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About Frozen Bottle (IN)

What are the most popular items on the Frozen Bottle (IN) menu?

Belgian Dark Chocolate Shake

A rich blend of premium dark chocolate and cream for a decadent treat.

Cold Coffee

A classic, refreshing choice with a smooth coffee kick.

Kitkat Oreo Shake

A delightful fusion of Kitkat's crunch and Oreo's creamy delight.

Seethaphal Thick Shake

Tropical sweetness with the natural flavor of custard apple.

Nutty Chocolate Thick Shake

Chocolate richness with a satisfying nutty crunch.

Fig and Honey Thick Shake

Indulgent sweetness featuring figs and honey.

Belgian Chocolate Thick Shake (500 ml)

Generously sized, offering premium Belgian chocolate goodness.

What are the pricing like at Frozen Bottle (IN)?

Frozen Bottle (IN) prices vary by category. Signature thick shakes like "Belgian Dark Chocolate Shake" and "Ferrero Rocher Shake" are around ₹304.00. Regular shakes, such as "Kitkat Oreo Shake," are ₹189.52. Cake jars range from ₹218.10 to ₹237.14, and sundaes like "Crazy Kid's Sundae" are ₹160.95. Classic single scoops like "Vanilla" and "Mango" are ₹49.00.

What are the opening hours of Frozen Bottle (IN)

Frozen Bottle (IN) typically opens from 11:00 AM to 11:00 PM, providing a generous window for customers to enjoy their treats. It's recommended to check specific outlets for any variations in opening hours.

Does Frozen Bottle (IN) have a kids' menu?

Yes, Frozen Bottle (IN) caters to younger customers with options like the "Kitkat Oreo Shake (Kiddie Special)" priced at ₹189.52, offering a perfect blend of familiar and exciting flavors.

Can they describe the ambiance of a typical Frozen Bottle (IN)?

A visit to Frozen Bottle (IN) promises a vibrant and inviting ambiance with modern and stylish decor. The atmosphere is often lively, creating a comfortable space for customers to savor their treats—an ideal spot for friends and family to gather.

What size options are available for Frozen Bottle (IN) beverages?

Frozen Bottle (IN) offers a range of sizes to cater to different preferences. Customers can choose from regular sizes for individual enjoyment or larger sizes, like the 500 ml variant for thick shakes, for sharing or a more substantial treat.

Which Frozen Bottle (IN) specialty drinks are customer favorites?

Customer favorites at Frozen Bottle (IN) include the indulgent "Belgian Dark Chocolate Shake" from the Premium ThickShakes category and the irresistible "Ferrero Rocher Shake." These signature beverages are known for their rich and satisfying flavors, making them perennial favorites among Frozen Bottle enthusiasts.

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