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Tilted Kilt Menu Prices

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On the Tilted Kilt menu, the most expensive item is Chef's Steak, which costs $18.97. The cheapest item on the menu is Mashed Potatoes, which costs $3.38. The average price of all items on the menu is currently $10.40.


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About Tilted Kilt

Are there any signature dishes or drinks that Tilted Kilt is known for?

Tilted Kilt’s bestsellers include:

Big Arse Burger

Sink your teeth into the legendary Big Arse Burger, a true indulgence for burger enthusiasts. This hefty creation boasts a juicy and flavorful Angus beef patty cooked to perfection and nestled within a fresh brioche bun. Topped with a tantalizing combination of smoked bacon, cheddar cheese, sautéed mushrooms, and a drizzle of tangy BBQ sauce, every bite is a symphony of tastes and textures that will leave you craving for more.

TK Irish Nachos

Experience a twist on classic nachos with the TK Irish Nachos. Thinly sliced, crispy potato chips are piled high and generously smothered with a decadent blend of melted cheddar and Monterey Jack cheeses. Fresh tomatoes, green onions, and your choice of succulent protein – whether it's grilled chicken, seasoned ground beef, or even tender steak – complete this mouthwatering masterpiece that's perfect for sharing.

Kilt Lifter

Quench your thirst with Tilted Kilt's signature drink, the Kilt Lifter. This Scottish-style ale boasts a rich, malty flavor that strikes a perfect balance between sweetness and a touch of hops. With its amber hue and smooth finish, the Kilt Lifter is a beloved choice for those seeking a classic and flavorful brew that pairs exceptionally well with a variety of dishes.

Drunken Clams

For seafood enthusiasts, the Drunken Clams dish is a must-try. Plump, succulent clams are cooked to perfection in a savory broth infused with white wine, garlic, butter, and fresh herbs. Served with toasted garlic bread for dipping, this appetizer delivers a burst of ocean-inspired flavors that will transport your taste buds to the coast.

Molly's Chicken Pot Pie

Warm your soul with the hearty comfort of Molly's Chicken Pot Pie. This homestyle classic features tender pieces of chicken and a medley of vegetables enveloped in a creamy, savory gravy. All of this is encased within a flaky puff pastry crust, creating a harmonious blend of textures and flavors that evoke feelings of nostalgia and satisfaction.

Gaelic Chicken

Indulge in the rich flavors of Gaelic Chicken, a dish that celebrates the essence of Celtic cuisine. Succulent grilled chicken breast is adorned with a luscious Jameson Irish whiskey cream sauce, accompanied by a side of mashed potatoes and seasonal vegetables. The marriage of the creamy sauce with perfectly cooked chicken elevates this dish to a level of culinary excellence.

Tilted Guilt Chocolate Stout Cake

For dessert enthusiasts, the Tilted Guilt Chocolate Stout Cake is a true delight. This decadent dessert features a moist chocolate stout cake layered with velvety chocolate mousse and topped with whipped cream. With each forkful, you'll experience a symphony of chocolatey goodness that provides the perfect ending to your meal.

Black and Blue Salad

Salad lovers will appreciate the Black and Blue Salad, a vibrant and satisfying creation. Crisp mixed greens serve as the base, adorned with slices of perfectly grilled blackened steak, crumbled bleu cheese, candied pecans, and fresh berries. Tossed in a tangy balsamic vinaigrette, this salad strikes a harmonious balance between textures and flavors.

What is the concept of Tilted Kilt restaurant?

Tilted Kilt is a Celtic-themed pub and eatery that combines traditional pub fare with a lively and friendly atmosphere. The restaurant embraces the charm of Scottish, Irish, and English cultures, featuring tartan décor, servers dressed in kilts, and an overall festive ambiance that invites guests to relax, enjoy good food, and watch sports.

What type of cuisine does Tilted Kilt serve?

Tilted Kilt offers a diverse menu of comfort food and pub classics with a creative twist. From burgers and sandwiches to salads and entrees, their menu caters to a wide range of tastes. The cuisine is influenced by American and Celtic flavors, providing a delightful mix of flavors for every palate.

What is the atmosphere like at Tilted Kilt?

The atmosphere at Tilted Kilt is lively, casual, and inviting. The Celtic-inspired décor creates a warm and welcoming environment where guests can enjoy a meal, catch up with friends, and watch sports games. The staff's friendly and attentive service adds to the overall positive experience.

Is Tilted Kilt a family-friendly restaurant?

Yes, Tilted Kilt is a family-friendly establishment. While it does have a lively pub atmosphere, the restaurant welcomes families with children. They offer a kids' menu with options that cater to younger taste buds, making it a suitable choice for family outings.

Are there gluten-free options on the menu?

Yes, Tilted Kilt offers gluten-free options on their menu to accommodate guests with dietary restrictions. From salads to proteins, you'll find a variety of choices that cater to gluten-free preferences.

Does Tilted Kilt offer any daily specials or happy hour deals?

Tilted Kilt often features daily specials and happy hour deals, which vary by location. For example, happy hour specials can start from 3pm – 6pm, Monday – Friday. These specials may include discounted appetizers, drinks, or special menu items during specific hours. Check with your local Tilted Kilt for the latest offerings.

What is the dress code for customers at Tilted Kilt?

Tilted Kilt doesn't have a strict dress code for customers. However, their casual and fun atmosphere makes it suitable to dress comfortably. Feel free to come in your everyday attire and enjoy the relaxed vibe.

Is Tilted Kilt a sports bar, and do they show live sports events?

Yes, Tilted Kilt is often referred to as a sports bar. They are known for broadcasting live sports events on multiple screens throughout the restaurant. It's a great place to catch your favorite games while enjoying a meal and drinks.

What is the average price range for meals and drinks at Tilted Kilt?

The average price range for meals and drinks at Tilted Kilt can vary based on location and menu items. Appetizers start from $5, sandwiches and wraps from $10, wings and signature sauces from $8, burgers from $12 and pizzas from $10.

What are the typical opening and closing hours for Tilted Kilt?

Tilted Kilt's opening and closing hours vary by location and day of the week. It's recommended to check with your local Tilted Kilt or visit their official website for accurate and up-to-date information.

Are there any themed nights or special events hosted at Tilted Kilt?

Yes, Tilted Kilt often hosts themed nights, special events, and promotions. These could include trivia nights, live music performances, holiday celebrations, and viewing parties. Keep an eye on their social media pages or website for event announcements.

Is there a kids' menu available at Tilted Kilt?

Yes, Tilted Kilt offers a kids' menu with a variety of options for children. The menu typically includes kid-friendly versions of popular dishes, ensuring that younger guests can enjoy their dining experience as well.

Who are the competitors of Tilted Kilt?

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Known for its wide variety of wings, sauces and sports viewing experience, Buffalo Wild Wings provides a vibrant atmosphere for sports enthusiasts.


With a focus on wings, burgers, and a lively atmosphere, Hooters also features servers in a distinctive uniform and screens for live sports events.

Twin Peaks

Like Tilted Kilt, Twin Peaks boasts a mountain lodge theme, with a range of comfort food and draft beers. The establishment is also known for its scenic views.


Although not specifically a sports bar, O'Charley's offers American comfort food and a casual atmosphere, making it a competitor in the casual dining space.


A well-known casual dining restaurant, Applebee's offers a mix of dishes from burgers to salads, along with a bar area and occasional specials.


Another casual dining establishment, Chili's offers a diverse menu with a southwestern flair, including burgers, fajitas and cocktails.
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