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Robeks Menu Prices

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On the Robeks menu, the most expensive item is Blue Gorilla, which costs $12.24. The cheapest item on the menu is Wheatgrass Shot, which costs $4.73. The average price of all items on the menu is currently $8.42.


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About Robeks

What are the popular menu items at Robeks?

Robeks offers a variety of refreshing and nutritious menu items that have gained popularity among customers. Here are some favorites:

Acai Energizer Smoothie

Bursting with the sweetness of açaí, this smoothie is blended with fresh orange juice and non-fat yogurt for a revitalizing treat.

Strawnana Berry Bowl

A delightful blend of açaí, bananas, and mixed berries, topped with granola and honey for a wholesome and satisfying bowl.

Mahalo Mango Smoothie

Transport your taste buds to the tropics with this mango-centric smoothie that features a mix of mango, pineapple, and orange juice.

Tropi-Kale Smoothie

For a nutrient-packed option, the Kale Verde combines kale, spinach, pineapple, and apple juice for a refreshing and wholesome beverage.

Queen of All Greens Smoothie

Packed with green goodness, this smoothie combines spinach, kale, banana, and orange juice for a revitalizing and nutrient-rich drink.

What is Robeks known for?

Robeks is known for its commitment to providing customers with fresh and wholesome beverages, including smoothies and juices, that are made from high-quality ingredients.

Does Robeks offer customizable smoothies?

Absolutely! One of Robeks' strengths is its customizable approach. Customers have the freedom to customize their smoothies based on their preferences, allowing them to choose the type of fruit, juice, yogurt, and additional boosters they desire.

What are the business hours for Robeks?

Business hours for Robeks can vary by location and day of the week. Typically Robeks is open from 7:30 AM to 7:30 PM. It's recommended to visit their official website or contact the specific Robeks location you're interested in to get accurate and up-to-date information regarding their business hours.

Are there options for both fruit-based and vegetable-based beverages at Robeks?

Indeed! Robeks offers a variety of options for both fruit-based and vegetable-based beverages. Their menu caters to a wide range of tastes and preferences. Fruit-based beverages are often blended into delicious and refreshing smoothies, while vegetable-based options are crafted into nutrient-packed concoctions that are as tasty as they are healthy.

Is Robeks known for any signature smoothie or juice blends?

Indeed! Robeks has created several signature smoothie and juice blends that stand out for their unique flavors and combinations: • Robeks Rejuvenator Smoothie: This invigorating blend combines orange, pineapple, banana, and strawberries, creating a balanced and refreshing flavor profile. • Berry Burst Juice: A berry lover's delight, this juice blend combines strawberries, raspberries, blueberries, and apple juice for a burst of antioxidant-rich goodness. • Strawnana Split Smoothie: This playful creation captures the essence of a classic banana split, blending bananas, strawberries, non-fat yogurt, and chocolate syrup.

Does Robeks offer any protein or supplements to add to smoothies?

Absolutely! Robeks provides a range of protein and supplement options that customers can add to their smoothies to enhance their nutritional content. Some examples include: • Whey Protein: Boost your smoothie with a dose of whey protein to support muscle recovery and overall wellness. • Vegan Protein: For those seeking plant-based protein, Robeks offers vegan protein options to cater to different dietary preferences. • Energy Boosters: Add a boost of energy to your smoothie with ingredients like matcha, espresso, or ginseng.

Does Robeks have low-calorie smoothies?

Yes, Robeks offers a selection of low-calorie smoothies for customers who are looking for lighter options while still enjoying delicious flavors. Some examples of their low-calorie smoothies include: • Active Apple Smoothie: Blended with fresh apple, strawberries, banana, and non-fat yogurt, this smoothie provides a light and refreshing option. • Berry Reboot Smoothie: Featuring blueberries, raspberries, strawberries, and non-fat yogurt, this smoothie offers a burst of berry goodness with fewer calories. • Lean Green Smoothie: Packed with nutrient-rich spinach, kale, and pineapple, this smoothie is perfect for those seeking a lower-calorie option.

Can I customize the level of sweetness in my smoothie at Robeks?

Absolutely! Robeks understands that sweetness preferences vary among individuals. They offer the flexibility to adjust the sweetness level of your smoothie to your liking, ensuring a personalized and enjoyable experience.

Does Robeks have options for dairy-free or vegan customers?

Yes, Robeks caters to dairy-free and vegan customers by offering alternative ingredients that align with their dietary preferences. Some examples of dairy-free and vegan options include: • Coconut Water Smoothies: Replace dairy yogurt with coconut water for a refreshing and dairy-free base. • Vegan Protein: Add vegan protein to your smoothie to boost its nutritional content without the use of animal products. • Non-Dairy Milk: Opt for non-dairy milk alternatives like almond milk or coconut milk in your smoothies for a creamy texture.

Does Robeks offer any additional menu items besides smoothies and juices?

Indeed! Robeks extends its menu beyond smoothies and juices to offer a variety of options to complement your beverage choices. Some examples include: • Açaí Bowls: Enjoy acai bowls topped with granola, honey, and fresh fruits for a nourishing and satisfying meal. • Oatmeal: Warm up with a bowl of hearty oatmeal topped with your choice of fruits, nuts, and other toppings. • Parfaits: Indulge in yogurt parfaits layered with fruits, granola, and honey for a balanced and delicious treat.

Does Robeks offer any smoothie bowls or food items?

Yes! Robeks offers a selection of smoothie bowls that provide a nutritious and delicious meal option. Smoothie bowls are typically made with blended fruits and other ingredients, served in a bowl and topped with a variety of toppings such as granola, nuts, seeds, and fresh fruits.

What are the typical prices of smoothies and bowls at Robeks?

Smoothie prices might range from $5 to $8 or more, depending on size and customization. Açaí bowls and other food items could range from $7 to $10 or more, again depending on size and ingredients. Please note that these are rough estimates, and it's recommended to check the menu of your specific location for the most accurate and up-to-date pricing.

Who are Robeks' top competitors?

Robeks faces competition from various smoothie and juice chains. Here are some notable competitors:

Smoothie King

Known for their diverse menu of smoothies tailored to different health goals.

Jamba Juice

Offers a wide range of smoothies, juices, and bowls with a focus on fruits and healthy ingredients.

Tropical Smoothie Cafe

Offers a mix of smoothies, wraps, and sandwiches in a casual dining setting.

Planet Smoothie

Known for their creative smoothie flavors and customizable options.

Juice It Up!

Offers a variety of smoothies, bowls, and freshly squeezed juices.

Nekter Juice Bar

Focuses on cold-pressed juices, smoothies, and açaí bowls.

Bowl of Heaven

Bowl of Heaven is known for their açaí bowls and health-focused menu.

Vitality Bowls

Offers açaí bowls, smoothies, and other health focused menu items.

Playa Bowls

Specializes in açaí and pitaya bowls with a beachy and vibrant atmosphere.

Pressed Juicery

Known for their cold-pressed juices, freezes, and plant-based products.
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