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On the Cold Stone Creamery menu, the most expensive item is The Ultimate Party Pack™, which costs $80.96. The cheapest item on the menu is Plain Waffle Bowl, which costs $1.24. The average price of all items on the menu is currently $12.78.


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About Cold Stone Creamery

What are the most popular ice cream flavors at Cold Stone Creamery?

Cold Stone Creamery's best-selling ice cream flavors are:

Sweet Cream

A creamy and velvety classic flavor, perfect for mixing with various toppings.

Chocolate Devotion

Rich, indulgent chocolate ice cream loaded with chocolate chips, brownie pieces, and fudge.

Birthday Cake Remix

A party in a cup with cake batter ice cream, rainbow sprinkles, brownie pieces, and fudge.

Mint Mint Chocolate Chocolate Chip

Refreshing mint ice cream with chocolate chips and fudge, a favorite for choc-mint enthusiasts.

Strawberry Blonde

A delightful blend of strawberry ice cream, graham cracker pie crust, strawberries, and caramel.

Oreo Overload

A dream for Oreo lovers, featuring sweet cream ice cream with Oreo cookie pieces, fudge, and whipped topping.

Cookie Doughn't You Want Some

Cookie dough ice cream mixed with chocolate chips, cookie dough, and fudge.

Coffee Lover's Only

For coffee aficionados, this flavor combines coffee ice cream with roasted almonds and Heath bar.

Can I mix and match different ice cream flavors and toppings?

Yes! Cold Stone Creamery is famous for its "Create Your Own" concept, allowing customers to mix and match any ice cream flavor with an array of toppings, candies, and mix-ins to create their personalized masterpiece.

Does Cold Stone Creamery have any dairy-free or vegan ice cream options?

Yes, Cold Stone Creamery offers several dairy-free and vegan sorbet options, including tangy sorbets made from real fruit flavors like raspberry, lemon, and more. Additionally, they have almond milk-based vegan ice cream for those seeking non-dairy alternatives.

What is the "Cold Stone" mixing process?

The "Cold Stone" mixing process is a unique technique where the ice cream is freshly scooped onto a frozen granite stone. The mix-ins and toppings are then blended into the ice cream on the spot, creating a custom creation that is freshly made and tailored to each customer's preferences.

What are the different sizes of ice cream servings available?

Cold Stone Creamery offers three main sizes for their ice cream servings: "Like It" (small), "Love It" (medium), and "Gotta Have It" (large).

Does Cold Stone Creamery offer any special ice cream cakes or desserts for celebrations?

Yes! Cold Stone Creamery has a delectable selection of ice cream cakes and desserts for various celebrations, including birthdays, anniversaries, and holidays. These cakes feature layers of ice cream, cake, and fillings, all customized to your liking.

Are there any seasonal or limited-time ice cream flavors available?

Yes, Cold Stone Creamery frequently introduces seasonal and limited-time ice cream flavors to keep things exciting for customers. These flavors often reflect the current season or holiday.

Does Cold Stone Creamery have a loyalty or rewards program for customers?

Yes, Cold Stone Creamery offers a loyalty program called "My Cold Stone Club Rewards." Customers can sign up to earn points on their purchases and receive special offers and discounts.

Can I order Cold Stone ice cream for delivery or takeout?

Yes, many Cold Stone Creamery locations offer delivery and takeout options, allowing you to enjoy your favorite ice cream creations from the comfort of your home.

Are there any gluten-free ice cream options at Cold Stone Creamery?

Yes, some ice cream flavors at Cold Stone Creamery are gluten-free. Additionally, the sorbet options are generally safe for those with gluten sensitivities.

Does Cold Stone Creamery offer catering services for events or parties?

Yes, Cold Stone Creamery offers catering services for events and parties. You can pre-order ice cream trays, cakes, and other treats to make your gathering a hit.

Can I purchase gift cards for Cold Stone Creamery?

Yes, you can purchase Cold Stone Creamery gift cards, making them a perfect gift for ice cream lovers.

Are there any special promotions or discounts currently available?

Cold Stone Creamery often runs promotions and special deals, which can include discounts, buy-one-get-one-free offers, or limited-time flavors. Check with your local store or their website for the latest offers.

Can I customize my own ice cream creation with specific mix-ins and toppings?

Absolutely! Cold Stone Creamery encourages customers to get creative and customize their ice cream with their favorite mix-ins, toppings, and flavors.

What are the operating hours of Cold Stone Creamery locations?

Operating hours can vary depending on the location, but most Cold Stone Creamery stores are open from 11AM until 9PM or 10PM.

Does Cold Stone Creamery offer any sugar-free or low-calorie ice cream options?

While Cold Stone Creamery may not have a specific line of sugar-free or low-calorie ice creams, they do offer some lighter options like sorbets and some fruit-based ice creams that have fewer calories than their indulgent counterparts.

Who are Cold Stone Creamery's top competitors?


Known for "31 Flavors," Baskin-Robbins offers an array of ice cream flavors and their famous specialty sundaes, with favorites like the "Mint Chocolate Chip" and "Pralines n Cream."

Dairy Queen

Famous for their indulgent Blizzard treats, Dairy Queen serves soft-serve ice cream blended with various mix-ins, including top-sellers like the "Oreo Blizzard" and "Reese's Peanut Butter Cup Blizzard."

Ben & Jerry's

This iconic brand is celebrated for their creative ice cream flavors, featuring mix-ins like cookie dough and brownie pieces, with best-sellers like "Chunky Monkey" and "Phish Food."


Offering premium, rich ice cream made from high-quality ingredients, Häagen-Dazs has top-selling classics like "Vanilla Swiss Almond" and "Dulce de Leche."

Marble Slab Creamery

Similar to Cold Stone Creamery, Marble Slab allows customers to create custom ice cream with mix-ins, featuring popular flavors like "Sweet Cream" and "Chocolate Swiss."


Specializing in self-serve frozen yogurt, Yogurtland offers a variety of flavors and toppings, including favorites like "Original Tart" and "Chocolate Hazelnut."

Bruster's Real Ice Cream

Known for their handcrafted ice cream made from fresh ingredients, Bruster's has popular flavors like "Mint Chocolate Chip" and "Chocolate Raspberry Truffle."
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