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About Quik Chik (CA)

What are the most popular items on the Quik Chik (CA) menu?

The most popular items on the Quik Chik (CA) menu include their delectable Cajun Fries, crispy Cajun Fries Dinner (4 Pcs.), and the highly-liked 12 Pieces Leg and Thigh Special. Customers also favor the Strips Combo (5 Pcs.), Combo (3 Pcs.), and plump Wings (10 Pcs.). For a quick and satisfying meal, the Chik Chicken Wrap Combo is a go-to choice, and the Strawberry Cheesecake provides a sweet finish. 

Can I order Quik Chik (CA) through food delivery apps like Uber Eats or SkipTheDishes?

Yes, Quik Chik (CA) offers the convenience of ordering through food delivery apps like Uber Eats and SkipTheDishes. You can have your favorite Quik Chik meals delivered right to your doorstep.

Are there any special deals or promotions at Quik Chik (CA)?

Quik Chik (CA) frequently offers special deals and promotions, which can vary by location and season. These may include combo meal discounts, limited-time offers, and family meal deals. Be sure to check their website or app for the latest promotions.

What are the operating hours of Quik Chik (CA)?

Quik Chik (CA) locations usually have different operating hours, and these hours can also vary by location. Typically, they are open for lunch and dinner. It's a good idea to visit the Quik Chik website or contact your nearest store for specific operating hours.

Is Quik Chik (CA) open on holidays?

Many Quik Chik (CA) locations remain open on holidays, but it's essential to verify with your local store, as some may have adjusted hours on holidays.

What are the typical prices at Quik Chik (CA)?


Quik Chik (CA) offers a range of specials that can vary in price. For instance, you might find a "Buy 1, Get 1 Free" offer, or Chicken Strips (3 pcs) typically priced at $12.99.

Quik Family Meals

For family dining, you can choose Fried Chicken Only at $28.99, the Fried Chicken Family Meal for $36.99, or the indulgent Family Feast Special priced at $84.99.

Sandwiches & More

In this category, you'll find a variety of options priced at $8.99 each, including the Chicken Sandwich, Poutine, Beef Burger, Chicken Wrap, Fish Sandwich, Vegetable Burger, and Shrimp Sandwich.

Spicy Wings

Spice enthusiasts can enjoy Wings at $18.99, or opt for the Wing Combo (5 pcs) at $12.99.

Quik Strips & Nuggets

Chicken Strips (3 pcs) and Chicken Nuggets (6 pcs) are priced at $7.99, while the Chicken Strips (5 pcs) come in at $12.99, and Chicken Strips Meal (5 pcs) is typically $16.99. For more variety, you can select the Chicken Nuggets Meal (9 pcs) at $17.99 or the Chicken Nuggets Meal (6 pcs) at $10.99.

Do they have a drive-thru for convenience at Quik Chik (CA)?

Yes, Quik Chik (CA) is known for its drive-thru service, providing customers with a convenient way to order and enjoy their meals without leaving their vehicles.

Are there any Quik Chik (CA) loyalty or rewards programs?

Quik Chik (CA) may offer loyalty or rewards programs, such as a points-based system or special discounts for frequent customers. These programs can vary by location, so check with your local Quik Chik for details.

Are there any special options for kids at Quik Chik (CA)?

Yes, Quik Chik (CA) often has special meal options designed for kids, such as 4 Nuggets Kids' Combo, 1 Leg Kids' Combo and 1 Strip Kids' Combo.

Can I make special requests or substitutions in my order at Quik Chik (CA)?

Quik Chik (CA) is usually accommodating when it comes to special requests or substitutions. Whether you have dietary preferences or allergies, they will do their best to customize your order to your liking.

What payment methods are accepted at Quik Chik (CA)?

Quik Chik (CA) typically accepts a variety of payment methods, including cash, debit cards, credit cards, and mobile payment options. However, it's best to confirm with your local store, as payment options can vary.

Who are the competitors of Quik Chik (CA)?


KFC offers an array of chicken-based meals and a variety of sides, including coleslaw, mashed potatoes, and biscuits. Patrons can savor the iconic Original Recipe chicken, Extra Crispy chicken, or opt for newer items like chicken sandwiches. KFC's menu caters to diverse tastes and preferences, making it a popular choice for families and individuals.

McDonald's (CA)

McDonald's outlets offer a wide-ranging menu, featuring classics like the Big Mac and Quarter Pounder, as well as local favorites such as the McLobster. Alongside burgers, McDonald's serves a selection of breakfast items, salads, and wraps, appealing to various dietary preferences. Moreover, they often run promotions and limited-time offerings, making it a go-to choice for those looking for a quick, familiar meal.

A&W (CA)

A&W is known for its commitment to quality ingredients and a menu that includes iconic items like the Teen Burger and A&W Root Beer. A&W sources Canadian beef for its burgers, offering a taste that resonates with local consumers. Their dedication to sustainability and environmental initiatives sets them apart, making it a favorite for those who appreciate ethical dining options.

Harvey's (CA)

Harvey's is celebrated for its "Build a Burger" concept, allowing customers to customize their burgers with a variety of toppings and condiments. The Canadian branches provide a diverse menu, featuring flame-grilled burgers, poutines, and other hearty options. Harvey's is particularly appealing to those who enjoy creating a personalized dining experience with fresh ingredients.

Subway (CA)

Subway, a popular choice for those seeking a healthier fast-food alternative, offers an extensive menu of sandwiches, wraps, and salads. Subway emphasizes customization, allowing customers to choose their preferred bread, protein, vegetables, and condiments. This flexibility appeals to health-conscious diners and those with specific dietary needs, offering a fresh and personalized approach to fast food.

Burger King (CA)

Burger King is recognized for its flame-grilled burgers and Whopper sandwich. The menu includes an array of burger options, chicken sandwiches, and sides. Burger King often introduces limited-time items and value meals, making it a convenient and budget-friendly choice for those craving a classic burger experience.


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