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Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Pint Slice $5.00
The Tonight Dough Pint Slice $5.00


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About Ben & Jerry's (AU)

What are the most popular Ben & Jerry's (AU) ice cream flavors?

Chocolate Fudge Brownie

 This classic flavor features rich chocolate ice cream loaded with delectable fudge brownie pieces. It's a chocoholic's dream.

Cookie Dough

A beloved favorite, Cookie Dough combines creamy vanilla ice cream with generous chunks of chocolate chip cookie dough, creating a sweet and satisfying treat.

Phish Food

This flavor is a delightful mix of chocolate ice cream, gooey marshmallow swirls, caramel, and fish-shaped chocolate pieces. It's a playful and indulgent choice.

Chunky Monkey

For those who love a combination of flavors, Chunky Monkey offers banana ice cream with fudge chunks and walnuts. It's a unique and satisfying blend.

Chewy Gooey Cookie

Chewy Gooey Cookie is a delightful flavor featuring creamy ice cream with a delightful blend of chewy and gooey cookie pieces. It's the perfect choice for those who crave the comforting goodness of cookies in their ice cream.

Is Chunky Monkey available at Ben & Jerry's (AU)?

Yes, you can find "Chunky Monkey" at Ben & Jerry's (AU). It's a delightful choice for those who love the combination of banana ice cream, fudge chunks, and walnuts.

What are the best non-dairy options at Ben & Jerry's (AU)?

Ben & Jerry's (AU) caters to non-dairy preferences with a range of delicious options, including "Chocolatey Love A-fair Non-Dairy Frozen Dessert," "Berry Revolutionary Non-Dairy," "Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Non-Dairy Frozen Dessert," and "This is Our Whirled Non-Dairy Frozen Dessert."

Where can I find a Ben & Jerry's (AU) store in Australia?

You can locate Ben & Jerry's (AU) stores across Australia. Visit their official website at or use their store locator for the exact addresses and contact details. You'll find them in various cities and towns.

What are the operating hours of Ben & Jerry's (AU) shops? 

Operating hours may vary by location and day, but typically, Ben & Jerry's (AU) shops are open from mid-morning to late evening. For example, a store in Sydney may operate from 11:00 AM to 9:00 PM, while one in Melbourne could open at 10:30 AM and close at 8:30 PM.

How much does a single scoop of Ben & Jerry's (AU) ice cream cost?

The cost of a single scoop at Ben & Jerry's (AU) typically varies, but you can expect to pay around $5 to $6 for this indulgent treat. For Pin size, expect to pay around $16.99 and from $31 to $55 for combo options.

Are there any special discounts or promotions for students at Ben & Jerry's (AU)?

Yes, Ben & Jerry's (AU) often runs special promotions for students. Keep an eye out for student discounts or promotions, which may include reduced prices or exclusive deals.

Can I get Ben & Jerry's (AU) delivered to my home?

Yes, Ben & Jerry's (AU) offers delivery services through their website. Additionally, they may partner with popular delivery providers like UberEats, Deliveroo, and Menulog to bring your favorite ice cream straight to your doorstep.

Are there any nut-free ice cream choices available at Ben & Jerry's (AU)?

Yes, Ben & Jerry's (AU) understands dietary restrictions and offers nut-free ice cream choices. Feel free to ask the staff about nut-free options, and they'll be happy to assist you.

Are there any special deals on pint-sized ice cream containers at Ben & Jerry's (AU)?

Ben & Jerry's (AU) occasionally offers special deals on pint-sized ice cream containers. Keep an eye on their promotions for opportunities to enjoy your favorite flavors in larger quantities at a more budget-friendly price.

Are the ice cream containers and packaging materials at Ben & Jerry's (AU) environmentally friendly?

Yes, Ben & Jerry's (AU) is committed to sustainability. They use environmentally friendly packaging materials, including responsibly sourced paper and cardboard containers. They also work towards minimizing their carbon footprint.

Are there any seasonal or limited-time menu items at Ben & Jerry's (AU)?

Yes, Ben & Jerry's (AU) introduces seasonal and limited-time menu items to celebrate special occasions. For example, they may offer Halloween-themed flavors or bring back retired favorites from their "Flavor Graveyard" collection.

Does Ben & Jerry's (AU) offer catering services?

Yes, Ben & Jerry's (AU) does offer catering services. They provide a delightful option for events, parties, and gatherings. With their catering services, you can bring the joy of Ben & Jerry's ice cream to your special occasions. Whether you're planning a birthday party, corporate event, wedding, or any other celebration, Ben & Jerry's (AU) can cater to your ice cream needs.

Who are the competitors of Ben & Jerry's (AU)?

Baskin-Robbins (AU)

Baskin-Robbins is a beloved ice cream chain in Australia known for its wide variety of ice cream flavors. With branches across the country, they offer an extensive menu of ice cream options, including classic favorites and seasonal specialties. Customers can choose from a plethora of flavors, whether they're in the mood for something fruity, nutty, or extravagantly sweet.

Street Crepes (AU)

Street Crepes is a popular dessert destination in Australia, offering a delightful selection of crepes with a diverse range of fillings and toppings. These crepes are known for their thin, delicate texture and are customizable to suit individual preferences.

Gelatissimo (AU)

Gelatissimo, with locations throughout Australia, is known for its artisanal gelato. They pride themselves on using high-quality ingredients to create a wide variety of gelato flavors, some of which are inspired by local Australian tastes. Gelatissimo's gelato is creamy and rich, and they offer options for both traditional and dairy-free preferences. Their commitment to quality has earned them a loyal following among gelato enthusiasts.

Gelato Messina (AU)

Gelato Messina is renowned for its innovative and gourmet approach to gelato. With an ever-changing menu, they offer a vast array of creative and decadent gelato flavors that cater to adventurous palates. From classic combinations to whimsical concoctions, Gelato Messina continuously surprises and delights its customers.



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