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About Bento Bowl (NZ)

What type of food does Bento Bowl (NZ) serve?

Bento Bowl (NZ) serves a delectable range of Japanese cuisine, specializing in various Bento Bowl options. These bowls are filled with a combination of meats, seafood, vegetables, and sauces, and are known for their authentic Japanese flavors.

What are the most popular menu items at Bento Bowl (NZ)? 

Teriyaki Chicken Bowl

A delicious Japanese classic featuring tender pieces of chicken cooked in a sweet and savory teriyaki sauce, served with rice and vegetables.

Teriyaki Salmon Bowl

This dish features succulent salmon fillets cooked to perfection in teriyaki sauce, accompanied by rice and vegetables.

Teriyaki Tofu Bowl

A delightful vegetarian option, this bowl contains crispy tofu cubes coated in teriyaki sauce, served with rice and a medley of vegetables.

Katsu Chicken Bowl

Bento Bowl's signature dish, it includes breaded and fried chicken cutlets, served with rice and a flavorsome sauce.

Karaage Chicken Cup

A quick and tasty choice, Karaage Chicken Cup offers bite-sized Japanese-style fried chicken pieces.

Tempura Vege

This dish consists of assorted crispy and lightly battered vegetables, a great vegetarian option.

What is the price range for a meal at Bento Bowl (NZ)? 

The price range at Bento Bowl (NZ) varies depending on the menu item and size. Typically, a meal at Bento Bowl can range from around $9.70 for a smaller option, such as the Karaage Chicken Cup, to approximately $26.90 for larger, premium bowls like the Teriyaki Salmon Bowl or Katsu Chicken Bowl (Large).

Are there gluten-free bento bowl options at Bento Bowl (NZ)?

Yes, Bento Bowl (NZ) offers gluten-free options to cater to dietary preferences and restrictions. For a gluten-free choice, you can consider the Teriyaki Salmon Bowl or Teriyaki Tofu Bowl, both of which are typically gluten-free as they mainly consist of salmon, tofu, rice, and vegetables with gluten-free sauces.

Does Bento Bowl (NZ) offer vegan or vegetarian bento bowls? 

Absolutely! Bento Bowl (NZ) provides options for both vegetarians and vegans. For vegetarians, the Teriyaki Tofu Bowl and Tempura Vege Bowl are excellent choices, with tofu and assorted vegetables as the main ingredients. Vegans can enjoy the Teriyaki Tofu Bowl, and they can customize other options by omitting non-vegan ingredients like dairy-based sauces.

Does Bento Bowl (NZ) offer coffee or other beverages besides bento bowls?

Yes, Bento Bowl (NZ) offers a variety of beverages to complement your meal. In addition to bento bowls, you can enjoy hot beverages like Miso Soup in different sizes. They also offer a selection of cold beverages, including soft drinks, organic juices, and bottled water.

Are there any seasonal or limited-time bento bowl flavors at Bento Bowl (NZ)? 

Bento Bowl (NZ) may introduce seasonal or limited-time flavors to their menu, providing customers with unique dining experiences. Examples could include special bento bowl creations featuring seasonal ingredients like cherry blossom-inspired dishes in spring, or festive options for holidays. It's a good idea to check with Bento Bowl for their current seasonal offerings, as these may change throughout the year.

Does Bento Bowl (NZ) offer catering services?

Yes, Bento Bowl (NZ) provides catering services for various events, offering the convenience of enjoying their delicious bento bowls at gatherings and functions.

What are the opening hours of Bento Bowl (NZ)?

Bento Bowl (NZ) typically opens for lunch and dinner service, with specific hours varying by location. Most restaurants open between 9AM to 10AM and close between 6PM to 9PM.

Is there a loyalty or rewards program for customers at Bento Bowl (NZ)?

Bento Bowl (NZ) values its loyal customers and may offer a loyalty or rewards program, which can include earning points for each visit and enjoying special discounts.

Can I place a to-go or online order for bento bowls at Bento Bowl (NZ)?

Certainly! Bento Bowl (NZ) offers the convenience of placing to-go orders, and in some locations, you can even order bento bowls online for quick and easy pick-up.

Who are the competitors of Bento Bowl (NZ) in the area? 

Japanese Dining En (NZ)

Japanese Dining En is a popular Japanese restaurant in the area, known for its authentic Japanese cuisine and cozy ambiance. They offer a diverse menu featuring traditional dishes such as sushi, sashimi, tempura, and ramen.

Taro Japanese (NZ)

Taro Japanese is a local gem, specializing in sushi and sashimi. They are renowned for their skillful preparation and presentation of these classic Japanese dishes. With a focus on quality and taste, Taro Japanese is a go-to spot for those seeking fresh and expertly crafted sushi.

Taiko Japanese Restaurant (NZ)

Taiko Japanese Restaurant is a well-established eatery that offers an extensive menu of Japanese delights. From bento boxes to teppanyaki and teriyaki dishes, they provide a wide range of options to cater to various tastes.

KAIYO Japanese Restaurant (NZ)

KAIYO Japanese Restaurant is known for its fusion of traditional Japanese recipes with modern culinary techniques. They offer a contemporary dining experience with a menu that includes sushi rolls, bento boxes, and creative dishes like sushi burritos.

Samurai Bowl Warakei (NZ)

Samurai Bowl Warakei is a local favorite for those craving Japanese comfort food. Their menu features hearty and flavorful dishes like ramen, donburi (rice bowls), and udon noodles. It's a go-to spot for a quick and satisfying Japanese meal with a focus on rich flavors and generous portions.

Fresh Bowl (NZ)

Fresh Bowl specializes in creating healthy and customizable bento bowl options, featuring a variety of fresh ingredients and flavorful sauces.

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