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About Memorial Hospital (Memorial Hospital)

What services and specialties does Memorial Hospital offer?

Emergency Medicine

Memorial Hospital has a fully-equipped emergency room (ER) staffed with skilled healthcare professionals to provide immediate care to patients in critical conditions.


The hospital offers various surgical services, including general surgery, orthopedic surgery, and minimally invasive procedures.

Maternity and Childbirth Services

Memorial Hospital provides comprehensive maternity care, including prenatal, delivery, and postnatal services. The hospital is equipped with state-of-the-art labor and delivery suites.

Specialized Medical Units

Memorial Hospital has specialized units for cardiology, oncology, neurology, and more. These units provide expert care for patients with specific medical conditions.

Telehealth Services

Patients can access virtual doctor appointments through Memorial Hospital's telehealth services, ensuring convenient healthcare access.

Outpatient Services

The hospital offers a range of outpatient services, including physical therapy, radiology, and laboratory testing.

Pediatric Care

Memorial Hospital has a dedicated pediatric unit with experienced pediatricians to provide healthcare services for children.

Research and Clinical Trials

The hospital is actively involved in medical research and clinical trials, contributing to advancements in healthcare.

What are the visiting hours at Memorial Hospital?

Visiting hours at Memorial Hospital typically run from 9:00 AM to 9:00 PM. However, it's advisable to check with the hospital's official website or contact them directly for the most current information, as visiting hours may vary depending on patient needs and COVID-19 restrictions.

Does Memorial Hospital have an emergency room?

Yes, Memorial Hospital has a fully operational emergency room (ER) to handle medical emergencies and provide immediate care to patients in critical conditions. The ER is staffed with skilled healthcare professionals and is equipped to handle a wide range of medical emergencies 24/7.

Are there any parking facilities for visitors at Memorial Hospital

Memorial Hospital offers ample parking facilities for visitors. There are designated parking areas for patients and visitors, ensuring convenience and accessibility to the hospital's premises.

What are the qualifications of the medical staff at Memorial Hospital?

The medical staff at Memorial Hospital consists of highly qualified and experienced healthcare professionals, including board-certified physicians, nurses, and support staff. They are committed to providing the highest standard of care to patients.

Does Memorial Hospital offer telehealth or virtual doctor appointments?

Yes, Memorial Hospital offers telehealth and virtual doctor appointments. This convenient service allows patients to consult with healthcare providers remotely, ensuring access to medical care from the comfort of their homes.

What insurance plans are accepted at Memorial Hospital?

Memorial Hospital accepts a wide range of insurance plans to accommodate patients' needs. Some commonly accepted insurance plans include but are not limited to Medicare, Medicaid, Blue Cross Blue Shield, Aetna, and UnitedHealthcare. It's advisable to verify specific plan acceptance with the hospital or your insurance provider before seeking care.

Does Memorial Hospital have a cafeteria or dining options for patients and visitors?

Memorial Hospital has a cafeteria that serves a variety of meals for patients and visitors. The cafeteria offers a selection of nutritious and delicious options to cater to different dietary preferences.

What are the hospital's policies on patient privacy and data security?

Memorial Hospital is dedicated to safeguarding patient privacy and data security. The hospital follows strict policies and adheres to HIPAA regulations to protect patients' confidential medical information.

What are the options for maternity and childbirth services at Memorial Hospital?

Memorial Hospital offers comprehensive maternity and childbirth services, including prenatal care, labor and delivery, postnatal care, and lactation support. The hospital provides a comfortable and supportive environment for expectant mothers.

How does Memorial Hospital handle medical emergencies and trauma cases?

Memorial Hospital is equipped to handle medical emergencies and trauma cases effectively. The hospital has a trauma center and a team of experienced emergency medicine specialists ready to provide critical care when needed.

Is Memorial Hospital involved in any medical research or clinical trials?

Yes, Memorial Hospital actively participates in medical research and clinical trials. This involvement contributes to the advancement of medical knowledge and the development of innovative treatments for various medical conditions.

What are the hospital's policies regarding advance directives and end-of-life care?

Memorial Hospital respects patients' advance directives and end-of-life care preferences. The hospital has policies in place to ensure that patients' wishes regarding their medical care are followed and respected.

Can I schedule surgery or a medical procedure at Memorial Hospital?

Patients can schedule surgeries and medical procedures at Memorial Hospital by consulting with their healthcare providers. The hospital's surgical team will guide patients through the scheduling process and provide pre-operative instructions.

Does Memorial Hospital have a pediatric unit or services for children?

Memorial Hospital has a dedicated pediatric unit staffed with experienced pediatricians and nurses who specialize in the care of children. The hospital offers a wide range of pediatric services to address children's healthcare needs.

What is Memorial Hospital's policy on billing and financial assistance for patients?

Memorial Hospital has clear billing policies, and the billing department is available to assist patients with any billing-related questions or concerns. Additionally, the hospital may offer financial assistance programs for eligible patients.

Are there any wellness or preventive health programs available at Memorial Hospital?

Memorial Hospital offers various wellness and preventive health programs to promote community health. These programs may include health screenings, wellness workshops, and educational seminars to help individuals maintain a healthy lifestyle.

What other hospitals offer similar medical services as Memorial Hospital (Memorial Hospital)?

Permian Regional Medical Center

Permian Regional Medical Center, located in Andrews, Texas, is a healthcare facility dedicated to serving the medical needs of the local community. The hospital offers a range of services, including emergency care, surgical procedures, maternity and childbirth services, and diagnostic imaging. With a commitment to providing high-quality care, Permian Regional Medical Center strives to meet the healthcare needs of residents in the West Texas region.

Bates County Memorial Hospital

Bates County Memorial Hospital, situated in Butler, Missouri, is a healthcare institution focused on delivering comprehensive medical services to the community. The hospital provides various services, such as emergency care, inpatient and outpatient surgery, obstetrics and gynecology, and rehabilitation services. Bates County Memorial Hospital is dedicated to enhancing the health and well-being of the residents it serves in Bates County.

UChicago Medicine Ingalls Memorial Hospital

UChicago Medicine Ingalls Memorial Hospital, located in Harvey, Illinois, is a renowned medical center affiliated with the University of Chicago Medicine. The hospital offers a wide range of healthcare services, including advanced surgical procedures, cancer care, cardiovascular services, and primary care. Committed to innovation and excellence in healthcare, Ingalls Memorial Hospital is a trusted provider of comprehensive medical care in the Chicago metropolitan area.

Alton Memorial Hospital

Alton Memorial Hospital, situated in Alton, Illinois, is a healthcare facility that has been serving the region for decades. The hospital provides an array of services, including emergency and trauma care, orthopedics, women's health services, and diagnostic imaging. Alton Memorial Hospital is known for its commitment to patient-centered care and its dedication to promoting the health and well-being of the Alton community.

Carle Richland Memorial Hospital

Carle Richland Memorial Hospital, located in Olney, Illinois, is a healthcare institution focused on providing accessible and high-quality medical services to the local population. The hospital offers services such as primary care, surgical procedures, imaging services, and rehabilitation. Carle Richland Memorial Hospital is dedicated to improving the health and wellness of individuals in the Richland County area through compassionate and personalized care.




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