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Bo Kho (Vietnamese Beef Stew)
Considered one of the most popular comfort foods in Vietnam, bo kho consists of cubes of beef braised with potato, carrot, onion, star anise, lemongrass and five-spice powder. Served with French baguette, egg noodles or rice.
$13.00 - -
Bot Chien (Fried Rice Cake)
Coconut rice cake is pan-fried with eggs and green onion until crispy. Served with green papaya salad and special soy sauce.
$10.00 - -
Flavorful creole cooked with ground bacon, ham, smoked ham hocks, shrimps, onion, celery, tomatoes and herbs. Served with steamed rice.
$13.00 - -
Grilled Rib-eye
Rib-eye steak marinated in our home-made sauce and grilled to perfection. Served with green salad and roasted potatoes.
$18.00 - -
Grilled Duck Breast
Smothered with Indian pear chutney, this skinless duck breast is richly delicious! Served with vegetables and red-white rice.
$18.00 - -
Chilean Seabass
Steamed in a marinade of ginger, green onion, sake and soy sauce. Presented over a bed of Napa cabbage and julienne vegetables aside our yellow rice.
$20.00 - -
Fresh Grilled Halibut
Halibut marinated with turmeric, lemon, salt, black pepper and cream of coconut. Served with vegetables and yellow rice.
$20.00 - -
Grilled Tuna
Grilled ahi marinated with soy sauce, honey, ginger, garlic, pepper and wine. Served with vegetables and yellow rice.
$18.00 - -


Goi Cuon (Fresh Spring Roll)
Fresh lettuce, bean sprouts, mint leaves, celery, pork, prawns, rice noodles rolled up in rice paper. Served with our flavorful peanut sauce.
$2.50 -$0.50 -16.67%
Cha Gio (Fried Spring Roll)
Eggroll with freshly ground lean pork, shredded jicama, sweet onions, carrots, bean thread noodles and mushrooms. Served with our sweet and sour sauce.
$2.50 - -
Pot Stickers
Six chicken dumplings are steamed then pan-fried and served with our special ginger dipping sauce.
$6.00 -$1.00 -14.29%
Banh Xeo (Saigon Crepe)
Our famous crepe is stuffed with chicken slices, prawns, yellow mung bean, onion, bean sprouts, jicama and mushrooms. Served with our special dipping sauce.
$11.00 - -
Fried Wontons
Freshly ground lean pork and minced shallots seasoned with oyster sauce and sesame oil then wrapped in wonton skins. The wontons are then deep-fried until crispy. Served with our sweet and sour sauce.
$6.00 - -
2 skewers of marinated grilled chicken or prawns. Served with sweet & sour cucumbers and yellow peanut sauce.
$6.00 -$2.00 -25.00%

Soups and Salads

Pho (Northern Vietnamese Rice Noodle Soup)
Most popular soup in Vietnam with bean sprouts, basil leaves, fresh chili, and choices of meat.
$9.75 -$0.75 -7.14%
Hoanh Thanh (Wonton Soup)
Freshly ground lean pork, minced shallots and water chestnuts seasoned with oyster sauce & sesame oil then wrapped in wonton skins. Topped with BBQ pork, fresh prawns, onion, cilantro and black pepper.
$9.75 - -
Tom Yum Soup (Hot and Sour Soup)
This is one of Thailand’s most famous soups. Some say it helps cure the cold. The combination of lime juice, lemon grass and kaffir leaves makes this soup soothing and warming.
$9.75 - -
Tom Kha Gai (Coconut Galanga Soup)
One of Thailand’s signature soups. This savory dish incorporates all of the exciting flavors of Thai cuisine. Rich, satisfying and delicious.
$10.75 -$0.75 -6.52%
Vietnamese Salad
Sautéed lemon grass, onions, mushrooms and choice of meat over rice noodles, lettuce, cucumber, and bean sprouts. Served with our special sauce.
$12.75 - -
Larb Gai (Chiang Mai Chicken Salad)
Chiang mai is a Northern city known for serving up dishes in the style of its neighbor Laos. This meat salad combined with ground roasted rice, mint, cilantro, shallot, lime juice, fish sauce and palm sugar make a very tasty salad.
$12.75 - -
Asian Seafood Pasta Salad
Japanese buckwheat‏ noodles over a bed of mixed greens, topped with grilled chicken or prawns and julienned veggies in our Asian vinaigrette.
$12.75 - -
Grilled Chicken Mango Salad
Organic mixed green, lightly tossed in an Asian vinaigrette, topped with sliced mangoes, tomatoes, marinated onions, and grilled chicken breast. Accompanied by fresh French bread, grilled with garlic-infused oil.
$12.75 - -

Curry Dishes‏

Viet Curry
Choice of chicken, beef or prawns, sautéed with lemon grass, vegetables, coconut milk, herbs, yellow curry and topped with peanuts. Served over steamed rice.
$12.75 - -
Xao Curry (Indian Curry)
Your choice of beef, chicken breast or prawns sautéed with seasonal fresh vegetables and cream. Served with steamed rice.
$12.75 - -
Green Curry
One of Thailand’s popular curries. Cooked with homemade green curry paste, coconut milk, mixed veggies, fresh basil. Served with steamed rice.
$12.75 - -
Red Curry
Red curry is another curry from Thailand. Cooked with home-made red curry paste, coconut milk, mixed veggies, fresh basil and steamed rice.
$12.75 - -
Thai Curry
Sautéed Thai curry paste with roasted garlic, shallots, kaffir leaves, lemongrass, and mixed vegetables in coconut cream. Served with rice.
$12.75 - -
Panang Curry
This curry is thick, rich, creamy and very flavorful. Beef goes well with this dish. Chicken and pork options are also available. Served with pan fried green beans, mushrooms and steamed rice on the side.
$13.50 -$0.50 -3.57%
Vietnamese Sweet Potato Curry
Whole-grain fed, free-range chicken marinated with curry, lemon grass, garlic and coconut milk. Served with steamed rice or French baguette.
$13.50 - -

Noodle Dishes

Pho Xao (Northern Vietnamese Rice Noodles)
Tender lean beef slices sautéed with tomato, onions, vegetables and rice noodles in our special exotic sauce and topped with fresh basil leaves.
$13.50 - -
MI Xao Don (Crispy Fried Noodles)
Your choice of chicken, beef, pork or fresh prawns sautéed with seasonal fresh vegetables in our special garlic sauce.
$12.75 - -
MI Xao Mem (Soft Noodles)
Your choice of chicken, beef, pork, or fresh prawns sautéed with seasonal fresh vegetables in our flavorful ginger sauce.
$12.75 - -
MI Xao Kho (Pan Fried Noodles)
Your choice of chicken, beef, pork or fresh prawns with noodles marinated in mushroom soy sauce and garlic, then pan fried, topped with mixed vegetables.
$12.75 - -
Pad See Yeu
Wide noodles sautéed with our special sauce, garlic, black pepper, cabbage, bean sprouts, carrots and broccoli.
$13.50 - -
Pad Thai
A popular‏ rice noodle dish from Thailand, The noodles are pan fried with tamarind sauce, dried shrimp, salty radishes, fresh roasted peanuts and bean sprouts.
$13.50 - -
Chap Che
Korean clear noodles sautéed with mixed julienned vegetables, shiitake mushrooms seasoned with soy sauce, garlic, green onion, sesame oil and sake. Served with steamed rice.
$12.75 - -
Malaysian Noodles
Pan fried rice noodles with garlic, shallots, soy sauce, chilli oil, Chinese sausage, bean sprouts and broccoli.
$12.75 - -

Hot Grill Dishes‏

Combination Dish
Two grilled skewers of lean pork marinated with lemon grass, garlic, honey and soy sauce. Served with fried rice, Asian salad and a fried spring roll.
$13.75 - -
Vietnamese Pork Chops
Two succulent flame-broiled pork chops marinated in our home-made sauce. Served with sunny-side-up egg and a combination of fresh lettuce, tomato, cucumber and pickled carrots.
$12.50 - -
Bulgogi (Korean Barbecue Beef)
Marinated tender slices of beef in a sweet soy sauce, ginger, garlic, green onions and roasted sesame seed sauce. Served with steamed rice and pan-fried vegetables.
$13.00 +$0.50 +4.00%
Grilled Chicken
Chicken thigh or breast marinated in teriyaki sauce. Served with pan-fried vegetables and steamed rice.
$13.00 - -
Fried Rice
Your choice of beef, chicken, pork or fresh prawns pan fried with peas, corns and fresh chopped vegetables.
$12.50 - -

Rice Dishes

Our foods are cooked with peanut oil, may contain garlic or soysauce.
Stir-fried Eggplant Tofu
Lightly coated in flour then deep- fried, eggplants are stir-fried with tofu, shallots, white onions, shredded carrots in our special sauce and served over steamed rice.
$12.50 - -
Fresh Asparagus
Chicken, beef, pork or fresh prawns sautéed with fresh asparagus, red bell pepper, mushrooms, zucchini, and onion in garlic sesame sauce.
$12.50 - -
Pork Tenderloin
Stir-fried pork tenderloin with homemade Indian chutney sauce, ginger, garlic, crushed black pepper, veggies over steamed rice.
$12.50 - -
Thai’s Garlic Prawn
Sautéed prawns with fried garlic and special homemade sauce on a bed of crispy cabbage, carrots, mushrooms and broccoli. Served with rice.
$13.50 - -
Golden Cashew
Sautéed slices‏ of chicken breast, beef, pork or fresh prawns with our special vinegar sauce, vegetables and roasted cashews . Served over steamed rice.
$13.50 - -
Basil Delight
Sautéed basil with chicken, beef, pork or fresh prawns and vegetables. Seasoned with a special sauce, garlic, curry and a touch of bourbon. Served over steamed rice.
$12.50 - -
Swimming Angel
Sautéed fresh spinach, carrots topped with yellow peanut sauce and served with steamed rice.
$12.50 - -
Spicy Garlic
Chicken, beef, pork or fresh prawns sautéed in garlic chili sauce with vegetables and peanuts over steamed rice.
$12.50 - -
Stir Fried Indonesia
A taste of Indonesia! Chicken, beef, pork or fresh prawn sautéed with mixed vegetables, ginger and shiitake mushrooms in special indonesian soy sauce, sesame oil and rice wine. Served with steamed rice.
$12.50 - -
Shanghai Stir Fried
This is a refreshing sweet and sour citrus dish. The combination of orange juice, ginger, wild rice wine, soy sauce, sesame oil and chili makes this dish flavorful and tasty.
$12.50 - -
Savory Ginger
Chicken breast, beef, pork or fresh prawns sautéed with fresh julienned ginger, green onions, wood ear mushrooms and vegetables in our special ginger sauce. Served over steamed rice.
$12.50 - -
Xao Chua Ngot (Sweet and Sour)
Your choice‏ of beef, chicken breast, pork or fresh prawns sautéed with pineapple, tomato and mixed vegetables in sweet and sour sauce.
$12.50 - -


Ice Cream
Vanilla, coconut, ginger, green tea, mango, Mexican chocolate.
$4.00 - -
Thai Black Rice Pudding
A Thai dessert consisting of black rice pudding and coconut cream.
$4.50 - -
Mango Sticky Rice
Thai sticky rice cooked with flavorful pandan leaves. Served with fresh mango and coconut cream.
$6.00 - -


Bubble Tea $4.00 - -
Thai Iced Tea $3.50 - -
Fresh Squeezed Lemonade $3.50 - -
Italian Soda $3.50 - -
Sodas $2.75 - -
Juices $2.75 - -
Lipton Iced Tea $2.75 - -
Jasmine Tea $1.00 - -
Green Tea $1.50 - -
Herbal Tea $1.50 - -
Martin Henry Coffee $3.00 - -
Vietnamese Coffee $4.00 - -


Green beans $5.00 - -
Rice $2.50 - -
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