjoy the convenience of hair-free arms with our arm waxing services, which include both half-arm and full-arm options.

Back and Chest Waxing

For our male clients, we provide expert back and chest waxing to eliminate unwanted hair in these areas.

How much does waxing at European Wax Center cost?

The cost of waxing at European Wax Center can vary based on the specific service and your location. On average, you can expect to pay anywhere from $20 to $80 per session, depending on the area being waxed and whether you're a member or non-member. Members often enjoy discounted rates on waxing services and products. To get precise pricing information for your local European Wax Center, it's best to visit their website or contact them directly.

Do they offer male waxing services?

Yes, European Wax Center offers a range of waxing services specifically designed for men. These services include back and chest waxing, as well as facial waxing, to help men achieve smooth and hair-free skin.

Is European Wax Center safe for sensitive skin? Can I wax if I have skin conditions like eczema or psoriasis? 

European Wax Center is committed to providing safe and effective waxing services for individuals with sensitive skin. However, if you have specific skin conditions like eczema or psoriasis, it's essential to inform your waxing specialist before your session. They can provide personalized recommendations and select the appropriate wax formula to minimize any potential irritation.

Are the waxing specialists at European Wax Center trained and certified?

Yes, the waxing specialists at European Wax Center undergo extensive training and certification to ensure they provide safe and effective waxing services. They are knowledgeable about waxing techniques, product usage, and skin care, and they are dedicated to delivering a comfortable and professional experience for clients.

Can I make an appointment online at European Wax Center? 

Yes, European Wax Center offers the convenience of online booking. You can schedule your waxing appointment on their website or through their mobile app. This allows you to choose a time that fits your schedule and location preferences.

Is there a membership program at European Wax Center? 

Yes, European Wax Center offers a membership program known as the Wax Pass. Members can enjoy discounted rates on waxing services, as well as special promotions and benefits. Additionally, European Wax Center often runs seasonal promotions and offers introductory rates for new clients. Be sure to check their website or inquire at your local center for the latest discounts and promotions.

How often should I wax at European Wax Center to maintain smooth skin?

The frequency of waxing sessions at European Wax Center can vary depending on individual hair growth and personal preferences. Many people choose to wax facial areas, such as eyebrows and upper lip, every 2 to 4 weeks to maintain a clean, smooth look. For body areas like legs, arms, and the bikini area, waxing every 3 to 6 weeks is common. This timing allows for regrowth while keeping the skin relatively hair-free.

Can I wax during pregnancy at European Wax Center? 

Yes, it's generally safe to wax during pregnancy at European Wax Center. However, it's essential to inform your waxing specialist if you are pregnant or planning to become pregnant. They can adjust the treatment and select a suitable wax formula to ensure your comfort and safety. Some pregnant individuals may experience heightened sensitivity during pregnancy, so communication with your specialist is key to a positive experience.

How long does the hair need to be for waxing at European Wax Center? 

For effective waxing at European Wax Center, hair should ideally be about a quarter to half an inch long, or roughly the length of a grain of rice. If your hair is too short, the wax may not adhere properly, and if it's too long, you may experience more discomfort. Your waxing specialist can trim the hair to the appropriate length if needed.

Are there any age restrictions for waxing at European Wax Center?

European Wax Center typically requires clients to be at least 16 years old to receive waxing services. However, specific age restrictions may vary by location, so it's a good idea to check with your local center for their policy. Parental consent may be required for clients under 18.

Who are the competitors of European Wax Center?

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A Brazilian Wax is a popular hair removal center specializing in Brazilian waxing, full body waxing and leg waxing for women and men.

Pretty Kitty Wax Salon

Pretty Kitty Wax Salon is a specialty waxing salon known for its expertise in intimate waxing services, including Brazilian waxes. They offer a range of waxing services tailored to both women and men, with a focus on precision and client comfort.

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Strip Ministry of Waxing is an international waxing salon chain known for its high-quality waxing services and commitment to hygiene.

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