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The Vitality Bowls chain is known for its commitment to spreading the word about super-foods, the wide selection of fruits and vegetables with high levels of antioxidants. The founders, Roy and Tara Gilad, opened the first one in San Ramon, California in 2011 with the café offering its customers with nutritious and delicious fruits and vegetables in bowls. The star ingredient of the bowls, so to speak, is the acai berry, an Amazon staple food proven to be rich in antioxidants.

The acai bowls are actually smoothies made from acai berries combined with other super-food ingredients resulting in a smooth, thick and rich drink with a topping of organic granola. The other ingredients include flax and chia seeds, tropical and temperate fruits from pineapples to blueberries, and natural sweeteners like honey. The cafés don't use ingredient fillers like crushed ice and frozen yogurt, much less artificial preservatives, so the all-organic, all-natural quality of the acai bowls are preserved.

The Vitality Bowls prices are more expensive than your usual café offerings. But you're paying for healthy food and that's always worth paying for.

Below are the latest Vitality Bowls menu prices.

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Item Price

Acai Bowls

Vitality Bowl (Medium) $10.49
Vitality Bowl (Large) $11.99
Energy Bowl (Medium) $11.49
Energy Bowl (Large) $12.99
Tropical Bowl (Medium) $11.49
Tropical Bowl (Large) $12.99
The Green Bowl (Medium) $12.49
The Green Bowl (Large) $13.99
Warrior Bowl (Medium) $12.49
Warrior Bowl (Large) $13.99
Dragon Bowl (Medium) $12.49
Dragon Bowl (Large) $13.99
Nutty Bowl (Medium) $10.99
Nutty Bowl (Large) $12.49
Kids Bowl (Small) $6.49
Breakfast Bowl (Small) $7.49
Dessert Bowl (Small) $7.49
Nutty Dessert Bowl (Small) $7.49
The Detox Bowl (Medium) $12.49
The Detox Bowl (Large) $13.99
Acerola Bowl (Medium) $12.49
Acerola Bowl (Large) $13.99
Graviola Bowl (Medium) $12.49
Graviola Bowl (Large) $13.49
The Avoca-Bowl (Medium) $12.49
The Avoca-Bowl (Large) $13.99
The Superfood Bowl (Medium) $12.99
The Superfood Bowl (Large) $14.99


Acai Elixir $6.49
Sunsation $6.49
The Powernator $6.49
The King $6.49
Temptation $6.49
Tropical Paradise $6.49
The Dragon Smoothie $7.49
The Hulk $7.49
Acerola Smoothie $7.49
Graviola Smoothie $7.49
Kids Sunsation $4.99
Avocadalicious Smoothie $7.49


The Vitality (Regular) $5.99
The Vitality (Large) $7.99
The Rejuvenator (Regular) $5.99
The Rejuvenator (Large) $7.99
The Detoxifier (Regular) $5.99
The Detoxifier (Large) $7.99
The Intensifier (Regular) $5.99
The Intensifier (Large) $7.99
C Me Up (Regular) $5.99
C Me Up (Large) $7.99
Green Me Up (Regular) $5.99
Green Me Up (Large) $7.99
The Invigorator (Regular) $5.99
The Invigorator (Large) $7.99
The Rehydrator (Regular) $5.99
The Rehydrator (Large) $7.99
Ginger Lemon Shot (2 oz.) $2.99


Roasted Turkey $6.99
The Sirloin $7.99
Salami $5.99
Veggie $5.99
Grilled Cheese Panini $3.99
Banana Sandwich $5.99


Spinach Salad (Large) $8.99
Spinach Salad (Roasted Turkey) - Large $11.99
Spinach Salad (Seared Sirloin) - Large $12.99
Kale Salad (Large) - Large $8.99
Kale Salad (Roasted Turkey) - Large $11.99
Kale Salad (Seared Sirloin) - Large $12.99
Soup Du Jour (Cup) $4.99
Soup Du Jour (Bowl) $6.99
Oatmeal Bowl $5.99
Side of Fruit $2.99
Banana $0.99
Chips $1.99
Kale Chips $5.99
Tosi Bar $3.99
Rickaroon $2.99
Rise Bar $2.99
WOW Cookie $3.49


Bottled Water $1.49
Hint Water $2.50
Ginger Beer $1.99
Coconut Water $2.75
Honest Tea $2.49
Black Medicine Coffee $3.49
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