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Tomato Caprese
Fresh mozzarella and tomato sliced and layered in garlic, Italian olive oil and seasonings, drizzled with a balsamic vinegar and topped with fresh picked basil.
$10.00 - -
Eggplant Sticks
Breaded and golden fried, with marinara dipping sauce.
$10.00 - -
Zucchini Sticks
Breaded and golden fried, with marinara or ranch dipping sauce.
$10.00 - -
Three homemade, hand rolled meatballs with sauce, ricotta cheese and fresh picked basil.
$10.00 - -


Romaine and Iceberg, tomato, onion, croutons, kalamata olives, your choice of dressing
$8.00 - -
Dinner salad with Romaine and Iceberg, tomato, onion, croutons, kalamata olives, your choice of dressing.
$5.00 - -
Romaine, homemade croutons, red onion, kalamata olives and dressing with parmesan cheese. Add grilled chicken for $4.00
$10.00 - -
Grilled Chicken
Romaine, field greens, tomato, onion, homemade croutons, grilled chicken, your choice of dressing.
$13.00 - -

Large Italian Hoagies

Eggplant Parm
Eggplant, mozzarella, sauce, parmesan cheese.
$12.00 - -
Grilled Chicken (Large Italian Hoagies)
Chicken, provolone cheese, caramelized onions, mushrooms, lettuce, tomato, honey mustard dressing.
$12.00 - -
Chicken Parm
Chicken, mozzarella, sauce, parmesan cheese.
$12.00 - -
Meatballs, sauce, mozzarella.
$12.00 - -
Italian Sausage
Hot Italian sausage, peppers, onions, ricotta cheese.
$12.00 - -


Large Z Fav
White pizza with olive oil, garlic, ricotta piles, sliced tomato and more garlic and mozzarella
$18.00 - -
Large Veggie
tomato, onion, pepper, mushrooms, olives
$18.00 - -
Large Margherita
mozzarella, tomato, fresh picked basil
$17.00 - -
Large Meat
meatball, sausage, pepperoni, mozzarella
$18.00 - -
Large Pepperoni $16.00 - -
Large Cheese $15.00 - -


Served with garden salad and bread.
Stuffed Shells
Jumbo shells filled with ricotta and parmesan cheese with sauce
$16.00 - -
Pasta with Meatballs
Choice of Pasta (spaghetti, penne, angel hair, ziti) with sauce and choice of one meatball or sausage link. Add additional meatball or sausage link for $4 each.
$14.00 - -
Pasta with Sausage
Choice of pasta with sauce.
$13.00 - -
Nani's Favorite
Angel hair pasta with broccoli, garlic, olive oil.
$14.00 - -
Eggplant Parmigiana
Eggplant breaded and golden fried, with sauce, mozzarella, with choice of pasta (spaghetti, penne, angel hair, ziti)
$15.00 - -
Chicken Parmigiana
Chicken breast breaded and golden fried with sauce, mozzarella, with choice of pasta (spaghetti, penne, angel hair, ziti)
$15.00 - -
Baked Ziti
Ziti with ground beef, ricotta, mozzarella.
$15.00 - -
Large slice of lasagna layered with meat, ricotta, parmesan and mozzarella cheeses and sauce. (This item requires 24 hours notice).
$17.00 - -
Italian Sausage (Entrees)
Two Italian sausage links with peppers and onions.
$14.00 - -

Italian Cookies

Italian Rainbow Cookies
There are seven layers to these decadent, cake-like cookies. Three cookie layers made with fresh almond paste and butter, two layers of raspberry preserves between layers, a coating of apricot preserves, and then topped with semi-sweet chocolate over all. These are very cakey in texture with a smooth almond flavor throughout. No Italian cookie tray is complete without them. And ours are huge compared to what you find at the bakery.
$1.50 - -
Italian Chocolate Meatball Cookies
These are sometimes called Italian meatball cookies. They are a soft rich chocolate cookie full of subtle yet present spices such as cinnamon, nutmeg and clove. They are covered in a fudgy chocolate sugar glaze.
$1.00 - -
Assorted Italian Cookies
In the assorted, you will get Italian rainbow cookies, Italian sprinkle cookies, almond paste cookies, raspberry fingers, Italian chocolate spice cookies, and hazelnut cookies. Arranged on a tray with a cover.
$26.00 - -
Italian Peach Cookies
These bring a "wow" factor to any party. A soft vanilla cookie filled with a peachy, nutty filling and then coated with a peachy flavor and blush color to look like a real peach.
$1.50 - -
Chocolate Almond Ricotta Cookies
Super soft fudgy cookie with semi-sweet chocolate chips in the batter, and then topped with milk chocolate chips and slivered almonds.
$1.35 - -
Coconut Almond Macaroons
Soft cookie with rich coconut flavor with almond paste.
$1.50 - -
Monochrome Rainbow Cookies
These are a variation of the Italian rainbow cookie. They are still made with almond paste and seven layers. These layers are chocolate spread with hazelnut filling, peanut butter, spread with smooth peanut butter, and vanilla layers, a coating of apricot preserves, and then topped with white chocolate over all.
$1.50 - -
Italian Maraschino Cherry Cookies
Found in most Italian bakeries, along with the white sprinkle cookies and the chocolate meatball cookies. These cookies are bursting with maraschino cherries in the batter and cherry juice in the icing.
$1.00 - -
Italian Sprinkle Cookies
These are very soft cookies, a basic vanilla cookie with a light lemony glaze.
$1.00 - -
Raspberry Fingers
These are very buttery sandwich cookies with a filling of raspberry preserves, half dunked in apricot preserves and then half covered in colored coconut.
$1.50 - -
Italian Anise "S" Cookies
Soft vanilla cookie with an anise-flavored glaze and sprinkles (anise is a black licorice flavor).
$1.00 - -
Baci Di Dama
Italian hazelnut cookies, a hazelnut cookie sandwich, filled with hazelnut flavored chocolate filling.
$1.35 - -
Italian Frosted Butter Cookies
Classic rich butter cookies with sweet dollop of frosting on top.
$1.00 - -
Fudge-Filled Cookies
A soft creamy dough, made without eggs, wrapped around a chocolate fudge filling, sliced and iced.
$1.25 - -
Italian Spumoni Cookies
The Italian version of the classic chocolate chip cookies. These have pistachios and dried cherries in addition to chocolate chips.
$1.50 - -
Pignoli Cookies
Sweet almond paste with a hint of orange and sprinkled with pine nuts and powdered sugar.
$1.50 - -
Almond Paste Cookies
These cookies are gooey and chewy and for almond lovers only. They can be made covered in almonds, with a maraschino cherry on top, or both.
$1.50 - -
Hazelnut Cookies
These are soft cookies with chopped hazelnuts in the batter and also rolled in chopped hazelnuts. Cardomom adds a delicate spice flavor.
$1.25 - -
Italian fig cookies, soft flaky dough filled with a mixture of figs, citrus, nuts and spices, glazed and sprinkled with non pareils.
$1.65 - -
Italian Ricotta Cookies
Super soft, light cookie with delicious flavor.
$1.00 - -
Pistachio Ricotta Cookies
A very soft, big cookie full of pistachio flavor inside and on top.
$1.25 - -
Italian Espresso Sandwich Cookies
This is my own variation of the Italian peach cookie. Instead of peaches, these are all about coffee and hazelnut flavors.
$1.50 - -
Italian Wedding Cookies
A very traditional cookie at many Italian weddings. These are a very buttery dough, made without eggs, filled with pecans and covered in powdered sugar.
$1.25 - -

American Cookies

Butter & Jam Thumbprints
Buttery soft, melt-in-your mouth cookie with a sweet jam filling (strawberry, raspberry, peach, apricot).
$1.00 - -
Cut-Out Cookies
Everyone's favorite! Soft, rich buttery cookie with icing and sprinkles.
$2.50 - -
Oatmeal Raisin Cookies
Chewy, full of flavor and plump raisins.
$1.00 - -
Pistachio & Cherry Mexican Wedding Cakes
A nutty, fruity, covered in powdered sugar cookie, made without eggs.
$1.00 - -
Chocolate Chip Cookies
The classic. Crispy around the edges, soft and chewy in the middle, loaded with semisweet chocolate chips.
$1.00 - -
Gingerbread Cut-Out Cookies
Slightly spicy gingerbread cookie decorated as gingerbread boys and girls.
$2.50 - -
Peanut Butter Cookies
Rich peanut buttery taste, made with crunchy peanut butter. Yes, it makes a big difference.
$1.00 - -
Chocolate Cut-Out Cookies
A chocolatey rich delicious treat with icing and sprinkles.
$2.50 - -
Linzer Cookies
A not too sweet cookie with a hint of cinnamon, sandwiched with a window of raspberry preserves, sprinkled with powdered sugar and drizzled with chocolate.
$2.50 - -
Peanut Butter Kiss Cookies
A favorite of many, a smooth peanut butter cookie with a Hershey kiss in the center.
$1.00 - -


Anise Toast
This is softer than traditional Italian biscotti. Made with anise flavor and anise seed (a black licorice flavor).
$1.00 - -
Caramel Macchiato Biscotti
Made to taste like the coffee drink, this biscotti is filled with caramel bits and espresso flavor and iced with a caramel espresso glaze.
$1.50 - -
Lemon Poppyseed Mandelbread
Bursting with fresh lemon juice flavor inside and out, with poppyseeds in the batter and glazed with a lemon icing.
$1.00 - -
Triple Chocolate Biscotti
If you prefer your chocolate biscotti without nuts, this is the one for you. Made with unsweetened dutch cocoa, semisweet chocolate and dipped and drizzled with milk chocolate.
$1.50 - -
Italian almond mini-biscotti, a very crunchy little cookie, packed with whole almonds and just enough orange zest to give an amazing fresh flavor.
$1.00 - -
Chocolate Hazelnut Biscotti
Crunchy chocolate bursting with hazelnuts.
$1.50 - -
Pistachio & Cranberry Biscotti
Full of pistachios and dried cranberries.
$1.50 - -
Vanilla American Style Biscotti
If you have never tried a biscotti before, this is a good one to start with. It's not as crunchy as a traditional biscotti. We added sparkling white sugar crystals on top to jazz it up.
$1.00 - -
Almond Biscotti
A classic biscotti flavored with vanilla and full of slivered almonds.
$1.00 - -
Chocolate Pistachio Biscotti
Crunchy, chocolatey, full of pistachios inside. The top is coated with melted chocolate and more crushed pistachios.
$1.50 - -
Pumpkin Pie Biscotti
Flavored with the spices in pumpkin pie, these biscotti have pecans in the batter and are iced with white chocolate. These are available only during pumpkin season, if you love pumpkin, you know when that is.
$1.50 - -

Specialty Desserts Available Daily

We make this fresh every day in our kitchen. Layers of Italian savoiardi cookies dunked in coffee, drizzled with kahlua, fresh mascarpone cheese whipped with heavy cream, dusted with cocoa. We do not use raw eggs in our tiramisu.
$6.00 - -
Cassata Cake
Yellow cake soaked with rum, four layers filled with ricotta mixture.
$6.00 - -
Ricotta Cake
Delicious flavorful cake with a ricotta cheese filling and a whipped cream topping. Available every day in vanilla.
$6.00 - -
Classic Italian cannoli made fresh with ricotta filling and topped with mini chocolate chips and powdered sugar.
$4.00 - -
NY Cheesecake
A classic NY style cheesecake, rich and creamy. Available every day in plain with or without strawberry sauce.
$6.00 - -

Specialty Desserts Made to Order

Tiramisu (Specialty Desserts Made to Order)
The same fresh tiramisu we make in our kitchen every day. Instead of one piece, you get the whole pan.
$50.00 - -
Ricotta Cake (Specialty Desserts Made to Order)
The same flavorful ricotta cake we make in our kitchen everyday. Instead of one piece, you get the whole cake. Available to order in vanilla, chocolate or lemon.
$50.00 - -
NY Cheesecake (Specialty Desserts Made to Order)
The same classic NY cheesecake we make fresh in our kitchen everyday. Instead of one piece, you get the whole 9" cheesecake. Please choose your fruit sauce: strawberry, raspberry, blueberry, cherry.
$50.00 - -
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