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Updated on: July 17, 2022
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Average Item Price: $6.81
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Crunchy Chicken Potsticker
(3) crispy fried chicken potstickers served with ponzu-lime dip
$3.69 - -
Spicy Miso Chicken and Potsticker Ramen
Crispy Chicken Potstickers, crispy chicken, soy egg, spicy miso, green onion, pickled shoga ginger, crispy onion, sesame seeds, broth, noodles
Noodle Choice
Soba Noodles 0
Potsticker Ramen Included Items
NO Scallions 0
NO Shallot Crunch 0
NO Soy Egg 0
NO Miso Paste 0
NO Spinach 0
NO Pickled Ginger 0
NO Sesame Seeds 0
Ramen Additional Proteins
Add Shrimp 2.99
Add Steak 2.99
Add Fried Chicken 2.99
Add Sauteed Chicken 2.99
Add Tofu 2.99
Add Fried Tofu 2.99
Add Cauliflower 2.99
$16.87 - -
Tri-Cooked Firecracker Wings
Smoked. Fried. Tossed. Peacan smoked wings tossed in citrus firecracker sauce, ganished with sesame seeds and green onion
Firecracker Wings Ingredients
Sesame Seeds 0
Green Onion 0
Spice Level?
Spice Level 1 0
Spice Level 2 0
Spice Level 3 0
Utensil Options
No Utensils 0
Utensils Included 0
$9.62 - -
Crab and Cheese Spring Roll
$2.46 - -


Cantonese Chili Long Bean
Green bean sauteed in chili mix and savory brown sauce.
Remove Ingredients - Cantonese Chili Long Bean
No shallot crunch 0
Spice Level?
Spice Level 1 0
Spice Level 2 0
Spice Level 3 0
Utensil Options
No Utensils 0
Utensils Included 0
$7.79 - -
Chicken Lettuce Wrap
Minced chicken, water chestnut, onion, ginger, sesame seed, crispy noodle sautéed in savory brown sauce
Remove Ingredients - Chicken lettuce Wrap Modifier
No chopped green onion 0
No crispy white noodles 0
No sesame seed 0
No lime 0
No chili lime vinaigrette 0
Utensil Options
No Utensils 0
Utensils Included 0
$9.10 - -


Fried Cheesecake Drumroll
Wrapped & deep fried cheesecake tossed in powdered sugar-spice mix. Served with side of Strawberry Dipping Sauce.
Utensil Options
No Utensils 0
Utensils Included 0
$5.29 - -


Kids Crispy Chicken Nuggets
Crispy Chicken Nuggets served on White Rice with Sweet N Sour Sauce.
Kids Crispy Chicken Veggies
Kids Veggies 1.19
$6.42 - -
Kids Tokyo Crinkle Fries
Sesame oil scent, Sriracha mayo.
Remove Ingredients: Tokyo Crinkle Fries
No Sesame Oil 0
No Sriracha Mayo 0
$3.89 - -

Kid Meals

Kids Fried Rice
Egg Fried Rice in a savory Thai brown sauce, served with sauteed chicken
Kids Protein Option
Shrimp 8.58
Steak 8.58
Sauteed Chicken 0
Fried Tofu 0
Kids Fried Rice Veggies
Kid Veggies 1.19
$6.42 - -
Kids Lo Men
Savory Thai brown sauce, yaki-soba noodle, served with sauteed chicken
Kids Protein Option
Shrimp 8.58
Steak 8.58
Sauteed Chicken 0
Fried Tofu 0
Kids Lo Mein Veggies
Kids Veggies 1.19
$6.42 - -


Pork Belly Tonkotsu Ramen
Pork belly chashu (Braised Pork), soy egg, bean sprouts, green onion, crispy onion, garlic oil, chili oil, broth, noodles
Ramen Noodle Choice
Ramen Noodles 0
Soba Noodles 0
Pork Belly Ramen Ingredients
Soy Eggs 0
Bean Sprouts 0
Fried Shallots 0
Green Onion 0
$16.78 - -


Saigon Salad
Iceberg lettuce, seasonal herbs, pickling, basil, roasted peanut, cucumber, shallot crunch, chili powder, sweet soy glaze, chili lime vinaigrette. Add Chicken or Shrimp for an extra charge.
Add Protein: Salad
Add Fried Chicken 2.39
Add Shrimp 3.59
Chili Lime Vinaigrette
Dressing On The Side 0
Extra Dressing 0
No Dressing 0
No Cucumber 0
Extra Cucumber 0.49
Chili Powder
No Chili Powder 0
Extra Chili Powder 0
Shallot Crunch
No Shallot Crunch 0
Extra Shallot Crunch 0
No Basil 0
Extra Basil 0.89
Seasonal Herbs
No Seasonal Herbs 0
Extra Seasonal Herbs 0
No Pickling 0
Extra Pickling 0
Sweet Soy Glaze
No Sweet Soy Glaze 0
Extra Sweet Soy Glaze 0
Toasted Peanut
No Toasted Peanut 0
Extra Toasted Peanut 0.89
Utensil Options
No Utensils 0
Utensils Included 0
$9.52 - -
Small Drum Salad
Broccoli, carrot, cilantro, spinach, iceberg lettuce, sesame seeds, with chili lime vinaigrette
Remove Ingredients - Small drum salad
No Chili Lime Vinaigrette 0
Utensil Options
No Utensils 0
Utensils Included 0
$5.97 - -


Tokyo Crinkle Fries $3.77 +$0.29 +8.33%


Sweet and savory glaze, broccoli, toasted sesame seed.
$10.65 +$0.05 +0.47%
Basil Fry Rice
Savory thai brown sauce, onion, green onion, green bean, carrot, basil, jalapeno, cucumber and egg.
$10.65 +$0.05 +0.47%


Pad Thai
Sweet Thai citrus sauce, flat rice noodle, scallion, carrot, bean sprout, roasted peanut and a wedge of lime.
$10.62 +$0.04 +0.38%
Sing Chow Men
rustic yellow curry sauce, vermicelli rice noodle, cabbage, scallion, carrot, onion, mushroom, jalapeno.
$10.62 +$0.04 +0.38%
Pad Woon Sen
Savory thai brown sauce, glass noodle, cabbage, scallion, carrot, bean sprout, mushroom, onion
$10.62 +$0.04 +0.38%

Popular Items

Tin Drum
Red chilli-garlic curry, baby spinach, roasted peanut.
$10.62 +$0.02 +0.19%
Teriyaki sauce, onion, scallion, carrot, cabbage, mushroom.
$10.62 +$0.03 +0.28%
Panang curry, broccoli, bell pepper, tomato, basil.
$10.62 +$0.02 +0.19%
Lo Men
Savoury Thai brown sauce, yaki-soba noodle, scallion, carrot, mushroom, cabbage, onion.
$10.62 +$0.03 +0.28%
Sweet and spicy chili sauce, mango, bell pepper, onion, basil, jalapeno.
$10.62 +$0.03 +0.28%

Creamy Curry

Tikka Masala
Spicy Indian curry, tomato, cilantro.
$10.60 +$0.03 +0.28%
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About Tin Drum

The Tin Drum Asian Kitchen is a franchised chain of restaurants specializing in Asian cuisine. But it isn’t your usual Asian dishes – instead, the chain focuses on fresh, cooked-to-order wok dishes that are served piping-hot to customers. The wok dishes include rice, meat and vegetables, and herbs and spices as ingredients, which are sourced from local farmers or abroad to ensure freshness and authenticity.

Tin Drum prices are wallet-friendly and considered to be very affordable for most people.

There are also noodle dishes served in a variety of ways from dry to wet (i.e., with soup), as well as several choices in curry dishes. Customers will always have a wide range of choices in Asian dishes, thus, the Tin Drum’s popularity among foodies and gourmands. But there’s no need to make reservations either as the restaurants usually have a sufficient number of tables, even during the busy lunch and dinner hours.

Established by Steven Chan in 2003, the Tin Drum restaurants continue to attract people from all walks of life. Customers can order their food either to eat in or take out.

Above are the latest Tin Drum menu prices.

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