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Corn Cakes! (Full)
Introducing our delicious homemade cornmeal pancakes! Topped with freshly made blueberry syrup! Served with powdered sugar, whipped cream and soft butter.
$11.00 - -
Rainy Day
Grilled marbled rye stuffed with cheddar cheese, mozzarella cheese and sliced tomatoes. Served with a cup of homemade soup, mac salad and a pickle.
$9.00 - -

Egg-Cellent Platters

Two eggs any style, Homefries and toast.
$5.00 - -
G's Big Bite
Two eggs any style. Choice of bacon, porkroll or sausage, home fries, and toast.
$7.50 - -
The Hungry Hillbilly
Sausage gravy and biscuits, two eggs any style and homefries.
$9.50 - -
Country Smorgasbord
Two eggs any style, choice of bacon, sausage, porkroll, choice of pancake or French toast, homefries, and toast.
$10.00 - -
Carmelly Belly
Country fried steak and biscuits topped with sausage gravy, served with two eggs any style and homefries.
$13.95 - -
NJ Grit Bowl
Only at C&G's! A bowl of cheesy grits piled high with porkroll, over easy eggs and hot sauce.
$8.50 - -
Corny Hash
Corned beef hash and melted cheddar topped with two eggs any style, served with toast. Our corned beef hash is homemade and mixed with pepper, onion and potato.
$10.25 - -


Made with three extra large eggs, served with homefries and toast.
The Omelette Bar $7.00 - -
Jersey's Finest
Porkroll, potato, tomato, onion, and cheddar.
$10.95 +$0.95 +9.50%
The Wheelhouse
Spinach, tomato, and cheddar.
$9.50 - -
Ham, pepper, and onion.
$9.75 - -
Farmer George
Ham, potato, onion, pepper, and swiss.
$10.50 - -
Spinach, bacon, caramelized onion, and cheddar.
$9.75 - -
Old Salty
Smoked salmon, tomato, scallion, and cream cheese.
$11.25 - -
Miss Piggy
Bacon, sausage, porkroll, ham, scallion, and cheddar.
$10.00 - -
Mr. Potato Head
Bacon, cherry pepper, scallion, potato, and hot pepper jack cheese.
$9.75 - -
The Cali Kid
Spinach, tomato, avocado, turkey bacon, and hot pepper jack.
$10.75 - -
The Terminator
Ribeye, mushroom, onion, tomato, and swiss.
$11.50 - -
The Gardener
Spinach, tomato, onion, mushroom, and pepper.
$10.00 - -
Spinach, tomato, and feta.
$10.00 - -


Served open face on an English muffin with homefries.
The Classic
Canadian bacon, poached eggs, and hollandaise garnished with scallions.
$10.75 - -
The Jug Handle
Porkroll, spinach, tomato, hollandaise, and poached eggs.
$11.25 - -
Smoked salmon, poached eggs, tomato, red onion, and hollandaise.
$11.95 - -
Benedict Arnold
Crabcakes, bacon, red onion, over easy eggs, and hollandaise.
$11.95 - -


All scrambled up with three eggs! Served with toast.
Hammy Bones
Bacon, ham, porkroll sausage, homefries, scallion, and cheddar.
$10.00 - -
The Pig Pen
Bacon, peppers, onions, homefries, and cheddar.
$10.00 - -
The Veg Head
Spinach, tomato, mushroom, pepper, onion, sweet potato, and swiss.
$10.25 - -
The Trentonian
Porkroll tomato, mushroom, homefries, and American cheese.
$10.00 - -

Breakfast Sandwiches

The Standard
Two fried eggs with cheese.
$4.00 - -
Bamuh Biscuit
Sausage patties, two fried eggs and cheese on a homemade biscuit.
$6.75 - -
Banjo Billy
Bacon, potato, tomato, scrambled eggs, and swiss in a wrap.
$7.75 - -
Parkway Grilled Cheese
Porkroll, fried eggs, American cheese on grilled white bread.
$6.50 - -
Norwegian Dreamin’
Smoked salmon, tomato, red onion, cream cheese, and scrambled eggs on a sesame bagel.
$9.00 - -
Jersey Devil
Porkroll, tomato, fried eggs, cherry peppers, and hot pepper jack cheese on a Kaiser roll.
$7.00 - -
Porko Loco Burrito
Shredded pork, pico, sour cream, brown rice, colby jack, and scrambled eggs.
$8.00 - -


Cooked golden brown and delicious served with powdered sugar, whipped cream and soft butter.
Plain Waffle $8.00 - -
Bahama Mama
Topped with pineapple, toasted coconut, granola, and yogurt.
$9.00 - -
Piled High
Topped with fresh seasonal berries, granola, yogurt, and honey.
$9.25 - -

French Toast

Thick egg bread dipped in our batter made from eggs, cream, sugar, cinnamon, and vanilla. Served with whipped cream, powdered sugar and soft butter.
French Toast $6.75 - -
The Hound Dog
Stuffed with bacon and peanut butter.
$8.00 - -
Craise the Roof
Topped with craisins, walnuts, and banana.
$8.25 - -
Stuffed with a sweet cream cheese filling and topped with granola honey and cinnamon sugar.
$8.25 - -

Oats & Yogurt Bowls

Ruthies Stovetop Oats
Cooked with milk and flavored.
$4.00 - -
Power Oats
Oats, wheat germ, and flax seed cooked with milk.
$5.50 - -
Tropic Crunch Bowl
Seasonal melon, pineapples, granola, toasted coconut, banana, and yogurt.
$8.25 - -
C's Parfait Bowl
Seasonal berries layered with granola, yogurt, and honey.
$8.50 - -
Chilled overnight oats with milk, wheat germ, and flax seed.
$5.50 - -

The Deli Board

Served with fries, mac salad, and a pickle.
The Slicer
Choice of homemade roast beef, turkey, ham, or tuna on your choice of bread.
$7.50 - -
Club Love
Triple decker on your choice of bread with lettuce, tomato and mayo and meat.
$9.75 - -
Bubba Gump Wrap
Shrimp salad, lettuce, tomato, and onion.
$10.50 - -
Your choice of bread jammed with bacon, lettuce, tomato, and mayo.
$6.75 - -
Roast beef, turkey, mayo, provolone, LTO, and bacon on a hoagie roll.
$10.00 - -
Grilled Cheese
Buttered and grilled white bread with American cheese.
$5.25 - -

Juicy 1/2 Pound Burgers

Served with fries, mac salad and a pickle.
Cheese $7.75 - -
Old Fashioned
Piled high with lettuce, tomato, onions, pickles, American cheese, ketchup, and mustard.
$9.50 - -
Sautéed spinach, tomato, honey mustard, and cheddar.
$10.00 - -
Swiss Army
Bacon, crispy sweet potatoes, sautéed onions, swiss, and BBQ sauce.
$10.25 - -
Crispy onions, bacon, steak sauce, and cheddar on grilled white bread.
$10.25 - -
Country Side
Cheddar, swiss, onion, mushrooms, and creamy horseradish on grilled rye.
$10.25 - -

Homemade Buttermilk Pancakes

Traditional and from scratch, served with whipped cream, powdered sugar, and soft butter.
Short Stack $6.75 - -
Chunky Monkey
Stuffed with chocolate chips and topped with bananas.
$8.25 - -
Strawberry Fields
Topped with fresh strawberries, toasted almonds and bananas.
$8.50 - -
Cha Cha's Delight
Spiced whole wheat pancakes stuffed with bananas and walnuts. Tastes just like banana bread!
$8.25 - -


Always homemade! Have it come out first before your meal!
$3.00 - -


Cobbin Back
Romaine and kale tossed with avocado, red onion, tomato, hard boiled egg, bleu cheese, grilled chicken, and honey mustard.
$10.25 - -
Hail Caesar
Romaine tossed with grilled chicken, caesar dressing, Parmesan cheese, and croutons.
$10.00 - -
C&G's Favorite
Romane tossed with strawberries, toasted almonds, craisins, bleu cheese, and honey balsamic.
$10.00 - -
The Kitchen Sink
Romaine and kale tossed with turkey, ham, roastbeef, red onion, tomato, hard boiled egg, and Thousand island.
$10.25 - -
Caesars Revenge
Romaine tossed with caesar dressing, croutons, red onion, tomato, and crispy buffalo chicken.
$10.00 - -
Mega BLT
Romaine and arugula tossed with bacon, tomato, hard boiled egg, croutons, grilled chicken, and bleu cheese dressing.
$10.25 - -
Tex Mex
Romaine and arugula tossed with cheddar, bacon, red onion, ranch, and topped with BBQ grilled chicken.
$10.25 - -

Nutritious Grub

Served with a fruit cup.
Bendin' Bars
Turkey sausage, spinach, swiss, and egg whites in a whole wheat wrap.
$10.00 - -
Max Out Quesadilla
Whole wheat tortilla grilled with turkey bacon, egg whites, sour scream, salsa, brown rice, and colby jack.
$10.50 - -
The Gym Rat
Egg whites scrambled with turkey sausage, sweet potato, mushrooms, onions, and swiss served with toast.
$10.25 - -
The Beast Burrito
Grilled chicken, kale, egg whites, brown rice, and swiss in a whole wheat wrap.
$10.25 - -

C&G Lunch Favorites

Served with fries, mac salad and a pickle.
Southern Man
Smokey BBQ pulled pork and coleslaw on a Kaiser roll.
$9.50 - -
Mamma Mia
Grilled chicken, spinach, roasted red peppers, mozzarella, and balsamic on a pressed long roll.
$10.25 - -
The Gavone
Shredded pork, kale, crispy onions, provolone and honey mustard on a pressed long roll.
$10.25 - -
Crowd Pleaser
Crispy chicken, LTO, bacon, BBQ sauce, and cheddar in a wrap.
$10.25 - -
The Dipper
Hot roast beef, provolone, creamy horseradish on a pressed long roll with au jus.
$10.25 - -
Chicken Finger Platter
Served with dipping sauce.
$10.00 - -
Mr. Crabs
6 oz. crab cake, LTO and tartar sauce on a Kaiser roll.
$10.50 - -
No BS Cheesesteaks
Beef or chicken.
$9.00 - -
OC Turkey Melt
Turkey, spinach, tomato, and swiss on grilled rye.
$10.25 - -
Londy Bridges
Crispy buffalo chicken, romaine, and caesar dressing in wrap.
$10.00 - -
The Big Rube
Grilled rye piled high with corned beef swiss, sauerkraut, and Thousand island.
$10.50 - -
The Barnyard
Grilled chicken, ham, onions, honey mustard, and swiss on a pressed long roll.
$10.25 - -
El Cubano
Shredded pork, ham, mustard, pickles, and swiss on a pressed long roll.
$10.25 - -


Gluten-Free Sweet Tooth
Our very own gluten-free pancakes or French toast.
$8.75 - -
No Belly Ache Benedict
Turkey bacon, poached eggs and melted swiss open faced on a gluten-free English muffin with a fruit cup.
$10.25 - -
The Mecca Platter
Two eggs any style, sweet potato hash, gluten-free pancakes and gluten-free toast.
$10.75 - -
O-Mega Omelette
Bacon, sweet potato, kale, tomato, and swiss served with fruit and gluten-free toast.
$10.25 - -


Lightly seasoned smashed avocado on multi-grain toast.
$6.50 - -
Plain, everything, poppy, sesame, and cinnamon raisin.
$2.50 - -
Health nut, chocolate chip, blueberry, and corn toasted with butter.
$2.75 - -
Lightly seasoned smashed avocados on toasted multi-grain topped with two poached eggs and sriracha.
$7.50 - -

Fresh Fruit

Fresh Never Canned Fruit Cup
Seasonal melons, pineapple, seasonal berries, and banana.
$3.50 +$0.25 +7.69%
Fruit Plate (for 2)
Share a delicious plate our fresh fruit and berries!
$6.00 - -
Bowl of Fruit
Great for 6-8 people!
$9.00 - -

Breakfast Sides

Bacon (5) $3.75 - -
Porkroll (3) $3.50 - -
Sausage Patties (2) $3.50 - -
Ham $3.50 - -
Canadian Bacon (4) $3.50 - -
Corned Beef Hash
Homemade, mixed with pepper, onion, and potato.
$4.25 - -
Sausage Gravy & Biscuits
Traditional, homemade and delicious!
$4.50 - -
Country Fried Steak & Gravy $8.50 - -
Turkey Bacon (4) $3.95 - -
Turkey Sausage (2) $3.50 - -
Sweet Potato Hash $3.50 - -
Ribeye (6 oz.)
Seasoned and cooked to your liking! Great with eggs!
$7.25 - -
Homefries $3.25 - -

Smoothies & Shakes

Banana Split
Chocolate whey protein, banana, strawberry, crushed ice, and milk.
$7.00 - -
Liquid Gainz
Chocolate whey protein, peanut butter, banana, yogurt, and milk.
$7.00 - -
Green Machine
Vanilla whey protein, fresh spinach, apple juice, crushed ice, and banana.
$7.00 - -
Berry Necessity
Fresh seasonal berries, crushed ice, banana, yogurt, and orange juice.
$7.50 - -
Nada Colada
Vanilla whey protein, pineapple, orange juice, crushed ice, and coconut.
$7.25 - -
Vanilla whey protein, orange juice, and crushed ice.
$6.50 - -
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