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Founded by Dave Thomas in November 1969, the Wendy's chain of fast-food restaurants has since then grown by leaps and bounds. In fact, it's among the largest international chain with more than 6,400 restaurants worldwide – and it's still growing, thanks partly to its commitment to eating healthy.

The competitive Wendy's prices are also part of the reason for the chain's beloved status among fast-food lovers. The chain's trademark has always been the square-shaped patties, which are unique in a sea of round-shaped patties, as well as for its Frosty treat and French fries flavored with sea salt.

The menu consists of familiar fast-food items, such as hamburgers and cheeseburgers, French fries, and soft drinks, among others. But there are also distinctive Wendy's touches, such as Dave's hamburgers with their baked buns, square-shaped seasoned patties, and white onions, tomatoes and lettuce. There are also the Frosty Shakes, which come in flavors like strawberry, caramel, and chocolate fudge.

Below are the latest Wendy's menu prices.

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Item Price


Combo Includes A Drink and Choice of a Side

Dave's Single with Cheese (Sandwich Only) $4.09
Dave's Single with Cheese (Combo) $6.39
Dave's Double with Cheese (Sandwich Only) $5.19
Dave's Double with Cheese (Combo) $7.49
Dave's Triple with Cheese (Sandwich Only) $6.39
Dave's Triple with Cheese (Combo) $8.69
Baconator (Sandwich Only) $6.29
Baconator (Combo) $8.59
Son Of Baconator (Sandwich Only) $4.49
Son Of Baconator (Combo) $6.59


Combo Includes A Drink and Choice of a Side

Spicy Chicken (Sandwich Only) $4.69
Spicy Chicken (Combo) $6.99
Homestyle Chicken (Sandwich Only) $4.49
Homestyle Chicken (Combo) $6.99
Asiago Ranch Chicken Club (Sandwich Only) $5.29
Asiago Ranch Chicken Club (Combo) $7.59
Grilled Chicken (Sandwich Only) $4.69
Grilled Chicken (Combo) $6.99
10 Pc. Chicken Nuggets (Combo) $5.39


Fresh Mozzarella (Half) $4.99
Fresh Mozzarella (Full) $6.99
Strawberry Mango (Half) $4.99
Strawberry Mango (Full) $6.99
Taco (Half) $4.59
Taco (Full) $6.59
Power Mediterranean (Half) $4.59
Power Mediterranean (Full) $6.59
Apple Pecan (Half) $4.59
Apple Pecan (Full) $6.59
Spicy Caesar (Half) $4.59
Spicy Caesar (Full) $6.59


Chocolate (Small) $1.29
Chocolate (Medium) $1.89
Chocolate (Large) $2.29
Vanilla (Small) $1.29
Vanilla (Medium) $1.89
Vanilla (Large) $2.29



Fries (Natural-Cut Fries with Sea Salt) - Small $1.69
Fries (Natural-Cut Fries with Sea Salt) - Medium $1.99
Fries (Natural-Cut Fries with Sea Salt) - Large $2.29
Baconator Fries (Large) $2.49
Chili Cheese (Large) $2.99

Baked Potatoes

Sour Cream & Chives $1.69
Bacon & Cheese $2.99
Chili Cheese $2.99

Side Salads

Caesar Salad $1.69
Garden Salad $1.69


Chili (Small) $1.99
Chili (Large) $2.99

Upgrade Your Combo

Medium Fries & Drink $0.70
Large Fries & Drink $1.20

Kids' Meal

Comes with a Side and Drink

Ask For A Special Toy For Children Under Age 3.

Grilled Chicken Wrap $3.89
Hamburger $3.89
Cheeseburger $3.89
4 Pc. Chicken Nuggets $3.89

Signature Drinks

Fruitea Chillers (Small) $2.39
Fruitea Chillers (Medium) $2.79
Fruitea Chillers (Large) $3.19
Organic Honest Tropical Green Tea (Small) $1.89
Organic Honest Tropical Green Tea (Medium) $2.29
Organic Honest Tropical Green Tea (Large) $2.59
Strawberry Lemonade (Small) $2.19
Strawberry Lemonade (Medium) $2.59
Strawberry Lemonade (Large) $2.99
All-Natural Lemonade (Small) $1.89
All-Natural Lemonade (Medium) $2.29
All-Natural Lemonade (Large) $2.59


Soft Drink or Iced Tea (Small) $1.69
Soft Drink or Iced Tea (Medium) $1.99
Soft Drink or Iced Tea (Large) $2.19
Bottled Water (Bottle) $1.59
Hot Coffee $0.99
Hot Tea $0.99

Right Price Right Size

Jr. Cheeseburger Deluxe $1.59
Jr. Bacon Cheeseburger $1.99
Double Stack $2.49
6 Pc. Nuggets $1.59
Chicken Go Wrap (Spicy or Grilled) $1.99
Side Salad $1.59
Small Chili $1.99
Jr. Cheeseburger $1.39
Crispy Chicken Sandwich $1.29
4 Pc. Nuggets $1.19
Value Fries (Natural-Cut with Sea Salt) $1.19
Value Soft Drink $1.19
Small Frosty $1.19

4 for $4 Meal

Jr. Bacon Cheeseburger + Fries + 4 Pc. Nuggets + Drink $4.00
Crispy Chicken BLT + Fries + 4 Pc. Nuggets + Drink $4.00
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