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बीटा नीचे प्रदर्शित मूल्य परिवर्तन डेटा हमारे डेटाबेस में पिछले और पिछले रिकॉर्ड के बीच का अंतर है। दो रिकॉर्ड विभिन्न स्रोतों से प्राप्त किए जा सकते हैं, और इस तरह, केवल अनुमान के रूप में उपयोग किया जाना चाहिए।
मद कीमत परिवर्तन


Dal Khichdi ₹105.60 - -


Paneer Butter Masala
With a luscious gravy to accompany the soft tender paneer chunks, our butter masala is the sauciest and tastiest of all butter masalas you will ever taste! Greased in a smooth and creamy paste made from tomatoes, milk and a handful of butter, the paneer is simmered until it hits the perfect balance between spicy and sweet. Dig into this buttery goodness with soft tawa paranthas and savour it to the fullest
₹120.00 - -
Kadhai Paneer
Extravagance can comfort you too, and our unique-flavored kadhai paneer brings out the indigenous flavors in the most shahi manner! Slow-cooked in a kadhai with bell peppers, chillies and an authentic homemade masala, this go-to-dish will present you will a melange of flavors to romance with!
₹105.60 - -
Dal Makhani
It’s flavorsome, aromatic, and with its texture so buttery, you will find yourself licking the plate clean! Our slow-cooked lentil, a North Indian delicacy is simmered with a copious amount of wholesome malai and thick cream, cooked with just the right amount of spices and love that will make you feel homesick and heart grow fonder of its comforting buttery aftertaste
₹96.00 - -
Dal Tadka
It’s the selection of spices for the “tadka” that makes our dal tadka so distinctive in taste. The aroma of cumin, garlic, mustard and curry leaves add a slightly stronger flavor to it. With hand-picked herbs and spices from our kitchen-garden, our dhaba-style perfectly cooked dal will fill you with nostalgia andcontentment
₹76.80 - -
Jeera Aloo
This simple yet exquisite dish of tender potatoes pieces tossed and flavored with coarsely-crushed roasted cumin seeds and a pinch of hotness is our homage to the simpler times. Be it for breakfast or lunch, this jeera delicacy will remind of Maa-ke-haath-ka-khana
₹62.40 - -
Gobhi Aloo
Gobhi and Aloo have always comforted desi souls. Medium-fried cauliflower and potato chunks tossed and enveloped in a gravy made from onions, tomatoes, coriander, cumin and more, this versatile dish is a go-to-comfort-food be it any time in the night or day!
₹67.20 - -
Malai Kofta
There are very few things in the world better than a bowl of malai kofta. Cooked in the goodness of thick cream, our buttery deep-fried paneer and potato balls ooze with flavors of its own. With a relishing gravy made from cream, onions, tomatoes and spices so aromatic, Adraq’s delectable malai kofta is a dish to die for!
₹105.60 - -
Pindi Chole
Straight from the must-try Punjabi repertoire, pindi chole doesn’t get more delicious than this! Simmered in thick masala gravy with selective spices and vegetables, chickpeas are cooked until they’re infused with flavors. With just a pinch of lemon and a sprinkle of our special pindi spice, devour the taste of North India, Adraq style
₹67.20 - -
Slightly superior in taste than the home-made ones, with flavors that compel you to lick off the plate, Adraq’s Rajma is soul food to all foodies, whether you're a vegetarian or not. Kidney beans bubbled in a tangy-spiced gravy with freshly prepared ginger-garlic paste, onion and tomatoes result in a bowl full of flavors you cannot deny! Have a spoonful of it mixed with rice, and trust us, you will be asking for a re-fill anytime
₹62.40 - -
Butter chicken
A delectable bowl of garma-garam butter chicken with paranthas - A match made in heaven! From aroma to taste, our chef’s special butter chicken is moist, creamy and totally lip-smacking. The aroma of fenugreek, the richness of butter and tangy tomatoes come together with our marinated chicken pieces to leave with you a divine aftertaste
₹134.40 - -
Kadhai Chicken
Think about the tender chicken pieces and the inviting smell of steam-cooked chicken in a kadhai tempting, isn’t it? We take pride in our very enjoyable kadhai chicken. Cooked in a flavor-rich gravy and garnished with glazed onions and capsicums - this hot and spicy chicken dish is the perfect company to your spicy cravings. Pair it with roti's or a bowl of rice. It’s a dish that always tastes right
₹129.60 - -
Chicken Curry
Marinated and slow-cooked with freshly-ground herbs and spices, a thick gravy of caramelized onions, chillies and juicy red tomatoes, chicken curry is a sheer delight to a carnivore’s taste buds. Prepared in home-style, this go-to chicken dish is a favourite at Adraq. Savour it with a bowl of rice or soft lachha paranthas (Serves:1-2)
₹115.20 - -

Breads / Rice

Tawa Roti
Kneaded with love and precision, our tawa-made traditional flatbreads are always fresh, soft, fluffy and a friend to all the curries. Pair it with your favourite and enjoy! (1 pc)
₹9.60 - -
Aloo Parantha
Who wouldn’t love garma-garam aloo parantha? Especially when kneaded, folded and rolled with soft mashed potatoes and spices only to be roasted with ghee on a hot tawa. One is never enough (2 pieces)
₹48.00 - -
Paneer Parantha
Paneer lovers, don’t think, just order! With a scrumptious filling of flavored cottage-cheese bhurji stuffed, rolled and roasted - it’s the best of both worlds in one! (2 pieces)
₹52.80 - -
Aloo - Pyaz Parantha
Potato and onions - veggies that make us smile without any lies! Our crispy aloo-pyaz paranthas are prepared with soft mashed potatoes and onions cut in julienne and glazed. Roasted with ghee, it’s the best a parantha can offer! (2 pieces)
₹48.00 - -
Plain Rice
A steaming bowl of plain white rice to go with your chosen curry and delight your mealtime
₹48.00 - -
Jeera Rice
A steaming bowl of jeera-infused rice to add additional flavor to your mealtime
₹57.60 - -
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