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On the Firestone menu, the most expensive item is In addition to everything offered in the Standard Alignment service: Provide a Lifetime Warranty on the alignment, which means we'll set alignment angles on your vehicle every 6,000 miles or whenever needed, free of charge, for as long as you own it., which costs $199.99. The cheapest item on the menu is Miniature Bulb Installation Labor (Per Bulb), which costs $13.99. The average price of all items on the menu is currently $98.65.


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About Firestone

What is Firestone?

Firestone is a renowned tire and automotive service company that has been a trusted name in the industry for over a century. Founded in 1900 by Harvey S. Firestone, the company has a rich history of providing high-quality tires and automotive services to customers worldwide. Firestone is known for its commitment to innovation, durability, and performance, making it a popular choice for drivers seeking reliable and safe tire solutions. 

Does Firestone sell tires for all types of vehicles?

Yes, Firestone offers a wide range of tires to cater to various types of vehicles, ensuring that customers can find the perfect fit for their specific needs. These include Passenger Car Tires, designed for everyday commuting, these tires offer comfort, fuel efficiency, and dependable performance. Light Truck and SUV Tires, these tires are engineered to handle the demands of SUVs and light trucks, providing enhanced traction and durability. Performance and Sports Car Tires, Firestone's performance tires are crafted for high-speed driving, offering excellent grip and responsiveness. Commercial and Heavy-Duty Tires, Firestone also manufactures tires for commercial vehicles, trucks, and heavy-duty applications.

What services does Firestone provide besides tire sales?

Firestone offers a comprehensive range of automotive services, including:

Wheel Alignment

Ensuring your vehicle's wheels are properly aligned for even tire wear and optimal handling.

Brake Services

Inspection, repair, and replacement of brake components to maintain safety.

Oil Changes

Regular oil changes to keep your engine running smoothly.


Testing and replacement of car batteries to prevent unexpected breakdowns.

Suspension and Steering

Services related to maintaining a smooth and controlled ride.

Tire Services

Besides sales, Firestone offers tire installation, rotation, balancing, and repair services.

Can I buy Firestone tires online?

Yes, Firestone provides the convenience of online tire purchasing through their website. Customers can browse their extensive selection, compare options, read reviews, and select the right tires for their vehicles. Once chosen, you can arrange for delivery to your preferred Firestone store for installation or schedule an appointment for tire installation at your convenience. 

What is Firestone Complete Auto Care?

Firestone Complete Auto Care is a network of automotive service centers operated by Firestone. These centers offer a wide range of services, including tire sales, maintenance, and repairs, making them a one-stop-shop for all your vehicle needs. Firestone Complete Auto Care is staffed by skilled technicians who can address various automotive issues to keep your vehicle running smoothly.

Does Firestone offer financing options for auto repairs?

Yes, Firestone provides financing options to help customers manage unexpected repair expenses. They offer credit accounts and the Firestone Credit Card. The card may come with promotional financing offers, making it easier to pay for essential repairs over time, often with deferred interest if the balance is paid in full within a specified period.

What are the benefits of Firestone's maintenance packages?

Firestone offers maintenance packages tailored to your vehicle's needs. These packages often include services such as oil changes, tire rotations, wheel alignments, and vehicle inspections. The benefits include extended vehicle life, improved fuel efficiency, and enhanced safety, all while simplifying the maintenance process with regularly scheduled appointments.

What is the Firestone credit card and how does it work?

The Firestone Credit Card is a financial tool that allows customers to manage their automotive expenses. It provides access to special financing offers for purchases at Firestone Complete Auto Care centers. Customers can apply for the card, and if approved, they can use it to pay for services, repairs, or new tires. Depending on the terms, cardholders may enjoy deferred interest if they pay the balance in full within a specified period.

What are the hours of operation at Firestone?

The hours of operation at Firestone can vary depending on the specific location and day of the week. However, as a general guideline, most Firestone Complete Auto Care centers operate during regular business hours, typically from 7:00 AM to 6:00 PM or 7:00 PM on weekdays, with slightly shorter hours on Saturdays and often being closed on Sundays. It's advisable to check the hours of the nearest Firestone location or contact them directly for precise information.

Who are the competitors of Firestone?

Just Brakes

Just Brakes, a reputable automotive service company, specializes in brake system maintenance and repair. With a dedicated focus on brake services, they offer brake inspections, pad and rotor replacements, and other related repairs to ensure optimal braking performance. Just Brakes is committed to safety and provides expert brake technicians to assess and address any brake-related concerns, making them a trusted choice for drivers seeking reliable brake service.

Walmart Auto Services

Walmart, a well-known retail giant, extends its offerings to include a comprehensive range of auto services. Customers can conveniently access services such as tire and oil changes, battery replacements, and brake repairs at select Walmart Auto Care Centers. These centers are staffed by experienced technicians who use quality products and provide reliable service, making it a convenient one-stop solution for various automotive needs.

Grease Monkey

Grease Monkey is a popular automotive service franchise that specializes in quick and efficient oil changes and preventive maintenance services. They offer a range of oil change options, including conventional, high-mileage, and synthetic oils, along with other services like fluid top-offs and filter replacements. Grease Monkey's fast and friendly service, coupled with a commitment to vehicle wellness, has earned them a loyal customer base.


Ziebart is a well-established automotive aftermarket service provider renowned for its rust protection and automotive detailing services. They offer rustproofing and undercoating solutions to safeguard vehicles from corrosion, especially in regions with harsh weather conditions. Additionally, Ziebart provides interior and exterior detailing services, paint protection, and window tinting, ensuring that vehicles not only look great but also remain protected against environmental factors.

Sears Auto Center

Sears Auto Center, affiliated with the department store chain, provides a wide array of automotive services, including oil changes, tire services, battery replacements, and brake repairs. They offer both synthetic and conventional oil change options and use quality filters. Sears Auto Center often provides customers with a thorough vehicle inspection report to address any potential issues.



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