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The Protein Bar restaurants are the best places for dining out when you're on a protein-rich diet or when you just want to eat your fill of protein-rich foods. Matt Matros, who created the Protein Bar concept, did so to fill the gap in the restaurant industry where protein-rich fare was concerned – and he has definitely succeeded in this regard.

The restaurants are popular hangouts for vegans and vegetarians, athletes including bodybuilders and weightlifters, and other health-conscious people because of their healthy food choices. The fare includes high-protein burritos, salads and sandwiches, and quinoa bowls, which are filled with meats, vegetables and whole grains. The extensive menu also includes breakfast, lunch and dinner items, which are complemented by the vegetarian and vegan dishes as well as the cold-pressed juices and smoothies.

The Protein Bar prices may seem expensive but since the ingredients are premium in quality and the resulting dishes and drinks are healthy, these are justified. The chain also has a policy of displaying the food items' nutritional information.

Below are the latest Protein Bar menu prices.

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Item Price




Avo Matcha (20 oz.) $5.99
Comiskey Cocoa (20 oz.) $5.99
Fruit Loop'd (20 oz.) $5.99
Ging and Juice (20 oz.) $5.99
Millennium Perk (20 oz.) $5.99
Pier-Nut Butter & Jelly (20 oz.) $5.99
South Acai'd (20 oz.) $5.99
The Red Line (20 oz.) $5.99
Wrigley Peeled (20 oz.) $5.99
Health Nut (20 oz.) $6.99
HI-5 (20 oz.) $6.99
The Cup $19.99


Avo Matcha (12 oz.) $4.99
Comiskey Cocoa (12 oz.) $4.99
Fruit Loop'd (12 oz.) $4.99
Ging and Juice (12 oz.) $4.99
Millennium Perk (12 oz.) $4.99
Pier-Nut Butter & Jelly (12 oz.) $4.99
South Acai'd (12 oz.) $4.99
The Red Line (12 oz.) $4.99
Wrigley Peeled (12 oz.) $4.99

Hot Beverages

Coffee $2.29
Maple Coffee $3.79
Keto Coffee $5.79
Hibiscus Tea $2.25
Black Tea $2.25
Green Tea $2.25

Cold Beverages

Fountain Drink $1.99


Green Honest Tea $2.99
Peach Honest Tea $2.99


Gingeraid (Bottle) $4.49
Gingerberry (Bottle) $4.49
Strawberry (Bottle) $4.49
Trilogy (Bottle) $4.49
Apple Pink Lady $4.49
Lemon Ginger $4.49
Power Green $4.49


Beet Box Juice (12 oz.) $6.99
Market Juice (12 oz.) $6.99
Sweet Greens Juice (12 oz.) $6.99
Simply Orange $2.75


Hi-Ball Berry $4.49
Hi-Ball Lime $4.49
High Brew $3.99
Small Hi-Ball $2.99
Zola Dragonfruit or Pineapple $4.49


Water (Bottle) $2.19
BW Grapefruit Lilac $3.99
BW Lemon Rose $3.99
BW Pomegranate Gramium $3.99
HF Blackberry $3.29
HF Peach $3.29
HF Raspberry $3.29
HF Strawberry Kiwi $3.29
HF Watermelon $3.29
San Pellegrino $2.49
Berry La Croix $1.99

Lunch & Dinner


Basic Black Bean Bar-rito $7.99
Classic Buffalo Bar-rito $7.99
Spicy Korean $9.99
Mexicali Bar-rito $8.99
Spinach & Pesto Bar-rito $7.99


Baja Guac & Roll Wrap $8.99
Healthy Club Wrap $8.99
Kale Caesar Wrap $8.99
Southwest Wrap $8.99
Superfood Wrap $7.99


Baja Guac & Roll Salad $9.99
Buffalo Salad $8.99
Health Club Salad $9.99
Kale Caesar Salad $9.99
Southwest Salad $9.99
Superfood Salad $8.99


Basic Black Bean Bowl $7.99
Classic Buffalo Bowl $7.99
Spicy Korean Bowl $9.99
Mexicali Bowl $8.99
Spinach & Pesto Bowl $7.99


Chicken Chili (Cup) $3.99
Chicken Chili $7.99
Veggie Chili (Cup) $3.99
Veggie Chili $7.99


Hot Sides

Side Black Beans $1.99
Side Chicken $2.49
Side of Quinoa $1.99
Side Turkey Bacon $1.99
2 Strips of Bacon $3.49


FSTG Multi Grain Chips $1.99
FSTG Sweet Potato Chips $1.99
FSTG Cheddar Chips $1.99
Power Up Trail Mix $1.99
Cheddar Popcorn $2.49
Salt Popcorn $2.49
Turkey Jerky $3.49
Original Jerky $5.99
Teriyaki Jerky $5.99
Sahale Nuts $2.99
Almond Butter $2.99
Sea Salt Chips $1.99
BBQ Chips $1.99
Naan Chips $1.99
Skinny Pop $2.49

Fruit + Yogurt

Apple $0.99
Banana $0.99
Two Hard Boiled Eggs $2.49
Parfait $2.99

Snack Bars + Desserts

High Protein Brownie $3.99
High Protein Cookie $3.49
Moodibar $2.99
RX Apple Cinnamon $3.49
RX Coconut Cacao $3.49
RXBAR Blueberry $3.49
RXBAR Chocolate Sea Salt $3.49
TT Brownie $2.99
TT Peanut Butter $2.99
MB Dark Chocolate Chip $3.79
MB Double Chocolate Chip $3.79
MB No Sugar Cookie $3.79
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