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About Cafe Coffee Day (IN)

What are the most popular items on the Cafe Coffee Day (IN) menu?

Filter Kaapi

Aromatic South Indian coffee with a rich flavor.

Classic Cold Coffee

Refreshing blend of creamy texture and bold coffee.

Cheesy Corn 'n' Spinach

Crispy snack with gooey cheese, corn, and spinach.

Café Americano

Classic black coffee with a strong character.

Angara Tandoori Chicken

Grilled chicken infused with aromatic spices.

Big Crunch Chicken Cheeseburger

Hearty burger with succulent chicken and melted cheese.

Crackling Brownie

Fudgy brownie with a satisfying crunch.

Wood Smoked Chicken

Grilled chicken with a unique smoky flavor.

What are the pricing like at Cafe Coffee Day (IN)?

Beverages like the Café Frappe and Crunchy Frappe range from ₹197-₹207, while snacks like Garlic Bread and Chilli Cheese Toast are priced at ₹120-₹135. Heartier options such as Big Crunch Chicken Cheese and Wood Smoked Chicken are approximately ₹219-₹235, catering to various budgets.

What are the opening hours of Cafe Coffee Day (IN)?

Cafe Coffee Day typically opens at 7:00 AM, welcoming customers early in the morning. Closing times vary but generally extend to 10:00 PM or even midnight in some locations. Outlet-specific hours may vary based on the locality and day of the week.

Does Cafe Coffee Day (IN) have a kids' menu?

Yes, Cafe Coffee Day caters to its younger audience with a specially curated kids' menu. Children can enjoy treats such as the Alphonso Mango Milkshake and Cocoa Fantasy Pastry for a sweet and memorable experience.

Are there any vegan, vegetarian, or gluten-free options at Cafe Coffee Day (IN)?

Cafe Coffee Day accommodates diverse dietary preferences. Vegans can enjoy options like Saucy Veg Noodles and Classic Lemonade, while vegetarians can indulge in treats like the Multigrain Veg Wrap and Big Crunch Veg Cheeseburger. Gluten-free choices include the Tropical Ice Berg and Crackling Brownie.

Can they order Cafe Coffee Day (IN) for delivery?

Yes, customers can order from Cafe Coffee Day for delivery through the official website Popular food delivery platforms like Swiggy, Zomato, and Uber Eats also offer Cafe Coffee Day options for a seamless delivery experience.

How does Cafe Coffee Day (India) prepare its cold coffee beverages?

Cafe Coffee Day crafts its cold coffee beverages with precision and expertise. Cold coffees, including the Classic Cold Coffee and Crunchy Frappe, are made by blending high-quality coffee with chilled milk and a hint of sweetness, resulting in a refreshing and indulgent beverage.

Are there any special promotions or discounts on Cafe Coffee Day (IN) coffee items?

Cafe Coffee Day frequently introduces special promotions and discounts on their coffee items. These may include seasonal offers, loyalty program benefits, or exclusive discounts for online orders. Check the official website or inquire at the nearest Cafe Coffee Day outlet for the latest promotions.

What are the different types of snacks available at Cafe Coffee Day (India)?

Cafe Coffee Day offers a diverse array of snacks to complement the coffee experience. From the savory Angara Tandoori Paneer and Grilled Chicken Kulcha to the sweet delights of Cocoa Fantasy Pastry and Classic Strawberry Milkshake, there's a snack to suit every palate.

Can they describe the ambiance and seating options at Cafe Coffee Day (IN) outlets?

Cafe Coffee Day provides a comfortable and inviting ambiance for patrons. Outlets feature cozy interiors with a mix of seating options, including plush sofas, communal tables, and intimate settings. Warm lighting and contemporary decor contribute to a relaxed atmosphere, making it an ideal spot for casual meet-ups and focused work sessions.

Is there an option for customizing orders at Cafe Coffee Day (IN)?

Yes, Cafe Coffee Day understands the importance of catering to individual preferences. Customers can customize their orders, adjusting sweetness levels, opting for different types of milk, or modifying toppings on snacks, ensuring each customer enjoys their Cafe Coffee Day experience just the way they like it.

Are there combo deals available at Cafe Coffee Day (IN)?

Cafe Coffee Day frequently offers enticing combo deals, allowing customers to enjoy a well-rounded experience at a value-for-money price. These combos often include a combination of beverages and snacks, providing a satisfying and cost-effective way to explore the diverse menu offerings.

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