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About Bagel Love (NZ)

What type of bagels does Bagel Love (NZ) serve?

Bagel Love (NZ) serves a variety of bagel flavors, including classic options like plain, sesame, poppy seed, and everything, as well as specialty flavors like cinnamon raisin and whole wheat.

What are the most popular bagel flavors at Bagel Love (NZ)?

Morning After

A top favorite, the Morning After bagel typically includes a delicious combination of ingredients like bacon and eggs, creating a hearty and satisfying breakfast experience.


The B&E bagel is another highly liked option. It's known for its delightful mix of bacon and eggs, making it a classic choice for breakfast lovers.

San Fran

The San Fran bagel usually features a combination of ingredients like avocado, roasted chicken breast, and more, providing a tasty and wholesome meal option.

Brooklyn #1

The Brooklyn #1 bagel is appreciated for its blend of ingredients such as cream cheese, tomato, and fresh basil, creating a refreshing and savory choice.


ATB bagel typically combines elements like roasted garlic hummus, tomato, and fresh basil, making it a flavorful and vegan-friendly selection.

What is the price range for a bagel at Bagel Love (NZ)?

The price range for a bagel at Bagel Love (NZ) varies depending on the flavor and filling. Typically, bagels are priced between NZ$6.00 and NZ$19.40, providing a range of options to suit different preferences and budgets.

Are there gluten-free bagel options at Bagel Love (NZ)?

Bagel Love (NZ) may offer gluten-free bagel options for customers with dietary preferences or restrictions. The availability of these options can be confirmed by contacting the restaurant directly.

Does Bagel Love (NZ) offer vegan or vegetarian bagels?

Yes, Bagel Love (NZ) offers both vegan and vegetarian bagel options. For example, the ATB bagel is a vegan choice, while the Brooklyn #1 bagel is suitable for vegetarians.

Does Bagel Love (NZ) offer coffee or other beverages besides bagels?

In addition to their delicious bagels, Bagel Love (NZ) also provides a selection of beverages, including popular options like organic drinking chocolate and freshly squeezed orange juice. Customers can enjoy a complete meal experience with their bagel and beverage choices.

Are there any seasonal or limited-time bagel flavors at Bagel Love (NZ)?

Bagel Love (NZ) may introduce seasonal or limited-time bagel flavors to keep their menu fresh and exciting. These seasonal flavors may vary based on the time of year and customer demand, so it's a good idea to check with the restaurant for the latest offerings.

Does Bagel Love (NZ) offer bagel sandwiches or bagel-based meals?

Yes, Bagel Love (NZ) offers bagel-based meals, including sandwiches. For instance, the bagel with cream cheese or the Grilled Cheese bagel can be enjoyed as satisfying and flavorful bagel-based sandwiches, providing a variety of meal options beyond traditional bagels.

What are the opening hours of Bagel Love (NZ)?

Bagel Love (NZ) typically opens early in the morning and closes in the afternoon. Their store schedule is Monday to Friday from 7:30AM to 3PM, and Saturday & Sunday from 9AM to 3PM. 

Is there a loyalty or rewards program for customers at Bagel Love (NZ)?

Bagel Love (NZ) values its loyal customers and may offer a loyalty or rewards program. Such programs can include earning points for each visit, which can lead to discounts and special offers.

Can I place a to-go or online order for bagels at Bagel Love (NZ)?

Absolutely! Bagel Love (NZ) offers the convenience of to-go orders, and in some locations, you can even place orders online to ensure a quick and easy pick-up.

What payment methods are accepted at Bagel Love (NZ)?

Bagel Love (NZ) typically accepts various payment methods, including cash, credit cards, and debit cards, ensuring a smooth and convenient payment process.

Does Bagel Love (NZ) offer catering services?

Yes, Bagel Love (NZ) provides catering services for various events, including meetings, parties, and gatherings. They offer customizable options to meet your catering needs.

Who are the competitors of Bagel Love (NZ) in the area? 

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Subway is a popular chain known for its customizable sandwiches, salads, and wraps. Customers can choose from a variety of ingredients to create their ideal meal.

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