Bruegger's Bagels Menu Prices

Bruegger's Bagels Menu Prices

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On the Bruegger's Bagels menu, the most expensive item is Brunch Box, which costs $46.17. The cheapest item on the menu is Twice-Baked Hash Brown, which costs $1.67. The average price of all items on the menu is currently $9.31.


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About Bruegger's Bagels

What are some of Brueggers' Bagels popular menu items?

Some of Brueggers' Bagels bestsellers are:

Bagel with Cream Cheese

Bruegger's classic offering, a freshly baked bagel served with a choice of creamy, flavored cream cheese.

Cream Cheese Tubs

Indulge in Bruegger's tubs of smooth and flavorful cream cheese, perfect for enjoying at home or on the go.


A hearty breakfast bagel sandwich at Bruegger's, featuring bacon, ham, egg, and cheddar cheese for a satisfying start to the day.

Sriracha Honey Sunrise

A spicy and sweet morning delight, Bruegger's Sriracha Honey Sunrise combines bacon, egg, cheddar cheese, and Sriracha honey cream cheese on a bagel.

Baker's Dozen

A baker's dozen of freshly baked bagels from Bruegger's, offering a variety of flavors to savor and share.

Skinny Zesty Egg White

For a lighter option, Bruegger's Skinny Zesty Egg White features egg whites, turkey sausage, Swiss cheese, and zesty pepper sauce on a skinny bagel for a guilt-free breakfast choice.

What are the most popular bagel flavors at Bruegger's?

Bruegger's Bagels offers a variety of popular bagel flavors, including Everything, Plain, Cinnamon Raisin, Asiago Parmesan, and Blueberry.

Where is the nearest Bruegger's Bagels location?

To find the nearest Bruegger's Bagels location, you can visit the official Bruegger's website or use a popular search engine with the query "Bruegger's Bagels near me" for convenient addresses and contact details.

Does Bruegger's offer any gluten-free bagel options?

Bruegger's Bagels does not have gluten-free bagel options. However, they may offer other gluten-free menu items, such as salads, hash brown or soups.

Does Bruegger's have any vegan or dairy-free bagels?

Yes, Bruegger's Bagels does offer vegan bagel options. The Plain, Everything, and Cinnamon Sugar bagels are typically vegan and do not contain dairy or animal products.

What other menu items does Bruegger's offer besides bagels?

In addition to bagels, Bruegger's offers a variety of breakfast and lunch options, including sandwiches, salads, soups, and specialty coffee beverages.

Does Bruegger's serve coffee or other beverages?

Yes, Bruegger's serves a selection of coffee and other beverages, including specialty coffee drinks, teas, and juices, to complement their bagels and menu items.

Can I order Bruegger's Bagels online for pickup or delivery?

Yes, Bruegger's Bagels provides online ordering options for both pickup and delivery, making it convenient to enjoy their bagels and other menu items.

Does Bruegger's offer any bagel sandwiches or breakfast options?

Absolutely! Bruegger's offers a variety of bagel sandwiches with fillings like cream cheese, deli meats, smoked salmon, and fresh veggies, as well as a range of breakfast options, including egg sandwiches and oatmeal.

What are the store hours for Bruegger's Bagels locations?

The store hours for Bruegger's Bagels locations may vary by store and region, but most are open early in the morning around 6AM and close by 3PM.

Can I buy Bruegger's bagels in bulk for events or parties?

Yes, Bruegger's Bagels offers catering options and allows customers to buy bagels in bulk for events or parties, making it easy to share their delicious bagels with a group.

Does Bruegger's offer any catering services?

Yes, Bruegger's Bagels provides catering services, offering a selection of bagels, sandwiches, salads, and beverages to cater to various events and gatherings.

Does Bruegger's provide Wi-Fi access for customers?

Many Bruegger's Bagels locations offer complimentary Wi-Fi access for customers, providing a convenient option for those who wish to work or browse while enjoying their bagels.

Does Bruegger's offer any bagel toppings or spreads?

Yes, Bruegger's Bagels offers a variety of bagel toppings and spreads, including classic cream cheese varieties, hummus, butter, peanut butter, and specialty cream cheese flavors.

Who are Bruegger's top competitors?

Bruegger's Bagels faces competition from other bakery and bagel chains. Some of its top competitors include:

Einstein Bros. Bagels

Offering a wide array of freshly baked bagels, Einstein Bros. features a diverse menu of bagel sandwiches, shmear flavors, and specialty coffee drinks.

Panera Bread

Known for its freshly baked bagels and artisanal bread, Panera Bread serves a variety of breakfast sandwiches, soups, salads, and bakery items.

Noah's New York Bagels

Providing authentic New York-style bagels, Noah's offers a selection of bagel sandwiches, salads, and coffee beverages for a taste of the East Coast.

Big Apple Bagels

Specializing in hand-rolled, kettle-boiled bagels, Big Apple Bagels offers a range of bagel sandwiches, muffins, and cream cheese flavors.


A popular nationwide chain, Dunkin' serves freshly baked bagels alongside a diverse menu of coffee beverages, donuts, and breakfast sandwiches.

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