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Latonya Saunderson is the force behind The Weave Shop, a chain of hair salons with locations in Florida, Georgia, Michigan, Illinois, North Carolina, and New Jersey. Many of these salons are franchised by the parent company thus ensuring that the products and services used in them are within its quality standards.

As its name implies, The Weave Shop salons are dedicated to offering a wide range of weave services to its target clients. With the current trend in weaves, even among Hollywood celebrities, the salons are as relevant as ever. With the Weave Shop prices being affordable, clients can enjoy as many of the services as they want.

There are several weave options in the salons. These include weave packages, which combine two or more services for best results and for the best value for the money. There are also individual services like full lace wings, cornrows, and ponytails, as well as regular haircuts, hair treatments, and chemical services like hair color, straightening and perming.

Below are the latest The Weave Shop prices.

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Item Price

Weave Packages

Silver Weave $50.00
Silver+ Weave $75.00
Signature Silver Weave $150.00
Gold Weave $85.00
Gold+ Weave $110.00
Signature Gold Weave $175.00
Platinum Weave $95.00
Platinum+ Weave $120.00
Signature Platinum Weave $185.00

Additional Weave Services

Quick Weave $60.00
Weave Retouch $45.00
Easy Wig $150.00
Braidless Sew-In $200.00
Braidless & Basic One Step $300.00
Braidless Retouch $100.00
Easy Weave $200.00
Easy Weave Retouch In Salon $100.00
Easy Weave Retouch Drop Off $65.00

A La Carte Weave Services


Flat Iron (Per Person) $25.00
Signature Curls (Per Person) $45.00
Body Curls/Feathers (Per Person) $30.00
Detailed Cut (Per Person) $20.00
Razor Cut (Per Person) $30.00
Up-Do (Per Person) $45.00

Separate & Custom Units

Lace Closure $30.00
Closure $25.00
Invisible Part (Bond) $25.00
Invisible Part (Sew-In) $50.00
Clip-Ins (Bundle) $80.00
Clip-Ins (Per Track) $25.00

Braidless Sew-In

Per Track $30.00
Full Head Removal $50.00
Per Track Removal $12.00
Braidless Flat Iron $35.00

Color Services (Per Bundle Pricing)

1 Deposit (Per Bundle) $30.00
Highlights (1 Process) (Per Bundle) $50.00
High & Lowlights (2 Color) (Per Bundle) $55.00
Semi $15.00
Demi $25.00


Single Tracking $25.00
Circle Braid $10.00
Mini/Double Circular Braid $20.00
Mini Braid $15.00
VIP (Weekends Only) $25.00

Individual Tracks

Per Track (Sew-In) $15.00
Removal (Per Track) $7.00
Bonded (Per Track) $5.00

Ombré (Per Bundle Pricing)

1 Color (Per Bundle) $25.00
2 Color (Per Bundle) $35.00
3 Color (Per Bundle) $45.00
Semi (Per Bundle) $35.00
Demi (Per Bundle) $45.00
Long & Thick (Per Bundle) $15.00

Ombré Weave (Installed Pricing)

1 Color $65.00
2 Color $75.00
3 Color $85.00
Partial Relaxer $35.00
Semi Hairline $25.00
Semi (Ombre Wave) $30.00
Demi Hairline $30.00
Demi (Ombre Wave) $35.00


Reused Hair $25.00
Curly to Straight $15.00
Extra Pack Hair $25.00
Long & Thick (Per Person) $15.00

Maintenance Add-Ons

Tighten Up/Removal $25.00
Additional Track $7.00
Additional Braid $10.00
Comb Out $10.00
Pre-Service Trim $10.00
Bundle Shampoo $15.00

Wave (Installed Pricing)

1 Deposit $80.00
Highlights (1 Process) $100.00
High & Lowlights (2 Color) $130.00

Pony Tails

Basic Gelled (Per Person) $30.00
Sew-In Ponytail (Per Person) $50.00
Natural Hair Pressed (Per Person) $45.00


Basic Gelled $30.00
Sew-In Ponytail $50.00
Natural Hair Pressed $45.00

Natural Hair Packages

Silver Style $30.00
Gold Style $40.00
Signature Gold Style $79.00
Platinum Style $49.00
Signature Platinum Style $64.00

A La Carte Natural Hair Services


Shampoo/Blow Dry $20.00
Flat Iron $30.00
Body Curls/Feathers $20.00
Signature Curls $35.00
Up-Do $45.00
Detailed Cut $20.00

Natural & Relaxed Services

Silk Press $55.00
Short & Sassy Style $35.00
Ceramic Press $35.00
Basic One-Step (Includes Flat Iron) $120.00
Kid's Basic One Step (Includes Flat Iron) $75.00


Boost $10.00
Deep Moisturizing Conditioner $10.00
Steamer Treatment $15.00
Protein Reconstructor Treatment $10.00
Therapeutic Shampoo and Deep Conditioner $10.00
Pre Service Trim $15.00

Chemical And Coloring Services

Add-On Semi Color $20.00
Add-On Semi Color (Hairline) $12.00
Add-On Demi Color (Hairline) $15.00
Add-On Demi Color $25.00
Permanent Color with Flat Iron $65.00
High & Low Lights $120.00
Add-On Relaxer (Hairline) $55.00
Virgin Relaxer $60.00
Highlights $80.00

Cosmetic Services

Silver $20.00
Silver with Wax $25.00
Silver+ $35.00
Silver+ with Wax $40.00
Gold $50.00
Gold with Wax $55.00
Platinum $60.00
Platinum with Wax $65.00

Make-Up Services

Eyes Only $20.00
Eyes with Wax & Fill-In $30.00
Eyes with Individual Lashes (Natural) $35.00

Individual Lashes

Natural Set (Per Person) $20.00
Mixed Length $30.00

Eye Brows & Waxing

Natural Set $20.00
Brow Fill-In $5.00
Wax $10.00
Tweeze with Fill-In $15.00
Full Face with Strip Lashes $45.00
Eyes with Brow Razor & Fill-In $25.00
Eyes with Strip Lashes Only $35.00
Thick & Full $30.00
Razor $7.00
Wax with Fill-in $13.00
Full Face without Lashes (Includes Brows) $40.00
Full Face with Individual Lashes (Natural) $40.00
Strips $10.00
Razor with Fill-In $10.00
Tweeze $12.00

Hair Braiding Services

Braiding Without Weave

Shampoo/Blow Dry (Per Person) (Braiding without Weave) $20.00
Cornrows (Per Person) (Braiding without Weave) $30.00
Designer Cornrows (Per Person) (Braiding without Weave) $40.00
Cornrow Ponytail (Per Person) (Braiding without Weave) $40.00
Flat Twist (Per Person) (Braiding without Weave) $50.00
Retwist Locks (Per Person) (Braiding without Weave) $65.00
2 Strand Twist (Per Person) (Braiding without Weave) $30.00
Mohawk (Per Person) (Braiding without Weave) $55.00

Braiding With Weave

Cornrows (Per Person) $45.00
Designer Cornrows (Per Person) $50.00
Sectional Cornrows (Per Person) $30.00
Sectional Micros (Per Person) $50.00
Perimeter Micros (Per Person) $65.00
Kinky Twist (Per Person) $85.00
Mohawk (Per Person) $65.00
Fishtail Braid (Per Person) $25.00
Individual & Up (Per Person) $100.00
Micros & Up (Per Person) $150.00

TWS Angels

Sunday & Monday Shampoo & Blow Dry Included (Ages 3-11)

Kids Take Down $15.00
Cornrows $30.00
Cornrows with Hair $35.00
Deep Conditioner $10.00
Cornrow Ponytail $45.00
Cornrow Ponytail with Hair $50.00
2 Strand Twist $35.00
Long & Thick $15.00
Individuals $65.00
Beads $10.00
Mohawk $55.00
Rods $10.00
Basic 1-Step (Straightening System) $60.00
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