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Red Mango Menu Prices

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On the Red Mango menu, the most expensive item is Raw 6 Restore, which costs $53.85. The cheapest item on the menu is Oreo, which costs $3.98. The average price of all items on the menu is currently $10.10.


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About Red Mango

What are the popular menu items at Red Mango?

Red Mango offers a variety of delectable menu items that cater to different tastes. Here are some of the popular choices:

Mighty Mango Acai Bowl

A refreshing and nutritious blend of acai berries, mango, and other fruits, topped with granola and honey.

Buffalo Chicken Sandwich

A flavorful sandwich featuring crispy chicken tossed in tangy buffalo sauce, accompanied by fresh veggies and a choice of bread.

Mediterranean Pesto Sandwich

A delightful option for those craving Mediterranean flavors, with ingredients like pesto, roasted vegetables, and feta cheese.

Berry Acai Bowl

A delightful blend of acai berries and assorted berries, topped with crunchy granola and a drizzle of honey.

Mixed Berry Parfait

Layers of creamy yogurt and mixed berries, creating a balanced and visually appealing treat.

Classic Original Frozen Yogurt

The timeless favorite that put Red Mango on the map, known for its smooth, creamy texture and tangy flavor.

Coconut Milk Dairy-Free Frozen Yogurt

A luscious non-dairy option made with coconut milk, providing a rich and satisfying taste.

Strawberry Banana Smoothie

A refreshing blend of ripe strawberries and bananas, perfect for a fruity pick-me-up.

What is Red Mango known for?

Red Mango is renowned for its high-quality frozen yogurt and innovative menu items that prioritize taste and health. The brand gained popularity by introducing the concept of tangy, probiotic-rich frozen yogurt, promoting a healthier alternative to traditional desserts.

Can I find a variety of frozen yogurt flavors at Red Mango?

Red Mango boasts an impressive range of frozen yogurt flavors that cater to diverse preferences. Some delightful options include: • Pomegranate – Bursting with the sweet-tart goodness of real pomegranate. • Green Tea – Infused with the earthy notes of green tea, offering a unique and refreshing taste. • Chocolate – A classic choice, perfect for satisfying your chocolate cravings. • Taro – A unique flavor with a hint of nuttiness and sweetness, derived from the taro root.

Does Red Mango offer traditional as well as dairy-free frozen yogurt?

Absolutely! Red Mango is committed to accommodating various dietary needs. In addition to their traditional frozen yogurt options, they offer a range of dairy-free choices, including: • Coconut Milk Yogurt – A creamy delight made from coconut milk, perfect for those seeking a dairy-free option. • Almond Milk Yogurt – Created from almond milk, offering a nutty and satisfying flavor profile. • Soy Milk Yogurt – Crafted from soy milk, providing a smooth and creamy texture without dairy.

Are there options for different toppings and mix-ins at Red Mango?

Red Mango encourages customers to customize their yogurt creations with a plethora of toppings and mix-ins. Some exciting options include fresh fruits, granola, nuts, chocolate chips, candies, honey and syrups.

Does Red Mango offer any other menu items besides frozen yogurt?

Red Mango's menu extends beyond frozen yogurt to offer a variety of savory and sweet options, including: • Sandwiches and Wraps – Enjoy a range of flavorful options, from Mediterranean-inspired wraps to classic sandwiches. • Smoothies – Quench your thirst with a variety of fruit-based smoothies that pack a refreshing punch. • Parfaits and Acai Bowls – Delight in layered treats combining yogurt, fruits, and granola for a satisfying snack. • Coffee and Tea – Pair your treat with a selection of hot and cold beverages for a well-rounded experience.

Is Red Mango known for any signature yogurt flavors?

Red Mango takes pride in offering signature frozen yogurt flavors that have become fan favorites: • Original Tart – The one that started it all, known for its tangy and refreshing taste. • Tangomonium – A citrusy burst of flavor, combining the goodness of yogurt with zesty citrus notes. • Cocoa – A chocolate lover's dream, featuring a rich cocoa flavor in yogurt form. • Honey Badger – Infused with the sweetness of honey, creating a harmonious blend of flavors.

Does Red Mango provide a self-serve yogurt bar?

Yes, Red Mango provides a self-serve yogurt bar where you can create your own yogurt masterpiece. You have the freedom to choose your preferred yogurt flavor and then pile on the toppings and mix-ins to your heart's content.

Can I order smoothies or other beverages at Red Mango?

Absolutely! In addition to their delectable frozen yogurt treats, Red Mango offers a selection of flavorful beverages, including: • Fruit Smoothies – Choose from a variety of fruit-based smoothies for a refreshing and wholesome drink. • Iced Coffee and Tea – Quench your thirst with iced versions of classic beverages, perfect for a pick-me-up. • Freshly Brewed Coffee – Enjoy a cup of expertly brewed coffee to complement your treat. • Fruit Juices – Delight in a range of fruit juices to pair with your yogurt creation or enjoy on its own.

How does the pricing at Red Mango compare to other frozen yogurt places?

Red Mango's pricing is competitive with other frozen yogurt establishments, offering a range of sizes to accommodate different appetites. Prices can vary based on location and the specific menu items you choose, but generally, you'll find them in line with similar offerings from other yogurt places.

Can I customize my own yogurt creation at Red Mango?

Customization is at the heart of the Red Mango experience. You have the freedom to choose your preferred yogurt flavor and then personalize it with a wide variety of toppings and mix-ins, making each visit a unique treat tailored to your taste.

Does Red Mango offer any promotions, loyalty programs, or discounts?

Yes, Red Mango often provides promotions, loyalty programs, and discounts to reward their customers. These can include special offers for loyal patrons, seasonal promotions, and even deals on specific menu items. Be sure to check their website, social media, or inquire in-store for the latest offerings.

Can I order online for pickup from Red Mango?

Red Mango understands the convenience of online ordering. Many locations offer online ordering for pickup, allowing you to place your order ahead of time and simply swing by to pick it up when it's ready.

What are the typical prices at Red Mango?

While prices can vary slightly depending on location and specific menu items, a regular-sized frozen yogurt with a selection of toppings typically falls within the range of $5 to $7. Keep in mind that prices for other menu items like sandwiches, smoothies, and parfaits might differ, so it's a good idea to check the menu at your local Red Mango.

Does Red Mango offer any dairy-free or vegan yogurt options?

Yes! Red Mango is dedicated to catering to various dietary preferences. They offer a selection of dairy-free and vegan yogurt options, such as coconut milk yogurt, almond milk yogurt, and soy milk yogurt, providing a delicious and inclusive experience for all customers.

Does Red Mango offer any non-dairy or allergen-free yogurt options?

Absolutely! Red Mango takes allergies and dietary restrictions seriously. In addition to their dairy-free options, they also provide non-dairy and allergen-free choices, ensuring that everyone can enjoy their treats. These options are often made from nut milks or soy milk to cater to a range of sensitivities.

Who are Red Mango's top competitors?

Red Mango faces competition from several frozen yogurt and dessert chains. Some of their notable competitors include:


Known for their tangy frozen yogurt and variety of toppings.


Offers a wide range of yogurt flavors and an extensive toppings bar.


Known for their frozen yogurt by weight model and diverse flavor options.

TCBY (The Country's Best Yogurt)

TCBY offers a variety of yogurt flavors and toppings, catering to different tastes.

16 Handles

Allows customers to self-serve and customize their yogurt creations.

Orange Leaf

Offers a variety of flavors and toppings in a self-serve format.


Known for their fun and colorful atmosphere, with a wide selection of flavors and toppings.

Yogurt Mountain

Provides a wide range of yogurt flavors and toppings.
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